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Kenya is a surprise of vast savannas and snow-capped peaks and the classic picture of abundant wildlife teeming across the stirring landscapes. Adventurous, romantic, charming, and welcoming, Kenya effortlessly balances the traditional with the contemporary.

Our Kenya Travel Guide has plenty of helpful information and inspiring insights that bring to light the harmony of nature, the comforts of modern luxuries, and the diverse possibilities you can experience while on a wildlife safari.

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Rothschild's giraffe and pelicans at Lake Nakuru in Kenya
Best Time to Visit Kenya
Kenya is a land of abundant wildlife and dynamic scenery, making it a prime destination for unparalleled safari experiences. With great predators and epic herds traveling during the Great Migration,...
Elephants in Amboseli National Park, Kenya
10 Best Places to Visit in Kenya on Safari
Kenya’s stirring landscapes conjure the perfect image of an African safari setting, with dramatic mountain ranges, the majestic Great Rift Valley, glistening lakes and vast open savannas, all part of...
Elephant in Amboseli National Park with Mount of Kilimanjaro in the background, Kenya
Top 7 Things to Do in Kenya
Find a plethora of classic African safaris, rich heritage and culture, and breathtaking beaches as we highlight the top seven things to do in Kenya. From hiking iconic Mount Kenya, watching artists at...
Observing elephants while on safari game drive in Kenya's Rift Valley
How to Plan an African Safari: Frequently Asked Questions
Embarking on an African safari is exciting and should flow with ease, so knowing how to plan your experience is important. We have the answers to some of the common questions asked by travelers before...
Beautiful landscape, Aberdare National Park, Kenya
7 Destinations to Visit in Kenya Beyond a Safari
There is so much to see and do in Kenya beyond a traditional safari getaway, and this list shares the top 7 must-see places in Kenya for an alternative adventure. When one thinks of Kenya, the first...
Lions in Maasai Mara National Park, Kenya
Why You Should Choose Kenya for Your Safari
When one thinks of an African safari, immediately a vision of vast open savannahs, dramatic scenery, and a plethora of wildlife as far as the eye can see comes to mind, all just a few of the reasons you...
Leopard in Samburu National Park, Kenya
Top 12 Animals in Kenya and Where to See Them
Kenya offers an exceptional experience of abundant wildlife, stirring landscapes, and is home to a wide variety of fascinating and incredible animals. When you imagine the beauty of a safari, you are...
Leopard in a tree at Mombo Camp in Botswana
The Big Five, the Little Five, and How to See Them
Anyone looking to embark on an African Safari has heard the term “The Big Five,” but not everyone has heard of the “Little Five.” The Big Five are often the highlight of an African safari, and earning...
Buffalo in Nairobi National Park, Kenya
Top 10 Travel Destinations and Experiences in Nairobi, Kenya
Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, remains a stunning beacon of multiculturalism eager to reveal its history and contemporary charms to visitors. Millions of people flock to Kenya to explore the Maasai Mara and...
How to Plan a Kenya Safari: Frequently Asked Questions

One of Africa’s classic safari destinations, Kenya offers an outstanding wildlife experience and we have answers to frequently asked questions to help you plan your trip to Kenya.

Famous game reserves and national parks capture the attention of all safari-goers, the Masai Mara also providing a dramatic stage for the magnificent Great Wildebeest Migration in July and at the end of September. Discover bustling Nairobi, embrace Masai culture and learn a few key Swahili words, the word “safari” meaning “journey”.

Contrasting topographies intertwine perfectly to create a vast and intriguing canvas, with flamingos painting Lake Manyara pink and the Serengeti bursting with wildlife. Knowing how to navigate the circuit as a senior or a family, how long to spend, and what to expect ensures a quality safari experience.

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