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For a proper exploration of Vietnam’s magnificent culture and natural history, get informed with the best details from top destinations to travel considerations on the Vietnam Travel Guide. As you explore the opportunities and want to learn the full extent of details, get connected with a leading destination specialist by submitting a Trip Request. Their expertise will guide you to creating an itinerary that embodies your preferences.

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Rice terraces in mountainous countryside of Mu Cang Chai in the Yen Bai Province of Vietnam
Best Time to Visit Vietnam
The best time to visit Vietnam is from November to March, for an exceptional escape into nature’s drama through the lens of millennia of cultural heritage. From otherworldly karsts to welcoming beaches,...
Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
7 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam
Our best places to visit in Vietnam display a captivating mixture of natural splendor and cultural diversity. With nature preservation, a relaxing coastline, enchanting ancient cities, and preserved...
Ngo Mon Gate, the main entrance of Hue Imperial City in Vietnam
Top 7 Things to Do in Vietnam
The top things to do in Vietnam reflect the spirit of the culture and the treasures of the landscape that you can explore during your trip. With once-in-a-lifetime adventures, relaxation, and beauty,...
Farmer with boat harvesting waterlilies on the Yen River in Ninh Binh, Vietnam
How to Plan a Trip to Vietnam: Frequently Asked Questions
Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s top travel destinations and these answers to common travel questions can help you plan your trip to the country with a travel specialist. Vietnam is breathtaking, encompassing...
Stretch of beach on an island in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam
8 Best Places to Visit in Vietnam for Seniors
The eight best places for seniors to see in Vietnam can open your eyes to a peaceful and charming destination, with rich culture and history. From the colorful floral villages in Hanoi to the spectacular...
Couple enjoying the view in Halong Bay
10 Most Romantic Places in Vietnam for Couples
Whether you are looking for seclusion with a backdrop of towering rugged peaks or splendor along a shimmering seaboard, the most romantic places in Vietnam can give you the perfect passionate escape or...
Family at Ho Quoc Pagoda entrance doors, Phu Quoc, Vietnam
Top 8 Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids
The top eight things to do in Vietnam with kids dazzle and delight families who travel to Southeast Asia. The country’s diverse landscape teems with endemic flora and fauna, its marvelous waterways dissect...
Vietnamese Pho bo with beef and spring rolls
12 Dishes to Try on Your Trip to Vietnam
Most travelers only scratch the surface of Vietnamese cuisine’s true depth of flavor, but our list of the country’s 12 most popular dishes to try on your vacation will give you an authentic taste. Soup...
Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang, Vietnam
How to Spend 8, 10, 14, or 21 Days in Vietnam
Eight to 21 days is enough time to spend in Vietnam, the duration depending on the type of trip you would like to enjoy or the days you have available. The ideal length of your trip will also vary depending...
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