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7 Best Places for Food and Wine in Spain

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Old town on the Tajo Gorge in Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

The seven best food and wine regions in Spain are idyllic locations offering picturesque views, tasting rooms, and gourmet restaurants that present some of the world's finest food and wine.

Travel across Spain and unveil scenic beauty that intertwines with charming village squares. Cafes overlook outstanding vineyards and wineries complete a ballet between gorgeous untamed landscape, antique towns, and manicured countryside.

Discover regions bursting with remarkable flavors as you take your time savoring the point at which classic cuisine and delicious wines meet local heritage, complemented by cultural charm and historical sites.

  1. 1. Cambarro
  2. 2. Alicante
  3. 3. Jerez de la Frontera
  4. 4. Ronda
  5. 5. Acinipo
  6. 6. San Sebastian
  7. 7. Pontevedra
  8. Explore the Best Places to Visit in Spain for Food and Wine

1. Cambarro

Octopus and wine served at a restaurant in Cambarro, Galicia, Spain

Cambarro, Spain

Delicately perched on the northwest shoreline, Cambarro is one of the most beautiful villages in the Galicia wine region of Spain.

The village’s old quarter highlights three distinct types of architecture and brilliant examples of the charming “Horreos' or ”raised granaries” that bring a burst of color to the seafront.

This is the perfect location for a seafood feast as fishermen set out early to acquire the catch of the day. Their colorful boats return to the shores when done, adding to the beauty of a quaint village scene.

Popular Wine and Food in Cambarro: Albariño • Rias Baixas Wine Region • Mussel Festival • Octopus

2. Alicante

Promenade in the Marina of Alicante in Spain

Alicante, Spain

Known for its long beaches and great weather that completes the perfect seaside scene, Alicante is not to be missed when visiting the greater region of Valencia.

The city offers visitors a cultural experience highlighted by marvelous architecture, monuments, and museums, where castle grounds meet green spaces and vibrant squares.

Savor the wines and foods of the Alicante province, embracing local traditions when visiting one of the many pubs or restaurants in the old quarter. Enjoy a visit to nearby wineries and indulge in the local grape-harvest celebrations that embody the rich connection between wine and life in the area.

Popular Wine and Food in Alicante: Alicante Bouschet • Esmorçaret alacantí • Mercado Central de Alicante • Paella Alicantina • Salted Fish • Vino Fondillon

3. Jerez de la Frontera

Sherry barrels in Jerez bodega in Spain

Jerez de la Frontera, Spain

Discover the jewel of Cadiz on Spain’s southern coast and uncover the wonders of wine-focused Jerez de la Frontera.

Thought to be the home of flamenco, the flamboyant gestures portrayed in the dance carry through in the architecture and fabulous flair Jerez has to offer.

Located between mountains and rolling vineyards, this is the ideal destination for food and wine lovers to experience local varietals and savor culinary delights that encompass the culture and traditions of the Cadiz coast.

Popular Wine and Food in Jerez de la Frontera: Sherry • Riñones al Jerez • Rabo de Toro • Almadraba Tuna

4. Ronda

Panoramic view from a bridge in Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

Possibly one of the most dramatic settings, Ronda inspires visitors with architectural masterpieces set upon a gorge that separates old from new.

Capture incredible vistas from the dramatically designed Puente Viejo bridge and visit the nearby abandoned chapel.

Discover the Serrania de Ronda wine-producing area, collectively known as “the Ronda wines”, and savor blends unique to the region. Each wine is carefully crafted by the Bodegueros of Ronda to reflect a connection between the past and present.

Popular Wine and Food in Ronda: Petit Verdot • Tempranillo • Macabeo • Colombard • Slowronda Traditional Cooking • Ronda Carbonara

5. Acinipo

Moscatel wine and castanyada dish served at a restaurant

Acinipo, Spain

A short distance from Ronda is the ancient city of Acinipo. Enter through the grand, stone entrance gates and head up the hill to a display of beautiful houses.

Embrace the strong Bronze-Age influence and marvel at many remnants of the ancient civilization. Take note of the impressive Roman Theater and discover the perfect blend of old meets new.

A key part of Malaga’s wine history, early settlers were part of a thriving community, with money minted with images of grapes, demonstrating the inextricable relationship between local wine, community, and tradition.

Popular Wine and Food in Acinipo: Moscatel • Romé • Still Wine Production • Lemberger

6. San Sebastian

Tortilla de patatas dish served at a restaurant in San Sebastian, Spain

San Sebastian, Spain

What better place to savor the wines and culinary delights of the Basque region than in the city of San Sebastian, known to have the most bars in Spain and a fair number of Michelin-starred restaurants.

Take in the glorious views across the Basque Coast and enjoy the popular and breathtaking beaches that make this region famous.

Walk the streets of one of Spain’s most beautiful cities and discover the art and culture of Donostia while embracing local flair and fare.

Popular Wine and Food in San Sebastian: Rose wines • Anchovy dishes • Tortilla de patatas • Rioja • Txakoli • Folle blanche • Petit manseng

7. Pontevedra

Caneliñas beach in Pontevedra, Spain

Pontevedra, Spain

Steeped in maritime history, spending time in the northwest coastal city of Pontevedra captures a distinct perspective when embarking on a food and wine tour in Spain.

Walk the charming streets of the beautiful historic quarter and admire the contrast that ancient ruins and modern architecture create.

Known for outstanding seafood experiences, restaurants offer a taste of nautical treasures, while taking a walk on charming promenades unveils the picturesque combination of land and sea.

Popular Wine and Food in Pontevedra: Cockle and sardine pie • Oysters • Mussels • Rias baixas

Explore the Best Places to Visit in Spain for Food and Wine

Outdoor restaurant and village in Ronda, Spain

Ronda, Spain

Experiencing some of Spain’s iconic varietals and best-kept-secret culinary combinations may be priorities for you on a food and wine tour of Spain.

Adding adventure to the cities, towns, and villages surrounding these regions demonstrates the importance of heritage, community, and life when it comes to culinary history and wine traditions.

Take in the breathtaking scenery and charming villages around Spain’s many wine regions with inspiration from our Food & Wine Tours in Spain sample itineraries. Learn how you can explore and experience the essential culinary delights and delicious wines across the Iberian Peninsula before speaking with a local travel specialist.

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