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12 Day Greece Itineraries

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Design a getaway that offers a range of discoveries, from ancient remnants to modern luxuries that solidify Greece as one of the most enchanting destinations in the world. Admire cities that hold the origins of Western Civilization and indulge in the beauty of an island paradise for an enriching experience. Create your 12-day itinerary with Zicasso for the best Greek vacation.

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Ratings of Zicasso's Service

Tailor Made Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Monastery on rock formations in Meteora, Greece

Classic Greece Vacation: Athens to Crete

11 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

You will experience the awe of Classical civilizations and the marvels of ancient tradition during your 11-day classic Greece vacation designed for 2020. Your customizable tour will highlight the majestic history of the Mediterranean as you uncover the whispers of the Oracle at Delphi and stare into the shimmering caldera of Santorini. From famous beaches to iconic mountains you can enjoy the classical delights for which Greece is known.

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View of temple ruins in the morning in Delphi, Greece.

Amazing 12-Day Greece Tour & Cruise: Acropolis to the Islands

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,995

The depth of Western Civilization will emerge from the mainland and islands during your 12-day Greece highlights tour that revels in beauty, history, and heritage. Your custom-tailored tour provides you with specialized guides and immersive excursions from sailing across the Aegean Sea to the whitewashed villages of the Cycladic islands. Cobblestone medieval lanes on Rhodes, elegant beaches on Mykonos, and hanging monasteries at Meteora introduce you to Greece’s timeless splendor.

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Ancient Agora, Athens, Greece

The Greece Explorer Vacation: Myths, History & Present

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,995

Travel to the time of Socrates and Odysseus during your 12-day history and culture tour of Greece. From past wars to contemporary opulence,  you will trace the wonders at the dawn of Western Civilization to view the marvels of antiquity and Greece’s enduring beauty. The magnetic past will meet the alluring present as you visit ruins, enjoy alpine scenery, and find hanging monasteries while exploring, experiencing, and enjoying Greek splendor.

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Greece Athens hill Acropolis view

The Greek Odyssey Tour: Vacation to Greece & Turkey

11 Day Custom Tour

From $2,800

Follow the path of Odysseus on this custom tailored tour of Greece and Turkey meant to give you the most amazing adventure through antiquity. From the ancient steps of the Parthenon to the sensational crumbled walls of Troy, you will stand with legends and gods, sailing through the incredible waters of the Mediterranean, and wandering along the path of history. Every adventure starts with that first step; come take it.

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Sunset in Little Venice the most romantic place of Mykonos, Greece

Greece Land & Sea Vacation Package: Athens, Mykonos & Cruise

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,995

You have been dreaming about the wonders of Greece for years; now you can stop dreaming and start living through the majesty of the Mediterranean on this custom tailored tour that will bring those dreams to life. From the sensational ancient city of Athens to the wondrous ruins of Ephesus, the Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes to the whitewashed walls of Santorini, the beauty is never ending, the splendor is everywhere; you just have to let the wonder wash over you.

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Sunset on Santorini landscape overlooking the Caldera, Greece

A Custom Greek Island Cruise Vacation in 12 Days

12 Day Custom Tour

From $2,995

From the pillars of the Golden Age of Athens to the crystal waters of Mykonos, from the ancient ruins of Ephesus to the rising cliffs of Santorini, this custom tailored tour will take you beyond the dreams of antiquity and into the harmonious wonders of the Mediterranean. You will cruise through Greece where castles sit along the waterfront and myths have inspired Western Civilization for millennia. Let the sirens’ song summon you and the diversity of the islands captivate you. This is your time, your harmony, your Greece.

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Best Time to Visit Greece for 12 Days
Athens, view of the Acropolis in the evening
Best Time to Visit Greece for 12 Days

The best time to visit Greece for a 12-day vacation is from May to early September as the temperate and sunny Mediterranean climate embraces the landscape and you can indulge in the country’s warm waters, wander its sun-bathed hillsides, and hop from island to island during its pleasant summer months.

While crowds gather in the country’s sought-after cities year-round, there are also quieter moments throughout the year to explore Grecian culture, jeweled architecture, and swishing coastlines.

In this article, we highlight the perfect times to visit Greece for 12 days, depending on your travel preferences.

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Top 5 Things to Do on a 12-Day Vacation in Greece
View of the city and the Rhodes fortress, Lindos, Rhodes island
Top 5 Things to Do on a 12-Day Vacation in Greece

From Athens to Crete, Greece highlights why it's one of the most coveted European countries to visit with the essential experiences you can have during your 12-day Greece vacation.

Grecian culture reflects from the distinct white-washed Cycladic architecture of Santorini, ancient history unravels itself beneath the momentous pillars of the Parthenon, and soothing seaside sceneries backdrop the illustrious Greek islands in the Aegean Sea.

Whether looking at popular cities, hidden peninsular gems, or famous islands, the essential experiences you can have during your 12-day Greece trip can reveal the wonders of the culture, history, land, and sea.

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5 Best Places to Visit on a 12-Day Greece Vacation
Portara marble gate, Naxos, Cyclades
5 Best Places to Visit on a 12-Day Greece Vacation

When it comes to choosing destinations, there are so many options available to travelers and each offers something unique when considering where you should go during your 12-day Greece vacation.

Over and above the many marvelous cities of mainland Greece, the country offers access to a series of surreal island paradises in the Aegean Sea.

While all of our itineraries are customizable to suit your preferences, the following list outlines the main Greek destinations you can visit during a 12-day vacation, and spotlights the incredible experiences and distinct charms you can embrace during your tour.

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FAQ: 12-Day Vacations in Greece
Fteri Beach, Kefalonia, Greece
FAQ: 12-Day Vacations in Greece

You’re bound to have some questions about Greece and your 12-day vacation to the stunning Mediterranean country.

From the weather to transportation, concerns about language barriers to questions about packing, by understanding the main logistics of your trip, you can make the entire process and experience much easier.

To ensure your planning process goes smoothly and you enjoy a hassle-free vacation, we have put together these comprehensive FAQs on all that you need to know about Greece and planning for your trip.

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