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Just like a colorful flamenco performance, Spain knows exactly how to woo her guests; soothing, fiery, nuanced, and bathing you both in a ballad of intimate surprises. While the country emanates iconic experiences, it’s also cloaked in mystery and grace. With a dazzling diversity of destinations on offer, Spain will touch your heart and soul.

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Real Alcazar gardens in Seville, Spain.

Romantic One-Week Tour of Seville and Madrid

7 Day Custom Tour

From $3,859

Witness most of the spectacular highlight in Spain, from Seville to Madrid, during this meticulously crafted 7-day tour designed to immerse you in the culture and romantic settings. Whether admiring the beguiling Alcazar of Seville or swooning over the priceless masterpieces in Madrid’s Golden Triangle of Art, you will be impressed by Spain every step of the way.

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Plaza de España in Seville, Spain

Luxury First-Timers Tour of Spain's Highlight Cities

8 Day Custom Tour

From $4,155

First-time visitors of Spain will discover the best of Barcelona, sensations of Seville, curiosities of Córdoba, the magnificence of Madrid, and taste of Rome in Toledo during this tailored luxurious tour for eight days. Designed to highlight the astonishing architecture, cultural heritage, culinary distinctions, and glamorous atmosphere of Spain’s beloved destinations, this tour will leave travelers with a wealth of insight into the Spanish way of life.

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Romantic beach sunset in Nerja, Spain.

Seduced by the Glamour of Spain & Portugal: 16-Day Honeymoon Getaway

16 Day Custom Tour

From $8,155

Romance exudes from the beautiful boulevards of Barcelona, glamour glows from the pastel-painted Lisbon skyline, passion sweeps the shores of Nerja, and magic spills from the magnificent museums and art houses of Madrid on this 16-day honeymoon getaway to Spain and Portugal. Join your partner for sensational tours to the best and most inspiring highlights of these two European jewels.

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Caves on the beach in Galicia, Spain

Enchanting Journey through Spain: History, Heritage, Cuisine

11 Day Custom Tour

From $4,945

From Madrid to Galicia, you will travel back in time on this handcrafted 11-day tour to the spirited shores of Spain. In Madrid, history is captured in the architectural details that dominate the cityscape, and in Caceres, the contradictions in styles and conventions showcase the blend of influences in culture. In Santiago de Compostela, cathedrals spotlight Spain’s deep spiritual roots. Unravel Spain's intriguing heritage on this historical tour.

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Hidden Romantic Getaway in Spain Tour.

Hidden Romantic Getaway in Spain Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,875

Authentic Spain is like the perfect partner, wowing at first glance and then continually revealing its hidden heart and charms. It's a red country of escapism, bursting with passion and intimately dancing to an al fresco flamenco rhythm. So grab your own partner and journey into the heart of undiscovered Spain, traveling through its historic villages, fiery cities, and untrammeled beaches. With boutique luxury hotels and secret treats, this is the Spain of romantic travel reverie.

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Traditional villa overlooks the ocean in Majorca.

Intimate Barcelona and Majorca Honeymoon

9 Day Custom Tour

From $3,055

Spanish charm exudes through the bustling city of Barcelona and sweeps across the Mediterranean Sea to Majorca, the two staggering stops on this enchanting 9-day tour. Along the way, cherish Barcelona’s incredible art and architecture, indulge in the flavors of Spain’s finest wines, and luxuriate along the stunning seascapes of Majorca. These are just a few intimate experiences that await you on the pristine Spanish shores.

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Las Teresitas beach in Tenerife Province in Spain

Exquisite Spanish Honeymoon: Canary Islands Tour

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,155

Embrace natural diversity and classic romance during this 9-day honeymoon tour of the Canary Islands. Find charm in whitewashed towns as the serene ambiance of gold-sand beaches enchants you. Sample coveted wines, bask in panoramic mountain views, stroll down iconic streets, and lounge beneath unparalleled starlight. From the wonders of the waters to the glory of the landscape, there are endless captivating pleasures in the Canary Islands.

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Vineyards in Spain

Best Relaxing Spain Vacation: Wine, Yoga, Thermal Pools, and More

12 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

Retreat to the bustling cities of Madrid, Barcelona, and the breadth of breathtaking Spanish countryside on this vitalizing 12-day tour. Along the way, explore the fascinating art and architecture of Spain, which is highlighted by magnificent museums. Spend time basking in the splendid landscapes beneath the Iberian mountains. If you are looking for a trip that combines the bustle of the big cities with the tranquility of the countryside, this is the trip for you.

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Traditional Spanish paella

The Ultimate Spain Tasting Tour: Barcelona, Granada, Marbella, Seville & Madrid

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,395

Spain is filled with revolutionary cuisine that stems from evolutionary flavors. The beauty of every dish comes from simple pleasures and decadent combinations. Whether trendy modernist plating or traditional tapas bars, you will taste the divine on this 10-day ultimate Spain tasting tour through Barcelona, Granada, Marbella, Seville, and Madrid. Find the rich saltiness of bellota ham and celebrate the creamy seafood in paella big enough to share. Traverse the historic quarters of famous cities and indulge in the embodiment of collective cultures emanating from the cuisine. Discover the far-reaching flavors of Spanish cuisine and you will never look back.

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Traditional pinchos in San Sebastian, Spain

Food & Wine Journey Through Spain: Navarra, Rioja & the Basque Country

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,915

You deserve some indulgence in your life and what better place than in a collection of Spanish regions most notable for their wine and cuisine. Follow your taste buds on this custom-tailored food and wine journey through Spain that will have you sipping wine on a prestigious estate that overlooks the valley in Navarra, Rioja, and the Basque country. Follow the locals to dinner in a city overflowing with celebrated restaurants. Soak in the beauty of artistic masters and meander along the cobblestone streets of medieval towns. The scenery is irresistible, the food is delectable, the wine is unforgettable, and your journey will have it all.

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Madrid & La Rioja Tour: A Tale of Two Cultures Through Tradition, Food & Wine

Madrid & La Rioja Tour: A Tale of Two Cultures Through Tradition, Food & Wine

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,915

Spain is a confluence of cultures that uniquely flow out of each region. Madrid boasts a contemporary and fast-paced atmosphere encased in a city of historic buildings. El Rioja is a region emblematic of vineyards and medieval towns spread throughout the countryside. This Madrid and La Rioja tour is custom-tailored to tell a tale of two cultures through tradition, food and wine. Visit elegant palaces and sip wine in a cellar with over 500 years of history. From paintings to cuisine, people to architecture, countryside to cityscape, you will discover culture in Spain.

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Pena Palace, Sintra, Portugal

Honeymoon Getaway to Portugal and Spain

16 Day Custom Tour

From $8,635

Honeymooners will find much to adore and treasure during this intimate 16-day exploration of Portugal and Spain, also touching on the beauty of the Basque Country’s French resort towns. Let the cultural charms of Lisbon seduce you, the magnificence of Sintra's forested mountains sweep you away, the sparkling seas of San Sebastian dazzle you, and the artistic allure of Barcelona’s architecture hypnotize you during this perfect couples European getaway.

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