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Break free from the typical European vacation and embrace the abundant charm that flows through Portugal. Admire narrow cobblestone streets that compose the historic cities, charming countryside villages frozen in time, and a culture that never ceases to be genuine. Discover a new perspective of Portugal with an 8-day itinerary from Zicasso.

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Eight Day Portugal Itineraries

Portugal 8 Day Itinerary at a Glance

Choosing Portugal as the destination of your 8-day tour is easy, but when it comes to deciding what to see and explore, the abundance of options can be overwhelming. From strolling down the cobblestone streets in Porto to delving into Lagos’ majestic natural caves, this 8-day Portugal tour will show you why so many travelers choose to return to Portugal for a second vacation.

Most visitors find that the Portuguese are easy-going and friendly to foreigners. Those who live in the northern cities, such as Porto, are known to be a bit more reserved. As for Portugal’s southern regions, such as Algarve, the Portuguese are considered to be much more laid-back.

The Portuguese dress similarly to other western countries. In larger cities, the style of dress is more formal and modern than the more remote and rural areas of Portugal.

Travelers can look forward to witnessing and partaking in the festivities of many villages and cities that occur throughout the year, including festivals that honor a variety of Catholic Saints.


Portugal consists of seven regions: Northern Portugal, Central Portugal, Lisbon, the Alentejo Region, Algarve, Madeira Island, and the Azores.

Northern Portugal is where Porto and the famous Douro Valley are located. This region is known for its lush valleys and its award-winning wines. The ruins of several Celtic settlements and medieval castles can also be found here.

Central Portugal is marked by majestic mountains and gorgeous coastlines. The area is also known for Queijo da Serra cheese.

Lisbon and its surrounding area provides visitors with the gems of modern marvels and ancient treasures. Two of the most noteworthy and popular destinations in this region include the Tagus River and the town of Cascais.

The Alentejo Region is beloved for its lovely scenery and delicious cuisine. Visitors can look forward to joyful sunflower fields and sprawling olive groves. The region is also home to an award-winning wine.

The Algarve area offers visitors unmatched beauty by way of gorgeous beaches, plenty of sunshine, and a wealth of outdoor activities, including golf.

Madeira Island boasts beautiful scenery and an ideal climate. The island is known for its amazing hiking trails and warm water, and its residents welcome visitors with open arms.

The Azores are several small islands that are clustered together in the middle of the Atlantic. Known for their untouched beauty, visitors to this area can look forward to volcanic craters, steaming sulfur vents, and thermal pools.


Both March and mid-June and between mid-September and mid-to-late November allow visitors to avoid the worst heat of the summertime in Portugal. During the autumn season, Portugal’s famous harvest season is in full swing, allowing visitors to partake in all of the associated festivities. During this time, temperatures average between 62° and 75° Fahrenheit. The northern regions of Portugal host cooler temperatures than the southern regions, but the winters in the northern regions can be wet. Throughout Portugal, the winter typically experiences unpredictable weather but still hosts a somewhat mild climate; however, the nights during the winter can get close to freezing.


Portugal has roughly 11 million residents, and the majority of them live on the coast. Lisbon and its surrounding area is the largest city in Portugal and boasts an estimated two million residents. Portugal’s next largest city is Porto, which has one million people.


Nearly 80% of Portugal identifies as Roman Catholic. The rest of the population identifies as a mixture of faiths, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.


Portuguese is Portugal’s official language, but Mirandese is also spoken in some areas of the country. In Portugal, you will mostly hear Portuguese, although some residents can speak and understand English.


Portugal’s official currency is the Euro, and ATMs are readily available throughout Portugal. Although the majority of vendors accept credit cards, it is always wise to carry Euros.

Where to Visit in 8 Days

Portugal is a picturesque country of spectacular scenery, storied history, and cultural wonders that you can explore. The ideal itinerary for an 8-day Portugal tour typically begins with two days in Porto. Here, you can wander among cobblestone streets, indulge in Portuguese cuisine, and peruse charming neighborhoods. A full day of exploring the wine region of the Douro Valley and a day of cruising down the Douro River can follow.

Two full days to explore the capital city of Lisbon’s renowned landmarks and traditional cuisine can provide you with a comfortable immersion into the country’s capital before you explore the enchanting city of Evora. Lagos’ natural caves and the stunning beaches of the southern coast can conclude this 8-day Portugal tour.

Best Time to Visit Portugal

The best time to visit Portugal for this 8-day Portugal tour is between March and mid-June or mid-September and mid-to-late November. The autumn season is often the preferred of these two seasons because temperatures typically fall in the mid-70s Fahrenheit. Autumn is also Portugal’s harvest season, which is when the northern regions usher in their world-famous wine season.

For visitors who want to spend time on Portugal’s beaches, the warmer months of July to September is a great time to visit. Portugal’s southernmost regions or its islands, such as the Algarve, the Azores, or Madeira, offer beachgoers a warm place to relax; however, summer represents Portugal’s peak travel season, so if you are traveling to the country during this time, you should expect to experience crowds. Late-April and early-June also are good times to visit Portugal because it allows you to avoid the summer heat and the crowds of tourists that are known to flock to Portugal’s southern coast in the summer. Spring and autumn also offer travelers mild weather for enjoying outdoor activities, such as golfing or taking a hike.

