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Food and wine can be an introduction to a home, a village, a region, a community, or a greater country, and this Food and Wine Travel Guide gives you ideas on how to explore them all.

From learning how to craft a traditional dish to sampling the evolution of a family recipe, tasting the shifting layers of a customary vineyard to exploring the different ways a country embraces a specific market, local flavors are endlessly eye-opening.

You can use our Food and Wine Travel Guide as inspiration to discover the world’s best food and wine destinations.

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Levizzano Rangone in the Province of Modena, Italy
15 Best Food & Wine Destinations in the World
Exploring new and familiar flavors in food and wine is one of travel’s greatest pleasures and can give you lasting memories of trips focused on the world’s best food and wine destinations. From the grandeur...
Vineyards in southwestern France
16 Best Food & Wine Destinations in Europe
Europe is a fascinating collection of culture and heritage, and food and wine tell the story of both past and present in these sixteen best food and wine destinations. History across the continent is...
Crepes on the street in Paris, France
The World’s 12 Best Cities for Street Food
This list offers insight into the 12 best cities for street food, revealing the globe’s depth of culinary delights. The cultural and culinary traditions of a city are spotlighted in street food. Vendors...
hot air balloon over a vineyard in Tuscany, Italy
Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Wine Lover
Our four best wine experiences demonstrate the connections between technique and tradition, innovation and cultural connection. Wine is influenced by subtle details and rooted in fantastic scenery to...
Woman preparing Thai noodle soup Tom Yum on boat in local floating market in Bangkok, Thailand
Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Culinary Traveler
These four food experiences of a lifetime explore the exciting possibilities of the world through flavor and custom, tradition and shared memories, no matter who you are traveling with. Sample the essential...
Pisco Sour
9 Popular Drinks of the World and Where to Try Them
Regional drinks and national cocktails embody the spirit of a country, celebrate its seasonal ingredients, and demonstrate the ingenuity of innovative mixologists, and you can sip on these 9 popular drinks...
 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives.  Photo courtesy of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island
6 Underwater Restaurants of the World
The standout restaurants of the world offer wonders beneath the waves that you can dine in during your trip to find fascinating and rich ecosystems that captivate visitors around the world. Several restaurants...
Three dishes of various Italian foods
Types of Italian Food by Region
The regional foods of Italy have their own distinct ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques, with each specific destination demonstrating its heritage, and it’s here that you can discover, taste,...
Tuscan wild boar ragu with pappardelle pasta
8 Italian Culinary Favorites and How to Explore Them
Italian cuisine is famous throughout the world, and the following information shares eight Italian culinary favorites and how to explore them during your travels in Italy. Whether looking for classic...
10 Most Popular Types of Pasta to Try On Vacation in Italy

Italy is home to thousands of different pasta types to try while you travel, each with their own distinct shapes and flavors that stem from the unique regions found across the peninsula. Italian noodles represent over 300 different pasta shapes, each playing an integral role in the local cuisine and revealing the culinary personality of different regions and their gastronomic heritage.

These pastas have a history that dates back to Marco Polo in the 13th century and myths that trace back their origins to nomadic Arabs who brought noodles to Europe from Central Asia. No matter the origins of Italy’s different varieties of pasta, the noodles have inspired shapes and sizes from the different ingredients that have been available in the various regions.

We have compiled a list of the ten most popular pasta types that you will find in Italian cuisine as you tour the country and savor the delicious local dishes.

12 of the Best Italian Cheeses and Where to Try Them in Italy

Italy produces some of the most famous cheeses in the world and is the third-largest cheese producer in the European Union. The countless flavors, textures, and recipes of Italy’s cheeses derive from all over the country and are made from various animals’ milk, including cows, goats, sheep, and buffalo. While some cheeses are best used in cooking with dishes like lasagna, tortellini, and cacio e Pepe, other cheeses, like Parmigiano Reggiano or Grana Padano, are eaten on their own or as a garnish to elevate dishes. The possibilities are endless with Italian cheeses and the over 450 varieties.

The following list of 12 of the best cheeses to try in Italy unveils the diversity of Italian cheeses, providing an explanation of their particular attributes from flavor to texture, aroma, to common food pairings. It also shares the locations that they are typically produced in, recognized by authenticated labels so that you can plan a trip to specific regions depending on the cheese you wish to try.

14 Most Popular Cured Meats in Italy and Where to Find Them

Cured meats have become a culinary staple across the Italian peninsula to try during your travels. The Italian term for cured meats is salumi, and is differentiated from French charcuterie by the types of meat used, the flavor of the meat, and the specific Italian methods of preparation and preservation.

When visiting a meat deli in any specific region, you will find the country’s renowned salumi on display. The following list offers information on the 14 best types of salumi from across Italy and where you can find each meat during your Italian vacation.

6 Truffle Festivals to Visit During a Vacation in Italy

The Italian truffle season takes place every fall, a brilliant time to visit the country if you wish to participate in truffle hunting tours and take in the array of dazzling truffle festivals that pop up across the Italian peninsula between October and November.

