Aerial view of San Giorgio Maggiore island in Venice, Italy.
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Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sorrento Itineraries

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Maximizing your international vacation is so important. On your trip to Italy, there is so much to see in limited time. A travel specialist will help you narrow down your experiences to what best fits your desires. For an amazing variety of sights discover our Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sorrento itineraries that will serve as inspiration for your custom journey.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Sun rising on San Marco Square in Venice, Italy.
The Perfect Highlights Tour of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Amalfi

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,291

Unspoiled adventure awaits those who travel to Italy, and this 12-day tour of Venice, Florence, Rome, and the Amalfi Coast was handcrafted to include the essential experiences that immerse you in the culture of this magical country. Explore the amphibious history of a once-thriving maritime republic in Venice, marvel at Renaissance artifacts in Florence, encounter the seat of political and spiritual power in Rome,  and relax in Mediterranean splendor on the Amalfi Coast.

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View over the tuscan town of Montepulciano in Italy

From the placid shores of Venice to the urban bustle of Rome, this 11-day tour of Italy will acquaint you with the culture and customs of a county that is known for an abundance of both. From the food to the architecture, this Italy tour emphasizes interaction at every destination and is not designed for the complacent or passive traveler. Through cooking courses, craft classes, and private tastings, you will savor your way across the country and produce memories that will last a lifetime.

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Gondolas on Venice canal in Italy
Senior Tour of Venice, Florence, Rome, and Amalfi Coast Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,291

This 12-day trip is designed for those who have lived long enough to know what they like, and this theme will remain constant from the very moment you step into the living masterpiece of Italy. There is something about the Mediterranean world that values leisure more than other countries of the Western world. Attend a concert that displays the musical genius of Vivaldi, partake in a private cooking course, indulge in a boat tour of the Amalfi Coast.

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The Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Come and remember what it’s like to throw back the covers with anticipation and share timeless memories with those most important to you with this 12-day tour of Italy. If travel rouses the youth in us, then no country accomplishes this better than Italy. Situated at the juncture of two continents and the Mediterranean, Italy boasts a vivid character that displays this geographic perspective through its history, culture, and cuisine. Experience it all by booking your Italy tour today.

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Exploring caves long the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Your family will have an exciting vacation in Italy as your kids can discover ancient artifacts and history and then bask in the splendor of sapphire waters. Your custom tailored tour will ensure that each moment brings discovery and Italian culture to the forefront in an engaging and exciting way. Cover your hands in flour as you learn to make a perfect Neapolitan pizza, and then uncover emerald hues in a sea cave lit by refracted sunlight. Watch the kids train as gladiators and enjoy the view of the Bay of Naples from atop a medieval tower. Your family will always look back fondly on your time in Southern Italy.

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Cliffside village of Positano on Italy's Amalfi Coast
Best of Amalfi Coast Tour: Amalfi, Sorrento, and Capri

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,575

Immerse yourself in the seductive scenery and captivating culture of the Amalfi Coast during your customizable 10-day Amalfi Coast tour. Dive deep into history, uncover ancient Greet temples, and sample the celebrated flavors of Neapolitan pizza during a private cooking class. The Mediterranean sunshine and azure water beam when seen from panoramic viewpoints in Ravello and on the island of Capri. Whether sipping limoncello or excavating in Pompeii, you will indulge in the best of the Amalfi Coast.

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More About Venice, Florence, Rome, and Sorrento Itineraries

Italy Travel Guide
Florence, Italy
Italy Travel Guide

From Roman ruins to the Tuscan countryside, there is something for every traveler in Italy.

Our Italy Travel Guide provides helpful tips and inspiration from must-see destinations and top activities to the best time to visit. Discover traditional food and wine, inspirational culture, and amazing cities on a personalized vacation.

For more information on how to make your dream journey a reality, get connected with a top travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request.

