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The heel of the famous boot-shaped country, Southern Italy languidly beats according to its own leisurely rhythm. There’s an old-world charm to this region, one that cherishes a slower pace of life. Visit the birthplace of the modern pizza as well as the margherita pizza in Naples, the latter a favorite of Queen Margherita of Savoy as it evokes the green, white and red of the Italian flag.

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Gorgeous view of the Calabria, Italy coastline

Best of Southern Italy & Sicily Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

Capture the essence of history, culture, and cuisine during your customizable, highlights tour of Southern Italy and Sicily. Indulge in the alluring splendor of Italian heritage that is featured in colorful towns around the Amalfi Coast and within the elegantly-preserved architecture of Palermo. The majesty of ancient Greek temples at Agrigento reveals the remarkable depths of heritage, which are emphasized by artifacts that are displayed in galleries like the National Archeological Museum of Naples. From walking the excavated streets of Pompeii to strolling beneath luxurious, Baroque adornments in Lecce, your Southern Italy and Sicily tour embraces grandeur and immerses you in unrivaled beauty.

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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the land and sea on the coast of Scopello, Sicily.

Southern Italy Discovery in 2 Weeks

14 Day Custom Tour

From $4,335

A soulful ambiance with ancient splendor, sun-bleached coastline, and enticing cultural cuisine immerse you in the beauty of land, sea, and heritage during your luxury two-week Southern Italy tour. Explore gripping history from Greek settlements to Arab traders. Savor the culinary prowess at the Crossroads of the Mediterranean. Enjoy the natural beauty that accentuates established cities as you discover the grandeur of Sicily and Puglia at your pace.

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 Sicilian setting - wine glasses, olives, blue cheese, bocconcini and ciabatta.

Slow Food & Leisurely Wine Tour of Southern Italy and Sicily

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

Through the beauty of the cuisine, you will discover endless passion, embrace unfamiliar flavors, and take pleasure in history and gastronomy while exploring Southern Italy. Olive trees captivate with produce ready for harvest and grapevines absorb vibrant minerals, adding depth to sophisticated wines; lemon trees offer fragrant hints of citrus and the coastline erupts with revitalizing aromas of the sea. Celebrate zesty sauces and inspiring seafood, mouthwatering stews and refreshing salads during your customizable Southern Italy itinerary connecting you to the villages, towns, and cities of the region, from Sicily to Puglia.

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Palace of the Normans in Palermo, Sicily, Italy

Paradise Tour of Italy: Sicily and Puglia Vacation

19 Day Custom Tour

From $11,395

Welcoming temperatures, coastal communities, and picturesque beaches appear in abundance on this 19-day tour of Sicily and Puglia. Lacking the icy elegance of Italy's Northern region, Southern Italy has long attracted those in search of rich culture and compelling history. From the bustling port of Palermo to the mysterious origins of the Trulli in Puglia, this tour ensures your full immersion into the warmth and vitality of Southern Italy.

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The old part of Matera is carved into the rock.

Hidden Jewels of Italy’s Southern Route Tour

15 Day Custom Tour

From $4,120

Southern Italy is an open region steeped in history, from ancient Greece to the Ottomans, where the coastlines are as marveled as the landscapes and the people are as diverse as the cities. On this 15-day tour through the south you will find the incredible hidden jewels that go far beyond the Amalfi Coast and Pompeii, where you venture down to the heel of Italy’s boot and find precious gems along the coastline and even remnants of Greek history, some hiding within the caves. The magnificence of Southern Italy goes beyond Naples and into a region that no longer needs to stay hidden.

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Ancient Roman city of Pompeii and Vesuvius in the background

Greek, Byzantine, and Christian Influences of Southern Italy Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

The indelible effects of Greek, Byzantine, and Christian traditions permeate culture and customs during your customizable Italy tour. Follow the dramatic influence that shaped civilization south of Rome. Wander through the antiquated ruins of former Greek settlements in Sicily. Stroll along the unearthed roads of Pompeii to find mosaics depicting epic tales. Indulge in the beauty of Capri and the Amalfi Coast. Sip Sicilian wine on family-owned vineyards. Immerse yourself in the golden glow of mosaics blanketing a breathtaking chapel. Reach beyond the Roman Empire, with marble Doric temples leading to golden Byzantine art and storied pasts that continue to this day.

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Pink bougainvillea blooming on the beach of Mykonos, Greece

Southern Italy and Greek Island Getaway

16 Day Custom Tour

From $9,595

From the capital of Italy to the capital of Greece, this 16-day tour introduces you to what is best in both countries and provides the perfect balance of guided excursions and independent leisure. See the Mediterranean world like no other as you visit the Roman ruins at the Colosseum, bask in the sunshine of the Sorrentine peninsula, and island-hop through the Cyclades archipelago on your way to the Greek mainland.