Essential Experiences in Portugal

Portugal offers visitors an endless amount of unforgettable experiences, making it challenging for some to decide what to see and do during their 8-day tour. To help you make the most of your time in Portugal, we provide the following three experiences that we deem as essential:

Visit the Ancient City of Evora

  • You can explore the ancient wonders of Evora and take a private tour of the historical gems of the walled city.

Explore Lagos and Its Natural Caves

  • Lagos’ natural caves will amaze you if you partake in a  private sail to Ponta da Piedade.

Discover the Delights of Porto and the Douro Valley

  • You can step back in time and discover Porto’s cobblestone streets and charming cafes. You can also sample the rich wines that are made in the Douro Valley.

Travel Considerations


March and mid-June and mid-September to mid-to-late November are great times to visit Portugal because the weather is mild, and fall marks the height of harvest season. During this period, Portugal holds many festivals and celebrations. The country’s award-winning wines are also at their peaks. Visiting Portugal during this window of time also allows travelers to avoid the heat of the summer months. The winter in the northernmost regions of Portugal can be relatively wet.


While you are visiting Portugal, transportation is an important factor to consider. Portugal has a wide variety of public transportation options, such as trains, buses, and tram systems. Such modes of transit may be stressful or overwhelming for foreigners. Public transportation is also more limited and sparse in rural areas.

Renting a vehicle is also a valid option when visiting Portugal, especially when traveling to the outer islands or more rural areas of the country. If you are planning to choose this mode of transportation, you should be aware that navigating the narrow Portugal streets can prove to be troublesome for some visitors.

Luckily, when you are traveling to Portugal for your 8-day tour, Zicasso eliminates every one of these possible hassles by handling your transportation needs for you. Zicasso will arrange private transfers between all destinations.


As you prepare for your 8-day tour, packing light can make a huge difference and enable you to move with ease between destinations. Such decisions can make your journey much more enjoyable. The following information will help you as you prepare for your 8-day tour.

Weather Considerations

As Portugal’s weather can be unpredictable, travelers should be prepared for any type of weather. Therefore, we recommend packing a range of attire. We provide some items that are beneficial to include in a packing list:

  • Walking shoes
  • Light rain jacket
  • Warm socks
  • T-shirts
  • Light pants or jeans
  • Shorts
  • Shirts (a mix of short and long-sleeved)
  • Swim and beachwear
  • Hat/visor
  • Sunglasses
  • All necessary toiletries and cosmetics

If you are traveling to Portugal during the winter or wet season, we advise that you pack more long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, or jackets than the above list reflects.

Electrical Considerations

Portugal uses Type C and Type F outlets, which operate at 220 volts.

Pharmaceutical Considerations

Throughout Portugal, pharmacies are abundant. It is still wise for travelers to pack all necessary items to be safe, including any medications that you take.

Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

Flights Via Zicasso

Zicasso Air Desk is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation by employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso. Our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 Service & Support, and Complimentary Consultation of Routing vs. Pricing with an Expert Flight Specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Travel Documents

Making sure that you bring all of your necessary travel documents is vital. This will eliminate any hassles along the way. Planning ahead by having the below paperwork will ensure that your trip goes seamlessly:

  • Personal medical information
  • Pertinent information regarding any condition(s) from your doctor, especially any medication you are taking
  • Emergency contact information
  • Passport
  • Visa, if necessary
  • Proof of airline tickets and reservations
  • Customs forms and documents
  • Hotel or accommodation reservations
  • Travel and medical insurance

Your Zicasso travel specialist will provide you with the specific requirements that you will need during your trip; however, the ultimate responsibility always lies with the traveler to ensure that everything is in order. As travel requirements sometimes change without notice, it is wise to stay updated as your trip approaches.

Finances & Tipping

Portugal has ATMs throughout the country, and the official currency is the Euro. While most vendors accept credit cards, it is still wise to carry at least some Euros with you at all times. It would also be smart to reach out to your credit card company to inform them of your upcoming travels.

You should be aware that most vendors are not hagglers or barterers in Portugal. Tipping is not expected, but it is certainly appreciated. For further specifics on appropriate amounts, your Zicasso travel specialist will happily provide more specific guidelines.

Safety & Accessibility of Resources

Portugal is known for being one of the safest countries in Europe. Regardless, it is always wise to exercise caution when traveling to any destination.

Crime Rate

Portugal’s crime rates are very low. The nation is currently ranked 13th among the world's safest countries, and most crime is limited to a few isolated neighborhoods. While traveling, the primary issue that you should be aware of are pickpockets on public transportation and in crowded areas.

Medical & First Aid

Even though abundant pharmacies can be found in Portugal, you should still pack all of your necessities, including any medications.

Water & Food Safety

Portugal is a modern country, and visitors do not need to exercise any specific precautions regarding food and water safety.

Travel with Zicasso

When planning a luxury vacation, every detail matters, which is why our approach is different. We will match you with leading travel specialists who are the most qualified to make your dream trip happen. They know their country better than anyone, and each travel specialist in Zicasso’s network is among the finest travel agents and tour operators, comprising of the top tier of the industry. Experience the wonder of an exceptional itinerary crafted just for you.

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