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Food & Wine Tours in Spain

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Centuries of tradition are imbued with the cuisine that defines Spain. Dine on pintxos in Basque Country, sip tantalizing vintages on the Empordá wine route, devour Moorish and Mediterranean dishes in Catalonia, and delight in the sherry of Andalusia. Reveal the heart and soul of Spain with a food and wine tour from Zicasso.

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Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Wine cellar at a vineyard in Spain
Wine Connoisseur’s Tour Across La Rioja & Northern Spain

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,363

La Rioja is the essence of Spain, fiery and passionate yet subtle and elaborate. Untrammeled tradition weaves through its cobblestoned streets while rows of vines dominate every horizon. Escape into its beauty and indulge in the sensual flavors with this unique wine connoisseurs’ tour. Starting in Basque Bilbao, you slowly wind through La Rioja before finishing the journey in French Biarritz. Enjoy exclusive tastings, boutique hotels, Michelin restaurants, and luxury transfers throughout.

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Sea of olive trees in the Andalusia region of Spain
Unrivaled Culinary Journey through Spain

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,547

Your desire to explore Spain through its world-renowned cuisine will be amply satisfied by this 12-day tour of Madrid, Andalucia, and Catalonia. You can learn about the long history and evolving culture of these diverse regions through food and the valued traditions of art, architecture, and dance. This culinary romp will allow you to sample the best of Spain’s wine and olive oil, which have been practiced and perfected since Roman times.

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Vineyard in La Rioja, Spain
Romantic Getaway to Spanish Wine Lands: Rioja Vineyard Trail

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,803

Treat yourself to the unique flavors of northern Spain on this 9-day journey along the Rioja Vineyard Trail. The beauty of the countryside is only matched by the care that goes into the food and wine. The curvature of the Guggenheim Museum creates open bright spaces. The Rioja Vineyard Trail brings you into the valley and has you exploring the foothills and tasting all the spellbinding flavors of the countryside. Enjoy panoramic views and ancient monasteries, customized tasting menus and a unique tour of the valley tailored to you.

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Couple enjoys some food and wine in Spain
A Sensual Tour Through Spain's Finest Vineyards & Wine Regions

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,575

Spain's landscape is a sensual feast, the eyes indulging in medieval towns as internationally revered wines excite the nose and tongue. As the reds tantalize and the whites leave crisp tones, you explore the country's eight world-famous wine regions. Exclusive tasting, boutique vineyards, private tours with the winemarkers: this vacation is handcrafted for connoisseurs and wine lovers, taking you from Madrid to Barcelona via the renowned valleys of Northeastern Spain.

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Jamon and wine for sale at a market in Spain.
Spain's Culinary Heritage Tour

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,720

Delight in the many flavors of Spain’s gastronomy during this 15-day tour of Spain. This adventure focuses on the world-renowned Iberian cured ham. Wander Spain’s bustling metropolises, encounter its hidden villages, and learn about the culinary history of this country at each turn. Immerse yourself in Spain’s splendid nature and fascinating history with two incredible weeks to enjoy it all.

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Spanish tapas, or pintxos, on the counter at a bar in San Sebastian, Spain
Taste of Spain and Portugal Itinerary

18 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $15,907

This 18-day adventure from the old world to the next generation of gastronomy will explore the very best of six incredible culinary regions, including Lisbon, Douro Valley, Porto, Basque, La Rioja, and Catalonia. The handpicked restaurants are amongst the finest on the planet but this itinerary isn’t just lavish dining and wine tasting. You’ll uncover many angles through markets, farms, informal cafes, a pintxo crawl, and an undersea winery as you explore Europe’s great cities and landscapes. 

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Discover the Ultimate Northern Spain Food Tour
The Ultimate Northern Spain Food Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,289

Spain's passion and color is epitomized by the country's dedication to great food. Dinnertime extends for hours, tapas bars dominate old-world streets, and there are ladles of flair in every dish. This tour isn't a taste of Spain. It's an immerse indulgence in the country's four finest culinary regions, each tantalizingly diverse and absolutely traditional. Catalonia, La Rioja, Basque, Galicia; explore world-famous flavors through cooking classes, local breakfasts, markets, and Michelin dining.

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La Concha, San Sebastian, Spain
Northeastern Spain Tour by Train: Art, Culture, Food & Wine

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,895

From tapas and paella to El Greco and Gaudí, Spain captivates you with its fascinating culture. This customizable tour covers Northern Spain’s most interesting attractions, where you will admire the amazing art, soak up the ambience and savor the cuisine. The tour begins in the energetic capital of Madrid, takes you to the UNESCO-listed medieval city of Toledo, continues on in the fun-loving Mediterranean destinations of Valencia and Barcelona. Finally you’ll travel to beautiful La Rioja wine country and the spectacular coastal resorts of the Basque Country. This tour will impress you with lifelong memories and will leave you wanting for more.

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Savor the flavors of homemade food and big city cuisine on this trip to Spain
Authentic Food & Wine Spain Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,363

The regional differences of the Iberian Peninsula are at the forefront as you explore the flavors of gastronomic heritage during your custom-tailored food tour of Spain. Discover how the cuisine and the culture of the grand cities and the secluded communities intertwine through history to shape the customs and the traditions from Barcelona to Madrid, San Sebastian to Santiago de Compostela. Bask in golden sunlight along the northern coastline, savor distinct flavors of a home-cooked meal on a luxury farmstead, indulge in the renowned pintxos of the Basque region and Gaelic influence of the cuisine in Galicia during your extraordinary culinary tour of Spain.

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The gardens of the Real Alcazar Palace in Sevilla.

