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Hermes, the Greek God of travel, was revered as a “bringer of dreams.” Much like Greek mythology, travel rewards open minded indulgence, never failing on promises of unexpected enrichment and enchantment. Zicasso connects you with the world's best boutique tour companies, handcrafting itineraries that fulfill Hermes's legacy and turn longstanding reverie into travel reality.

Ireland's Malin Head. Credit: Michael Gill/Ireland Tourism Board

Ireland and the Last Jedi Encounter: A Star Wars-Inspired Tour

8 days in Ireland

Inspired by the upcoming Star Wars film, the eighth episode in the legendary series, embark on an extraordinary journey following in the footsteps of the last Jedis, Luke and Rey... Read more...

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15 Year Anniversary of New Zealand as Middle-earth Tour

15 days in New Zealand

To commemorate the 15 year anniversary of New Zealand as Middle-earth, this custom tailored tour pays homage by celebrating 15 days in New Zealand, allowing fans to relive their... Read more...

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Whisky library at Yamazaki Distillery. Photo by yukink on Flickr.

Spirits of Japan Tour

13 days in Japan

Spirit and spirits blend seamlessly on this journey through the best of Japan, celebrating the Japanese culture for its quest for continuous improvement and the pursuit of... Read more...

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Castillo de Almodóvar del Río, Córdoba

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spain Tour: Fire & Blood

12 days in Spain

Season seven of the Game of Thrones series is here, and your 12-day Spain tour takes you to the highlights and real-life filming locations of the newest season of HBO’s hit series... Read more...

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First Public Monument of Martin Luther, Wittenberg, Germany

In the Footsteps of Martin Luther: 500-Year Anniversary of Protes...

10 days in Germany

To commemorate the 500-year anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, this custom tailored tour follows in the footsteps of Martin Luther, the main driving force behind the... Read more...

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Main course at Restaurant Bareiss, Baiersbronn - rated three Michelin stars

12 Michelin Stars in Seven Days: Journey to Germany’s Unexpected...

8 days in Germany

Discard the schnitzel and ditch the bratwurst as Zicasso forges an edible journey to the world’s most exciting culinary center - the Black Forest. With 12 Michelin Star dining... Read more...

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The black sand beach of Reynisfjara and the mount Reynisfjall

Game of Thrones Season 7 Iceland Tour: Winter is Here

7 days in Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice meets A Song of Ice and Fire during your customizable Iceland tour designed to immerse you in marvelous landscapes and captivating stories connected to... Read more...

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Hidden Jewels of Italy’s Northern Route Tour

15 days in Italy

Come reveal the hidden jewels of Italy on this custom tailored tour that will uncover the marvels often overlooked by many. You will find majesty in historic castles and splendor... Read more...

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The Ultimate Luxury Tour of India

17 days in India

Lake Pichola is illustrious and reflects the colors of the surrounding city. The Taj Mahal is draped in early morning light. Experience decadent seclusion and private beauty on... Read more...

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Romantic Getaway to Cambodia & Laos: Angkor Wat, Mekong Delta...

12 days in Cambodia, Laos

Experience the passion of Southeast Asia on this 12-day luxurious romantic getaway to Cambodia and Laos. Discover the temples of Angkor that hide beneath the lush jungle foliage... Read more...

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South African Ultra Luxury Tour of a Lifetime

11 days in South Africa

This trip is designed to showcase Africa’s finest and most luxurious experiences, as a signature tour for Zicasso’s 5-year anniversary. Private tours with the best guides take you... Read more...

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Brazil Insider's Tour of a Lifetime

13 days in Brazil

From the World Cup to the Olympics, from the humming streets of Rio de Janeiro to the wide stretches deep in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil is preparing for the world. As a... Read more...

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The incomparable Red Lands in Dongchuan

A Stunning, Off the Beaten Path China Tour

16 days in China

This private tour takes you to the awe-inspiring parts of China that most tourists don't see. From the unique Red Lands in Dongchuan to the endless serenity of a Himalayan... Read more...

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Italy for Chocoholics! A Unique Tour of Umbria

8 days in Italy

Reset yourself to a new rhythm: rest, relaxation and indulgence. Allow yourself to be pampered at luxurious accommodations in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Wake up to the... Read more...

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Custom Australia Honeymoon Package 2018

15 days in Australia

The hum of the didgeridoo fills the air and shakes your bones. Waves lap on the shore as drums begin to beat. Listen to the Aborigine story of Dreamtime and let the image of... Read more...

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Botswana 5 Star Safari 2018-2019

9 days in Botswana

Customized for 2018-2019, take an extraordinary journey across Botswana’s unique and hidden treasures. From the breath-taking splendor of the Okavango Delta - seen by air, water... Read more...

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Chef Alex Guarnaschelli. Photo: Courtesy Alex Guarnaschelli

A Food Lover’s Dream: Experiencing Italy with Celebrity Chef Alex...

9 days in Italy

Few countries in the world compare to Italy’s culinary prowess. On this 9-day personalized Italy tour, celebrate the mastery of Italian cuisine with Iron Chef Alex Guarnaschelli.... Read more...

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Runway model in a red dress at a fashion show. Credit: Ahmad Ardity

Italy in Vogue: Exclusive Access to Milan Fashion Week & Ital...

10 days in Italy

Blend high fashion and exclusivity on this 10-day Italy tour that includes insider access to Milan Fashion Week. Showcasing some of the most iconic works of Italian fashion houses... Read more...

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Highlights of Argentina Tour

10 days in Argentina

Water tumbles over towering cliffs stretching for miles and the sea air blows across the straits and channels that tested even the most daring of explorers. Enormous ice walls... Read more...

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Tango experiences in Buenos Aires

Santiago and Buenos Aires: Wine and Tango Tour

8 days in Argentina, Chile

From the brightly colored homes of La Boca to the ponderous history of the Plaza de Armas, from the romance of the gauchos, to the resplendence of a Chilean Cabernet, this is a... Read more...

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Wonders of South America: Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil Tour

17 days in Argentina, Brazil,...

Urbane sophistication and the grandness of nature, the epicurean pleasures of a fine glass of wine and the cultural delights of a tango show, the Great Outdoors and the Marvels of... Read more...

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Argentina and Chile Wine Region Tour

9 days in Argentina, Chile

Brilliant color, tantalizing aroma, classic elegance, and staying power: are these the descriptors of a world-class wine, or the vacation of your dreams? This 9-day Argentina and... Read more...

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Journeying Through Nelson Mandela's Roots Tour

11 days in South Africa

Few world politicians have been as respected or revered as Nelson Mandela, peaceful dismantler of apartheid and creator of the Rainbow Nation. This unique journey follows in his... Read more...

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Best of Namibia Safari & Nature Tour 2018-2019

10 days in Namibia

Designed for 2018-2019, experience the highlights of Namibia’s incredible landscapes, culture and wildlife on this tailor-made journey of exploration and adventure. Seek out lions... Read more...

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