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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Jayde in Norway

Jayde's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Amy A.
Submitted on 7.28.2021

The trip was wonderful and we loved almost everything about it. We did need help a couple of times with issues with reservations and we got very quick replies and help. One day a boat tour was cancelled due to mechanical issues. Refund for the tour was super easy and it ended up working out for us as we were a bit tired on that day so we had a slower pace that morning. That same day, we showed up to our horseback riding tour and they had set the tour for the wrong day. The place sorted it out but that was a bit frustrating. I called the wrong number (not the emergency number) at the travel company so it took a bit for us to hear back and the place had already resolved the issue. A bit later in the trip we had another tour not have our reservation for the correct day. That was the full day Jeep tour of the Askja crater. While we were disappointed to miss this, the replacement tour worked well for us. We did get a quick response from the travel company this time and we got resolution to the issue pretty quickly. Also had no trouble getting the refund for the difference in tours. When we arrived we made a last minute decision to add on a tour to the erupting volcano. Our travel designer made that happen with ease. That turned out to be everyone's favorite day as well. She was very quick to respond to our last minute changes and did a lot of work behind the scene to make the change seamless for us. I really think 4.5 stars is a better rating and the only reason not 5 is due to the small scheduling hiccups we had. While for the most part it didn't really impact our enjoyment of the trip, it was a little frustrating in the moment.  However how a company responds to problems is extremely important and this travel company was absolutely on top of resolving the issues that did arise. The tours that were chosen were amazing and we loved all the people we met. Iceland is an exquisitely beautiful, otherworldly country that I feel should be on everyone's bucket list. I wholeheartedly recommend both Zicasso and this travel company to anyone looking to travel to Iceland Our travel designer was able to craft a tour that gave us an excellent taste of what Iceland has to offer and the itinerary was perfectly detailed and guided us well. The trip was pretty close to perfect.  

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Travel agent Bernhard in Greece

Bernhard's Travel Agency


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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

David D.
Submitted on 10.5.2019

We are several weeks past the return from our trip, but we are not out of raves for the entire experience. We asked for a highly customized trip to visit the great old libraries of the world across several mid-European countries and were richly rewarded by the excellent transportation, drivers, and guides provided by the travel company. This was a fabulous and life-affirming experience.It would not have been possible without the careful planning and research done by our travel planner and his colleagues at this travel company. The hotels that were arranged were central and convenient in the cities in which we stayed and their personnel were friendly and incredibly helpful, adding to the enjoyment of our trip. Food recommendations, especially a food tour that was booked for us in Prague, were spectacular. Given our focal interest in centuries-old libraries and literature, the planner and his crew found top-notch experts in each location who deepened our understanding of the incredible edifices we toured and their histories.Then, especially in route from Prague to Vienna, we must exclaim about the beautiful alpine scenery and small towns. Noting that we were also very interested in nature, our driver-guide detoured to take us to mountain locations that were personal favorites of his. Spectacular!It’s simply difficult to say how much we enjoyed this trip in every detail.

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Travel agent Maggie in Ireland

Lindsey's Travel Agency


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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Geraldine J.
Submitted on 11.1.2019

This tour company is wonderful! This was the first time my husband and I had used a travel agent in many years and now we can’t imagine planning a trip without them. We contacted the travel agent at this tour company after having already planned a portion of our trip on our own. We originally had planned on going only to Vienna & Salzburg, but then decided to expand our trip to Germany & France and knew we really needed help. We were directed to this company by Zicasso. As soon as we spoke with our agent, we knew she would be perfect. The travel agent was personally knowledgeable about all of the places we wanted to visit and planned such a wonderful trip for us, including private tours in every city we visited, starting with Vienna. Every guide we had was an expert and these private tours really enriched our experience of the places we were visiting. And it was such a luxury not having to worry about any connections! We received train tickets in the mail before our trip and we were picked up at every location for transfer to our hotel.We loved too that we received an initial proposal to review before everything was finalized. Our agent is very detail oriented and planned trip in such a way that everything was seamless. One of our connections involved a very early train, which we agreed was the one to take because it was the only direct train. The agent arranged for the hotel to have breakfast boxes ready for us on checkout. We actually were given so much food by the hotel that we wound up sharing it with the train staff, who were very appreciative!Our complete itinerary was accessible on an app, which was so helpful. Included were more information on the places we were visiting, restaurant suggestions, additional places to consider visiting, walking directions where needed, etc. And we could contact our agent & her team through the app. The whole team at this tour company is great to work with. A travel specialist works with our agent and was quick to respond to any question we had.We look forward to working on our next trip with this tour company!

