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How to Spend 10, 14, or 21 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland

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Hiker in Glencoe, Scotland

Glencoe valley in the Scottish Highlands

Embark on an epic adventure of classic England, Ireland, and Scotland by dividing your time between the three countries over 10, 14, and 21 days.

Explore rich English heritage in key cities such as London and York, then venture into the Scottish Highlands, where cows and sheep roam free in breathtaking scenery. Be entertained by Irish folklore and spend a few days simply relaxing in various villages and coastal gems.

Ensure you spend enough time discovering the highlights and national favorites in all the unique corners of each country when visiting for 10, 14, or 21 days.

  1. How to Spend 10 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland
  2. How to Spend 14 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland
  3. How to Spend 21 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland
  4. Choose the Right Duration for Your England, Ireland & Scotland Itinerary

How to Spend 10 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland

Windor Castle in England

Windor Castle in England

With 10 days to enjoy three fascinating countries, planning your stay just perfectly will ensure you make the most of your time in each.

Targeting the highlights is the goal and this means spending time in capital cities for the most part, with day trips to nearby must-see landmarks and sites more than possible.

Discover the main attractions in London and nearby Windsor, while embracing Edinburgh and its magical castle. Enjoy an excursion to the nearby Highlands, then end your experience with two days in Dublin.

Days 1-4: London, England

Tower of London • Trafalgar Square • Buckingham Palace • Big Ben • Kensington Gardens • Soho • Windsor Castle • Madame Tussauds Museum • St Paul’s Cathedral • Shopping in Knightsbridge

Days 5-8:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle • Real Mary King’s Close Tour • Holyrood • Arthur’s Seat • Royal Mile • Day Excursion to Loch Ness or Glencoe

Days 9-10: Dublin, Ireland

Grafton Street • Temple Bar • Trinity College • Phoenix Park • Guinness Museum

How to Spend 14 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland

Cliffs of Moher in County Clare, Ireland

With two weeks for your England, Ireland, and Scotland itinerary, your options of visiting more than one key center in each are varied, affording you the opportunity to mix city and country adventures.

Unwind in the English countryside, visit the Lake District, one of the best places in England, or the Yorkshire Moors, then step into a medieval castle with captivating gardens in which to get lost.

Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher will see you standing in a dramatic landscape and the friendly folk in Glasgow, Scotland, will have you wishing you had more time to spare exploring the city's top places to visit.

Days 1-6:  London and Surrounds, England

Tower of London • Buckingham Palace • St Paul’s Cathedral • Big Ben • Westminster Abbey • Hyde Park • Kensington Gardens • Hampton Court • Windsor Castle • Bath • York • Stonehenge

Days 7-8:  Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh Castle • Royal Mile • Real Mary King’s Close

Days 9-10: Glasgow, Scotland

City Center Mural Trail • Kelvingrove Art Gallery • Glasgow Cathedral

Days 11-12: Dublin, Ireland

Grafton Street Phoenix Park • Guinness Museum

Days 13-14: Galway, Ireland

Galway • Cliffs of Moher

How to Spend 21 Days in England, Ireland & Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

England, Ireland, and Scotland invite visitors to take in picturesque landscapes, bustling cities, quaint villages set among rolling hills, or glistening lakes and seaside havens begging to be discovered.

Splitting your time among all three destinations is easy to do when you have 21 days for your adventure. Combine experiences that flow from urban to unique, and take long and windy roads that lead through farms and towns steeped in history.

From London to Leeds, Dublin to Derry, and Glasgow to Glencoe, there is so much to discover and enjoy when traveling for three weeks through England, Ireland, and Scotland.

Days 1-3: London, England

Tower of London • Buckingham Palace • Big Ben • Westminster Abbey • St Paul’s Cathedral • Kensington Gardens • Hyde Park • Shopping in Knightsbridge

Days 4-7: Northern England

Yorkshire • Leeds • Lake District Region

Days 8-9: Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle • Real Mary King’s Close • Royal Mile • Holyrood • Arthur’s Seat

Days 10-12: Scottish Highlands

Glencoe • Inverness

Days 13-14: Glasgow, Scotland

Style Mile • Kelvingrove Art Gallery • City Center Mural Trail

Days 15-16:  Belfast, Northern Ireland

Belfast Castle • Giant’s Causeway • Titanic Belfast

Days 17-18:  Dublin, Ireland

Grafton Street • Guinness Museum • Trinity College • Temple Bar • Phoenix Park

Days 19-21: Southern Ireland

Galway • Limerick • Shannon

Choose the Right Duration for Your England, Ireland & Scotland Itinerary

Aylesford village with medieval bridge in Kent, England

Alyesford Village in Kent, England

Three incredible destinations await you on your next adventure as you travel through the picture-postcard landscapes and embrace bustling cities with rich history and enchanting culture in England, Ireland, and Scotland. Explore our featured England, Ireland, and Scotland tours of varying durations to find the right length for your custom trip.

You can also browse our guide on the best time to visit England, Ireland, and Scotland to find the right months for your trip, and learn more in our England, Ireland, and Scotland travel guides.

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