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Transport yourself into the timeless world of Switzerland, where mountain villages speckle the mighty Alps and nature beckons to you unlike anywhere else. Local craftsmanship inspires, legends of old enchant, and a wealth of cheeses and chocolate offer the irrefusable opportunity to indulge. Embrace Switzerland’s magic with Zicasso’s custom itineraries.

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How to Book a Switzerland Tour

Switzerland is a country of breathtaking alpine scenery, charming storybook villages, sparkling blue lakes, and an elegant culture. The great outdoors give way to a sophisticated combination of past and present beauty through stunning vineyards, alpine traditions, and whispers of fairy tales across the pristine landscape. Arranging your perfect combination of destinations and experiences can be a challenge, but Zicasso is here to assist you.

There are three ways to plan and book a trip:

1. Get a customized tour planned and booked by a travel professional. Travel independently on your own schedule.

2. Book a group tour. Join an escorted group tour with a fixed departure date.

3. Plan and book a trip yourself.

Zicasso offers the best solution for a customized tour by matching you with top travel specialists who plan and book the trip for you. Our travel agency division, Marageti, specializes in helping you book an escorted group tour. There is no extra cost to you for either service.

Custom Tours

A customized tour is one that is planned by a travel specialist according to your specific interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you desire a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, each of the accommodations, activities, and destinations is tailored to your preferences.The knowledge and experience of your travel specialist makes a big difference. Zicasso has spent thousands of hours vetting the best travel partners. We act as a referral service, matching you with specialists that best meet your goals and priorities.

Escorted Group Tours

A group tour offers the advantage of convenience at a great value. The schedule is fixed, the itinerary is pre-planned, and a dedicated tour director travels with the group throughout the trip. A group tour can be 30 - 50% less expensive than an equivalent customized tour. Out of the many hundreds of group tours, how do you select the right one for you? Our travel agency division, Marageti, has sales agents who specialize in helping travelers weigh the pros and cons of each group tour. We give you personalized recommendations to find the best tour for you.

Goals and Priorities

What are your goals and priorities for the trip? These should drive your decision for either a customized tour or a fixed departure group tour. We are here to help you make the right decisions to make your dream trip a reality.

Must-See Destinations in Switzerland

We have worked alongside our Switzerland travel specialists to provide you with recommendations for any length of trip. A custom Zicasso tour designs your trip around your goals and needs to make every tour unique, but the following suggestions act as fantastic guidelines.

The average traveler from the United States spends between 9 to 10 days in Switzerland. Ten days in Switzerland allows you enough time to experience the highlights of the Alpine scenery, from glacial peaks to the gorgeous lakes along the Italian border. How and where you travel in Switzerland will depend on your goals, but we offer the following examples based on different trip lengths.

7 to 9 Day Trips

If you have between seven to nine days to travel in Switzerland, we recommend that you visit Lucerne, Interlaken, Zermatt, and Lausanne. Organizing your days will help maximize your time to explore, travel, and discover the country’s essential highlights. Your Zicasso travel specialist will help ensure that your trip is designed best to suit your needs and goals.

7 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-6: Geneva Lake

Day 7: Zermatt

8 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-6: Geneva Lake

Days 7-8: Zermatt

9 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-6: Geneva Lake

Day 7: Zermatt

Days 8-9: Lausanne

If you have more time (10-16 Days), we recommend:

If you have approximately two weeks in Switzerland, we recommend taking some time to enjoy the greater culture and natural scenery of the Alps. If you have around 14 days, you can enjoy richer and deeper experiences in addition to traveling at a slower and more relaxing pace.

All Zicasso tours are customized to your preferences, but here is how we recommend spending your time:

10 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-6: Geneva Lake

Days 7-8: Zermatt

Days 9-10: Lausanne

12 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-7: Geneva Lake

Days 8-9: Zermatt

Days 10-12: Lausanne

14 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-7: Geneva Lake

Days 8-9: Zermatt

Days 10-12: Lausanne

Days 13-14: Gstaad

15 Days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-7: Geneva Lake

Days 8-9: Zermatt

Days 10-12: Lausanne

Days 13-14: Gstaad

Day 15: Lugano

16 days

Days 1-2: Lucerne

Days 3-4: Interlaken

Days 5-7: Geneva Lake

Days 8-9: Zermatt

Days 10-12: Lausanne

Days 13-14: Gstaad

Days 15-16: Lugano

How many days is enough to see Switzerland?

Ten days is the ideal amount of time to see Switzerland and its highlights because of the ease of travel. A 10-day Switzerland trip allows you to travel at your own pace while uncovering and experiencing the best of the scenery and culture. Many travelers on a longer Switzerland trip combine their alpine discovery with neighboring countries, such as Germany, Austria, or Italy.