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Stunning views from Villa Rufolo, city of Ravello in Italy

Puglia to Amalfi Coast Itinerary in Luxurious Style

8 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

Discover heritage in style and refinement in comfort during your opulent Southern Italy itinerary, customized to embrace beauty in the landscape, splendor in the cuisine, and marvels in local culture. Notice the difference in sapphire and indigo hues shimmering across the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. View fairytale architecture decorating the rolling landscape leading to rows of lush vineyards. Traverse a network of ancient troglodyte caves hidden beneath a medieval city. From baroque cathedrals to emerald grottos, tranquil seaside villages to lavish seafood dinners, you can unwind, indulge, and delight in the luxuries of Puglia and the Amalfi Coast.

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Fresh sea urchin at a seafood market in the Puglia region of Italy

Off the Beaten Track Culinary Tour of Puglia

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,470

From storybook homes to coastal castles, home-cooked meals to luxurious beaches, you will discover unforgettable flavors while traveling off the culinary beaten path in Southern Italy’s historic fishing port, Trani. Vines stretch across the arid landscape, reaching into the hillsides and taking flavors from the sea breeze. Olive trees grow like dense forests. Confectionaries fill the air with nutty sweetness. Learn to craft traditional regional pasta and enjoy a demonstration on making celebrated burrata cheese, a fresh blend of mozzarella and cream. Seafood markets brim with fresh fare displayed along charming cobblestone streets, offering you the chance to experience Italian cuisine like never before.

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Crater of Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe

History, Mystery and Drama of Mt. Vesuvius, Mt. Vulcano and Mt. Etna Itinerary

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,295

Volcanoes embody power and drama, majesty and mystery during your grand Southern Italy itinerary focused on the unique landscapes. Lava spills out of a conical volcanic peak, causing a nightly light display spouting over the edges of a secluded island. Rich soil shapes the essences of the cuisine, fortifying produce and wine with delectable flavors. Antique cities hide beneath blanketing ash from an ancient eruption. Cafes in charming villages offer pristine panoramas of volcanic summits and the Mediterranean Sea. From Etna to Vesuvius, Stromboli to Vulcano, you will explore, enjoy, and embrace the natural splendor of Southern Italy.

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Amalfi Coast, Gulf of Solerno

Wonders of Rome, Sicily & The Amalfi Coast Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

While in Italy, you can sink into luxury and let the ancient world spring to life around you. Mosaics from Pompeii remain vibrant with lifelike images and exciting colors as Greek ruins rise out of the mountaintops and plains of Sicily. The Mediterranean Sea brushes at the beaches and boulders that line the Amalfi Coast. Hidden waterfalls feed abandoned paper mills and a treasure trove of artwork decorates the galleries of the Vatican Museums. Your custom tailored tour combines the wonders of the landscape and the splendors of history for a special expression of Southern Italy’s unforgettable and distinguished culture.

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Enjoy the Mediterranean breeze on the trail of the gods, Amalfi Coast, Italy

Exploring the Southern Coast of Italy Tour

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,569

Majestic, enchanting, relaxing, and picturesque only begins to describe the wonders of the Amalfi Coast and shores along Calabria as they are yours to discover during your personalized 9-day Italy tour. The scent of lemon becomes a ubiquitous aroma blending with the Mediterranean breeze as pastel-colored homes cling to the cliffs and contrast with the tranquil turquoise water. Pebbled coves lead to sandy beaches, and local restaurants bring insight into the soul of the community serving traditional dishes inspired by the sea. The landscape is seductive, the water is transparent, and the history is palpable surpassed only by the inviting atmosphere of Southern Italy.

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10 Days Off the Beaten Path Tour of Southern Italy and Sicily

10 Day Custom Tour


Experience scenic hikes, exhilarating ziplines, intriguing caves with this immersive 10-day vacation to southern Italy and Sicily. Unique experiences and private day trips are included in this amazing and unforgettable vacation. Zipline in Castelmezzano, climb Mt. Vesuvius to enjoy incredible views of Naples, and venture to the Blue Grotto.

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Taste of Sicily: VIP Food & Wine Tour

8 Day Custom Tour


On this VIP culinary Italy itinerary, experience life beyond the mainland with a gourmet taste of Sicily’s rich history of cuisines. Sample fine wines on premier estates. Wander the vibrant open-air markets in Palermo, passing colorful produce and fresh seafood. Witness the golden stones of Arab-Norman palaces. Discover the largest ancient temple on the island rising out of the blossoming wildflowers. Discuss ideal wine pairings with an experienced sommelier and enjoy an unparalleled panorama of the beach on a secluded cruise of a gorgeous bay. Bask in the beauty, luxury, and flavor of Sicily on this unforgettable Italy vacation.