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Best Time to Visit Italy
Summer Tuscany scenery with red poppy flowers and grain fields surrounding cute Vitaleta chapel and Pienza on the hill in Italy
Best Time to Visit Italy

The best time to visit Italy is in the spring and early summer months, from March through June. During this time, the weather is great for the beaches, sightseeing, wine tasting, food tours, and more. Fall, particularly September and October, are also lovely times, when Italy is quieter and the fall colors are on show.

Your ideal experiences also affect the best time of the year to visit Italy for your vacation. Skiing in the Dolomites is exceptional in December, while enjoying the sun-washed beaches of Sicily is best in May. Rome is brilliant in April, while Florence is stunning in September.

From wine tasting to Roman-ruin exploration and coastal sightseeing, find the best time for your experience. As a family, couple, senior, or adventure traveler, we share ideas to help ...

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How to Plan a Trip to Italy: Frequently Asked Questions
Skyline highlighting the architecture of Rome, Italy
How to Plan a Trip to Italy: Frequently Asked Questions

As you plan your trip to Italy, consider our tips with the following answers to the most frequently asked questions.

From dreaming of the sunflower fields in Tuscany to searching the ruins of Rome for ancient treasures, you can book a vacation in Italy using our ideas as inspiration. Enjoy the pleasures of La Dolce Vita or alpine panoramas, lounging on golden beaches, or embracing rolling vineyards. It is all about finding the information you need to plan the right trip for you.

Whether you are designing a first-time Italian vacation as a couple or returning to the Mediterranean jewel with family, we share how to plan a stress-free trip.

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5 Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Florence
Arno river and Ponte Vecchio in Florence, Italy
5 Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Florence

Florence has a distinctive dining scene that separates it from all other Italian cities. You can find the typical flavors across the city to find how Florence emerged from a Roman settlement to a city of import in the Middle Ages.

The food reflected the cucina povera when households prepared meals based on available ingredients relying heavily on items discarded by the upper class. The extravagant dishes of the Medici court have not withstood the tests of time, but the flavorful cuisine of the Cucina Povera remains the prevalent style of cooking in Florence that you can enjoy during your Italy trip.

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Top 9 Things to Do in Rome
Colosseum in Rome, Italy
Top 9 Things to Do in Rome

Rome is the essence of Italy and the root of the connected culture across the peninsula. As the heart of Italian heritage, the remarkable architecture and access to sensational artworks only underscore the layers of history, evolution, and prestige. The Eternal City is timeless in its allure, from the towering Colosseum to the hidden catacombs, distinctive neighborhoods to dynamic local flavors, and there are so many essential things to do.

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Top 7 Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast
Positano, Italy
Top 7 Things to Do on the Amalfi Coast

From gorgeous beaches to historic cobblestone lanes, rich artwork to aromatic terraces, Italy’s famous coastline exceeds your wildest expectations as you experience the top seven things to do on the Amalfi Coast.

You can hike across dazzling cliffs overlooking the sprawling azure sea or taste Amalfi Coast flavors on seaside terraces with panoramic views. You can embrace the evolving culture across the landscapes and in towns that hang on hills above the marinas.

Whether discovering the traditions of the past in heritage neighborhoods or exploring the seas by yacht, the best things to do on the Amalfi Coast unveil the beauty of Italy’s Sorrentine Peninsula.

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Venice Travel Guide
Clam pasta at a restaurant in Venice, Italy
Venice Travel Guide

Renaissance grandeur, cultural luxury, and unique beauty combine in Venice. Antique palaces line the fabled waterways while gondolas glide down quiet canals. Locals indulge in traditional cuisine served in quintessential Venetian taverns, and artisan glassblowers demonstrate their skills coveted in the Venetian Lagoon for centuries. Whether interested in the romance of the islands or the fabulous art, the historic neighborhoods, or the prestige of the former Republic, our Venice Travel Guide has more information to help you explore further and enjoy your trip.

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