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<p>Scandinavia contains endless gems for every kind of traveler to discover with dramatic landscapes, charming village lifestyles, and booming metropolitan centers. A Zicasso travel specialist can design a custom itinerary tailored to your preferences, with local recommendations and insight leading the way. Find helpful tips to jumpstart your imagination with sample itineraries to show what is possible. From visiting mystical fjords to meeting indigenous communities, the options are endless.</p>

Scandinavia contains endless gems for every kind of traveler to discover with...

Scandinavia contains endless gems for every kind of traveler to discover with dramatic landscapes, charming village lifestyles, and booming metropolitan centers. A Zicasso travel specialist can design a custom itinerary tailored to your preferences, with local recommendations and insight leading the way. Find helpful tips to jumpstart your imagination with sample itineraries to show what is possible. From visiting mystical fjords to meeting indigenous communities, the options are endless.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
View of Marstrand in Sweden.
Self-Drive Along the Norwegian and Swedish Coast: Oslo to Gothenburg

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,299

Discover elegant beauty on the coastal route between Oslo and Gothenburg on your eight-day adventure through Norway and Sweden, one that’s perfect for lovers of nature and food. Boutique accommodations, charismatic coastal villages, and tranquil lakes add to the luster of world heritage sites and majestic islands that you can visit during your self-drive exploration. From mouthwatering oysters to majestic forests, you can enjoy a new perspective of Norway and Sweden.

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View of Gamla Stan in Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden Uncovered Tour: Stockholm, Gothenburg, and More

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,659

Enjoy the picturesque and the historic during your 8-day luxury Sweden tour. From sandy lakeshores to dramatic castles, regal palaces to charming canals, luxurious yachts, to quaint village ambiance, you will discover a variety that covers traditional heritage and natural beauty. As you uncover culture and splendor, you can embrace Stockholm to Gothenburg for a distinctive panorama of Sweden on your custom-tailored experience.

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Northern lights over Bergen, Norway
Frozen Inspired Winter Family Tour of Norway

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,419

Mystical fjords, charming villages, and enchanting hills that are blanketed with snow will bring the majesty of Arendelle to life during your family-friendly tour of Norway, which will celebrate the release of Frozen 2 and the adventures of Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Sven. Bask in a captivating winter wonderland on a scenic train ride through mountains, where Elsa could have built her secluded castle, and wander alongside colorful homes that are reminiscent of images of Anna’s kingdom. Visit with fun-loving reindeer that are far above the Arctic Circle before meeting a traditional Sami community and searching for the flickering glow of the Northern Lights. Your Norwegian vacation combines customary culture and folklore with the natural beauty that has inspired the story and landscape of Frozen.

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Ferratta Leon Skylift en route to Alesund
Frozen Inspired Autumn Family Tour of Norway

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,419

Travel through autumn forests and the streets of Arendelle during your Frozen 2 tour, which immerses you in the grandeur, folklore, culture, and unparalleled beauty of Norway. You will follow in the footsteps of beloved characters like Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Sven as you traverse sensational canyons, search for trolls in majestic valleys, and visit with herds of huskies in the Arctic Circle. The natural splendor of Norway carries magic in the landscape, where Elsa could have built her castle and Anna could have met with the troll, Pabbie. Your time in Norway during the summer and fall will bring the kingdom of Arendelle to life and will offer delicious tea parties that are filled with Norwegian pastries, and customary clothing as worn by Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff.

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Family on reindeer safari in Finland.
White Christmas in Scandinavia: A Holiday Tour of Finland and Norway

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,355

Bask in the ambiance of the North Pole with a Christmas in Scandinavia on an exclusive tour of Finland and Norway. Your 10-day Scandinavian excursion celebrates the fascinating winter around the Arctic Circle as it reveals an enchanting untamed landscape and marvelous myths that reflect the captivating countryside. Hunt for the dancing colors of the Northern Lights then call for Santa’s reindeer during a reindeer safari. Warm your hands around traditional mulled wine, visit bustling Christmas markets, search for giant king crabs in a Norwegian fjord, and ride a dogsled across Finnish Lapland for an unparalleled winter adventure in Finland and Norway.

