Alhambra Palace in Granada, Spain.
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Discover a mosaic of culture as the art, architecture, and culture of Spain welcome all who visit. Since 2008, Zicasso travel specialists have planned over 23,000 vacations and tours to Spain for our discerning travelers. With every detail customized to you, explore the country’s spectacular highlights and hidden gems. With Zicasso’s Spain Travel Guide and premier access through our travel specialist, you can discover secrets only known by locals. Explore your options in the sample itineraries below.

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View of the city of Burgos.

Magical Highlights of Spain: Culture, Cuisine, Countrysides

13 Day Custom Tour

From $3,895

Immerse yourself in the Spanish spirit during this 13-day tailored tour through the country, beginning in Madrid and concluding in Barcelona. Your travels will highlight the distinctive cultural differences and unique facets of Spain through an exploration of its culinary delicacies, astonishing art and architecture, and fascinating history. Sip from the glass of Spanish life during this handpicked tour.

Coastal vineyards in Basque Country, Spain

Essence of Spanish Food, Wine, and Culture Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $3,835

Flavor is the focus during your 8-day food and wine tour of Spain. Historic tastes shape contemporary culture as you search for aromas of peony and green strawberry in Txakoli wine. Indulge in earthy scents of leather and tobacco when sipping La Rioja. Bask in San Sebastian’s traditional pintxos and embrace Madrid’s authentic tapas. From grand urban architecture to charming villages, you will delight in a new flavorful perspective of Spain.

Architecture designed by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona.

Exploration of Spain's Best: Barcelona, Madrid, Granada, and Seville Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

From $4,945

Discover tradition, authenticity, and historical grandeur during this 11-day Spain highlights tour. Explore with specialist guides and exciting excursions that immerse you in passionate customs. From the vibrant sounds of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter to Madrid’s lavish art museums and Seville’s winding cobblestone streets to the imposing image of the Alhambra in Granada, this custom-tailored tour brings the essence of Spain’s authentic culture and inspiring history to life.

San Sebastian, Spain

Authentic Culinary and Culture Tour of Spain

13 Day Custom Tour

From $9,225

Embrace an authentic experience in the majesty of culture and flavor during your 13-day signature Spain tour. Your hand-crafted itinerary will immerse you in San Sebastian’s mouthwatering cuisine and the luxuriant wines of La Rioja. With each day tailored to your preferences, you can stroll through medieval towns, discover Barcelona’s grandeur, and step off the beaten path for a new perspective of Spain on your tour designed for 2021-2022.

Golden interior dome of the mosque of Cordoba, Spain, with arches and intricate detail

Enjoyable 8-Day Spain Vacation: History, Culture and Nature

8 Day Custom Tour

From $3,035

Embrace discovery during your 8-day Spain adventure tour that celebrates history, culture, and inspiring landscape. Sample unforgettable tapas. Witness captivating flamenco. Explore history when walking through extravagant courtyards in the Alhambra Palace. From contemporary art in Madrid to remarkable Moorish architecture in Cordoba, culture in Granada to Gothic opulence in Seville, you will find endless excitement when uncovering the diverse majesty of Spain.

Bridge and river in Toledo, Spain with the Alcazar fortification in background

Immersive 2 Weeks in Spain Tour: History, Culture & Food

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,355

Travel from Barcelona to Madrid the long way around, through Toledo, Valencia, and Andalusia. Think coastal bliss, fairytale towns, grand monuments, and all those stories from yesteryear. This is the grand 14-day Spain tour, encompassing many of the world-famous highlights and some hidden little gems. Handcrafted for first-time visitors the tour has everything from El Greco to Gaudi, palaces to villages, flamenco, and tapas to historical art, markets and monuments.

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Gardens and pool in the Alhambra, Granada, Spain.

Grand Andalusia Cultural Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,915

Perched on the southern most edge of the Iberian peninsula, Andalusia has long enjoyed an excellent position and the juncture of two continents and two seas. This position and the attendant cultural and historical heritage the region enjoys is well displayed on this 8-day tour of Granda, Cordoba, Seville, and Malaga. From tasty tapas to mesmerizing Flamenco music, you have never seen the side of Spain displayed on this handcrafted tour.

