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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Irene in Greece office

Irene's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Jennifer L.
Submitted on 6.27.2022

This trip is one we will never forget, and that is largely in part to Irene and the travel company!  She took her time to help us plan activities that fit our requests and helped us stay within our budget.  During the trip, Irene was constantly in touch - she assisted with changing plans when we had missed flight connections or rearranging activities due to weather-related issues and she checked in with us throughout the trip to make sure we were having a great time and everything was going well.  On every planned excursion we did, our tour guides also sang her praises!  I will recommend Irene and the travel company to ALL our friends and family who plan on going to Greece!!

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Travel agent Eleonora in Italy

Eleonora's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Adrielle K.
Submitted on 6.6.2022

We originally booked our trip a year before the pandemic, so it took us 3+ years to take the full journey. Throughout the process, Eleonora and her colleagues at this travel company were absolutely fabulous. They worked with us to set up an amazing trip, then re-planned everything and arranged it all for us with some changes after the pandemic subsided enough for us to travel again.During our travels, we got amazing service. Any time we needed anything, we sent a text message and got immediate replies. They recommended and booked restaurants, helped us arrange other things, and were available for our every need. The entire trip went smoothly: drivers were outstanding, tour guides were amazing, and the planning was impeccable. We would definitely use this travel agency again, and will refer our friends and family as well. Our trip to Italy was amazing, and we are grateful for the support and guidance we got along the way.If you’re going to Italy, use this travel company!

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Travel agent Stéphane in France

Stéphane's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Michael Y.
Submitted on 7.10.2022

We had a great experience working with our travel agency and especially Stephane. He was outstandingly responsive to our needs and provided excellent answers to questions that we had as they came up through the process. He was very knowledgeable with the areas that we travelled to and was able to customize our activities and schedule to one that matched our needs.He met us the first morning we arrived at our hotel and gave us an orientation to Paris. We were able to keep in touch easily via WhatsApp using phone calls and texting both while in the US and while we were in France. He was always available when we called him in France with questions or if we needed him to talk to a vendor or activity host.He was also able to get us Disneyland tickets off the waitlist when my kids decided they wanted to spend a day there. Stephane made it happen!All of the hotels were clean, comfortable and he had good working relationships with most of them. The breakfasts were outstanding. He made several dinner reservations for us which had outstanding meals.We had a very reliable and prompt driver for our travels through Normandy and Loire Valley. It made for stress free travel. All we had to do was wake up in time for breakfast each day! 

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Travel agent Lalo in Spain

Lalo's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Steve D.
Submitted on 7.4.2022

Our family had a wonderful trip to Spain in late May and Early June 2022. Lalo from our travel agency was extremely kind, helpful and patient as we worked together to define an itinerary for our family. He provided great insight as we considered the specific cities we wanted to visit and made good recommendations based on taking the time to get to know us and our interests. He always followed up very quickly on any actions he took and emailed or texted the information back to us. In addition, Lalo was a tremendous help when two of our family members surprisingly tested positive for COVID and we could not return to the U.S. as planned. Lalo helped us extend our trip by a few days, found us a hotel (when all hotels in the city were sold out) and arranged for us to get additional COVID tests a few days later and new transportation to the airport. He took the time to make sure we were well taken care of, even though our itinerary with our travel agency was technically complete. Lalo did not request any additional fees for these extra services.I would highly recommend Lalo and this travel company for anyone considering a trip to Spain or Portugal. Having someone who is a local (based in Madrid) with great knowledge of the country definitely beats a company based in the U.S. (or another home country) who may have visited Spain a few times.Thank you again, Lalo - - we loved your country and hope to return to visit northern Spain next time! 

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Travel agent Ana in Spain

Ana's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Cindy M.
Submitted on 6.21.2022

First of all I want to say that Ana and Patricia; the travel company were wonderful to work with. From the moment they reached out to us we felt confident this would be a wonderful trip. They were knowledgeable in the areas that we wanted to visit, and so helpful in suggesting and arranging the tours that we wanted to go on. The accommodations they recommended were perfect! They were immediately available whenever we had a question or concern during the trip. Small details we had not considered were taken care of… Amazing! Every one of the tour guides we had was knowledgeable in the area that we went to and were friendly and funny. We often had back to back tours with the same guide and that created a level of comfort and casualness that really gave the experiences a easy-going feel.  

