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Kenya is a surprise of vast savannas and snow-capped peaks and the classic picture of abundant wildlife teeming across the stirring landscapes. Adventurous, romantic, charming, and welcoming, Kenya effortlessly balances the traditional with the contemporary.

Our Kenya Travel Guide has plenty of helpful information and inspiring insights that bring to light the harmony of nature, the comforts of modern luxuries, and the diverse possibilities you can experience while on a wildlife safari.

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Best Time to Visit Kenya
Kenya is a land of abundant wildlife and dynamic scenery, making it a prime destination for unparalleled safari experiences. With great predators and epic herds traveling during the Great Migration,...
6 Reasons You Should Choose Kenya for Your Safari
Kenya is a prime safari destination with abundant wildlife, dynamic scenery, and incredible safari experiences. When one thinks about the word safari, an image of classic khaki and colonial lodgings...
5 Reasons to Plan Your Safari with a Travel Specialist...
Planning your dream safari experience can be challenging and knowing there is someone to walk you through each step, from the initial, introductory conversation about your safari destination right down...
Top 10 Must-See Safari Destinations in Kenya
Kenya’s stirring must-see landscapes conjure the perfect image of an African safari with an epic setting of calderas and mountain ranges divided by the majestic Great Rift Valley. The topographical diversity...
Top 12 Animals in Kenya and Where to See Them
Kenya offers an exceptional experience of abundant wildlife, stirring landscapes, and is home to a wide variety of fascinating and incredible animals. When you imagine the beauty of a safari, you are...
3 Types of Safari Accommodations and How to Choose
An African safari is defined by the properties you select. Most travelers have an idea of what they hope to see on a game drive, but few anticipate the quality and variety of safari accommodation available....
4 Ways to Get Around on an African Safari
Travelling between safari destinations can be as short as a light aircraft lodge hop or a days-long journey through the savanna, and how you choose to move between destinations can be a true highlight...
Top 7 Must-See Places in Kenya Beyond a Safari
There is so much to see and do in Kenya beyond a traditional safari getaway, and this list shares the top 7 must-see places in Kenya for an alternative adventure. When one thinks of Kenya, the first...
7 Types of African Safaris - Different Ways to Experience...
The flexibility of a daily safari itinerary may depend on a few factors, such as the lodge or camp you are staying at and the rules of the greater national park or conservancy but certain activities...
Cost of an African Safari - Tips on What to Consider

An African Safari is one of the world's greatest adventures, and there are several components that play a role in determining your trip costs. Understanding your priorities allows you to maximize your trip budget with flexibility. Customized by our safari experts for you, your trip should reflect your goals. The following information will guide you through which factors impact cost as you prioritize what is ideal for your safari journey.

Four Reasons to Stay at a Safari Game Lodge

There are many options to consider when it comes to where to stay on safari, and a game lodge most certainly provides the luxury and comfort to be expected on this type of journey. Most game parks and reserves will offer lodge-style accommodations only, splendid hotel-style establishments that blend with their surroundings, and offer service and facilities you would expect to find at any high-end hotel.

Ranging from small and intimate to large and expansive, lodge options vary in size and facilities to offer guests the perfect blend of style and safari in Africa.

What a Day Is Like on a Safari

A day spent on safari is unlike any other vacation in the world.

There is no other experience that can bring heart-pounding intensity one moment, and then long stretches of searching the silent landscape for signs of wildlife. An African safari is undeniably unpredictable with experiences that can offer panoramic views of uninterrupted plains or rampaging herds, often in the same 30 seconds.

The following guide covers what a day on safari looks like and illustrates how every day is based on what you would like to do most.

Top 6 Must-See African Safari Destinations - Where to Go for a Quintessential Safari Experience

An African safari plunges you into the untamed wilderness with a sense of tranquility, surprise, and unexpected luxury found in both East Africa and Southern Africa. The continent of Africa could fit the entirety of the United States within its borders more than three times, and the opportunities to explore are endless. The following information offers you a guide to the best places for an African safari to capture the authentic spirit of culture and celebrate the wonders of the wild.

How to Choose Your Safari Destination: Top 5 FAQs Answered

Little compares to the excitement of planning a much-desired vacation, but before you pull down your favorite suitcase and double-check that your passport is valid, these five safari destinations are carefully considered as embodying the quintessential safari experiences.

The time of year, the amount of time away, must-see sites and experiences, as well as digging for the real reason this spot on the map jumps out at you, all play a part in picking your next adventure destination.

Below are a few reasons a safari park, city, or beach come to mind when you are looking to get away, some posing even more questions and ideally assisting in narrowing down the options so you can start packing your bags to enjoy an experience tailored to your preferences.

Top 10 Travel Destinations and Experiences in Nairobi, Kenya

Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, remains a stunning beacon of multiculturalism eager to reveal its history and contemporary charms to visitors. Millions of people flock to Kenya to explore the Maasai Mara and other breathtaking parks and reserves, splashed with green hillsides and flamingo-filled lakes but traveling in Nairobi’s wilderness promises incredible diversity. From views of Africa’s iconic Big Five to vibrant cultural activities, tantalizing culinary opportunities to insightful heritage highlights, you can experience the breadth of the cosmopolitan ambiance.

6 Landscapes and Habitats to Explore on an African Safari

The inherent idiosyncrasy of safari is fueled initially by the diversity of Africa's landscapes and habitats that you can explore during your African safari.

Wild, untrammeled, redolent, vivid, the African landscape creates canvases of eclectic spectacles that extend in a variety of directions, showcasing a patchwork of colors. Open landscapes allow you to see more of the wildlife quickly on the horizon. Closed habitats offer a more hidden wildlife view. Find a salt pan that blinds nature's antiquity or a tangled forest scarred by rumbling elephant herds, a mammoth baobab tree, or the babble of snaking waterways.

Understanding the habitat is essential for what you will see and the intimacy of your experience when on safari, which will brim with infinite possibilities.

What to Bring on An African Safari: 6 Tips to Pack Your Bag

You have booked your dream African Safari and now find yourself staring at your travel bag, wondering what to pack. How much do you need to take with you? What type of clothing and what colors are appropriate for the bush?

Packing your suitcase for a safari adventure can be intimidating, and many online packing guides complicate matters with a seemingly endless list of essential items. This can be challenging when confronted with the luggage weight restrictions of light aircraft flights to remote destinations. Here is a simple guide to show you not only what to pack but how.


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