Real Alcazar gardens in Seville, Spain.

Romantic One-Week Tour of Seville and Madrid

7 Day Custom Tour

From $3,859

Witness most of the spectacular highlight in Spain, from Seville to Madrid, during this meticulously crafted 7-day tour designed to immerse you in the culture and romantic settings. Whether admiring the beguiling Alcazar of Seville or swooning over the priceless masterpieces in Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art, you will be impressed by Spain every step of the way.

Aerial panoramic view of Biarritz on the Bay of Biscay along the Atlantic coast in France.

Coasts of Spain Tour: Atlantic to Mediterranean

11 Day Custom Tour

From $2,635

During this handcrafted 11-day tour, explore the natural beauty of Spain, from San Sebastian to Menorca. The Basque Country of Spain is riddled with phenomenal destinations that span the breathtaking Mediterranean Coast. Discovering Spanish cuisine, gliding across crystalline seascapes, and admiring the geological wonders that envelop charming towns and villages are just a few of the incredible experiences offered on this Spanish tour.

A woman holding a glass of wine in Bordeaux, France

Gourmet Spain and France Tour: Barcelona to Bordeaux

14 Day Custom Tour

From $7,695

Experience the marvels of gastronomy and wine during this 14-day gourmet tour of Spain and France. You will be immersed in the cultures through flavorful cuisine during multi-course meals paired with elegant wines and witness stunning architecture that shapes dynamic skylines. Whether lounging on a San Sebastian beach or basking in the Medoc with a luscious Grand Cru, you will experience a culturally rich and flavorful tour, from Barcelona to Bordeaux.

Moorish architecture at the Alcazar in Seville, Spain.

Best Culinary and Cultural Seville Tour

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,675

This 7-day Spain tour of the sights, sounds, and smells of the city is handcrafted for the traveler who enjoys exploring the culinary facet of an iconic country as well as culture. Perhaps, there is no better city in Spain that captures the rural charm of the country more than Seville, which presents visitors with a thrilling exploration of Andalusian culture and what life may have looked like in the rest of Spain a few generations ago. Experience it all on this amazing 7-day tour.

The Generalife, UNESCO World Heritage Site in Granada

Unrivaled Luxuries of Spain Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

From $6,595

For the discerning traveler and luxurious-minded adventurer, look no further than the spoils of this 12-day tour to the sunny shores of Spain. From the dazzling cityscape of Barcelona to the architecturally fabulous boulevards of Madrid and the ancient cultural origins of Montserrat’s monastery, uncover the best that Spain has to offer.

Wine Delights Tour of Spain and Portugal

12 Day Custom Tour


Bask in splendid flavors during this ultimate 12-day wine tour of Portugal and Spain. Experience the genuine traditions and authentic history of winemaking around the Iberian Peninsula while traveling from Porto to Barcelona and Santiago de Compostela to San Sebastian. Sample remarkable wines, taste delicious cuisine, and delight in the diverse customs of the regional culture that embody the distinctive charms of the countries’ layered heritage.

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Ultimate Andalusian Road Trip: Access to Unknowns

11 Day Custom Tour


Delight in 11 days on the ultimate Andalusian road trip that will lead you from the culturally rich city of Seville to the staggering seascapes that surround Axarquia. Along the way, the history and character of the Spanish countryside will come to fruition during experiences of tucking into traditional cuisine and appreciating cherished heritage sites. Spain’s beauty is waiting to be discovered on this enthralling self-driven tour.

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Best Relaxing Spain Vacation: Wine, Yoga, Thermal Pools, and More

12 Day Custom Tour


Retreat to the bustling cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and the breadth of breathtaking Spanish countryside on this vitalizing 12-day tour. Along the way, explore the fascinating art and architecture of Spain, which is highlighted by magnificent museums. Spend time basking in the splendid landscapes beneath the Iberian mountains. If you are looking for a trip that combines the bustle of the big cities with the tranquility of the countryside, this is the trip for you.

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Spain's Culinary Heritage Tour

15 Day Custom Tour


Delight in the many flavors of Spain’s gastronomy during this 15-day tour of Spain. This adventure focuses on the world-renowned Iberian cured ham. Wander Spain’s bustling metropolises, encounter its hidden villages, and learn about the culinary history of this country at each turn. Immerse yourself in Spain’s splendid nature and fascinating history with two incredible weeks to enjoy it all.