Celebrating the robust flavors of the distinctive truffle varieties in addition to the culinary heritage of Piedmont, Molise, Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia Romagna, and Le Marche, these festivals offer a uniquely Italian experience for you to immerse yourself in during your vacation. The following list shares the top truffle festivals by region to help you plan the route of your Italian truffle hunting tour, and your Zicasso travel specialist can suggest the best routing for your perfect vacation.

A Simple Guide to Wine-tasting in Italy

From wine lovers to gastronomes and agriculturalists, Italian wine is a big deal for people who travel to Italy and having the right travel specialist can ensure your perfect exploration of wines, wineries, and vineyards across the country.

When traveling with Zicasso, we can match you with a local travel specialist with expertise in Italian wines, wine culture, and impressive history.

If you are eager to sample the diverse varietals and complex combinations that are produced around the favored, quiet, and more typical regions of Italy, the following list provides important information for you to experience the ultimate wine-tasting tour.

Top 4 Wine-tasting Regions in Italy

Wine in Italy is a culture all of its own and the top wine-tasting regions provide the perfect introduction to the preserved traditions and evolving techniques you can discover, sample, and enjoy when on a wine tour of Italy.

The culinary culture is mostly directed by certain guidelines, especially when considering the importance of the history and heritage of wine ingrained in Italy’s culture.

From the pleasures of sipping wine with an elaborate view of Mount Etna to the charm of visiting an antique cellar, when visiting the top wine regions of Italy you can discover the spirit of the vine found on the table, in the earth, and within the people of Italy.

Top 4 Tips and Hints for Wine-tasting in Italy

The order in which you taste wine can have a profound impact on the aromas and flavors that you find in each glass, proving the first important tip for any wine-tasting experience during your Italy trip.

While on a tasting tour of wineries, cellars, or vineyards in Italy, your sommelier will serve wines according to certain important rules. By asking questions and keeping an open mind about possible flavor profiles, micro-regions, and more, you may find collective characteristics of a variety of wines you enjoy in order to learn more as you continue to sample new varietals.

These distinctions make it easier to find the essential aromas, layered flavors, and varied weights of the wines you are sampling so you can explore and experience their dynamic characteristics with your preferences in mind.

Top 4 Wine Tasting Experiences in Italy

Italy’s amazing wines can be enjoyed through a variety of tours and experiences, with each new excursion introducing you to another layer of history, heritage, local culture, and distinctive flavor.

Whether discovering the famous hills of Tuscany or searching for an elusive varietal in the northern mountains, enjoying the delicate balance of wine with food, or eager to uncover a lesser-known vineyard, Italy is an essential destination for wine lovers everywhere.

From island vineyards to mainland estates, by enjoying some of the best wine-focused excursions, you can embrace the diversity of delicious variety shaped by culture and geography.

7 Best Places for Food and Wine in Spain

The seven best food and wine regions in Spain are idyllic locations offering picturesque views, tasting rooms, and gourmet restaurants that present some of the world's finest food and wine.

Travel across Spain and unveil scenic beauty that intertwines with charming village squares. Cafes overlook outstanding vineyards and wineries complete a ballet between gorgeous untamed landscape, antique towns, and manicured countryside.

Discover regions bursting with remarkable flavors as you take your time savoring the point at which classic cuisine and delicious wines meet local heritage, complemented by cultural charm and historical sites.

Top 5 Food and Wine Things to Do in Spain

With a wide range of Spain’s landscape dedicated to viticulture, finding unique, picturesque, and essential wine experiences throughout the country is simple and exciting with our top five food- and wine-focused things to do in Spain.

Discover well-known varietals or search for new flavors in historic destinations. Sample distinctive dishes that celebrate the heritage of a local region. With experiences that range from quaint and quiet to loud and lively, you can embrace the charisma of Spain through its wine and cuisine.

Step inside cave-style wine cellars or savor the perfect wine and food combinations on vineyard patios, in sidewalk cafes, and classic tapas bars while using our guide as inspiration to find the right experiences for your personalized Spain trip.

6 Best Wine Regions in Spain

Grab your favorite glass of Spanish red or white as you follow our guide to the six best wine regions in Spain.

Vineyards in areas you may have heard of, others in destinations remote and remarkable, the wine regions of Spain will impress as you indulge in signature favorites and new discoveries. From Riojas to sherry, bold to bubbly, the diversity of flavors captures the spirit and character of a local region.

Said to have the biggest amount of land dedicated to vineyards, Spain’s best wine regions will see you exploring picturesque and charming parts of this classic European country during your custom trip.

6 Best Wine Regions in Switzerland

One of the country’s best-kept secrets, Switzerland boasts a handful of popular and breathtaking wine regions that offer a plethora of varietals and you can explore the six most popular for an unforgettable perspective of the history, culture, and flavors of the mountains.

