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Food & Wine Tours in France

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France is undeniably a hub of gastronomical excellence. Countryside villages maintain centuries-old grapevines and local food traditions that extend far into the past. From a famous baguette in Paris to excellently paired Pinot Noir and beef in Burgundy, your food and wine tour through France will expand your horizons. Create the perfect culinary getaway with Zicasso.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service

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Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne Tour: Wine, Cuisine & Beauty

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

The pleasures of wine, cuisine, and history in Champagne, Alsace, and Burgundy are sure to seduce you. Vineyards drape across the valleys and hillsides, creating a sea of emerald. Charming castles and villages resemble pictures out of storybooks. Towns celebrate wine production, and locals relish the chance to sit in the sunlight and sip a local varietal. Explore the robust and delicate flavors of dishes being paired with regional wines. Your custom tailored tour of Alsace, Burgundy and Champagne immerses you in the gourmet and rustic world of the French countryside, letting you experience the passion of daily life.

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Bordeaux & Loire Valley Wine Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

The châteaux are legendary, the landscape is spectacular, and the wine is beyond comparison. In the Loire Valley and Bordeaux region of France, you will delight in exquisite landscapes while sampling some of the world’s finest wines. You’ll visit the Loire’s fairy-tale castles of Chambord and Chenonceau, the historic cities of Amboise and Chinon, and the prestigious wineries of Chinon and Vouvray appellations. Then you’ll tour the elegant city of Bordeaux, the UNESCO village of Saint-Émilion and the surrounding Médoc vineyards with stops at world-famous wineries. This luxurious Bordeaux and Loire Valley wine tour also includes relaxing by a beautiful beach and leisurely gourmet meals.

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French Food & Wine Tour: Loire Valley & Bordeaux

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,195

Saying you can sample France has never made a taste sound so delicious. You immediately think of creamy chocolate ganache and buttery sauces. Lavish estates filled with oceans of vineyards run for as far as the eye can see. On your custom tailored French food and wine tour in the Loire Valley and Bordeaux, you aren’t just sampling the cuisine, but savoring the countryside, exploring medieval villages, and experiencing the wealth of culture spanning centuries, if not millennia. Visit ornate castles and indulge in exquisite wines where every day brings another unforgettable luxury.

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Vineyard terraces at Geneva lake in famous Lavaux wine region

Food & Wine Tour of France and Switzerland

12 Day Custom Tour

From $4,039

Champagne pops and fizzes as the vineyards grow with lush leaves and plump grapes; the scent of chocolate truffle fills the confectionery with the promise of decadence to come on your custom tour of France and Switzerland. Medieval cathedrals glisten with stained glass windows as jewelry shops glint with gilded window displays. The layers of history accentuate the contemporary styles of chic restaurants and lavish chocolatiers. Enjoy full immersion into luxury from hidden wine regions to wine cellars submerged in caves, to cities with Roman roots to Renaissance architecture. Step beyond the beauty of the streets and savor splendor in cuisine.

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Typical Spanish tapas from Bilbao

Culinary Beacons of Europe: Bordeaux and Northern Spain Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

From $4,055

The best part of European travel is the abundance of beauty wherever you look, and this 14-day tour of Southern France and Northern Spain is designed to introduce you to both region's endless beauty and charm. From the fertile vineyards of the Bordeaux wine region to the tasty tapas of Santiago de Compostela, this unique tour will ensure your enjoyment of each destination.

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Tasty plate of fresh oysters.

A Private France Food Tour: From Paris to South of France

10 Day Custom Tour

From $5,995

Discover the food-lover inside of you during your culinary exploration of the iconic gastronomy of France. Relax in stunning chateaus that overlook emerald vines and rolling hills in the countryside. Indulge in the flavor of creamy sauces and fresh produce. Traverse narrow lanes filled with market stalls touting freshly picked fruits and hardy mushrooms. Wander through villages on a country road connecting historic wineries. Sample unforgettable cuisines prepared by private chefs during a cooking course tailored to your tastes. French cuisine turns simple ingredients into indulgent pleasures during your handcrafted tour, where every bite contains flavor and meaning.

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