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Travel agent Vasilis in Greece

Vasilis' Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Arnold F.
Submitted on 6.28.2022

Our travel agency provided us an outstanding trip! From the accommodations, to the drivers, to the tour guides, our experience was better than we could have dreamed possible. Seetha, from our travel company, even met us at the airport with our driver to welcome us to Athens and presented us with a gift of Greek goodies. We highly recommend this company, and Seetha, to everyone.

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Travel agent Jordi in Spain office

Jordi's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Loretto M.
Submitted on 6.13.2022

Positives:- Experiences were more than we had hoped for- Transfers/drivers were always on time and very helpful- Tour guides were very experienced, communicated very well, and provided unique insights for each site- Hotel accommodations were wonderful and centrally located for us to explore on our own- When Royal Palace was closed due to an event, it was proposed to do all of the activities on the next day (day before departure). We weren't comfortable with that so instead, we kept the original time for the tour and viewed the Prado museum instead. Flexibility allowed us to learn and see new things without cramming everything in the last day.- Liked that were were based in a single location for a couple of days before moving to a new hotelOpportunities for improvement:- Agenda communication - During Douro Valley trip (absolutely beautiful), by the time we got there and took the winery tour, we were late to lunch. Lunch went long (very slow service) which then prevented us from taking the river cruise because the driver told us we needed to leave by 5 PM. Either poor planning or slow service. Disappointed we missed this cruise but the winery/wine was excellent. Lunch was probably the worst lunch we had on the whole trip.- Small point but in the paperwork, we were told we would be notified 24 hours in advance of who the driver was, etc. and this usually took place 12 hours before. Just say 12 hours and don't set up the expectation for 24 hours. 

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Travel agent Andrea, specializing in Croatia, Montenegro; Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria and Slovenia

Andrea's Travel Agency


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Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Czech Republic
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Verified Review

Julie M.
Submitted on 6.7.2022

Jack, the Kellers, and I want to thank you for putting together such a wonderful itinerary. After the initial bump in actually getting a flight to Dubrovnik, we thoroughly enjoyed every single day and every hotel – each was beautiful and unique. Everything ran like clockwork once we arrived in Dubrovnik – hotels expected us, the rental car pickups and returns were smooth, and the transfers were on time. Our travel company, and specifically Andrea, made sure that we had a memorable trip.

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Featured Reviews

Luxury Greece & Turkey Travel Agent Review: 16-Day Tour


Kim A.
Jun 14, 2022
This travel company was amazing. From the initial email to the final departure, everything was amazing. Irene and team made it easy to plan a vacation and ensured that all of the things we wanted to experienced were planned out. They made the trip a breeze and took care of every last detail. The trip itself was by far the best trip we have taken with amazing experiences in both Turkey and Greece. Highly recommend this travel company - they will take care of you from start to finish.

Turkey & Greece Honeymoon Travel Review: 2-Week Tour


Juan L.
Jul 06, 2022
I booked my honeymoon to Turkey and Greece and it was a fantastic experience! First, they are very attentive and respond to any questions or concerns very promptly. They do a great job on listening to what is important for you and what you want your trip to be like, and tailor it to your preferences. All the hotels, guides, activities they recommended were excellent! Also, having all the internal transportation taken care of removes a lot of the trip’s stress and makes it much more enjoyable. I would highly recommend this travel agency to anyone, you will not regret it!

France & Monaco Luxury Honeymoon Review: Champagne Tasting, Nice Beach, Monaco Car Race, French Riviera, Shopping & Villages


Evangelin T.
Jun 07, 2022

The travel company is a top tier full-service travel agency that provided a jam-packed custom travel itinerary designed with our interests in mind. We traveled to France for the first time for our honeymoon and we felt that we did all of the important activities for every city we were at, and we did not miss out on anything! We didn’t regret a single thing and we felt the luxury elements of private tour guides and extremely professional vendors were well worth the money. Sophie and Fabrice were very attentive and responsive to everything we asked and requested. All details were taken care of by the company and we had no worry in the world. All we had to do was show up to activity after activity and soak up all of the French culture and experience. We don’t think we’ll travel again without a travel company because our experience was so phenomenal and stress-free.

