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9 Best Places to Visit in the UK

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Hikaer at Old Man of Storr on Isle of Skye, Scotland

Old Man of Storr on the Isle of Skye in the Scottish Highlands

Discover the breathtaking countries that make up this popular destination by exploring the nine best places to visit in the United Kingdom. From Northern Ireland to Wales, England and Scotland, each destination offers charm, culture, and history.

Whether looking for quiet towns surrounded by gorgeous greenery or eager to visit seaside villages, ready to wander through delightful mountains or find secluded lochs, you can embrace the diverse wonders of the land, sea, and heritage.

Embrace adventure that can take you through the United Kingdom on a journey that will see you enjoying the highlands, stunning coastal gems, dynamic cities, and everything in between.

  1. 1. The Scottish Highlands • Scotland
  2. 2. London • England
  3. 3. The Giant’s Causeway • Northern Ireland
  4. 4. Hadrian’s Wall • England
  5. 5. Snowdonia • Wales
  6. 6. Galloway • Scotland
  7. 7. Yorkshire • England
  8. 8. The Lake District • England
  9. 9. The South Coast • England
  10. Explore the Best Places to Visit in the UK

1. The Scottish Highlands • Scotland

Inverness Castle in Inverness, Scotland

Inverness Castle in Inverness, Scotland

A true highlight of Scotland, the Highlands is a region that spans the northwest and paints a picture of sprawling green hills, lochs, unique rock formations, and an open sky for miles.

Towns such as Fort William with its rich history, Inverness with its stunning castle and inviting Loch, and the majestic Ben Nevis mountains that form a dramatic backdrop to the surrounding beauty set the scene for a truly rewarding visit.

While the best time to visit may impact the weather, it can always feel like the right time to discover the Cairngorms National Park in the eastern Highlands, with its marvelous mountains. No matter where you go or how long you choose to stay, the Scottish Highlands greet guests with geographical treasures at every turn.

2. London • England

Buckingham Palace in London, England

Buckingham Palace in London, England

One of the world’s most famous cities and certainly one of the most captivating, London is a must for any UK trip. The city is a vibrant blend of ancient history and modern chic, offering visitors a taste of Roman and Medieval architecture, museums, and monuments that are rich in stories and intrigue.

Outstanding cuisine, friendly locals, and a charming location represent many of the top things to do in the UK as London draws you in with iconic sites such as Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. Discover spectacular history above ground and below as you explore popular art galleries or brave the infamous London dungeons for a unique combination of experiences.

3. The Giant’s Causeway • Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway in County Antrim, Northern Ireland

The result of a volcanic eruption 50 million years ago, the interlocking columns create the perfect playground for birdlife and are vibrant with flora and fauna that paint the beautiful backdrop.

Whether looking at the Causeway as a romantic getaway or an adventurous discovery, its puzzling geology can keep you captivated for hours. Walk the hills, skip over rocks, or simply sit and stare at the natural contours of the coastline. Walk across the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, for an exciting experience, visit the dramatic stretch of cliffside from which you can see caves and scenic views, and leave the coastline in absolute awe.

4. Hadrian’s Wall • England

Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland National Park, England

Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland National Park, England

Constructed to protect the great Roman Empire and said by some to represent the border between Scotland and England, Hadrian’s Wall stands strong to this day.

Traveling from east to west, coast to coast, visitors can catch a glimpse of towns and fortresses that once kept watch over the wall, many boasting castles and homes built from materials taken from the defensive construct. Discover historical tales of power and fascinating artifacts, and beyond that enjoy breathtaking scenery.

Hadrian’s Wall is a popular attraction that takes you back in time and lets your imagination run wild as you picture the significance of this architectural marvel.

5. Snowdonia • Wales

Tryfan mountain in the Ogwen Valley, Snowdonia, Wales

Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia, Wales

Step into the natural playground that is Snowdonia, Wales, and embark on a true adventure in mountains, parks, and lakes. Traverse the hills and trails that wind around the coast or through glorious countryside to discover the story behind the slate trail.

Explore by bicycle and try your hand at fishing off the Llyn Peninsula or Irish Sea coast, before resting a while to indulge in a delectable dish. Visit Celtic shrines, slate quarries, and step inside captivating castles, while listening to folk communicating in the local dialect to show how Snowdonia continues to play an integral part in Welsh history to this day.

6. Galloway • Scotland

Rocky shoreline in Galloway, Scotland

Galloway, Scotland

Discover the jagged coastlines and quiet beaches that give way to lush forests and valleys in Galloway. Adventure seekers have the opportunity to hike, bike, or take a gentle walk through the scenic surroundings to find a rich history and culture that waits to be explored in this region.

Art festivals and events, fascinating towns and the magic of castles, delightful homes and the legend of Peter Pan bring a new and exciting perspective to the region. One of the highlights of being in this area is to gaze up at the night sky to find the starlight above you.

7. Yorkshire • England

Path through the Lower Withens in Haworth, Yorkshire, England

Lower Withens near Haworth in Yorkshire, England

Home to the Bronte sisters and simply stunning moorlands, Yorkshire is a pivotal destination in the United Kingdom and home to some mystical towns, lush landscapes, abbeys, and castles. Visit the home of the sisters and walk the Cleveland Way Trail or the cobblestone streets of Leeds.

Explore the coastal paths of Staithes or step aboard a steam train to experience the region from a whole different viewpoint. York is a city bursting with attractions and mystical charm, with historical bridges, walkways, alleys, and intriguing stores at every turn.

8. The Lake District • England

Windermere in the Lake District of England

Windermere, England

Almost situated in the heart of England, the Lake District is a favorite for visitors worldwide. Incredible combinations of lakes and land create breathtaking scenery and activities that include hiking, gentle walks, cycling, and discovering castles or manors that share rich historical tales.

Local communities invite visitors to get a taste of local life in Cumbria, while nearby forests reflect color and light that simply mesmerize all who explore. Take to the water and absorb the quiet, while admiring the endless beauty of your surroundings, learning why it is one of the top places to visit in England.

9. The South Coast • England

Seven Sisters on the South Coast of England

Seven Sisters in East Sussex, England

With 400 miles of sunny coastline from Brighton to Plymouth to Dorset, the English south coast is a holiday-makers haven. White cliffs lead to simple pathways and green lawns that serve as the gateway to quaint seaside villages or sandy beaches.

Discover more than sea and sand by visiting Dover Castle and exploring the underground tunnels and rooms purposely made difficult to find, or stand in Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth and look out as far as the Isle of Wight. Brighton offers carousels and colorful beach houses that brighten the town or step inside the cosmopolitan town of Bournemouth and enjoy the Georgian seafront of Weymouth.

Explore the Best Places to Visit in the UK

Burton on the Hill in the Cotswolds, England

The Cotswolds, England

The word place can refer to specific towns and certain destinations or draw attention to regions or districts that offer mountains, water, and villages that cannot be missed. The UK is breathtaking and if you combine history and geography, mixed with wonderful people and traditions, you are sure to experience an incredible destination.

To start planning your UK adventure, visit our UK tours to learn more or find new ideas for your adventure with our UK travel guide.

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