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Top 7 Things to Do in Sicily

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Ancient theatre of Taormina in Sicily with Mount Etna in the background at sunset

Ancient theatre of Taormina in Sicily with Mount Etna in the background

Sicily is a treasure of Italy that captivates visitors with timeless ruins, classic culture, and mouthwatering gastronomy.  The scenery has shaped the culture from Mt. Etna to the shoreline, gorges to arid hills with cities hiding touches of ancient wonder. From captivating wines to delicious local recipes, volcano trekking to remainders of the Classical world and inspiring coastline, these are the essential things to do when you visit.

1. Celebrate Mediterranean Heritage

Norrman Palace with a clear blue sky in Palermo, Sicily

Norrman Palace in Palermo, Sicily

Sicily is an island that defies a single definition. At the crossroads of the Mediterranean, the landscape brims with exciting diversity, and the heritage offers a distinctive blend of surrounding cultures connected by former trade routes. The cities act as living museums providing a timeline of different power struggles, empires, and partnerships uncovered in the architecture, the cuisine, and along the streets, making it one of Italy's best destinations to experience the depth of ancient and contemporary life.

Best Places to Visit for Cultural Heritage: Palermo | Taormina | Syracuse | Agrigento  Ragusa | Erice

Best Time to Visit: April | May | June | October | November

2. Discover New Flavors and Culinary Classics

Stigghiole, a typical Sicilian street food of lamb goat or pork bowels with onions and parsley and grilled over coals

Stigghiole, a typical Sicilian street food

Eating well in Sicily is easily done with recipes influenced by cuisine from North Africa, Spain, and the Middle East. The melting pot of intense flavors has created a unique collection of dishes that separate Sicilian food from mainland Italy while relying on local, seasonal ingredients that uncover the distinctive cultural connections throughout time. By combining traditional flavors and cooking techniques, Sicily has a flair all of its own.

Best Places to Visit for Food: Menfi | Scoglitti | Palermo | Modica | Syracuse

Best Time to Visit:  April | May | October | November

3. Uncover the Beauty of Nature

Colorful crater of Etna Volcano

Etna National Park, Sicily

The cultural history of Sicily only accentuates the pristine beauty of nature around the island. The diverse landscapes provide access to beaches, volcanic slopes, and surprising gorges. Hiking trails bring opportunities to discover archeological wonders and serene rivers, puffing fumaroles and inviting coastal paths. Whether hoping for an intense trek or a leisurely stroll, Sicily practically overflows with awe-inspiring trails.

Best Places to Visit for Hiking: Anapo River Valley | Mount Etna | Vendicari Reserve | Capo Milazzo | Castelmola | Cavagrande

Best Time to Visit: April | May | November | December

4. Embrace the Tradition of Wine

Vineyards in Sicily, Italy

Vineyards in Sicily, Italy

Wine in Sicily is not just a decoration on the dinner table but an extension of life. With an extensive history dating back to the ancient Phoenicians, wine has established itself as part of the island's simple and sweet traditions with flavors that have enriched over time. From the fortifying soils of Mount Etna to the market stalls of Ortigia, wine in Sicily is part of the authentic experience and enhances the island’s mouthwatering flavors.

Best Places to Visit for Wine: Mt. Etna | Palermo | Syracuse | Noto | Taormina

Best Time to Visit: April | May | October | November

5. Bask on the Beaches

Celafù in Sicily, Italy

Celafù in Sicily, Italy

Sicily is an island with exceptional variety and inspiring beauty spanning the coastline. The best beaches shimmer with crystal-clear waters and resemble artwork crafted by nature. Sicily feels like a cross between Italy and North Africa, offering a slice of rich sea life and hidden seaside corners. White sands, golden pebbles, and even lustrous cliffs smoothed by the elements bring an exceptional view of the diverse beaches across the island coupled with stretches of coastline decorated with lounge chairs.

Best Beaches to Visit: Mondello | Cefalù | Aeolian Islands | Riserva dello Zingaro | Scala dei Turchi

Best Time to Visit: May | June | September | October

6. Explore Ancient Wonders

Temple of Castor and Pollux ruins with Agrigento in the background

Temple of Castor and Pollux ruins with Agrigento in the background

The ancient world comes into sharp focus in Sicily with Roman villas preserved in volcanic ash and Greek temples that have withstood changing empires. With touches of ancient Phoenician life to preserved ruins of the Classical age, glinting Byzantine mosaics to remarkable medieval architecture, Sicily as a small island rivals entire countries with its ability to embrace its history and bring the past to life.

Best Places to Visit for Ancient History: Agrigento | Syracuse | Taormina | Segesta | Palermo | Messina

Best Time to Visit: April | May | October | November

7. Revel in the Cultural Galleries on Display

Mosaic artwork on display in the 12th century royal chapel of the Norman palace in Palermo, Sicily

Mosaic artwork in Palermo, Sicily

Sicily itself can feel like an open-air museum, but inside the galleries that display its history, you can find the marvels that shaped the past and informed the present. With stunning Greek and Roman heritage, as well as dynamic Norman artworks, Sicily offers rich cultural exhibitions found within museum walls and protected in archeological parks, with each new destination peeling back another layer of the island’s rich history.

Best Places to Museums to Visit: Catania | Palermo | Syracuse | Aspra | Isola di Favignana

Best Time to Visit:  April | May | October | November | December

More Travel Information & Tips

Aeolian island of Filicudi in Sicily, Italy

Aeolian island of Filicudi in Sicily, Italy

Sicily is the stylish Mediterranean crossroads where cultures across the continents have connected over millennia. Cultural treasures only enhance the landscapes bringing to light rare possibilities in which nature and culture converge. Whether you want a secluded beach escape or a family-friendly adventure to Greek temples, Sicily remains an enchanting destination. Our Italy Travel Guide has more information for your perfect style of trip with access to Sicily. If you are thinking of a trip, you can speak to an Italy travel specialist for free by filling out a Trip Request Form or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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