Boat at Ban Rak Thai village in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand

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<p>Embrace the natural beauty and vibrant spirit of the world’s most culturally inspiring destinations with our Asia tours. From Thai temples to Vietnam’s karst formations, Japan’s cherry blossoms to India’s impressive architecture, find an Asia tour for your favorite destination. With ideas for families, honeymoons, and more, you can discover the perfect tours of Asia for you. Browse our featured tours, and match with our travel specialists to design your custom Asia trip.</p>

Embrace the natural beauty and vibrant spirit of the world’s most culturally inspiring...

Embrace the natural beauty and vibrant spirit of the world’s most culturally inspiring destinations with our Asia tours. From Thai temples to Vietnam’s karst formations, Japan’s cherry blossoms to India’s impressive architecture, find an Asia tour for your favorite destination. With ideas for families, honeymoons, and more, you can discover the perfect tours of Asia for you. Browse our featured tours, and match with our travel specialists to design your custom Asia trip.

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Enjoy moments of serenity in the well-tended lawns of Kenroku-en Garden in Kanazawa.
Classic Japan: Cities, Country, and Culture Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,737

Discover Japan’s beloved cities on this exquisite 14-day vacation. Enjoy the country’s culture and heritage as you visit iconic landmarks poised in breathtaking destinations along the way. From the buzzing skyline of Tokyo to the spirited streets of Osaka and the Zen Buddhist temples of Kyoto to the immaculately landscaped gardens of Kanazawa, uncover the authenticity of Japanese culture.

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Aerial view of the Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru in the Maldives. Photo courtesy of Markus Gortz / Four Seasons
Best of Maldives Tour: A Tropical Paradise Getaway

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $7,951

Luxury, pristine beauty, and personalized service await during your 12-day exclusive Maldives vacation. Enjoy night snorkeling in search of glowing marine life, indulge in lunch on an uninhabited island, or bask in a perfect customized spa treatment. From a private island to an opulent cruise, tropical foliage to crystal-clear waters, embrace the best of the Maldives found in the Baa Atoll Biosphere Reserve.

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Traditional chicken tikka masala curry dish
9-Day Culinary and Cultural Heritage Tour of India

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,101

Indian culture comes to life in the cuisine and historic experiences that await on this 9-day heritage tour of New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Varanasi. Discover the country’s storied history exploring iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites, including the Taj Mahal and many others. Delve into the decadent and hearty flavors of traditional Indian cuisine at bustling city markets and embrace the wonders of Mughal architecture in India’s centuries-old cities.

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Similan Islands in Thailand
Best of Thailand and Vietnam: 13-Day Culture and Beaches

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,544

Explore the depths of Vietnamese culture and the furthest reaches of the country’s sensational scenery in Hanoi and the emerald island garden of Ha Long Bay on this custom 13-day tour. Embrace northern Thai Khmer heritage in Chiang Mai before venturing south to the pristine pearl-white beaches of Khao Lak and Phuket. Experience the best of both on this vacation to Vietnam and Thailand’s coveted destinations.

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Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto, Japan
Endless Appeal of Japan: Immersive Family Tour

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,783

Discover Japan and its fascinating culture with your family during this immersive 13-day tour leading from the buzzing streets of Tokyo to the beautiful panoramas of Kobe. Along the way, you will learn a great deal about the country and its people while cherishing spectacular scenes cataloged in glossy magazines. From the culinary delights to the spiritual finds, Japan is yours to explore.

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Wat Chaiwatthanaram in Ayutthaya, Thailand
17-Day Luxury Family Vacation: Adventures in Thailand and Laos

17 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,962

With rich cultural heritage, exquisite culinary history, and immaculate rainforests sweeping much of the untouched landscapes, Thailand and Laos are phenomenal places to bring your family for 17 days of non-stop fun and insightful discovery. From temple tours in decorated spiritual complexes to forest walks in pristine environments and foodie experiences at sensational eateries to historic exhibitions at venerated landmarks, explore Thailand and Laos’ adventure highlights with your family.