Wine has been produced in Switzerland since Roman times and locals are loyal to the industry, with a knowledge of local flavors that help them enjoy the majority of production across the country. Classified by the regions in which they are found, a variety of whites and reds offer a stunning array of bodies, tastes, and colors that create an entire world of wines within the micro-climates of the terraced mountains and valleys.

Explore a different side of the exquisite landscape as you savor the six most popular wine regions in Switzerland.

7 Best Wine Regions in Portugal

Portugal’s wines share the character and charisma of the country by revealing flavorful diversity in every bottle, and here are the seven best wine regions to visit in Portugal during your trip.

With vines rolling across hillsides that are cast in the shadows of fairytale castles, and even rising out of the coastal sands, you can find hints of the idyllic scenery and the spirit of cultural history exuding from the wineries and ultimate flavor.

The following list focuses on our recommendations for the top seven wine regions while providing insight into how the climate affects each varietal and what typical wines to expect when you visit, preparing your palate for Portugal.

4 Best Wine Regions in Australia

Just like with wines cultivated across Europe, you can experience and enjoy the four best wine regions in Australia that account for the famous flavor profiles, aromas, and textures of the different vintages.

Australia has become one of the world’s top 10 wine producers. The different regions account for over 100 grape varieties growing around large metropolitan areas, within the cool maritime climates near the coast, and thriving on islands to create eclectic tastes that embody the diverse Australian terrior.

Whether eager to sample the wine and food of a world-famous destination or expand your understanding of Australian wines, when visiting the country’s four best wine regions you can embrace an experience of them unlike anywhere else in the world.

4 Female Sushi Chefs Challenging Japanese Tradition in the Best Sushi Restaurants in Japan

The sushi kitchens of Japan have traditionally been dominated by men, however, women have been shirking tradition and stereotypes by becoming pioneers of sushi-making with the top four female sushi chefs you can visit during your Japan trip.

While stigma surrounding female sushi chefs continues to plague the industry, women are brushing off the myths and crafting perfect sushi dishes from the kitchens of progressive restaurants as well as their own, women-led eateries.

From the perfect piece of nigiri to a sensational slice of sashimi, this list compiles the best sushi restaurants in Japan where female sushi chefs are challenging Japanese tradition.

9 Best Wine Regions in Argentina

The nine best wine regions in Argentina offer distinct flavors and unique landscapes.

With a variety of tastes that satisfy local and international markets, the wonders of the wines spread across desert regions and mountain slopes, crossing the Patagonian border or edging high altitudes near Bolivia. Each sip can capture an exciting new experience as Argentina grows its reputation.

From adopted grapes to ubiquitous varietals, the wine-growing regions of Argentina are not just about creating flavor profiles, but also capturing the essence of the landscape and the culture of the country.

Top 7 Foods You Should Try When Visiting Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is a city of culture and mystique. It attracts tourists from around the world eager to experience the history and tango, but you can also indulge in its fascinating food to truly discover the heritage. Argentina is famous for steak and wine, but the cuisine of the city embodies a rich heritage that combines influences from native ingredients to international flavors.

12 Dishes to Try on Your Trip to Vietnam

Most travelers only scratch the surface of Vietnamese cuisine’s true depth of flavor, but our list of the country’s 12 most popular dishes to try on your vacation will give you an authentic taste of Vietnam.

Soup and noodles feature prominently on Vietnamese menus and there is a range of spicy, sweet, and salty variations of soup and noodle dishes to try during your travels. Beyond popular soups like Pho and noodle bowls like Cao Lau, fried spring rolls, egg coffee, and other delicacies will tantalize your taste buds on a Vietnam vacation.

Find everything you might like to know about the top 12 Vietnamese dishes and where to try them when you visit the bustling and beautiful splendor of Vietnam.

Discover the Different Food Cultures of the World

The following countries have practices that maintain different styles of etiquette associated with their cuisine, highlighting the importance of the culture and heritage that you can take part in during a custom-tailored trip.

The etiquette of dining in a foreign country goes beyond knowing when to use certain utensils or your hands, and instead encompasses the very tenants of the cuisine itself, highlighting historic flavors, customary cooking methods, personal values, and the etiquette associated with the kitchen and dining room.

The dining experience around the world celebrates the senses, from the texture of a dish to the aroma, not solely focusing on its visual aesthetic or taste but the combination of all five senses for an overwhelming sensation in every bite.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Explore the world with Zicasso and work with a top travel specialist to bring your dream vacation to life. The world overflows with wonders to explore and the sheer number of choices is exciting.

Our primary goal is to make the planning, booking, and traveling process easy and enjoyable as you create the vacation experience you want most. No matter where you go and what you do, Zicasso can help you experience the best of travel without the stress.

Working with our destination experts you can plan a trip to anywhere in the world and suit your travel style. Using insider knowledge of your chosen destination, itinerary ideas, and planning strategies, your chosen  Zicasso travel specialist can guide you through the following three steps.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set your priorities in planning to maximize your investment.

Your interests and preferences on a couples trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path.

There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a customized vacation that has been designed for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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