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How to Plan a Trip to Portugal: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: December 27, 2021

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Medieval Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon, Portugal

Sao Jorge Castle in Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal is a land of cobblestone villages and medieval castles, golden beaches, and emerald vineyards, and these are the most frequently asked questions from travelers eager to experience the culture, art, cuisine, and history of Portugal.

From the charms of ancient ruins to the beauty of secluded villages, surprising misty woodlands to soulful music, Portugal always surpasses expectation and offers timeless surprises. Find the information you need for inspiration or planning your perfect Portugal trip.


  1. Is Portugal open to American travelers?
  2. When is the best time to visit Portugal?
  3. What should I do on my trip to Portugal?
  4. How can I get help from a travel specialist?
  5. Is Portugal safe for travel?
  6. Which airports should I be looking at?
  7. Can Zicasso help me with flights?
  8. Does Zicasso assist with travel insurance?
  9. Are you ready to plan your personalized Portugal trip?

Is Portugal open to American travelers?

Porto at sunset aerial view

Porto, Portugal

Updated entry requirements and helpful information can be found on Where Americans Can Travel Now. Zicasso travel specialists serve 101 countries, and details are included for all of the regions that we serve.

Have questions? Our Traveler Care team can be reached at 1-888-265-9707.

When is the best time to visit Portugal?

Unique nature and landscapes of Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal

Peneda-Gerês National Park, Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal is between April and May and again in October. These months offer mild weather around spring, the edge of summer, and fall. During April, May, and October Portugal also sees smaller crowds.

June, July, and September are very busy in Portugal because of an influx of cruise ships to Lisbon and around the Algarve. The summer has the best weather for the beaches at the Algarve, but also sees the largest crowds.

The climate varies across Portugal, with different climates in the southern, central and northern regions. However, outside of summer and edging into the beginning of fall, the Algarve is too cold for the beach.

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What should I do on my trip to Portugal?

Coimbra, view of the city and the oldest university in Portugal

Coimbra, Portugal

We have worked with our Portugal travel experts to provide you with travel recommendations for any length of trip. Below is a specially chosen list of the best places to visit in Portugal, along with some of the things to do while there.

Lisbon | Porto | Algarve | Alentejo | Vinho Verde | Peneda-Gerês National Park | Óbidos | Aveiro

  • Discover the remarkable history of Lisbon with guided tours through the antique neighborhoods
  • Indulge in the authentic cuisine of Portugal to find traditional recipes in preserved ambiances
  • Explore the fabulous museum galleries and extensive gardens at Serralves
  • Witness the iconic marvels of Porto when wandering the cobbled lanes along the riverbanks
  • Delight in gorgeous views across Coimbra at Penedo da Saudade
  • Bask in the remarkable culture of Coimbra during a visit to Portugal’s oldest university

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How can I get help from a travel specialist?

Yellow cliffs of the Algarve, Portugal

Algarve, Portugal

An international trip has always brought important questions and visiting a new country after Covid-19 could have inspired new answers.

“Do I have to wear a mask on domestic flights?” “Will I be able to lounge on the beach in Algarve?” “Can I eat inside a Michelin-starred restaurant?” “How will I travel from Lisbon to Porto or reach the Douro Valley?” “Are the beaches open?” “Do I need a negative Covid-19 test before returning home and how can I get one?” Your travel expert will be able to answer your specific questions and more before you book your trip. A travel specialist can handle any emergency that may come up in connection to your trip, as well — from changing your transportation option to a last-minute additional tour.

If you are thinking about traveling to Portugal, you can fill out Zicasso’s Trip Request to speak with a Portugal travel specialist.

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Is Portugal safe for travel?

Chapel Senor da Pedra on the beach, Miramar village, Portugal

Miramar village, Portugal

Portugal is an extremely safe country for travelers. Petty theft such as pickpocketing can occur when visiting crowded tourist areas, but your overall safety is never a concern. Portugal does have a reputation for getting rowdy during soccer matches, but is otherwise quiet, safe, and easy to navigate.

Which airports should I be looking at?

Lisbon airport and city view

Lisbon airport in Portugal

For most travelers the most convenient airport in Portugal is Lisbon. The top three airports in Portugal are:

  • Lisbon (LIS)
  • Porto (OPO)
  • Faro (FAO)

Can Zicasso help me with flights?

Zicasso Flights is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation. By employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso, our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 service and support, and complimentary consultation of routing versus pricing with an expert flight specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Does Zicasso assist with travel insurance?

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

Are you ready to plan your personalized Portugal trip?

Yellow tram number 28 is the calling card of Lisbon.

Lisbon, Portugal

Portugal’s beauty captures the best of the Iberian Peninsula, with a connection to life’s joys, from captivating art to delectable cuisine, a perfect coastal sunset and a fairytale ambiance accentuated by a historic castle. Whether you are eager to discover Moorish neighborhoods in Lisbon or sample port at a riverside cellar in Porto, you can find the right inspiration for your trip with Portugal Tours & Vacation sample itineraries. Zicasso’s Portugal Travel Guide has information and tips for your next trip. Speak with a Portugal travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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