The Andalucía of legend is brought to life through the lively Flamenco dancing, hillsides strewn with grapevines, flourishing gardens with fragrant orange trees, and dramatic Moorish castles crowning central plateaus on your custom-tailored 8-day Spain tour. Whether sipping wine in the tranquil countryside of Montilla or dining on tapas in a contemporary café hidden by the medieval architecture of Granada, Andalucía will embrace you during your luxury tour of Spain.

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Wine tasting at a vineyard in Spain
In-Depth Gastronomy Tour of Madrid: Spain’s Finest Food

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,270

Immerse yourself in culture and history during this luxurious 7-day Spain tour as the wonders awaken your sense. You can take the journey of a lifetime, where you will experience the best of what Madrid's culinary scene has to offer. Spirited flamenco music rings out along romantic cobbled streets while children play in verdant plazas, and wafts of sweet saffron careen down busy avenues in the frenzied city.

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View of the vineyards and the village of San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Rioja, SpainView of the vineyards and the village of San-Vicente-de-la-Sonsierra, Rioja, Spain
Wonders of Spain Food & Wine Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,115

It will not just be what you taste so much as it will be where you taste it. Sparkling Cava while gazing over Penedes vines, Rioja Gran Reserva in a Laguardia cellar, exclusive Priorat wine at a hillside farmhouse, and the arid beauty of Ribero del Duero are all yours to enjoy. Handcrafted to explore Spain’s most important wine regions, this relaxed 10-day tour covers the places and people that define the wine. Three nights in Barcelona for Penedes and Priorat, two nights in Ribero del Duero, three in La Rioja, and then Madrid.

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Moorish architecture of the Royal Alcázar of Seville in Spain
Spain Travel Guide

With countless ways to experience Spain, getting the right information and inspiration will make your vacation the best it can be.

From ornate Cathedrals and hidden tapas bars to Moorish history and stunning nature, Zicasso’s Spain Travel Guide will provide you with the expert tips and recommendations for your dream vacation.

Explore what this amazing country has to offer and when you’re ready, contact a destination specialist to learn more.

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Best Time to Visit Spain for a Wine Tour

Taking time to plan a visit to Spain for a wine tour is important as you consider the key reason for doing so, and visiting from May to June or in September and October will give you the best all-around experience.

Spain is overflowing with wine regions nestled in the far corners of the northwest down to the warm south, with a variety of grapes used to create delicious whites and reds.

Enjoy a tasting outdoors on a warm summer’s day or venture indoors as the season turns just after harvest time in the fall. Beat the crowds, avoid the rain, or indulge in romance while in intimate settings, using this guide to find the right time for your trip.

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How to Plan a Trip to Spain: Frequently Asked Questions
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How to Plan a Trip to Spain: Frequently Asked Questions

Explore answers to the most common questions travelers ask before a trip to Spain to find inspiration for your vacation.

Whether you are searching for the best time to visit the country, deciding between a trip to northern or southern Spain, or want to know what food to try on your trip, the following tips can guide you in the right direction.

Below, you will find everything you need to know about Spain and suggestions to help you iron out the details of your trip. With these answers and a Zicasso travel specialist’s assistance, you can experience the best of Spain on your first-time or return visit.

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Top 7 Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain
Spanish paella and wine served at a restaurant
Top 7 Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain

With an extensive area of Spain dedicated to viticulture, finding unique, picturesque, and essential wine experiences throughout the country is simple and exciting with our top seven food and wine things to do in Spain.

Discover well-known varietals or search for new flavors in historic destinations and sample distinctive dishes that celebrate the heritage of a region. With experiences that range from quaint and quiet to loud and lively, you can embrace the charisma of Spain through its wine and cuisine.

Step inside cave-style wine cellars or savor the perfect wine and food combinations on vineyard patios, in sidewalk cafes, and classic tapas bars, while using our guide as inspiration to find the right experiences for your trip.

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7 Best Places for Food and Wine in Spain
Old town on the Tajo Gorge in Ronda, Spain
7 Best Places for Food and Wine in Spain

The seven best places for food and wine in Spain are idyllic, offering picturesque views, tasting rooms, and gourmet restaurants that present some of the world's finest food and wine.

Travel across Spain and unveil scenic beauty that intertwines with charming village squares. Cafes overlook outstanding vineyards and wineries complete a ballet between gorgeous untamed landscapes, antique towns, and manicured countryside.

Discover regions bursting with remarkable flavors as you take your time savoring the point at which classic cuisine and delicious wines meet local heritage, complemented by cultural charm and historical sites.

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6 Best Wine Regions in Spain
Vineyards in the La Rioja Region of Spain
6 Best Wine Regions in Spain

Grab your favorite glass of Spanish red or white as you follow our guide to the six best wine regions in Spain.

Vineyards in areas you may have heard of, others in destinations remote and remarkable, the wine regions of Spain will impress as you indulge in signature favorites and new discoveries. From Riojas to sherry, bold to bubbly, the diversity of flavors captures the spirit and character of a local region.

Said to have the biggest amount of land dedicated to vineyards, Spain’s best wine regions will see you exploring picturesque and charming parts of this classic European country during your custom trip.

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Italian food and wine set on an outdoor table
Food & Wine Travel Guide

Food and wine can be an introduction to a home, a village, a region, a community, or a greater country, and this Food and Wine Travel Guide gives you ideas on how to explore them all.

From learning how to craft a traditional dish to sampling the evolution of a family recipe, tasting the shifting layers of a customary vineyard to exploring the different ways a country embraces a specific market, local flavors are endlessly eye-opening.

You can use our Food and Wine Travel Guide as inspiration to discover the world’s best food and wine destinations.

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