Bhutan Tour of the Paro Valley's Tigers Nest Monastery
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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Allison in Sri Lanka

Allison's Travel Agency


 Based on 19 reviews

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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Cheryl G.
Submitted on 2.10.2020

This travel company provided us with an amazing trip 38 day trip to India. The travel agent met with us several times to tailor the trip to our interests. She provide a personal touch that we have not experienced with most other travel agents. We had some really unique experiences. Our trip took us north and south with, for the most part, excellent guides. Our drivers were exceptional and we really felt well cared for. I would not hesitate to recommend the travel company.

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Travel agent Jay in India

Jay's Travel Agency


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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Jessica M.
Submitted on 9.20.2021

Our travel specialist did a great job in working with us during a difficult time of traveling! COVID-19 certainly provided a lot of roadblocks and extra hassles, but they were able to help us go on a wonderful vacation in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. They did a good job of checking in with us and arranging our COVID-19 tests. The driver and the activities they picked were very good, fit our needs, and there was a great mix of different things in our itinerary that we liked. We also loved our accommodation options. Overall we had a great vacation!Some things that could use improvement: Attention to detail- there were some things that were overlooked. For example, their travel contract clearly said we were responsible to get our own country tourist visas. We used another service to help us with this and when there were delays, our travel specialist seemed upset. When we reached out to them, they said that was a mistake and they were doing our visas and the hold-up was on us because we had used another agency to help us with the visas. Very frustrating communication. We had given them our passport and other information months before the trip. I am a US service member and was deployed and did not have access to email at that time- I usually am on top of details like my passport expiring, but this was an unusual circumstance. We then found out two weeks before our trip was set to leave that my passport expired 5.5 months after our trip and we almost were not able to take the vacation- we then had to rush to get a passport. This is why we pay a travel agent to have an eye for detail and the way in which our travel specialist responded to this issue was less than ideal. During the vacation, we had no scheduled lunches. Every day we had breakfast at the hotel, and dinner was planned at a hotel, but during the day we would sometimes wait a very long time before we were able to have our driver find a place for us to eat. Definitely something that should be considered for the next trip.

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Travel agent Ravi in Nepal

Ravi's Travel Agency


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Sri Lanka

Verified Review

Bianca E.
Submitted on 3.9.2020

The travel company surpassed any other tour experience I’ve had in the past. The field supervisor and driver drove 11 hours to meet me when I first arrived just to reassure me that all was impeccably a organized and that I could rely on the company to provide this level of personal attention. The company presented me with a complete packet that contained hotel vouchers, airline tickets, a map of India, and a pamphlet that detailed my entire trip of 21/2 weeks of extensive travel. I continued to receive personal communication and attention at every step of my trip. As a single older woman traveling alone to India, this travel company took the best care of details to ensure I was well taken care of in terms of safety/providing me with excellent, attentive drivers who spoke fluent English, meeting me at each airport with a company representative who went over next day schedules and provided me with any vouchers or tickets I needed; providing hotels that were works of art in themselves, arranging informative local guides, and giving me a comprehensive tour of India. I learned many details pertaining to various cultures and religions of India as they arranged for me to see several ceremonies. I started at Udaipur and traveled to the Pakistan border and ended in Dharamshala at the Himalayas. The company did everything to make this memorable journey possible!! I highly recommend them to all. 

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Travel agent Tsering in Bhutan

Tsenrig's Travel Agency


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Verified Review

Catherine F.
Submitted on 10.14.2017

It was  very easy to organise the trip and the itinerary via email with our travel agent. He had some great ideas of fun things we could do and guided me towards what routes would fit best.On arrival in Bhutan we had a fantastic guide and driver. They  took fantastic care of us, provided us with lots  of information on the country and were great fun the whole time!Couldn't have asked for a better trip,  thanks so much to  everyone at  this travel company for arranging it!

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Featured Reviews

India, Nepal, Bhutan & Bangladesh Trip Review: UNESCO Ellora Caves, 5-Week Tour


Andre B.
Jan 06, 2020
The company is amazing! They are always available on an app. All the guides and drivers are very professional. 

Bhutan & Nepal Vacation Review: Hiking Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhaktapur & Patan Durbar Squares, Hilltop Buddha Overlooking Thimphu


Richard S.
Nov 19, 2019
Our trip was truly amazing! This travel agency provided us with excellent guides and lodging. They did a good job tailoring our itinerary to our wants and needs.

China, Nepal, Bhutan, Nepal & South Korea Review, Meeting Locals, Walking the Cities


Kenneth M.
Aug 12, 2019
The trip was very well organized. Becase of the countiries I visited, having to arrange visas and travel permits would have been extremely difficult to setup by myself.This is an excellent example of using a conpany like this tour company to schedule a full itinerary with guides, hotels, and tours to make sure you get the most out of your vacation time.

Luxury Nepal, Bhutan & China Tour Review: Temples, Culture & Scenery


Linda E.
May 19, 2019
This travel team's staff was very flexible, responsive and professional.

Vacation Review: Nepal & Bhutan, Kathmandu, Chitwan District, Pokhara, People & Culture, Annapurna Mountain Range At Sunrise


Stephen W.
Mar 22, 2019

Probably had the most outstanding trip of my life with this travel company and Zicasso.  All guides were fantastic and look after every detail.  The quality of the hotels were very impressive even though we booked at the comfort level and not the luxury level.  Made me wonder what the luxury level would be.  There was flexibility, surprises, and upgrades that just added that much more.  Loved it.