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Hoi An on the banks of the Thu Bồn River in Vietnam
Best of Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam Tour

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,760

Mysteries are unearthed at the Angkor temples and in old city quarters while spirituality is found in Thai monasteries and local connections. Journeys range from rice paddies to thick jungle, cruising through limestone karst, and drifting through a city. Welcome to the grand highlights of Southeast Asia, a two-week tour of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand. Fly between the iconic destinations to explore with passionate local guides in one of the world’s great travel regions.

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Skyline of Tokyo with Mount Fuji in Japan
Tokyo Tour to Remember: Sushi to Go-Carts

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $4,419

Tokyo is a dynamic, ever-changing city full of endless delights, and this 8-day itinerary features the Japanese capital's notable landmarks and hidden gems. From the tiny bar stalls of Golden Gai to the peace of the Meiji Shrine, discover what makes Tokyo one of the world's most incredible cities.

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Mother and son at Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand
Amazing Family Vacation to Thailand

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,997

Family comes first on this custom tailored family vacation that will take you through the best of Bangkok and its surroundings, meant for anyone and everyone that has ever wanted to whisk the family to a fabulous getaway. Whether you’re in search of wildlife or city life, temples or palaces, museums or boating, this tour has everything that you will need to ensure that the family that travels together laughs together. From the banks of the Chao Phraya River to the glistening ruins in Ayutthaya and the gilded spires of the Palace complex, your family will praise you and your Thailand vacation will relax you, where all you have to do is get up and go.

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Tourists on bamboo boats floating down the Li River between the karsts in Guilin, China
Best of China & Japan in 2 Weeks Itinerary

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,679

Temples wait serenely beneath tree blossom as walls rise and fall far beyond the horizon. Welcome to the best of Japan and China, a two-week tour of immersive history, iconic culture, and incredible nature. Tokyo, Hakone, Kyoto, Beijing, Xian, Guilin, Shanghai are destinations that are enshrined in legend and yours to explore. Both of these countries offer an engaging adventure as the modern meets the ancient, leaving you two incredible cultures that will command your senses and your interest.

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Whiskey library at Yamazaki Distillery in Japan
Spirits of Japan Tour

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $9,095

The spirit of Japan will welcome you as you sample marvelous flavor in the pursuit of perfection during your exclusive 13-day Japan culinary tour. Indulge in a celebration of smooth single malt whiskey and coveted three Michelin-starred restaurants serving mouthwatering sushi. Discover a passion for creation, a dedication to artisanship, and a mastery of skill for an unparalleled gastronomic experience sampling spirits, sushi, and Japanese culture.

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Woman lounging in an infinity pool at a luxury resort in Bali, Indonesia
A Perfect Bali Vacation Package

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,075

Bali will awaken your senses to the wonders of the landscape, the beauty of culture, and the welcoming waters of the Indian Ocean on your 8-day custom Bali vacation. Your journey encompasses the excitement of exploration and the comforts of luxury accommodations. Powdery white sand clings to your skin along the beach while rice paddy fields glow emerald beneath the tropical sun. Intricate stone carvings adorn cave walls and shrines connoting demons and deities. From coral reefs to mountaintop temples, breathtaking waterfalls to elegant cuisine, the splendor of Bali will open your eyes to unforgettable experiences.

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Best of Indochina Tour: Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,271

Let yourself be introduced to the stunning landscapes and remarkable history of Southeast Asia on this custom tailored tour through Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. From ancient temples of the Angkor complex that are decorated with tremendous carved detail and grand size, to the natural caves that wind deep into the mountains of Vietnam, on this tour you will find the culture of hill tribes and the historic ruins of emperors. Whether strolling along French Colonial architecture or hearing monks chant at sunrise you will gather unforgettable memories within your time in Southeast Asia.

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Everlasting Memories of Japan: Culture, History, and New Discoveries Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,631

From cityscapes that shimmer brightly throughout the day and night to towns that have been imbued with history and tradition, Japan’s bewildering blend of antiquity and modernity is revealed during this curated 12-day tour of Tokyo and Kyoto. Every step of the way and every minute will prove to be picturesque and culturally rewarding, bringing you closer to the heart of Japan than you could have ever imagined.

