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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


 Based on 70 reviews

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Verified Review

Tom R.
Submitted on 10.4.2022

We used the travel company for our recent trip to Scandinavia. The whole team, led by Anna, were fast, efficient, and easy to deal with. I could quibble with a couple small things, but overall, it was a wonderful trip that came off without a hitch. We would certainly use them again.

Travel agent Bernhard in Greece

Bernhard's Travel Agency


 Based on 85 reviews

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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Susan D.
Submitted on 9.13.2022

This travel company did an outstanding job of coordinating the many aspects of this trip that I asked for. The suggested itinerary and the process to fine tune it was so thoughtful and thorough. The number of days per location was perfect. The guides were exceptional as were the drivers and transfers. The hotels were very nice and some were spectacular. The arrangements for getting around Europe via plane, train and boat were perfectly orchestrated. During the trip, I had a few questions and asked for a small change to the plan. The travel agency was always available and quick to respond.  Exceptional service! Thank you for an amazing trip!

Travel agent Maggie in Ireland

Lindsey's Travel Agency


 Based on 349 reviews

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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Danielle B.
Submitted on 9.26.2022

Cindie from the travel agency planned a marvellous trip to London England and Paris France for my daughter and I.  She found the perfect hotels for us and booked the most amazing tours with expert guides.  Our walking tour in London with our guide was a highlight for us.  We felt like we had spent the day with a very knowledgeable friend.  In Paris, the highlight was most certainly our evening tour in the iconic 2CV car.  We truly felt like celebrities driving through the streets of Paris.  Our guide had chosen the perfect French music to play during our tour and planned our arrival at the Tour Eiffel perfectly so that we would arrive in front of it on the hour as the sparkling lights were turned on.  

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Featured Reviews

Norway & Denmark Family Vacation Review: Copenhagen, Oslo, 18-Day Trip


Sari M.
Sep 11, 2022

Bernhard and his team went above and beyond for our family during our visit to Norway and Denmark. We had an airport crisis getting to Oslo which Bernhard personally handled for us at 530 in the morning. We would surely have been sleeping in the airport in Amsterdam without his help. We also had a death in the family and again Bernhard was there to help us manage travel arrangements and deal with travel insurance. 

Our hotels, drivers and guides were all terrific. We saw absolutely extraordinary things off the beaten path especially in Norway. In hindsight, I think I would have preferred less time in several of the rural spots in Norway where the weather was temperamental and more time exploring greater Denmark. We absolutely adored Copenhagen. 

Highly recommend. This is why you book a trip like this with a top quality travel agent. 

Norway & Denmark Trip Review: Oslo, Bergen, Lofthus, Lofoten, Senja, Tromso, Lyngen Alps, Trolltunga, Hesten, Lake Blåisvatnet


Rajan K.
Aug 01, 2022
Norway is one of the most beautiful country on this planet and it had been on my bucket list for so many year.This travel company was the right partner to help me with this trip. Meticulous planning, attention to the detail, travel agency customer app.. From the beginning till the end, my travel company did a great job of making this this trip memorable. Norway is not an easy country to navigate, but they made sure that everything on my itinerary was executed flawlessly. From hotels pick, guides, travel (plane, ferry, road), it was spot on.Thank you Zicasso and to my travel company. I have always been very happy with Zicasso's team and I will use this travel company in a heartbeat again.

Norway Honeymoon Review: Mannshausen Island, Flam Village, Reine


Abby H.
Jun 24, 2022
My husband and I used the travel company to book our two week honeymoon in Norway. We cannot recommend this company enough. They put together the most incredible itinerary that included every activity and destination we had requested. We had numerous questions during the planning stages and while we were in Norway. They were always very prompt and detailed with their responses. We had the best honeymoon we could have asked for thanks to the travel company! 

Norway Travel Agent Review: Aurland, Finse, Fjords, One-Week Tour


Michael G.
Sep 20, 2022
They're a good company that is knowledgeable about Norway. The hotels they booked for us were very nice. I would suggest they form a direct line of communication to their staff not just the office phone number. Forms of texting go a long way when you have tourists navigating through a foreign country. That said, the trip was fun and we enjoyed the trip.

Travel Review: Norway One-Week Vacation, Oslo, Aurland, Finse, Fjords, Hiking


Jena H.
Sep 14, 2022
We had a wonderful time in Norway. We had a great time and were treated wonderfully, however there were a few areas that could have been improved on. As someone who has traveled extensively, I have had many different experiences which might lead me to be more critical. Overall they did a good job and we were happy with our trip. The two items that stood out: 1- They did not assist with booking airfare but when working with them and giving them our flight info did not highlight that the trip was beginning and ending in two different cities requiring another flight. The need for another flight was not recognized until we departed for the trip, so we ended up staying another night and changing our airfare home to accommodate. I do take my portion of the responsibility for not thoroughly checking the location of everything on the itinerary. We have very busy careers and depend on a travel agent to help figure out all the details so we can just arrive and enjoy our vacation. I did not look on a map to see where each city was and assumed that a travel agent would notify us if we needed to arrive and depart from two different cities.2- When we arrived at places that included full room and board, the staff was unaware of some dietary restrictions despite placing them on the booking sheet. This was sometimes uncomfortable as I knew they did not have time to prepare. I'm unsure where the communication breakdown was with that. The accommodations were very nice, and the guides were kind and knowledgeable. The trip allowed us to see many different areas of Norway. We enjoyed the itinerary.  My husband and I travel frequently; overall, this travel company was average but not excellent. 