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Enchanting Journey through Spain: History, Heritage, Cuisine

11 Day Custom Tour


From Madrid to Galicia, you will travel back in time on this handcrafted 11-day tour to the spirited shores of Spain. In Madrid, history is captured in the architectural details that dominate the cityscape, and in Caceres, the contradictions in styles and conventions showcase the blend of influences in culture. In Santiago de Compostela, cathedrals spotlight Spain’s deep spiritual roots. Unravel Spain's intriguing heritage on this historical tour.

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Catalonian Coast Itinerary: Barcelona and Costa Brava

8 Day Custom Tour


Discover and admire the astonishing Spanish art and architecture that peppers the Catalonian coast, from Barcelona to Costa Brava, on this inspiring 8-day tour. Whether appreciating the visionary architecture of Antoni Gaudi or being mesmerized by the great works of Salvador Dali, every moment spent in Spain will amaze you as you learn more about the country’s deep cultural roots.

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Spain and Morocco Explorer Tour for Families

14 Day Custom Tour


Indulge in the spirit of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula during this 14-day family Spain and Morocco tour. From the myths of Marrakech to the surreal skyline of Barcelona and the masters displayed in the Prado Museum to the whitewashed homes of Andalusia, this immersive tour celebrates genuine tradition and exciting excursions for an unforgettable family trip.

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Spain's Majestic Landscapes Trekking Tour

11 Day Custom Tour


Off the beaten track and removed from the city crowds lies Spain’s beloved hiking trails that wind through the lush countryside, which you will enjoy on this tailored 11-day hiking tour. Spotting endemic wildlife among the luxuriant greenery and witnessing more of the Spanish landscape than possibly thought, you will return home entirely satisfied from this adventurous expedition.

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Unrivaled Culinary Journey through Spain

12 Day Custom Tour


Your desire to explore Spain through its world-renowned cuisine will be amply satisfied by this 12-day tour of Madrid, Andalucia, and Catalonia. You can learn about the long history and evolving culture of these diverse regions through food and the valued traditions of art, architecture, and dance. This culinary romp will allow you to sample the best of Spain’s wine and olive oil, which have been practiced and perfected since Roman times.

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The Moors Legacy: An Immersive Historical Spain Tour

13 Day Custom Tour


Magnificent yet forgotten, the Moors were the world’s great medieval civilization, inhabiting Spain from the eighth to 15th centuries. Immersing you in their history and design, this 13-day Spain tour through Andalusia celebrates the story of a civilization that redefined art and culture, the beauty of their monuments still inspiring the design of today. White villages, alcazars, mosques turned cathedrals, Mudejars, and Moriscos; you find charm and soul in the south of Spain.

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Intimate Barcelona and Majorca Honeymoon

9 Day Custom Tour


Spanish charm exudes through the bustling city of Barcelona and sweeps across the Mediterranean Sea to Majorca, the two staggering stops on this enchanting 9-day tour. Along the way, cherish Barcelona’s incredible art and architecture, indulge in the flavors of Spain’s finest wines, and luxuriate along the stunning seascapes of Majorca. These are just a few intimate experiences that await you on the pristine Spanish shores.

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A Unique Northern Spain Itinerary: Medieval Towns to Captivating Culture

11 Day Custom Tour


Northern Spain creates a rich fabric of experiences and destinations, stitched together by an atmosphere of allure.  Canoeing and hot air ballooning through world-famous vineyards, gothic brilliance in World Heritage cities, sensual regional gastronomy, modern art and elegant beach cities are just some of the opportunities on offer. From Madrid, this tour can be fully guided or as a self-drive tour that journeys north through the ancient cities of Castile, the wine and landscapes of La Rioja, and the idiosyncrasy of the fiercely independent Basque region.

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More About Travel to Spain

Spain Travel Guide
Moorish architecture of the Royal Alcázar of Seville in Spain
Spain Travel Guide

With countless ways to experience Spain, getting the right information and inspiration will make your vacation the best it can be.