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Perfect Maldives Vacation: Island Escapes and Pristine Beaches

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $10,863

Experience supreme luxury and delightful attention during your 11-day Maldives vacation. From clear azure waters to lush tropical forest, overwater bungalows to private island escapes, you can delight in the opulent spirit of secluded islands. As you embrace the perfect island retreat, you will bask in the serene ambiance or discover exciting excursions that bring your surroundings into a new light.

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15-Day Golden Triangle with Vineyard Tour

15 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,415

India is a traveler's dream destination, combining architectural history with culinary culture, sensational wines with exquisite countryside views, and bustling cityscapes with rural charms that you can enjoy on this 15-day exploration from New Delhi to Aurangabad. Discover the heritage of prestigious landmarks including the Taj Mahal, enter the caves of Aurangabad, and sip on vintages produced from Nashik’s award-winning vineyards during this curated and customizable vacation.

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Japan Tour of Picturesque Nature, Imperial Glory, and Cultural Depth

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $8,445

Whether you are wandering the vibrant districts of Tokyo or tracing back the samurai eras in Osaka, Japan is a historical destination you will be absorbed by during this 13-day tour. Every destination along the way oozes cultural character and presents magnificent traditional experiences that will showcase the heritage of the Japanese people and their distinct way of life, providing a new perspective through which to see the world.

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Luxury Japan Highlights Vacation: Serenity and Discovery

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $20,197

No trip to Japan is complete without a visit to the coast, and this 14-day tour will present you with the best of this island country. Delicious seafood, warm hospitality, and magnificent vistas are yours while you make your way from Tokyo to Kanazawa with a blend of leisure time and guided explorations.

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Culinary Journey of a Lifetime to Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia

20 Day Custom Tour

Indulge in diverse flavors and embrace luxury during your ultimate culinary tour of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia. From secret island getaways to imperial delights, the cuisine that reveals the history of where regional flavors meet French technique, you will discover and experience the endless treasures of local gastronomy across Southeast Asia. You can find traditional recipes and contemporary aesthetics, private multi-course meals, and organic farming perspectives to uncover surprising diversity and fabulous elegance during your culinary trip of a lifetime through Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

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Quintessential Highlights of Bhutan One-Week Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

Bhutan has always followed its own path, and this week-long adventure explores its cultural and natural highlights. Hiking to Tiger’s Nest Monastery, meeting with artisans and monks, immersing yourself in the Himalayas, and visiting intricate dzongs showcase the country’s beautiful diversity. Without the hassles of multi-day road journeys, this private tour will provide you with the ultimate exploration of Bhutan.

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Visions of the Past: Sri Lankan Heritage & History Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,859

Follow in the footsteps of kings and colonial powers during your custom tailored historical tour of Sri Lanka. Ancient monasteries hide within mountainous boulders, and Dutch colonial architecture overlooks the golden shoreline. Elephants graze on the plains and bathe in the reservoirs and represent the strong connection of current culture to ancient heritage. Pilgrims join a morning procession to reach their favored religious temple and markets abound with enchanting aromas and vibrant colors. Indulge in the power of the past and embrace the splendors of antiquity during your luxurious discovery of Sri Lanka.

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India’s Golden Triangle Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,555

On this elite personalized India tour, you will experience the splendor of color, the marvels of culture, the grandeur of architecture, and depth of history. Venture beyond the Golden Triangle to see the expanse of luxury and landscape. Striations of color drape the Taj Mahal at sunset, reflecting dark red and rich purple. The Pink City of Jaipur fills with a celebratory spirit year-round. Ancient history rises out of Delhi’s parks and gardens. Lake Pichola mirrors Udaipur’s pristine palaces. Discover the extravagance of India’s cities and countryside proving all that glitters can be better than gold.