Luxury Norway Vacation Review: Oslo, Bergen, Villages, Fjords, Coast & Arctic Circle Cruise, Northern Lights


Mary J.
Sep 13, 2022
With the help of the travel company's staff we planned an outstanding Norway experience. They helped us hit most of the highlights of the country in 17 days. They made many suggestions for our consideration and when decisions were finalized, they made all the arrangements. The trip exceeded our expectations. 

Scandinavian Vacation Review: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Fjords, 16-Day Tour


Laura S.
Jul 31, 2022
This is the third time I have used Zicasso for an overseas trip. I just returned from a tour of Scandinavia and had excellent service from every tour and driver set up through this agency. The agency I used through Zicasso contacted me through the trip to ensure things were going well. Very pleased and would recommend. 

Luxury Greece, France, Norway & Denmark Trip Review: Athens, Delphi, Fjord Cruise, Bergen, 3-Week Tour


Susan D.
Sep 13, 2022
This travel company did an outstanding job of coordinating the many aspects of this trip that I asked for. The suggested itinerary and the process to fine tune it was so thoughtful and thorough. The number of days per location was perfect. The guides were exceptional as were the drivers and transfers. The hotels were very nice and some were spectacular. The arrangements for getting around Europe via plane, train and boat were perfectly orchestrated. During the trip, I had a few questions and asked for a small change to the plan. The travel agency was always available and quick to respond.  Exceptional service! Thank you for an amazing trip!

Norway & Denmark Travel Review: 10-Night Family Vacation, Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, Copenhagen, Fjord Cruise


Linda N.
Jul 04, 2022
Very happy with the communication & competent travel agent, Anna. She listened to our tentative travel plans for eight people & sent us beautifully composed itineraries with full color photos. She responded to all our questions & we were very satisfied with 90% of our 12-day travel to Norway.Fortunately, the threatened SAS strike did not de-rail our flight plans. There were small problems along the way, which I'll indicate below. The hotels we had provided beautiful comfortable rooms for our family with modern, clean bathrooms & very wonderful beds & bedding. Our requirements included one single room, one triple, and one quad room in each city: Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim, and on the 2 nights on the Hurtigruten fjord ship.Only one hotel failed to please, which may have been the result of my poor decision making & reservations on the flights from US to Norway.The weather forecasts & predictions were not the failure of the travel company but were weirdly & completely & extremely incorrect. While all the last-minute online predictions on their websites for most cities were in the 57-65 F degree range, the actual weather was extremely HOT in Oslo & Bergen, ranging from the high 70's to almost 90 F in Bergen. Of course, the hotels were not prepared with air conditioning! Also, in Oslo & Bergen only, if you opened up your windows for some of the night air to cool down the rooms, you got to experience very loud yelling & shouting, fighting & partying in the streets surrounding those cities -- yes, way into the wee early morning hours of 2-3am.

Luxury Norway & Denmark Family Trip Review: Bergen, Loen, Ålstad, Trondheim, Copenhagen, Kjenndalen Glacier, Kayaking, Fjords


Tara D.
Jun 30, 2022

Our travel agency planned a wonderful itinerary for our family of four (myself, my husband, and our 23-year-old and 18-year-old children). We enjoyed just under 2 weeks total; the first part of our trip was in Norway and we ended with three days in Copenhagen.We originally booked our trip for June of 2020, but due to Covid we didn't actually travel until June of 2022. Our adventure was worth the wait! We were in regular contact with our travel team throughout 2020, 2021 and 2022. We were always confident that they were working to preserve the deposit we had submitted, re-booking pretty much everything for our rescheduled dates. With so many aspects of all of our lives being interrupted and uncertain for so long, I really appreciated how diligently our team kept in touch with us. Our 2022 trip turned out to be just marvelous - and all the more magical for having anticipated it for so long.We started with two days in Bergen and then spent about a week driving north, stopping to stay and explore in several lovely locations along the route to Trondheim (where we had about a day-and-a-half). We flew to Copenhagen for the final leg of our itinerary.

The itinerary itself was perfectly planned for a self-driving experience. We were very comfortable in all the hotels that were booked for us. Without exception the staff we met were helpful and gracious. We were extremely pleased with the experiences planned for us by our travel specialist, and with the balance of unscheduled time in which we could do whatever seemed interesting to us. Our daughter is an avid runner and she was delighted with routes that she found (and those recommended to her by hotel staff) both in the cities and in the more rural settings.I would take this exact trip again - but I am sure I would also love a completely different journey planned by the team at our travel agency. It was our first time visiting Scandinavia but it will not be the last...

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