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From possessing some of the finest Italian cuisines in Emilia-Romagna, attracting the likes of chef Anthony Bourdain, to the dreamlike shores of Lake Como where A-list stars relax and luxuriate, Northern Italy is an enchanting region that continues to allure. Enjoy a private gondola ride in the secluded canals of Venice or embark on a truffle hunt in Piedmont; an enticing adventure in Northern Italy awaits.

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Beautiful view of the Gulf of Poets, Liguria.

Discovering Italian Riviera & Coastal Trails Along Cinque Terre Itinerary

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

Fishers return to the marinas found on the sapphire waters of the Mediterranean Sea alongside the olive groves, vineyards, and lemon orchards that thrive on the steep terraced hillsides that ridge the Ligurian coastline. Embrace the Italian idea of passeggiata on your custom tailored Northern Italy itinerary and take to the unpaved trails and cobbled lanes that connect the villages and towns along the Italian Riviera. From the colorful homes of Cinque Terre to the beautiful cliff-adorned castles on the Gulf of Poets, you will indulge in adventure, marvel at the incredible panoramas and enjoy exciting local flavors for an enchanting stroll along the coast of Northern Italy.

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Sunrise at Bellagio, Lake Como, Italy

Milan and the Lakes of Northern Italy Itinerary

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,470

Follow in the footsteps of European nobility to find inspiring fashion, aristocratic wonder, and captivating historical architecture during your custom tailored itinerary of Northern Italy. The snow-capped peaks of the Italian Alps create a perfect backdrop to your mornings as the waters of Italy’s largest lake shimmer against the window of your elegant hotel room. Lavish castles continue to guard canals, lakeshores, and cliffs as fascinating paintings adorn the ceilings and walls with unique three-dimensional splendor. From luxury to discovery, artistry to culture, you can bask in the private grandeur of your personalized tour of Northern Italy.

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View of Lake Maggiore from Sola Bella Island, Northern Italy

Visions of Northern Italy: Hiking and Touring Lake Maggiore, Dolomites, Italian Riviera

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

The Italian landscape offers endless surprises, from soaring mountaintops to tranquil lakes, sapphire seas to vast vineyards. Your customizable Northern Italy itinerary incorporates the charms of village life with the enchantment of the natural scenery. Austro-Hungarian architecture adorns the cobbled lanes of Bolzano. The homes of Cinque Terre nestle into the cliffs of the Maritime Alps. Stunning renaissance walls tower above the valley floors of Tuscany and wildflowers blossom along the alpine meadows of Seiser Alm. From rugged coastlines to elegant aromas, you will discover the serene trails connecting Northern Italy for an unforgettable active adventure.

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Basilica of San Marco at Instmark Square in Venice, Italy

Cultural Exploration Family Tour of Northern Italy

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

From the canal waters of Venice to the jagged and daring peaks of the Dolomites, Northern Italy’s diverse landscape brims with adventure and ancient history. Embark on a gondola ride down Venice’s famed Grand Canal, shop on the 16th-century Rialto Bridge, hike the rugged Dolomite Mountains, and discover the allure of bustling Milan. You will relax on the picturesque Lake Como, making memories with your children as you splash in its refreshing waters. Visit 500-year-old villas, explore an elaborate garden maze and discover ancient Roman secrets in Verona on this customized, 10-day tour of Northern Italy.

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Immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of a fishing village in Gargnano, on Lake Garda, Italy.

A Romantic Escape to Venice, Verona and Lake Garda for Star-Crossed Lovers

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

Lovers can embrace in the open and indulge in private luxury during your customizable Northern Italy itinerary, designed for the perfect romantic escape. Gondolas glide through the narrow canals of Venice. Decadent paintings cover the walls and ceilings of 17th-century villas overlooking the banks of the Brenta Canal. Storybook castles continue to guard the narrow cobbled lanes of small towns on the shores of Lake Garda. From capturing the passionate spirit of Shakespeare’s Juliet in Verona to enjoying a tranquil panorama in a village along the Dolomites, you will relish desire in the enchanting ambiance of Northern Italy.

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Sforza Castle Castello Sforzesco is one of the symbols of Milan, Italy.

High-End Northern Italy Tour: Venice, Lake Garda, Milan

11 Day Custom Tour

From $6,045

North Italy captivates visitors with its lush countryside and elegant cities, and this 11-day tour of Venice, Lake Garda, and Milan will offer you a splendid balance of natural beauty as well as the thrills and culture of big-city life. From active walking tours of the many renowned cities and towns you visit to the sublime surrender of a leisurely day, this tour ensures an unforgettable Italian visit.

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View of Vernazza in Cinque Terre.

Remarkable Italy Itinerary: Northern Regions and Cinque Terre

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,379

The cultural richness, natural beauty, and historic legacy of Northern Italy are yours to enjoy on this 12-day tour of Piedmont, Liguria, and Lombardy. From Milan to Cinque Terre and back again, you will be able to focus your attention on the rural treasures and panoramic perspectives of each region through a blend of guided excursions and leisure. Handcrafted for your enjoyment, this tour allows you to experience much of the best that Northern Italy has to offer.