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Lake Saimaa, Finland
Gorgeous 9-Day Self-Drive to Finnish Forests and Lake Saimaa

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,909

Cruise across the Finnish countryside on this lavish 9-day Finland self-drive tour from the old towns near Lappeenranta to the sensational scenes circling Anttolanhovi and Lake Saimaa. The magnificent Finnish forests, breathtaking blue lakes, and captivating cultural cities and towns showcase their vibrance and history during excursions to towering peaks, riverside cafés, religious monuments, and inspiring nature reserves around Lappeenranta, Imatra, Joensuu, and Anttolanhovi.

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Cross country skier in snowy forest in the Lapland.
8-Day Lapland Adventure in Sweden

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,923

Embrace adventure and unique wonder on an eight-day Sweden tour that whisks you into Lapland’s natural grandeur. Enjoy a hot-air balloon ride over the white landscape, spend time in a wellness oasis, and relax in the heart of Swedish Lapland’s alluring seasons. Designed to immerse you in the highlights of the country’s far north, chase the Northern Lights or bask in the splendor of winter during your Lapland experience.

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Family at Preikestolen, also known as Pulpit Rock, in Norway
Norway Summer Family Vacation in 10 Days

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,525

Handcrafted to combine nature, culture, a bit of adventure with plenty of family downtime, this 10-day itinerary is a dreamy journey that features Norway’s spring and summer highlights. Norway is the perfect place for a rousing family vacation: fjords and mountains set a beautiful scene, colorful cities immerse its visitors in the local culture, and children’s attractions provide your young ones with space to play. Mysterious castles and reliable railways will help to immerse you in the culture.

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Dogsledding in the Lapland
Sledding Through Swedish Lapland Itinerary

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,763

Silence, serenity, and solitude abound in Swedish Lapland, a white wilderness where the aurora dances and the huskies just keep on running for this 8-day vacation. On a dog sledding safari, explore lands that human eyes rarely see, crossing frozen lakes and ancient forests enveloped in snow. Get away and discover a fairytale world where yours are the only marks in the snow.

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Aurora Borealis above igloos in Finland
Norway and Finland Aurora Borealis Highlights Tour

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,838

Swirling and morphing the Northern Lights paint the sky, a palate of improbable color that shifts on a whim. On this Arctic highlights tour, you watch the night’s sky on a coastal cruise, admire the dancing aurora from a glass igloo, and search the nighttime scenes on a reindeer safari. Handcrafted for the ultimate aurora opportunities and most iconic Arctic experiences, these seven days reveal a landscape that’s alive every moment of day and night. Consider reading about the best Norway and Finland operators whom we work with.

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Mount Sandviken in Bergen, Norway
10-Day Summer Tour of Norway: Off the Beaten Track Adventure

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,525

From kayaking with dolphins beneath the midnight sun to flying in a helicopter to otherwise inaccessible fjords, this 10-day Norway tour will provide experiences that many only experience in their dreams. So much of Norway remains completely untouched; it is a country of epic glaciers, wilderness islands, untrammeled fjords, whales, wonder, and the Arctic Circle. Handcrafted as a summer expedition, this is the chance to travel where few people ever venture.

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Northern lights in Sweden
Highlights of Swedish Lapland Itinerary

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,180

Swedish Lapland, a land of magic and mystique, where the reindeer roam and the aurora shimmer through the night. This handcrafted 7-day vacation showcases a pristine realm filled with ephemeral Lappish experiences. Listen to stories from the Sami, stay in hotel rooms sculpted from ice and treehouses soaring above the snow. Ride a snowmobile beneath the northern lights as you discover a world distinct from everywhere else.

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Travel Tips for Your Scandinavia Trip
What are the Scandinavian countries?