Essential Experiences for the Best Switzerland Vacation

During your Switzerland tour, you can witness the grandeur of the Matterhorn, sample the delicacies of local culinary traditions, trek through terraced vineyards, and ride scenic trains beneath jagged glacial peaks. You can also find glistening lakes, high-end watches, and active excursions.

Best Way to Experience Lucerne

Cobalt waters and mystical mountains embody the natural beauty of Lucerne to create the storybook charm of Old Town. Music, antique bridges, sunny plazas, and traditional homes create the city’s captivating ambiance. During your Switzerland trip, you can enjoy the following essential experiences for your first time in Lucerne.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Lucerne (2-3 days depending on pace)

1. Kapallbrucke

  • Step into local history on the 14th-century wooden bridge decorated with more than 100 images of saints and historical figures.

2. Lion Monument

  • Witness the unique history of Lucerne and Switzerland at the Lion Monument, which is dedicated to the Swiss Guards who were hired to protect King Louis XVI of France.

3. Sammlung Rosengart

  • Explore the Neoclassical architecture and stunning galleries of Lucerne’s grand museum, which is known for displaying work by artists like Klee, Renior, and Kandinsky.

Best Way to Experience Lausanne

Gothic grandeur and lakeside beauty sit beneath terraced vineyards near the epic peaks of the Savoy Alps. History runs deep with roots to the Romans while fragments of the Middle Ages remain visible and contrast the contemporary culture. The following suggests essential experiences when visiting Lausanne.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours (2-3 days depending on pace)

1. Cathedral of Notre-Dame

  • Discover the prestige of the 13th-century cathedral that has attracted pilgrims for centuries with 105 stained-glass panels and an organ with 6,000 pipes.

2. Musee Cantonal des Beaux Arts

  • The contemporary museum of fine arts depicts marvelous Swiss and foreign artists as well as a core collection of artifacts that date back to Ancient Egypt

3. Place de la Palud

  • Wander through the heart of Old Town to view the stunning 9th-century medieval market square adorned with the lavish Town Hall and Fontaine de la Justice.

Best Way to Experience Interlaken

Interlaken represents the fabled beauty of Switzerland with access to thrilling adventures, historical lanes, and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. Hiking, climbing, rafting, or gliding around the alpine scenery enhances the elegance of the grand hotels. During your Switzerland tour, you can have the following essential experiences in Interlaken.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Interlaken (2 days depending on pace)

1. Harder Kulm

  • Witness the captivating views and scenic funicular ride that reaches 13,123 feet above sea level for a stunning panorama over the lush valley.

Special Interests & Activities in Switzerland

Traveling with Zicasso provides you with exclusive access to many activities, excursions, and tours for a distinctive experience. The following information offers insight into our recommended experiences and can be tailored to focus on your unique interests.

Best Food & Wine Destinations

Surrounding cultures blend with local Alpine tradition, resulting in an incredible mixture of flavors in every bite of Swiss cuisine. German, French, and Italian gastronomic techniques inform dishes that feature the ingredients of the valleys and mountains of Switzerland. Staple ingredients include a variety of cheeses, comforting greens, rich chocolates, hardy meats, and spectacular wines. With over 37,000 acres of vineyards concentrated mainly in Valais, Geneva, Ticino, and Seeland, independent winemakers celebrate the fertile soils and abundant sunlight with a diversity of tastes with 40 ancient grapes that are indigenous to Switzerland.


Ticino captures the flavors of the south side of the Alps along the Italian border. The Mediterranean climate offers surprisingly comfortable weather across two zones where vines grow across steep terraces and quiet pergolas. The majority of wines in Ticino are Merlot, but other varieties include Cabernet Franc, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Pinot Noir.


The gastronomic traditions of Lausanne emerge from the banks of Lake Geneva with a historic heart that is enhanced by a youthful energy. A lively culinary atmosphere winds through historical lanes beneath the famous terraced vineyards, which are now labeled as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Typical varietals of Lausanne vineyards include Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Gamay, Arvine, and Garanoir.

Zicasso’s Exclusive Access to Switzerland Best Wine

Zicasso travel specialists can organize private tours and design exclusive visits for culinary and wine enthusiasts. You can walk the terraces of a private vineyard or sample award-winning wines during a cooking class. You can also learn more about the differences between French, German, and Italian wine areas in Switzerland from a local sommelier.