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Hidden Culinary Treasures of Puglia Tour

8 Day Custom Tour


Experience the definitive characters of landscape and food on your 8-day Italy tour of Puglia. You will have insight into history and tradition as you explore authentic gastronomy to uncover the flavors that burst from the heel of Italy’s iconic boot shape. Olive orchards bring oil cultivation, and vineyards yield distinctive tastes from the arid plains, rugged mountains, and the Adriatic Sea, castles, and fairytale homes that accentuate unforgettable Puglia.

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Rome, Amalfi Coast and Sicily: Luxury Italy for 2022-2023

12 Day Custom Tour


Experience the true splendor of ancient life, cultural cuisine, and inspiring scenery during your 12-day luxury Italy vacation. From Rome to the Amalfi Coast and Sicily, witness glistening mosaics, walk with master Renaissance artists and discover the dishes that have shaped tradition. Enjoy exclusive tours and remarkable insights as you explore it all.

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Sassi di Matera District in Italy
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The best time to visit southern Italy is typically March through May, spring, and September through November, fall. The promise of breathtaking scenery that unveils glistening waters, charming coastal coves, and historic towns nestled into rugged hills can capture your imagination during the best time to visit southern Italy, ensuring you enjoy an unforgettable experience.

Visitors flock to the country’s Meridione region to relax in the warm weather and wander through the diverse, quaint settings that provide adventures down medieval lanes or visions of ancient temples. Discovery, adventure, culture, and heritage abound.

Dive into a world of color and historical treasures as you find yourself lost in the beauty and culture that is southern Italy.

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Enjoy the many active adventures and captivating experiences, or simply sit and savor the culture and cuisine of a beloved part of Italy that can immerse you in luxury or unravel rustic wonder.

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7 Best Places to Visit in Southern Italy
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7 Best Places to Visit in Southern Italy

Dramatic terrain that boasts colorful houses perched on steep cliffs, beautiful beaches bathed in Mediterranean light, and a rich history that stretches from ancient Greece to imperial Spain come together to create the unique ambiance and charisma of the seven best places to visit in southern Italy.

Visit villages with charming piazzas and towns that boast incredible views. Discover charming winelands and majestic mountains. Explore unforgettable caves, historic towns, and fascinating ruins, with each step providing a new perspective of the local culture and heritage.

The Mezzogiorno region of Italy brings sunshine and sea-filled bliss each day, with certain places you simply cannot miss experiences in themselves.

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5 Best Cities to Explore the Food of Southern Italy
Bari, Italy
5 Best Cities to Explore the Food of Southern Italy

Southern Italian food features the bright and delicious flavors of the Mediterranean that many visitors associate with traditional Italian food that you can discover during your Italy vacation. Cooking is an essential way that Northern, Central, and Southern Italy showcase their diversity. The food of Southern Italy is often referred to as Cucina Povera, with frugal southern cooks relying on the bounty of the sea or the hard-fought harvest from tenacious farmers. The warm Mediterranean climate supports a history of trade and conquest, revealing distinctive characteristics of the unforgettable gastronomy.

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Florence, Italy
Italy Travel Guide

From Roman ruins to the Tuscan countryside, there is something for every traveler in Italy.

Our Italy Travel Guide provides helpful tips and inspiration from must-see destinations and top activities to the best time to visit. Discover traditional food and wine, inspirational culture, and amazing cities on a personalized vacation.

For more information on how to make your dream journey a reality, get connected with a top travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request.

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How to See Southern Italy in Two Weeks
Beautiful architecture of a village on the Amalfi Coast in Italy
How to See Southern Italy in Two Weeks

Circumnavigate the rugged coastline and lush hills of southern Italy as you explore the region’s best places with this sample two-week experience from Naples to Sicily.

Tuck into traditional Neapolitan pizza as you admire dramatic backdrops of Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples, make memories at colorful Campania fishing villages along the Amalfi Coast, and unearth the history of Sicily as you tour the island’s ruins and temples. The culture presents a fascinating state of mind, embodied in its nickname, Mezzogiorno, meaning midday.

This guide shares how to see the region’s vast beauty on a leisurely two-week adventure, with ideas on what to do to experience breathtaking southern Italy.

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Top 7 Things to Do in Sicily
Ancient theatre of Taormina in Sicily with Mount Etna in the background at sunset
Top 7 Things to Do in Sicily

Sicily is a treasure of Italy that captivates visitors with timeless ruins, classic culture, and mouthwatering gastronomy.  The scenery has shaped the culture from Mt. Etna to the shoreline, gorges to arid hills with cities hiding touches of ancient wonder. From captivating wines to delicious local recipes, volcano trekking to remainders of the Classical world and inspiring coastline, these are the essential things to do when you visit.

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