From ornate Cathedrals and hidden tapas bars to Moorish history and stunning nature, Zicasso’s Spain Travel Guide will provide you with the expert tips and recommendations for your dream vacation.

Explore what this amazing country has to offer and when you’re ready, contact a destination specialist to learn more.

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Best Time to Visit Spain
Best Time to Visit Spain

Whether you wish to soak up the Mediterranean sunshine from the glamorous beaches of Barcelona or retreat to the Andalusian hills to sip on sumptuous wines, the best time to visit Spain is in the late spring or early fall.

The right time for your trip, however,  may be different. Each season offers different insights into Spanish heritage, and a wide variety of excursions reveal how Spain has become a year-round destination for travelers.

From Catalonia to the Canary Islands, Mallorca to San Sebastian, find the right time for your dream trip to Spain.

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How to Plan a Trip to Spain: Frequently Asked Questions
Moorish architecture of the red and white arches within the Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain
How to Plan a Trip to Spain: Frequently Asked Questions

With a dedication to living the good life by celebrating simple pleasures and passion, Spain can immerse you in a combination of epic landscape, preserved culture and culinary mastery, with the following information covering the most frequent questions travelers ask before a Spain trip.

Open now to American travelers, a trip to Spain offers variety, beauty and so much to enjoy.

From flamenco to feasts, art captures a sense of life and life embraces the wonders of art in Spain. You can relax on the sun-drenched coast, enjoy Moorish palaces or explore contemporary streets as you enjoy your Spain trip.

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Top 10 Things to Do in Spain
Alhambra in Granada, Spain.
Top 10 Things to Do in Spain

Spain offers immersive experiences and cultural explorations to discover with essential things to do that highlight the charms of each region.

With grand history and vibrant energy, you can enjoy a remarkable blend of past and present from the Basque region to Andalusia. Wine, tapas, golden beaches, and stunning architecture are just the beginning of the wonders of Spain.

Embrace new ideas, exciting opportunities, and classic adventures for your dream Spanish vacation, from admiring the astonishing masterworks of Europe’s greatest artists to sipping eclectic wines in La Rioja and more.

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Top 5 Must-See Places in Spain
Plaza d'Espańa in Seville, Spain
Top 5 Must-See Places in Spain

From Mediterranean beaches to breathtaking Moorish palaces, Spain is a treasure trove of must-see destinations.

The spirit of Spain spills from the cities, towns, and countryside, with each region known for its unique charm alongside famous villages and celebrated landmarks.

Explore the artwork, architecture, cuisine, and places to see and explore during your experience in Spain's iconic cities, including Barcelona, Seville, and more.

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6 Reasons to Visit Spain and How to Book a Trip
Toledo, Spain
6 Reasons to Visit Spain and How to Book a Trip

From the captivating coastline to the enticing historic cities, the following reasons to visit Spain capture the culture and contemporary life of each region.

Whether dancing with passion or enjoying the simple pleasure of a glass of wine in a lively plaza, every moment can feel like an exciting new experience. Learn more about how Spain will surprise you with unending charm and captivating beauty that will exceed your expectations.

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9 Best Museums in Spain and Where to See Them
City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain
9 Best Museums in Spain and Where to See Them

Spain is a marvel of heritage and a mosaic of cultures with some of the best museums in Europe. 

With millennia of artifacts, a feature progression of artistic aesthetic, and a captivating collection of artists from across Europe, Spain hosts elaborate galleries representing pieces of the past and contemporary masterpieces. 

Whether focusing on prehistoric drawings, Greek vases, gigantic paintings, or intricate sculptures, these must-see museums display Spain’s layered opulence.

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The Best Ways to Travel Around Spain
Traffic circling Placa d'Espanya in Barcelona, Spain.
The Best Ways to Travel Around Spain

Finding your way around Spain has never been easier with our helpful information on the best ways to travel around the country from destination to destination.

When in the hands of local travel experts, you can relax knowing that these travel logistics are taken care of. Helpful guides can include personalized trip apps for your mobile phone or classic maps that help you explore a city, the countryside, or the broader country with ease during your trip.

Move around with ease via the country’s efficient public transport network, including busses, trains, private vehicles, boats, and more, choosing your preferences for how you wish to travel when organizing your trip to Spain.

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