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Best of India and Nepal Vacation

17 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,310

Chants echo through a Buddhist monastery and colors shimmer across the Taj Mahal as the Himalayas rise and the great Mughal cities refuse to fall. From astonishing monuments to intimate local experiences, this 17-day handcrafted tour will explore the cultural and the spiritual heartlands. Indulge your senses and create your own perceptions as you explore two countries with a heritage that is still incredibly vibrant in the 21st century.

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Sublime Grand Asia Tour: Japan, South Korea, and China

17 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $24,526

Covering unforgettable experiences across Asia, from Japan to South Korea and China, this extravagantly luxurious 17-day tour will share what makes this sought-after slice of the world so special. From the many tantalizing culinary delicacies to the documented heritage highlights, there is nothing left behind on this curated grand discovery of Asia, as you are treated to decadent moments every step of the way.

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Travel Tips for Your Asia Trip
How many countries are in Asia?

Asia is a large and diverse continent of 48 countries covering more than 17 million square miles. Each country has a distinctive history, a variety of cultures, and a specific heritage, adding to the national identity often shaped by the local landscapes. Countries you can visit in Asia on trips designed by our travel specialists include:

When is the best time to visit Asia?

The best time to visit Asia varies by region due to the continent's diverse climates and seasons, though April to early June and December to February offer the best conditions in most destinations.

For Northern Asia, April to early June are the best months to avoid the tropical rains. This window is perfect for exploring Japan, China, and South Korea. For South and Southeast Asia, the best months are December through February, when monsoons have ended and temperatures are comfortable. Places like India, Thailand, and Vietnam are excellent to visit during this time of the year.

While these are some of the best months, each season has its own charm and advantages. Whether traveling as a family to the Maldives in December or touring Northern Vietnam in June, we can help you find the right month for your trip.

Where should I visit in Asia?

From the traditional cities of Japan to the beaches of Bali, the ancient history in India to the temples of Cambodia, here are a few of the best places to visit in Asia:

  • Tokyo, Japan: Both modern and futuristic, Tokyo is a thrilling city filled with iridescent light shows and hidden neighborhoods blanketed in quiet, where local cooks are as celebrated as celebrity chefs, and shopping is as exciting as visiting historic temples.
  • Phuket, Thailand: The largest island in Thailand, Phuket offers a tropical paradise for every type of traveler, whether looking for adventure with a waterfall trek or eager to relax on the white-sand beaches, interested in the cuisine of the night market or ready for perfect snorkeling.
  • Hanoi, Vietnam: Surprisingly glamorous and endlessly charming, Hanoi is a cultural treasure brimming with museums and temples, shrines and restaurants, where a traditional water puppet show can mesmerize you as much as the French influence in the Old Quarter.
What should I do in Asia?

From indulging in the cuisine to sailing emerald waters, here are some of the top things to do in Asia during your trip:

  • Sample traditional recipes during private cooking classes demonstrating the differences between national, regional, and hyper-local flavors
  • Cruise along the different waters around the continent, from exceptional seas decorated with karsts to the rushing waters of the Mekong River
  • Admire the soft sands and rolling waves along Asia’s most famous beaches as you relax on the shores or find tantalizing restaurants serving mouthwatering seafood
Is Asia safe?

It is safe to travel to Asia.

As with any country, petty thefts can happen, so it’s important to use caution and common sense when in popular tourist cities or at crowded attractions.

Your travel specialist and local guides offer more guidance on ways to stay safe and comfortable for a stress-free Asia trip.

What are your most popular Asia itineraries?

The best Asia itinerary will focus on your preferences and travel goals. You may prefer a week on the beach in Bali with a trip into the highlands, or you might want to travel through the Nepalese countryside.

Whether you prefer to lounge on a tropical beach in Thailand or indulge in traditional Sri Lanka recipes, discover Japanese whiskey, or traverse historic Cambodian architecture, our best Asia itineraries allow you to customize each day to create your best journey.

What else should I know about how to plan a trip to Asia?

Explore more information and inspiration in our Asia travel guide.

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