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With fascinating ancient ruins, captivating artwork, immersive coastline, and legendary cuisine, the Mediterranean is a feast for all your senses. From natural beauty to vibrant cities, enticing recipes to the relaxed pace, our Mediterranean Travel Guide inspiration and helpful tips for you to discover must-see destinations, things to do, and the best time to visit for your perfect trip.

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View of the Amalfi Coast from Villa Rufalo gardens in Ravello, Italy
6 Best Places to Visit in the Mediterranean
Before you plan your Mediterranean vacation be sure to consider the following information on the six best places to visit during your trip. From the historic neighborhoods of Athens to the magnificent...
Beautiful view of  a village on the Amalfi Coast in Italy
Top 5 Things to Do in the Mediterranean
The magnificent Mediterranean coastlines, modern cities, and historic neighborhoods offer sensational experiences and the following outlines the top five things to do in the Mediterranean on vacation....
Best Time to Visit the Mediterranean
A Mediterranean vacation is spectacular at the edge of the region’s summer months, with the best time to visit from May to June and September to October. You can plan your trip for your desired duration...
Kaputaş Beach on the Lycian Coast in Turkey
15 Best Beaches in the Mediterranean
The 15 best beaches in the Mediterranean are perfect for memorable vacations in seaboard countries or those that are part of the greater region. From the famous Greek islands to the breathtaking Italian...
Mykonos, Greece
5 Best Mediterranean Vacations: Where to Go and What to See
The Mediterranean is a dynamic destination with a surprising diversity of culture, landscapes, and charm and these sample itineraries celebrate them all. From stunning vineyards to ancient islands,...
Côte d'Azur or French Riviera in France
How to Spend Two Weeks in the Mediterranean
How to visit the Mediterranean in two weeks depends mainly on your travel preferences and style, but our examples of how to structure your personalized trip are a guide to dividing your time to experience...
Alhambra's gardens in Andalusia, Spain.europe.
11 Best Spain Itineraries for 2022
From Madrid to Mallorca, Seville to San Sebastian, Barcelona to Bilbao, Granada to Girona, Spain has it all.  Overflowing with art and history, modern culture collides with the past with so much...
Saint Peter's Basilica in Rome, Italy
Our 10 Best Luxury Italy Itineraries for 2022
From Rome to Palermo, Florence to Milan, Tuscany to the Amalfi, Alberobello to Lake Como, Italy is an ideal vacation destination for the year ahead.  Find inspiration in the following sample tours...
Santorini, Greece
13 Best Greece Itineraries for 2022
From Athens to Santorini, Meteora to Crete, your vacation to Greece offers modern luxury alongside ancient history. Island beaches shimmer with white sands, romantic sunsets light the sky, and your days...
5 Best Places to Visit in Spain

From Mediterranean beaches to breathtaking Moorish palaces, Spain is a treasure trove of must-see destinations.

The spirit of Spain spills from the cities, towns, and countryside, with each region known for its unique charm alongside famous villages and celebrated landmarks.

Explore the artwork, architecture, cuisine, and places to see and explore during your experience in Spain's iconic cities, including Barcelona, Seville, and more.

6 Best Places to Visit in Greece

Greece invites travelers eager to explore ancient ruins, sparkling beaches, and more at the following must-see destinations.

Greece takes you beyond the dreamy ideals of whitewashed architecture and massive marble statues to shine a light on the intimate beauty of life’s finer details. Ruins bleached by millennia of sunlight tower over the diverse landscape and azure waters spread across more than 6,000 islands. Greece is a cultural treasure chest with beaches sparkling along the coast of famous islands.

To best consider your trip design, the following destinations offer essential experiences to inspire your travels.

10 Best Places to Visit in Croatia

Croatia overflows with beautiful villages, a vibrant food scene, and distinctive heritage with fairytale landscapes and storybook cities and must-see destinations abound.

Expansive museums, mesmerizing art, and glistening Adriatic coastline reveal a country that still feels authentic.

No matter the kind of experiences you want during your trip, Croatia’s must-see destinations will immerse you in the diverse and dynamic beauty of the country.

7 Best Places to Visit in Italy

Italy practically overflows with must-see destinations, and deciding which to explore can be overwhelming.

The country inspires with ancient cultural riches and unique style, as well as enchanting natural beauty. With endless majesty stemming from the dramatic coastline, beautiful lakes, and rolling hills, it is no wonder we find inspiration throughout the country.

Here are the destinations you must see to discover the essential Italy and savor the simple pleasures offered by Italian life.

6 Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Visiting Egypt is like opening up a storybook where ancient heritage and contemporary history blend into thrilling adventures and cultural treasures.

Whether you want to visit the desert expanse in search of the pyramids or travel to surprisingly famous scuba diving spots, cruise the Nile River or wander through enticing tombs, you will discover Egypt’s endless collections of must-see places.

7 Best Places to Visit in Morocco

You will find timeless appeal and a colorful atmosphere with this eclectic list of seven must-see places in Morocco.

Whether you want to spend a night under the desert stars or discover a traditional marketplace, surf Atlantic waves, or climb blue stairs through the mountains, a contemporary pace weaves in and out of historic architecture to create thrilling excursions and captivating encounters.

Read more about what makes Morocco special as we highlight the essential experiences in Marrakech, Erg Chebbi, Chefchaouen, and more of Morocco’s beloved destinations.

10 Best Places to Visit in France

Most travelers think of elegant boulevards, iconic monuments, incredible art museums, and spectacular food and wine, but these are just the beginning.

Whether you want idyllic villages or fairytale castles, urban energy, or countryside refreshment, you can savor irresistible old-world heritage and contemporary life.

Let the glamour of Paris seduce you from the top of the Eiffel Tower or cross the lavender fields to the landscaped lawns of royal chateaus before retreating to the French Riviera during your tours through France.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Explore the world with Zicasso and work with a top travel specialist to bring your dream vacation to life. The world overflows with wonders to explore and the sheer number of choices is exciting.

Our primary goal is to make the planning, booking, and traveling process easy and enjoyable as you create the vacation experience you want most. No matter where you go and what you do, Zicasso can help you experience the best of travel without the stress.

Working with our destination experts you can plan a trip to anywhere in the world and suit your travel style. Using insider knowledge of your chosen destination, itinerary ideas, and planning strategies, your chosen  Zicasso travel specialist can guide you through the following three steps.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set your priorities in planning to maximize your investment.

Your interests and preferences on a couples trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path.

There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a customized vacation that has been designed for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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