Art & History

Switzerland is a county where rich culture emerges from the diverse heritage informed by the alpine borders and surrounding countries. Swiss cities celebrate their art with preserved Old Towns that reflect Gothic architecture contrasts contemporary perspectives. Chocolate, cheese, watches, and paintings represent the craftsmanship visible around historic plazas and modern galleries. Museums showcase the long history of Swiss art that dates back to Roman colonists leading to Medieval bridges and modernist architects. The mountain peaks inspire art and have shaped the history around Switzerland seen within the small villages at the foothills of the Matterhorn and captured as the crossroads between France, Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Must-See Art Museums & Attractions:

  • Wander the galleries of the Landesmuseum in Zurich, where the arc of Swiss history reaches back to prehistoric artifacts in addition to a collection of Swiss clocks and armor.
  • The Kunstmuseum in Bern is the country’s oldest fine art museum and hosts work that dates back to the Middle Ages, including Swiss artists from the 15th century.


History in Switzerland reflects the ancient and contemporary worlds. Landlocked and refined, the national history rose out of the 19th-century constitution but with deeper heritage rooted in Celtic tribes, warring kingdoms, and a connection to the Holy Roman Empire. Neighborhoods in Lucerne and Grindelwald act as living museums with storybook architecture that represents customs that contrast the development of contemporary cities and alpine villages. On a customized Zicasso trip, we can design custom tours with specialized guides, such as members of naturalist societies, anthropologists with a PhD, or history professors.

Active Tours

Active tours in Switzerland immerse you in the splendor of the natural landscape by unveiling the country’s lakeside beauty, glistening glacial summits, and exceptional vistas. We recommend the following active experiences when visiting Switzerland:


  • Traverse the nearly six-mile trail from Grindelwald to Faulhorn’s observation deck for an exceptional view of the famous Eiger, Monch, and Jungfrau mountains.
  • Glimpse Alpine ibexes and steep rugged cliffs when hiking from Wildhaus to Santis.

Mountain Biking

  • Zigzag through meadows and mountainscapes in view of small chalets around Saint-Luc on the Balcony Trail.


  • The near-perfect weather conditions, shimmering lakes, and snow-capped peaks make Interlaken one of the most popular destinations for paragliding.

Private Excursions and Special Access

Zicasso’s travel specialist partners have experience in providing unique excursions and insider access during your customized tour. Each activity can be tailored to your specific interests and goals to become your most memorable experience with endless possibilities. Examples of private excursions include taking a scenic helicopter flight or partaking in a watchmaking workshop.

How much is a tour to Switzerland?

The starting price of a custom-tailored Switzerland trip is approximately $400 per person, per day.

For an escorted group tour, the starting price can be approximately $200 per person, per day.

The cost of a Switzerland vacation is dependent on several factors, such as the:

  • Length of your trip
  • Season (month) of travel
  • Class of hotel
  • Number of locations/cities you visit
  • Number of guided day tours and activities (e.g., cooking class, wine tasting, etc.)
  • How much you spend on meals, shopping, etc.

A vacation such as this is often the biggest purchase of the year. It will also likely be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. To get the most out of your trip, we highly recommend using an expert Switzerland travel specialist to plan a customized Switzerland tour that is tailored to your specific interests and budget. You can also join an escorted group tour so that most travel arrangements are pre-planned for you. This way, you can travel hassle-free and relax while a professional tour director and guide takes care of all logistics and any issues that might arise.

This includes:

  • 3-star hotels (shared twin room)
  • Some guided day tours and activities
  • Transportation in Switzerland such as airport transfers and domestic flights

A 5-star, tailor-made Switzerland tour, where most services are upgraded and extra unique experiences are included, typically starts at $650 per person for a 14-day trip.

Everyone’s priorities, interests, and preferences are different. Submit a trip request on Zicasso, and we will personally match you with an expert trip planner who will help you customize your dream trip or help you select the right group tour while also taking your budget into consideration.

Best Time to Visit Switzerland

The best time to visit Switzerland is between mid-May to the end of September. These months reflect the best weather because spring, summer, and autumn have mild temperatures.

The climate may vary across Switzerland due to the distinctive topography that shifts between valleys, foothills, and the famous Alpine peaks. Switzerland is actually a year-round destination with activities for everyone no matter the season and weather. January and February are great for winter sports, such as snowshoeing and dog sledding. You can also glacier ski in San Moritz or summer ski in Zermatt.

How far in advance should I plan a trip to Switzerland?

You should plan your Switzerland trip between three to five months in advance. Switzerland generally has a consistent number of visitors throughout the year.