Bhutan Travel Agent Review, Bumthang District, Chele La Pass, Locals, Flora & Fauna


sue w.
Feb 27, 2019

The travel company exceeded my expectations in every respect.  Every detail and request was met. My guide and drivers were knowledgeable in flora, fauna, geography, history.  They were passionate about their country and it was contagious..

Review: Luxury Tour of Laos, Bhutan & Thailand, Culture & History, Hiking


maria a.
Oct 15, 2018

Our travel company contact was 100% hands on during our three week trip through Bhutan, Laos and Thailand.  When changes to our itinerary were needed, she contacted her colleagues on-site and ensured changes were done to our liking.  

Review: Solo Trip to Nepal, Bhutan & Cambodia, Siem Reap, Kathmandu, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bumthang Valley, Biking


David L.
Jul 28, 2018

This travel agency is based in Siem Reap, Cambodia and run by an American as well as talented Cambodian staff. It was planned relatively late compared to the departure date as a solo trip because a previous trip taken with my spouse got interrupted and I had some extra time.

The bottom line is that I was very happy with the trip and would gladly use them to plan travel to this region again. Below, I describe more specifics about my view of their services, including one preventable hiccup. Despite this one glitch (that was far from a major tragedy), it was a terrific and memorable trip with high-quality accommodations, guides, and planning.


The hotels they suggested in each place were excellent choices. The hotel in Kathmandu was a historic and interesting building with character but also had all the mod cons and was an oasis in a very chaotic and dusty city. In central Bhutan, the choices are more limited but the places they picked fit my needs and budget well and were fine for me. I loved the hotel in Siem Reap. Amazing service and luxury in a central location.

Guides and Drivers

The guides and drivers in all places were very good to super. I had been to Bhutan before. The country has first-class guides and my guide was even better than the guide on my previous trip. Just a really nice guy who did his best to show me an area of his country that was new to me. He was very good at organizing yet also able and happy to fit in additional stops on the fly, assuming they were feasible. The guide and the driver also found very good places to eat - a big improvement over my travels 10 years ago. It was an honor to stop and have our picnic lunch at the home of my very kind and good driver. On our more difficult hike, they were extremely patient and very helpful with this in-shape American 50-year old who isn't quite used to the air or such steep uphill climbs.

My guide in Cambodia was also excellent. Both he and the driver showed and taught me more about their country, as well as giving good advice when I wanted to spend some time navigating Siem Reap on my own. A real highlight was when a Khmer-American who is an expert on Angkor gave me a tour and accompanied me to lunch afterward.

The guide in Nepal was fine, though not quite as fluent in English. He was a bit younger, though still knew a lot, and it was interesting to get a youthful perspective on the country. The car was a relatively aged Fiat but in good condition and the driver was excellent. My impression is that Nepal is a bit more difficult for tourism and I didn't see tons of other tourists going around in massively better vehicles (car import taxes are extreme) or with better guides. Like all of my guides, he took far better photos with my camera than me (and he was thrilled to play with it).

Itinerary and Responsiveness

Originally, I had thought of going to Laos but was happy they steered me to Nepal instead. It was a whole lot more interesting than I expected - I was more keen in Nepali history and culture than trekking. I'm glad I went because it was both interesting and fit in well with the rest of my itinerary as Kathmandu is one of the places you can stop at on the way to Bhutan.

The itinerary was generally put together very well. The amount of time in each place was really just right. I had been concerned that I would not have enough time in Bhutan's Bumthang Valley but they got it exactly right and the plan was very good.

There was only one major hiccup. I had expressed concern about spending a night in Nagarkot, a hill town in the Kathmandu Valley, with great views of the Himalaya because the smog in the valley prevents views in the season I was traveling according to Lonely Planet. Unfortunately, Lonely Planet was right in this case as the smog killed all views even in fine morning weather. Getting to the hotel also proved one of the more unpleasant and long car journeys. The ride back turned out much better, as we broke it up by visiting Bhaktipur before returning to Kathmandu.

I was pleased they left appropriate (but not ridiculously long) amounts of time for flight changes within Asia, as this prevented worries over making flights and gave me time to store and to retrieve a bag with souvenirs in the Bangkok Airport (very easy, btw). When I was able to take an earlier flight to Siem Reap, they arranged to have me picked up at that flight with no problem at all.

Additionally, during the planning stage, the agency was very responsive to my wishes yet also good at making suggestions and explaining alternatives. My travel agents kindly hosted me to a fun high tea in Siem Reap.

Review: Bhutan Tour, Tiger's Nest Monastery, Temple Tours, Hiking, Local Culture


Robyn M.
Jul 05, 2018

The trip was excellent. We had so much fun and saw so much. Our guide was very informative, spoke great English, and answered all our questions. It was such a great view into the culture of Bhutan and of course a tour of the natural beauty of the country.

Travel Review: Family Tour of India, Nepal & Bhutan, Bhuran, Ladakh, Nature & Culture


Raja K.
Jun 04, 2018

The travel agency was fantastic and attentive.  They were always in contact looking for ways to improve our trip (there really weren't any).  All in all 5 stars. 

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