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Miramare Castle in Trieste, Italy

Unexplored Northern Italy Tour: A Different Side of Italy

8 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

Far from the bustling crowds of Rome and Florence, this 7-day tour of Northeast Italy will provide travelers with a refreshing introduction with the rural beauty and cultural brilliance that attracted visitors to Italy for centuries. From the elegant stateliness of Udine to the brisk boardwalks of coastal Trieste, you will have a chance to see a side of Italy missed by many, while enjoying all the comforts of modern resorts and accommodations.

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Lake Como surrounded by mountains, Italy

Northern Italy Tour: Beauty, Culture, Food & Wine

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

Italy offers you a world of remarkable landscapes, unparalleled wines, sensational artistry, and vivacious food. This custom tailored tour will bring you to the country’s magnificent north. You will find a world steeped in history and filled with pristine lakes, canals and Shakespearean drama, truffles and Barolo, castles and villas. You will find yourself in the opulent land of dukes and Doge’s, rich meals, fabulous hills, lavish gardens, noteworthy churches, and celebrated mountains. You will find greatness in Italy’s north.

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A road winding through the Dolomites.

Exploring the Dolomites: Splendid Northern Italy Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

Along with a vibrant history and thriving arts scene, Italy is also known for its abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation. This 10-day tour of the Trentino and South Tyrol region is handcrafted to introduce you to a unique side of Northern Italy and to ensure an active approach to learning about the region's natural beauty and ancient origins. From horseback riding to cheese tasting, there is something for everyone in this colorful corner of Italy.

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View of bridge leading up to the Scaliger Castle in Verona, Italy

Highlights of Northern Italy Tour: Venice to Turin

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,295

Peaceful lakeside villages, forests with celebrated white truffles, and bright towns overlooking the Ligurian Sea combine to bring your picture-perfect personalized Italy tour through the splendor of the north. The Italian Alps feature sparkling lakes and expansive vineyards that produce sophisticated wines. Dramatic cliffs plunge into Lake Garda while small bars in Venice offer enticing traditional cuisine. Whether enjoying everything from the rugged mountains to the quiet plains or indulging in the diverse flavors that are unique to each town, village, and city, your Northern Italy tour unveils unrivaled charm and sophistication.

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Aerial view of Lake Como, Italy

Best of Lake Como: 7-Day Tour of Italy’s Famous Lake

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,920

This luxurious, 7-day excursion around Lake Como leads you to the very best cities and villages around the Lake. This sought after and renowned area of Italy is luxurious, scenic, and the ideal destination for any vacation. Day trips to Cernobbio and the Tremezzina immerse you deeper in the culture and lifestyle of the area, while breathtaking lake views and private tours highlight every locale. Indulge in the sweet life of La Dolce Vita, the breathtaking views of Lake Como, and experience the luxury of Verenna’s lakeside village.

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Highlights of Italy Tour 2022-2023: Venice to Sorrento

13 Day Custom Tour


The endless variety of Italy is highlighted on this custom tailored tour along the country’s best sites, within marvelous cities and magnificent landscapes. Witness the intricate detail of Michelangelo’s David. Wander through the antiquity of Rome, where the sensational Colosseum continues to tower over the columns of the Forum. From the romantic canals of Venice to the astounding remains of Pompeii, you will wander along Italy at its best, immersing yourself in exceptional coastline and breathtaking cliff sides, and a different world of which many have only dreamed.

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Private Northern Italy Vacation Package

15 Day Custom Tour


This is the Italy of Michelangelo and the Medici, the Italy of Dante and the Dolomites. It’s the Italy of hearty food and rich wines, unmatched art and incomparable style, the height of culture and the pinnacle of natural splendor. It’s the Italy of opulent duomos and luxurious villas, the canals of Venice and the cliffs of Cinque Terre. This private Northern Italy vacation package will show you areas unlike anywhere else on Earth.

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A Gourmet's Sojourn Through Northern Italy Tour

11 Day Custom Tour


From the garnet hue of a rich red wine to the delicious aromas of garlic and onion sizzling in olive oil, Italy’s food scene is characterized by a richness unlike any other. If you can’t get enough of your local trattoria’s ravioli or always push for pizza from the neighborhood parlor; if you drink Chianti by the liter or revel in the summertime pleasure of a fresh Bellini; if you’ve ever longed to experience food in a truly one-in- a-kind way, this trip is for you.

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Discovering the Beauty of Veneto Tour: Treviso, Feltre, Belluno & Cibiana

8 Day Custom Tour


Architecture imitates art, art emulates nature, and nature enchants you during your 8-day custom-tailored Italy tour. Indelible majesty spreads through the meadows, valleys, and peaks of the Dolomite Mountains. Villages and towns rise out of the emerald forests, and lush prairies with graceful church spires and historical homes are abounding.  You can travel along the peaks of Veneto to highlight the wonder of nature and the beauty of secluded villages.

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