From majestic fjords to architecturally stunning cities, Scandinavia offers a mix of jaw-dropping nature and cosmopolitan culture. This northern European region is made up of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. Finland and Iceland are not Scandinavian countries, though they form part of the Nordic region along with Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.

What language is spoken in Scandinavia?

Each Scandinavian country has its own official language, from Swedish to Norwegian and Danish. The vast majority of Scandinavians also speak excellent English, making language barriers practically non-existent for travelers.

When is the best time to visit Scandinavia?

The best time to visit depends on your interests and tolerance for crowds and weather, though summer, June through August, is most popular for its warmer temperatures.

Summer offers long days and mild weather, ideal for exploring cities and nature. While crowds are larger, endless daylight lets you enjoy plenty of sightseeing and temperatures that range from the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit. Spring and fall see fewer tourists, and you can expect crisp 50 to 60-degree weather. Spring offers blossoming flora, while fall showcases autumn foliage. The Northern Lights also start appearing in September.

For winter adventures, visit from November to March to enjoy dog sledding, skiing, and tracking the Aurora Borealis. Scandinavian winters are dark and cold, but with proper attire, you can enjoy snow sports and the holiday ambiance.

To learn more about when to visit your preferred Scandinavian country, explore our guides on the best times to visit Sweden and Norway.

Where should I visit in Scandinavia?

With its mix of stunning natural landscapes and vibrant cultural cities, Scandinavia offers countless remarkable destinations. Here are some of the top places to visit on vacation:

  • Oslo, Norway: Norway's capital offers a striking blend of city sophistication and easy access to scenic nature. Situated at the head of the Oslofjord, this harbor city impresses visitors with its mix of world-class museums, restaurants, and urban green spaces.
  • Stockholm, Sweden: Spread across fourteen interconnected islands, Stockholm stuns with its harmonious fusion of big-city attractions and captivating archipelago setting. Sweden's stylish capital entices with trendsetting design, fashion-forward shopping, historic neighborhoods boasting storybook charm.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark: With its Danish design, cozy cafés, cutting-edge dining, vibrant nightlife, and photogenic waterfront promenades, Copenhagen tempts travelers with hygge charm and urban sophistication in equal measure.
  • Lapland: Blanketed in snow and the dancing glow of the Northern Lights, Lapland casts a magical spell with once-in-a-lifetime winter adventures like reindeer sleigh rides, Arctic wilderness excursions, and the chance to cross the Arctic Circle.

To learn more about where to go in Scandinavia, explore our guides on the best places to visit in Sweden.

What should I do in Scandinavia?

From city sightseeing to outdoor adventures, Scandinavia offers endless experiences to create an unforgettable trip. Here are some of the top things to do on tours of Scandinavia:

  • Wander the cosmopolitan capitals of Copenhagen, Oslo, and Stockholm to enjoy fine dining, shopping, museums, and urban parks.
  • Chase the Northern Lights across Lapland for a magical light show in the Arctic sky.
  • Island-hop around the Stockholm Archipelago or sail Norwegian fjords to experience dramatic scenery.
  • Try outdoor adventures like dog sledding, skiing, hiking, and kayaking.
  • Immerse yourself in Viking history at archaeological sites and notable museums.

To learn more about what to do in your favorite Scandinavian countries, explore our guides on the top things to do in Sweden and Norway.

Can I visit Finland and Iceland with Scandinavia?

While Finland and Iceland are not technically part of Scandinavia, they are often included in Scandinavian tours and make fantastic additions to any Nordic itinerary. By combining Finland and Iceland with core Scandinavian countries like Norway, Denmark, and Sweden into one luxury tour, you get the quintessential Nordic experience. With convenient travel options by train or air, you can easily see the best of each country at your own pace.

What are your most popular Scandinavia itineraries?

Whether you dream of cosmopolitan capitals, majestic fjords, or the mystical Northern Lights, we can help craft the perfect Scandinavian trip just for you. Here are some of our most popular trips to inspire your Nordic travels:

Embark on a magical winter wonderland adventure perfect for families on our Frozen Inspired Winter Family Tour of Norway.

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