The high season takes place between May and September due to the weather, but around Christmas and New Years is the peak season, making it difficult to reserve hotels or activities. If traveling during high or peak season, you should plan at least six month in advance due to the limited hotel and tour availability. Popular experiences and destinations that can fill quickly include dog sledding and hotels in Grindelwald.

Modes of Transportation in Switzerland

The best way to see Switzerland in 10 days is by train. The infrastructure is great and easy, connecting the majority of locations around Switzerland within three hours. Trains are also frequent and quick; they can pick travelers up and drop travelers off directly at the airport.

A combination of private transfers and trains work well when traveling with more than four people for a combination of speed and travel freedom.

Your Zicasso travel partner ensures that your logistics go as smooth as possible by including private airport transfers and domestic flights between destinations to create a stress-free Switzerland tour.

What to Consider When Traveling Through Switzerland

When traveling on a Switzerland tour, you must consider certain travel possibilities including logistics, safety, and accessibility. The following information offers suggestions on travel considerations that you can make for a stress-free experience.

Is Switzerland Safe for Travel?

Switzerland is very safe for travelers especially in towns and villages. As with any large city, you should remain cognizant of your belongings as petty theft, such as pickpockets, can occur, especially in train stations near the French border.

Outside of large cities, you should be aware of weather conditions, especially when hiking or traversing the countryside. Weather changes can occur swiftly and may result in dangerous circumstances. You should also be aware of possible snowfall and harsh winds in December.

Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

For Families

Switzerland is a great destination for families with plenty of outdoor and active experiences perfect for any age. Locals are also excited to share their heritage with children, whether with stories or through food. Your guides are always family oriented and can help introduce your children to the culture and local activities in a safe, engaging way; however, when exploring Switzerland, the elevation can create altitudinal difficulties for children.

For Seniors

Seniors must consider that walking on cobblestone streets or uneven natural terrain may affect your time in Switzerland. An expert Zicasso specialist will minimize any mobility challenges by ensuring that your guides design your tours in accordance with your goals, desires, and abilities. The elevation can be an issue for some travelers, especially around the Matterhorn, while others may experience claustrophobia in antique rooms. If traveling with luggage is a concern, private transfers can help carry bags between transfers. Traveling in small groups through Marageti will also hit the highlights and take care of travel logistics.

For Couples

A travel specialist understands the best destinations and experiences in Switzerland for couples who are eager to actively explore the Alps and indulge in the romantic scenery. Unspeakably romantic properties, exciting panoramic views, and private chocolate tastings create intimate memories for the perfect Switzerland vacation. Exclusive tours will also shape your unforgettable experience, such as private winery visits or a couple’s cooking class.

For Travelers with Disabilities

Your Switzerland travel specialist can help any guests with mobility challenges by focusing on alternative arrangements to possible concerns, such as antique hotels or difficult topographical conditions. Our experts’ attention to important details will ensure that you can enjoy Switzerland’s highlights, such as beautiful panoramas and luxury accommodations, with ease.

Best Airports to Fly In & Out of Switzerland

The best airport to fly in and out of when visiting Switzerland is Zurich International Airport (ZRH) followed by Geneva Airport (GVA).

For most travelers, the most convenient airport is Zurich due to its size and location, which offers travelers easy and quick access to nearby destinations. The bustiest airports in Switzerland are:

  • Zurich (ZRH)
  • Geneva (GVA)
  • Basel (BSL)

Domestic Flights

Due to the size and topography of Switzerland, domestic flights are not necessary. The ease and accessibility of the train infrastructure also make domestic flights unnecessary. You can travel between cities by helicopter, but these flights are often expensive and are not necessarily faster.

Flights Via Zicasso

Zicasso Air Desk is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation by employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso. Our competitive flight pricing, 24xX7 Service & Support, and Complimentary Consultation of Routing vs. Pricing with an Expert Flight Specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Recommendations for the Return Traveler

When returning for another Switzerland tour, you can travel into the depths of the cities and countryside beyond the essential destinations of Lucerne, Lausanne, Interlocken, and Geneva Lake. The following list offers our suggestion on where to visit when returning to Switzerland.


The storybook town resembles the essence of Alpine tradition and history with customary cake shops, preserved craft shops, aromatic delis, and lively taverns. A winding river, meadows of plush greenery, and staggering mountain slopes bring to light the farming heritage that continues to shape the regional culture.


The unique region highlights the diversity of Switzerland through its differences, which are reflected in the idyllic meadows, rustic chalets, and thatch-roofed storehouses. While the cheese takes center stage in the cultural and gastronomic history of the region, artisan crafts, preserved heritage, and breathtaking hikes also showcase Emmental’s marvels.

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