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Top 5 Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain

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Spanish paella and wine served at a restaurant


With a wide range of Spain’s landscape dedicated to viticulture, finding unique, picturesque, and essential wine experiences throughout the country is simple and exciting with our top five food- and wine-focused things to do in Spain.

Discover well-known varietals or search for new flavors in historic destinations. Sample distinctive dishes that celebrate the heritage of a local region. With experiences that range from quaint and quiet to loud and lively, you can embrace the charisma of Spain through its wine and cuisine.

Step inside cave-style wine cellars or savor the perfect wine and food combinations on vineyard patios, in sidewalk cafes, and classic tapas bars while using our guide as inspiration to find the right experiences for your personalized Spain trip.

  1. 1. Taste Your Way Along the Spanish Coastline
  2. 2. Take Part in Harvest Festivals
  3. 3. Indulge in Food and Wine Pairings
  4. 4. Discover the History and Art of Wine Making in Spain
  5. 5. Cycle and Sip Through Vibrant Vineyards
  6. Experience the Top Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain

1. Taste Your Way Along the Spanish Coastline

View of a beach in Nerja, Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

Off the northwest coast, hugging the eastern shores, or settled in the sunny south, wine tasting can be enjoyed near beaches off Valencia.

Enjoy the mild weather for which the Mediterranean is famous in Andalucia and enjoy outdoor wine tasting in classic Spanish courtyards and cool private cellars.

Discover quaint tasting rooms in humble wineries that produce popular Albariño in the province of Galicia.

Best Places to Winetaste: Valencia • Cadiz • Murcia • Tarragona • Alicante • Malaga • Jerez

2. Take Part in Harvest Festivals

Harvest Festival in Valencia, Spain

Valencia, Spain

The festivals in Spain embrace the diverse connections different communities have made with wine over millennia. Celebrate in the capital of the rich wine region of La Rioja with a fun and vibrant ambiance sweeping through the streets. Stomp grapes and indulge in the merriment like a local.

Head south to Andalucia and enjoy the end of the warmer weather as fall descends, partaking in festivities that bring the essence of sherry and the harvest of the grapes to the forefront.

Jump the gun and race into a medieval corner of a vibrant city for a celebration inspired by the historic wine harvest.

Best Places for Wine Festivals: Logroño • Jerez de la Frontera • Valencia • Haro • Zaragoza

3. Indulge in Food and Wine Pairings

Traditional Spanish Paella

San Sebastian, Spain

From hands-on culinary experiences to simply sitting in a sidewalk cafe and enjoying tapas while sampling a glass, combining food and wine in any part of Spain is an unforgettable experience that embraces the country’s charismatic culture.

Spend a few days partaking in a paella project, where cooking classes and wine tastings follow a visit to the local market to gather ingredients.

Embrace the northern ambiance of Spain that couples culinary mastery with a seaside haven to create a perfect getaway for exploring the vineyards of La Rioja and experiencing the wonderful food culture of Michelin restaurants, in addition to local pintxos bars.

Best Food and Wine Cities to Visit: Valencia • San Sebastian • Granada • Monforte deLemos • Galicia • Vilafranca del Penedès • Castilla y León

4. Discover the History and Art of Wine Making in Spain

Vineyard and winery in La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, Spain

Winemaking in Spain is a huge part of the country’s history, with each civilization further perfecting the art of viticulture.

Visit the home of the origins of classic Spanish wines as you uncover the traditions that have helped shape contemporary wine culture across the country.

In a country noted as the third-largest wine-producing nation in the world, Spain’s rich culture comes through in the striking architecture used to create wineries, their tasting rooms, and cellars. Whether finding inspiration in the artistic grandeur of the wine-making tradition or breathtaking designs of historic and modern wineries, Spain offers a remarkable view of the wine-making world.

Best Places for Wine Culture: Bullas • Haro • Vivanco • La Rioja • Reus

5. Cycle and Sip Through Vibrant Vineyards

Vineyards and wineries with Cantabrian sea in the background, Basque, Spain

Basque, Spain

Between a coastal mountain range and the Mediterranean Sea, the Penedes in Catalonia paints the perfect picture for a bike ride through exceptional vineyards, while the coastal comforts of Andalucia provide a different perspective of vines and sea.

Sip and cycle as you move from one boutique winery to another, taking in the breathtaking landscape and enjoying local whites and reds, such as a sparkling Macabeo or tantalizing Tempranillo.

Take your time as you take advantage of combining a popular outdoor activity with a favorite pastime of locals and visitors to this rich wine-producing area.

Best Places for Wine Cycling Tours: Catalonia • Jerez de la Frontera • Alicante • Basque Country • Mallorca • Castilla y León • La Rioja

Experience the Top Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain

Wine tasting at a winery in La Rioja, Spain

La Rioja, Spain

Wine experiences in Spain are some of the best in the world and can be found from the far north to the south, all ready to indulge you in tastes of history, art, and all things wine. No matter your preferred flavor profile or desired experience, Spain can satisfy introductions and enthusiasts alike.

Take a look at our Food & Wine Tours in Spain for inspiration on how you can experience culinary delights and delicious wines across the Iberian Peninsula.

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