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At Zicasso, we specialize in making Italy travel for seniors the most comfortable and convenient experience possible. From private transportation and ideal accommodations to private tours at the perfect pace, our travel specialists will assist you throughout your trip to deliver the most extraordinary vacation.

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Get inspired with our sample trips below. Let our travel specialists customize a trip just for you.

Explore the ancient Roman city of Pompeii, near Naples

A Serene Senior’s Tour of Southern Italy and Sicily

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,920

Discover the breathtaking towns, stunning landscapes, and the delicious cuisine of Southern Italy and Sicily during this amazing week-long vacation crafted especially for seniors. Exclusive experiences and private tours await at every destination as you uncover the history, culture, and ideal lifestyle of the area. Wander through the historic streets of Palermo, venture to the majestic island of Capri, and experience the fascinating city of Pompeii.

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Wonderful view of the Positano promenade in Italy

One-Week Amalfi Coast Senior Vacation

7 Day Custom Tour

From $1,920

Enjoy a taste of Italy’s sweet life during your customizable tour of the Amalfi Coast for seniors, highlighting the natural marvels and cultural splendors around the Bay of Naples. Indulge in gorgeous scenery and enjoy the immersive heritage, divine cuisine, fascinating history, and stunning architecture. Unwind at an organic orchard that offers insight into the lush flavors of the giant, local lemons. Embrace the sensational views of the coastline from a cliff-top trail that overlooks radiant water. Wander ancient streets, following in the footsteps of Roman citizens for an active exploration of the authentic charms of Italy and the Amalfi Coast.

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Villa Giovanelli along the Brenta Canal in Veneto, Italy

Italy Vacation for Seniors: Rome to Venice

12 Day Custom Tour

From $3,295

The cultural and historical Italian Peninsula becomes an open-air museum filled with enchanting flavors and captivating stories that will enrich the deep corners of the cities, towns, and countryside during your personalized senior tour of Italy. The charm spreads from Rome to Venice, Florence to Verona accentuating the restored marvels of ancient life and the majesty of Renaissance works propelling Western Europe from the Middle Ages. Treasures glow in the sunlight revealing works by Giotto and Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini. Discover traditional flavors and enjoy the local flare of Italy’s most fascinating destinations.

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Prosciutto di Parma served at a restaurant in Italy

Food and Nature Tour: Bologna to Florence in 12 Days

12 Day Custom Tour

From $4,915

Travel to Italy for the love of food and nature on this tailored 12-day tour from Bologna to Florence. Embrace the culinary delicacies made famous worldwide as you taste Italy's finest dishes and produce, from sensational cheeses to delightful truffle-infused creations. Along the way, encounter the majesty of the Tuscan countryside and admire the Renaissance influence that remains so prevalent across Italy’s quiet, medieval towns.

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Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Joys of Rome and Southern Italy Itinerary for Seniors

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,995

Whether a lover of art and history, mythology or culture, you will find the majesty of it all as you tour Rome and the Amalfi Coast during your exclusive Italy itinerary for the senior traveler. The treasures of the Vatican span millennia with works displayed that are entangled with the past as the prestige of gladiatorial heroes emanates from the walls of the Colosseum.  The peak of Mount Vesuvius continues to linger above ancient Pompeii as lemon groves overtake the terraced ridges along the coast outside of Amalfi. Your customizable itinerary for seniors will embody the warmth of Italy and provide a masterful exploration of Rome and the Amalfi coast.

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Siena in Tuscany, Italy

Perfect Italy Vacation for Senior Travelers

17 Day Custom Tour

From $4,245

The sights of Italy abound with mystery and legend throughout the breathtaking odes to history. Begin with Da Vinci in Milan, and then explore Michelangelo in Florence and the Vatican, continue to Assisi, Venice, Pisa, and Siena.  See Signorelli’s frescoes, Brunelleschi’s Dome and Bernini’s baroque, the canals of Venice and Bellagio on Lake Como. All of these are just the start on this handcrafted sightseeing tour for seniors as you will delve beneath the surface with expert guides to living the history that is often felt far beyond what any words can explain.

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Ancient theater in Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Best of Sicily and Southern Italy Tour for Seniors

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

Uncover the legends and immerse yourself in the history of Southern Italy. Spend a week in Sicily and a week on the mainland, hopping between three millennia of ruins, cultures, cities, and charms. Authentic local experiences mix with grand historical remains and plenty of coastlines, with just about every major European civilization having a role to play. Handcrafted for senior travelers who seek to both explore and experience, this is an in-depth tour full of fascinating details.

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Vernazza in the Cinque Terre, Italy

Highlights of Northern Italy Vacation for Seniors

13 Day Custom Tour

From $3,245

Northern Italy is a land of culture and charm, where wonders are draped along the water, and the atmosphere is always relaxed. When you want to take it slow on vacation, this is where you come. Handcrafted for senior travelers, this luxury tour spends three nights in each of four exceptional destinations: Rome, Bologna, Cinque Terre, and Lake Maggiore. Travel with a leisurely pace to discover the art, history, food, and tradition as you take in all of the legendary sights.

