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Few places in the world beckon to travelers the way Rome does. Its ancient history can be encountered around every corner, and its enduring pursuit of culture and modern life fuse to cultivate an enthralling adventure for all. Design your ideal family vacation to Rome with Zicasso for the best guides, accommodations, and experiences.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Trevi Fountain the largest fountain in Rome, Italy
Best of Greater Rome Tour: Wonders of Lazio

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

When in Rome, the entire world melts away. Enchanting frescoes decorate ancient church walls. Sculptures adorn villa gardens. The scent of espresso lingers in the morning air, and the aroma of freshly made pasta drifts through the streets in the afternoon. Your custom tailored 2020-2021 tour encompasses the brilliance of Rome, from the iconic museums to the secluded hideaways locals prefer. Visit the countryside escape of popes and wander the preserved boulevard of ancient Rome’s once bustling port. From cuisine to history, culture to landscape, Rome will entice you with its opulence, which spans more than two millennia.

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Sacre Coeur in Montmartre, Paris, France
Family-Friendly Tour of Rome, London, and Paris

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,895

Take your kids on a grand adventure on a 10-day European family vacation to London, Paris, and Rome. From the magic of the Wizarding World to the grand history of Versailles, the Colosseum to historic castles along the River Thames, immersive history and popular culture abound.

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Beautiful poppies surrounding a villa in Tuscany, Italy
Family Tour to Italy, France & Switzerland

17 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,982

Some of the family highlights on your Italy, France, and Switzerland tour include baking croissants, becoming a Roman gladiator, staying on a Tuscan farm and exploring the Swiss mountains. Start in Tuscany and end in Jungfrau, relaxed places for everyone to come together. Delve into the immersive city experiences with local guides tailoring each day in Rome, Paris and Zurich. Welcome to the beautiful bounty of Europe from the Alps to the River Seine.

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Gondolas on Venice canal at sunset
Rome, Tuscany & Venice Vacation Tour for Families

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,015

Give the gift of togetherness on a handcrafted family vacation tour to Rome, Tuscany, and Venice. The kids will delight in following in the footsteps of Roman emperors onto the grounds of the mighty Colosseum. The family will bond together mixing flour and eggs to create traditional Tuscan pasta. The scent of pizza and melted cheese drifts from hidden trattoria doorways. You can marvel at priceless art emblematic of masterpieces, from the David to the La Primavera. Introduce the kids to unparalleled culture and indulge in the distinctive splendor of Italy.

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Traveling family admiring the Vatican in Rome, Italy
Kid-Friendly Vacation to Italy: Rome, Tuscany & The Vatican

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

History is filled with noble families rising in power and class, spanning time to protect one another against the outside world.  This 8-day kid-friendly Italy vacation teaches you about Roman mythology, medieval history, and masterworks of art. Follow the noble route of a family adventure by discovering the hidden underbelly of the Colosseum and learning the depths to which the food culture runs. Each moment will build treasured memories in the surrounding, timeless world.

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Ponte Vecchio bridge at sunrise, Italy, Florence
Amazing Family Italian Vacation in 7 Days: Rome, Venice, and Florence

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,501

See the greatest cities of Italy through the eyes of a child and learn how to make the country’s culinary specialties. Enjoy a gondola ride in Venice, a guided tour of Rome, and a freshly prepared Tuscan meal. Take in the sights of the unsurpassed Italian countryside from the luxurious comfort of a first-class train carriage and witness the incredible art that fills the Vatican Museum with this Italy tour package. If you’ve ever wanted to show your kids the wonders of the world, this is the place to start.

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More About Rome Family Vacations

Rome Travel Guide
Church of Saint Luca and Martina, Roman Forum and Colosseum in Italy
Rome Travel Guide

Rome is the iconic Eternal City, where the might of the Colosseum meets the opulence of the Vatican, and the delectable food and wine combine with streets lined with boutique shops. Compelling and layered, the lanes and boulevards unveil time, revealing Roman foundations, medieval buildings, and contemporary life. From Baroque masterpieces displayed in open piazzas to the elegant galleries demonstrating the empire's grandeur, our Rome Travel Guide has much more information to help inspire new ideas or understand different logistics before planning your trip.

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Best Time to Visit Rome
Woman enjoying the view of the Vatican in Rome, Italy
Best Time to Visit Rome

Rome is a city brimming with iconic antiquity and unforgettable connections to the Christian faith, making it an exceptional destination to visit any month of the year. The Roman Forum makes the daily life of ancient Rome nearly tangible, while the Vatican Museum displays breathtaking masterpieces from over a millennium. Whether visiting the Colosseum or enjoying an antique market, the following list provides the best time to visit for every traveler.

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Top 9 Things to Do in Rome
Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Top 9 Things to Do in Rome

Rome is the essence of Italy and the root of the connected culture across the peninsula. As the heart of Italian heritage, the remarkable architecture and access to sensational artworks only underscore the layers of history, evolution, and prestige. The Eternal City is timeless in its allure, from the towering Colosseum to the hidden catacombs, distinctive neighborhoods to dynamic local flavors, and there are so many essential things to do.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Rome
Roman Forum in Italy
10 Best Places to Visit in Rome

The 10 best places to visit in Rome capture the spirit and essence of a city that stands as the icon of antiquity and the center of the Christian world, and you can experience it all during your Italy tour.

Explore the ancient ambiance of an amphitheater where gladiators entertained. Visit the historic city center where the aromas of fresh pasta or sweet pastries sweep across the cobblestone streets. Discover ancient catacombs or uncover often-overlooked masterpieces of art and architecture as you travel the layered treasures of the unparalleled city.

From the popular to the unfamiliar, the legendary to the ethereal, you can embrace the best of Rome as you explore the history, culture, and heritage that define Italy’s capital.

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6 Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Rome
Carciofi alla Giudia
6 Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Rome

When visiting Rome, you have your choice of delectable cuisine from around the country, but authentic Roman flavors have evolved through centuries of social, political, and cultural changes that date back to the center of the ancient empire.

The city’s position as the former epicenter of an empire allowed the culture to absorb the gastronomic heritage from visiting merchants, immigrants, and political affiliates. Even with newer trends and growing international cuisine inside the city, food in Rome remains a source of pleasure that you can discover during your Italy tour.

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