The Retreat at Blue Lagoon in Iceland
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Dramatic landscapes abound in Iceland. Volcanic mountains and spectacular waterfalls shroud the country with mystery and wonder. Marvel at massive glaciers, long stretches of black-sand beaches, steaming hot springs, and expansive fields during a luxury tour of Iceland. Make your dream a reality with Zicasso’s immersive itineraries.

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Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

The landscape of Iceland stirs myth and encourages wonder. Volcanic peaks create spectacular skylines set against a foreground of glaciers and waterfalls. Soft, lush moss covers black lava fields. Natural ancient basalt pillars resemble church spires. This “Highlights of Iceland” tour immerses you in the fairytale qualities of Iceland, from steaming hot springs to the collected musings of a medieval scholar. Horses run through the plains. Waves crash against promontory bases. Fishing villages continue to cook in the boiling water of the geothermal pools. The highlights are an alluring sample of Iceland, inspiring you to absorb the country’s splendor.

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Atlantic Puffin in Iceland
Exploring Iceland and Faroe Islands Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

The wind and sea accentuate the drama of the northern Atlantic landscapes and turn spectacle into beauty during your customizable Iceland and Faroe Islands itinerary. Idyllic waterfalls tumble over seaside cliffs as glaciers spill down volcanic foothills while puffins soar through the sky in search of fresh fish. Ancient warriors demand attention through the artifacts they’ve left behind, and geysers command respect through their boiling temperatures and powerful eruptions. You will discover pristine countryside and enchanting villages, fascinating history and inviting culture with an enchanting exploration around Iceland and the Faroe Islands. For even more inspiration, see more tours of Iceland.

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Volcanic craters at Lake Myvatn, Iceland
A Perfect Volcano and Golden Circle Vacation Tour of Iceland

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $5,455

This 12-day customizable tailored tour will take you deep within the Golden Circle and along the volcanic ridges and thundering waterfalls, the towering black cliffs and the textured basalt columns that reflect in glassy waters. Find hidden hot springs with a view of pastel colored hills as you feel icy mist that rises from the base of huge waterfalls. Discover the tuft-roofed homes as they shine green with summer grass. You will soon uncover Iceland’s real diversity that lies beyond the glaciers and Northern Lights with a breathtaking splendor shaped by volcanoes that borders on dreamlike.

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View of Kirkjufell in Iceland
Summer on Ice Tour: Exploring Iceland's Southern Splendor

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,180

Upon first look the landscape of Iceland can reduce some people to tears and inspire others to explore the dramatic heights of the mountains and sea cliffs. Your custom tailored tour encompasses small villages and secluded islands, erupting geysers and illuminating history. Lush grass hides the thick stone walls of a Viking longhouse. A colorful garden blooms at the foothills of an active volcano. Puffins nest in the ground near the cliffs of Iceland’s most southern point. From black sand beaches to staggering waterfalls, your summertime exploration of Iceland highlights the fine line between breathtaking and unforgettable.

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Experience a behind-the-scenes look at the glorious waterfall of Seljalandsfoss
Unforgettable Luxury Romantic Iceland Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,235

Sweep your loved one off their feet as you traverse across the luscious, green landscapes of Iceland on this luxurious, 8-day tour. Explore the Golden Circle by dog sled under the pulsing northern lights, ride in a helicopter over exclusive and remote locations, and savor the wonder of strikingly blue ice sculptures beneath Iceland’s surface. Watch the graceful veil of water as it cascades over rocks that are surrounded by striking greenery, stand under the pyramid-shaped basalt mountain and let it grant your wishes before you amble across Diamond Beach, and revel in the euphoria that is the healing waters of Iceland.

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Seljalandsfoss waterfalls in South Coast of Iceland.
Best of Iceland Tour in 8 Days

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,635

Discover the spectacular landscapes and wilderness of Iceland on this magical, 8-day tour. Helicopter around geysers, experience breathtaking waterfalls, and journey into the center of a glacier. Sail the seas as you watch for the elusive blue whale, and let the wind whip through your hair while you ride on horseback along the beaches before immersing yourself in one of the most exclusive snorkeling spots in the world. Climb your way to a hiking paradise and search for colorful minerals and stroll through a dormant volcano for a remarkable experience. This tour is tailored specifically for all the desires that you have so you can experience some of the best of what Iceland has to offer.

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Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland
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