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Sailboats at sunset around the beautiful island of Ponza in Italy

Pontine Islands, Ischia and South of Naples Sailing Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

Spectacular vistas and attentive service will be your constant companions on this 7-night cruise through the coastal paradise of Italy's Pontino and Phlegraean islands. From Ponza to Capri, hop your way between islands that engage with local culture and enjoy the delights of authentic cuisine. By the time the sun sets on your tour, you will have memories that are missed by many that never leave the mainland.

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Tortellini en Brodo in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Italy Food & Culture Tour for Seniors: Turin to Bologna

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

History and culture surface through traditional cuisine and celebrated wine during your personalized senior tour of Italy. Indulge in the exceptional flavors and the local specialties of Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. Savor the distinct taste of white truffles, craft the elegant stuffed shells of tortellini pasta, and experience the excitement of driving a Ferrari on a search for authentic heritage spanning more than two millennia. From forested countryside to magnificent medieval towers and charming city skylines, travel from Turin to Bologna for an immersive tour at your pace indulging in passionate history, flavorful cuisine, and captivating tradition.

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Villa on Lake Como, Italy

VIP Tour of Italy: A Signature Experience

16 Day Custom Tour

From $9,595

This is Italy with no-holds barred, an excursion of such incomparable luxury that it beggars description. Private tours of the Vatican Museum and after-hours visits to Venice’s St. Mark’s Basilica. Exclusive cruises along the famed Amalfi Coast and once-in-a-lifetime excursions to Bologna and St. Moritz. The biggest suites in five-star hotels and dinner at restaurants with multiple Michelin stars. Whatever your inclinations, this tour comes down to five words: Go big or go home.

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Ravello is one of the most beautiful towns on the Amalfi Coast, surrounded by mountains, Italy

Historic Cities to Treasured Coastline of Italy Tour: Rome, Naples & Sorrento

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,745

The sea charms you with layers of indigo and azure colors brushing against the small stretch of beach. Mountains encircle the enchanting and secluded coastal town. You can sit on the balcony and watch fishing boats roll into the marina, hold your partner’s hand, and indulge in the scenery with a glass of wine. Your Italy tour to Rome, Naples, and Sorrento is handmade to offer the romance of antiquity and amorousness of the coastline, ensuring that you can relax in the sights, sounds, and flavors of Italy with the one you love.

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Hidden Beauty Tour of Rome, Venice, and Florence

9 Day Custom Tour


An exploration of the hidden gems of these iconic cities, this 9-day sample tour of Rome, Florence, and Venice presents travelers with a unique cocktail of national pride and regional charm. As you make your way from the bustle of landlocked Rome to the sunny facades of Venice, enjoy luxurious encounters with what is best of each city and form your own memories in cities that have inspired generations.

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Iconic Florence and Venice Tour with Countryside CultureIconic Florence and Venice Tour with Countryside Culture

12 Day Custom Tour


Enjoy the perfect balance of rural charm and urban thrills on this 12-day tour through Tuscany, Umbria, and Venice. Savory cuisine and local wines provide the refreshment. As you make your way through these regions, expert guides will make sure that you experience what is best of each destination, history, and culture you encounter.

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One-Week Amalfi Coast Senior Vacation

7 Day Custom Tour


Enjoy a taste of Italy’s sweet life during your customizable tour of the Amalfi Coast for seniors, highlighting the natural marvels and cultural splendors around the Bay of Naples. Indulge in gorgeous scenery and enjoy the immersive heritage, divine cuisine, fascinating history, and stunning architecture. Unwind at an organic orchard that offers insight into the lush flavors of the giant, local lemons. Embrace the sensational views of the coastline from a cliff-top trail that overlooks radiant water. Wander ancient streets, following in the footsteps of Roman citizens for an active exploration of the authentic charms of Italy and the Amalfi Coast.

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Milan Vacation for Seniors

8 Day Custom Tour


Milan is one of the most fascinating Italian cities. From ancient castles to high-end shopping and delicious cuisine, the city has everything a dream vacation requires. Explore the best of Milan during this 8-day vacation that is designed specifically for seniors. See history come to life at the Milan Cathedral, hear stunning harmonies at the famous La Scala Opera House, and shop for authentic, Italian leather goods at Italy’s oldest shopping mall: Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Discover the nearby areas of Franciacorta and breathtaking Lake Como during exciting day trips. Immerse in the beauty and culture of Milan during this unforgettable vacation that is imbued with unforgettable experiences.

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7-Day Senior’s Tour of Tuscany and Cinque Terre

7 Day Custom Tour


Designed especially for seniors travelers, this incredible 7-day trip allows you to experience the unrivaled beauty and rich history of Tuscany and Cinque Terre. From the art masterpieces in Florence to the famous Leaning Tower in Pisa, discover the best locations in Tuscany before exploring the gorgeous Cinque Terre area. Private tours and experiences in each stunning town immerse you in the fabled lifestyle and culture of this idyllic destination.

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Coast to Coast Tour of Italy for Seniors: Amalfi to Venice

15 Day Custom Tour


The pleasures of an Italian vacation are many thanks to the seaside villages, cobblestone history, grand galleries, and the many relaxing piazzas. The sights here are majestic as you travel to Assisi, Venice, Montecassino, and Pompeii, but it is also the laid-back atmosphere and the everyday indulgence that makes the journey so pleasurable. Handcrafted for senior travelers, this highlights tour will cover both the sights and the authentic Italian experience with overnights in the Amalfi Coast, Rome, Perugia, Viareggio, Florence, and Venice.

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