Travel Review: Italy & Slovenia 2-Week Vacation


Anne R.
Jun 13, 2022
This travel company did a great job helping us plan and book the perfect customized itinerary for Italy and Slovenia. 

Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, Switzerland, Norway, Ireland, Spain & Italy Trip Review: 8-Week Tour


Sid F.
May 30, 2022
Outstanding. Perfection. Every detail was taken care of. We were on an 8 week European trip and Mary gave us peace of mind so that we could enjoy our trip. She and her staff thought of everything and continued their support throughout our travels. 

Luxury Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia & Montenegro Trip Review: Culture, History, Natural Beauty


Jim R.
May 30, 2022
Our travel agency did an outstanding job for us. The itinerary was amazing. They worked with us to reschedule the trip twice due to the global pandemic and also make several last minute changes when our travel partners had to delay the start of their trip by several days. They are professional, competitive and thorough. Antonia and Ivana were a pleasure to work with!

European Travel Review: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Vatican City, Nice, Florence, Cinque Terre, Capri, Barcelona


randy g.
Jun 30, 2022
This travel company gave us a trip of a lifetime. We had great experiences with every travel guides we were provided. Our guide in Nice, France was the best!!!!!!!!! Transportation was for the most part flawless. All our hotels were located perfectly in each city.  Anytime we had any issues the emergency help line was there to assist immediately. We will definitely use this company again in the future.I do have to give the reason for the 4 rating. We had a 2 day stay in Florence that was not a great experience. Lack of communication on our hotel and how to get to our bus tour was awful. The hotel was not a 3-star hotel because it wasn't a hotel it was  Airbnb at the most. Our driver from airport dropped us off and we had no idea how to get into the building. After calling the emergency help line, we struggled for another 30 minutes until finally could find our room. There was no AC in the room with 100-degree temps outside.We were to have breakfast provide each morning. Could never find where that was. The bus tour company provided did a very poor job. Again, no communication how to find where we were to meet. Bus had no AC on a 12-hour tour.

Travel Review: 4-Week Trip, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina


Mark S.
Oct 07, 2021
We just returned from 4 weeks in Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina. Originally we were to do this trip last year but Covid. Despite all the setbacks that Covid posed our travel company tailored and delivered a perfect tour for us.  Everybody that was supposed to meet us or deliver us was there on time every time.  Every ticket, every pass, every small detail - all arranged without flaw.  What I didn't realize was that not only had they crafted the itinerary for us in advance but they were working in the background throughout our trip checking daily to ensure that everything was going smoothly.  When the weather turned for us they already knew in advance and made alternate arrangements.  It was like having parents :-)Highly recommended. 

Croatia Trip Review: Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar, History, 10-Day Tour


Kathleen C.
May 17, 2022
This trip was one of the top trips we have ever taken due to the excellent work of Jen. She was one of two travel agents in Croatia that Zicasso provided us with to provide possible itineraries based on the number of days we wanted to travel and the amount we wanted to spend. Zicasso's response was quick and they followed up several times to make sure we had everything we needed. Both travel itineraties were excellent, we had a difficult time choosing between the two that Zicasso sent.

Greece & Turkey Travel Review: Cappadocia, Crete, Istanbul, Izmir, Athens, Cave Visits, Balloon Ride, Historical Tours


Virginia F.
May 26, 2022

I booked a trip with this travel company from a Zicasso referral. Originally the trip was booked for September of 2021. However, due to a family medical emergency, I postponed the trip until May of 2022. The agency was very understanding and supportive, issuing credits for all bookings. As with any trip, there are always things I’d probably do differently but there’s no way to know when there’s no familiarity with the countries and specific destinations. 

Panos went above and beyond accommodating us and our itinerary changes. My travel companion asked to change a hotel reservation in Athens which was done. I regret not keeping the original reservation at a better hotel. The transfers were always on time in comfortable vans. 

The accommodations in Cappadocia were amazing. That experience was by far our favorite. 

Turkey and Greece are special countries steeped in mythological history and ruins. I highly recommend the trip to anyone. 

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