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Featured Reviews

Travel Review: Norway & Sweden Tour, 9-Day Trip


Mark W.
Feb 26, 2020
This travel company did a truly outstanding job planning our Scandinavian Rail Vacation.  The accommodations were all excellent, with superb breakfast buffets in each one.  The private tours were also excellent, with knowledgeable guides who were truly responsive to our interests.All arrangements were in place, and the smart phone app made executing the trip particularly easy.  Kudos throughout to our travel agent and his team.

Iceland & Norway Travel Review: Luxury Trip, Kirkenes, Experiences, 11-Day Tour


Will E.
Feb 06, 2020

This tour company was a pleasure to work with. The app they have is excellent. Not only did it provide a detailed itinerary, packing lists, and information about our destination, the messaging app kept us in close contact with the travel designer. This was invaluable as we had to tweak our plans due to weather. we had a great experience with this company  


Vacation Review: Norway & Sweden, Lofoten Islands, Culture & Scenery


Patti H.
Feb 24, 2020
Can I give more than 5 stars? This travel company developed a fantastic itinerary, ticking all of our wish list boxes, provided excellent customer service before, during and after the trip and was a real pleasure to work with. 

Norway Travel Agent Review, Tromso 8-Day Trip


Ryan K.
Jan 17, 2020
The travel planner and this tour company were fantastic with their help in planning our trip to Tromso. Even with some weather delays they were able to help us adjust in the fly. Would recommend to any and all.

Norway Review: Luxury 2-Week Vacation, Scenery, Train Tour, the People & Nature


Doris I.
Sep 19, 2019
 Journey was the important part of visiting Norway. The nature, scenery and the people were the highlights. the trip took a lot of planning and the Travel agency did a good job.

Norway Trip Review: Oslo, Balestrand, Bergen, Fjords, Lakes & Landscape


Candace W.
Sep 20, 2019
The travel designers did an outstanding job of tailoring our 6 day Norway adventure to our specific tastes. They suggested first rate hotels and yet there were some I wanted changed, and they were incredibly helpful. We hit bad weather in Balestrand and they got us out a day early, changing ferry and adjusting Bergen hotel. I am so grateful for their assistance AND patience, always kind and cooperative!  The personalized mobile app had all our ferry and train tickets, maps, suggested activities and more!  They were very reasonably priced;  we had compared Zicasso with others. Thank you all, I look forward to working with you again!!

Travel Review: Norway Vacation, Andalsnes, Via Ferrata, Trollstigen, Hiking, Bike Riding, 8-Day Tour


Ajay M.
Oct 09, 2019
We visited Norway - what a beautiful country to visit.  Our travel agent planned everything and made all the reservations.  They were able to accomodate all our needs and request.  Even with a flight delay, there was someone available to give us options with good follow through.   

Travel Review: Denmark & Norway Trip, Copenhagen, Balestrand, Fjord Cruise, Food Walking Tour, 2-Week Tour


Deb O.
Sep 29, 2019
We just returned from an amazing 2 week trip to Norway.  The travel company planned an unforgettable trip for us! Our travel consultant (very professional) who is from Norway, designed our trip for us. We also spend 3 days in Copenhagen. He was obviously, very knowledgeable of the Scandinavian countries and had actually visited Norway as we were planning it. He listened well, and paid close attention to our travel desires. We had great hotels in excellent locations with great water views throughout, making it easy for us to get around, to see the sights, restaurants, shopping, etc.  We traveled by planes, ferries, and trains. We followed an app that the travel company set up, making it extremely convenient for us to see our detailed day by day itinerary.  It also alerted us to flight/hotel check-ins, and times as to where and when (with detailed maps) we needed to be. We could message our travel consultant with any questions/comments we had, in which he very quickly responded.  It was like having our own personal travel agent with us. He planned out private guides for us, private tours, fjord cruises, luggage services, and gave us wonderful meal suggestions.  

Norway Vacation Review: Oslo, Hiking, Canoeing, Scenery, Culture & The People


beth g.
Sep 19, 2019
We had a wonderful trip to Norway. This travel team was super organized, and we LOVED the app they gave us which highlighted each day's activities along with other important information like weather, and local maps.  They helped us get flights to Norway, and at no fault of their own, the airline cancelled our flight on the morning it was scheduled to take us to Norway.  The travel team was very helpful trying to find another route to get us to our destination. We had a " hiccup" once landing in Oslo with hotel reservation, but again, they were helpful straightening it out.  The guides we had in Norway were wonderful and the excursions ( hiking, kayaking, canoeing) were breathtakingly beautiful.  

Finland & Norway Luxury Trip Review, Dog Sledding, Reindeer Sled Ride, Cultural Center, Aurora Lights, Oslo, Kirkenes


John D.
Dec 23, 2019
Amazing trip! The accommodations were first class and exceeded my expectations. The Hotel in a Helsinki was a little gem and convenient to everything. The travel agency made it so easy and their personalized app for the trip itinerary kept us organized. 
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