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Ratings of Zicasso's Service

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Westminster Abbey in London, England

Best of England Tour

7 Day Custom Tour

From $2,445

From afternoon tea to “God Save the Queen,” England is a place unlike any other, filled with adventures waiting to be had and memories waiting to be made. And with private tours of the country’s best sights, from Westminster Abbey to the ruins of Stonehenge, you can be sure that this first visit to England will not be your last.

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Thames River Luxury Cruise & England Tour

9 Day Custom Tour

From $5,845

The River Thames weaves through an elaborate patchwork of English history. Eclectically turning through the centuries, it connects royal palaces with 11th-century villages and World War II history with lush country gardens. Serene and sublime, this unique 9-day Thames River cruise tour traverses the paradigms, connecting Hurley-on-Thames with Hampton Court. Split your time between tranquilly cruising through rural England and exploring the mysterious charms of the country's past.

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Christmas fireworks over London,England

English Christmas Tour: Majesty and Magic on Display

9 Day Custom Tour

From $3,595

From the cozy charm of a Cotswolds farmhouse in the wintery countryside to the scarf-wearing and pint-hoisting hospitality of London, this 9-day tour of England at Christmas time will present you with an unforgettable experience of the holidays. England is an excellent choice of destinations no matter what time of year you visit, but nothing quite matches seeing this historic land during the peak of the holiday season.

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Palaces, Castles & Gardens of Southern England Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $3,495

England's ancient opulence is preserved in its palaces, castles and gardens. A duke's indulgence lives on, the Monarchs' elegance spills through stately homes, and there's a hidden history that complements the heritage. Handcrafted to delight the regality inside any luxury visitor, this 10-day Southern England tour of palaces, castles and gardens reveals the astonishing architecture of England's royals. Welcome to a millennium of beauty, flamboyant tastes, and lushly landscaped gardens. 

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Luxury England Helicopter Tour & Land Excursion

8 Day Custom Tour

From $5,195

Eclectic and enchanting, the English landscape offers a wonderful paradox. Every angle is different. Each feels like the quintessential image of the country. On this unique tour of England, you spend six days flying across England and Scotland by helicopter, basking in all the evocative panoramas. Fly above world-renowned historical landmarks, breathtaking cities, and hidden lakes. All while piecing together the redolent puzzle of English landscapes.

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Castle Howard in Yorkshire, England

Luxury Tour of Yorkshire: A Timeless Journey Through Bucolic Splendor

9 Day Custom Tour

From $3,145

Immerse yourself in the bucolic splendor of rural England. Yorkshire provides a timeless journey through quaint traditions and gloriously green landscapes, taking you from Victorian market towns to Roman cities, stately homes to colorful fishing villages. For these nine days, you enter an iconic canvas, lost amidst a land where almost everything feels frozen in time. On this Yorkshire tour, expect to see an unseen side of England, one that fulfills many of its rustic and charming preconceptions.

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Castles and Legends: 2 Weeks in England

14 Day Custom Tour

From $4,895

In this 2-week best of England tour you will explore the fantastical world hidden in charming cities and the countryside. England conjures legends of King Arthur and famous castles, enchanting villages with thatched-roof cottages and reflective lakes nestled into the foothills of rolling mountains. Roman ruins continue to decorate hillsides. Mysterious stone circles are set with a curious presence. Stained glass windows brighten cathedrals. Whether roaming through London or discovering the opulence of Blenheim Palace, the true beauty of England, from its past to its present, is inspiring.

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Sir Winston Churchill Tour of England

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,795

Perhaps no statesman has defined the last century more than Sir Winston Churchill, the hero who stitched a nation together during its most trying times. This unique tour of England commemorates and celebrates the legend, taking you on an evocative journey through his entire life and legacy. You'll explore legendary command posts and bunkers as well as his lesser-seen private life and tastes. From palaces to tunnels, art collections to stylish Churchill bars, this is a journey following in the footsteps of a legend and a nation.

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Ten Days, Six Wives: The Henry VIII England Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

From $3,845

Explore his lavish and flamboyant world on this unique 10-day England tour, a journey into exquisite castles, Tudor opulence, and the regal character of yesteryear. Immerse yourself in the 16th-century world of Henry VIII; the monarch made legendary for his six wives and insatiable extravagance. Atmospheric and evocative, this itinerary captures the essence of the monarch's exuberant excess. Allow yourself to settle into the royal opulence of Henry VIII's time.

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Highclere Castle. Photo by Haley Blackmore on Flickr

Tribute to Downton Abbey Tour

9 Day Custom Tour

Your 9-day personalized England tour allows you to relive your favorite moments of Downton Abbey's final season firsthand by visiting film locations across London and throughout the English countryside. You will experience the lavish lifestyle of the British aristocracy by exploring the allure of historic estates. Immerse yourself in the early 20th-century era of glamorous parties, gilded dinners, opulent castles, and charming villages set in the world of Downton Abbey.

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CC 2.0 Paolo Camera (Flickr)

VIP Soccer Tour of England: Behind the Scenes Access

9 Day Custom Tour

From $5,845

On this handcrafted 9-day England tour, you intimately experience its drama and beauty. Soccer, or more widely known as football in most parts of the world, cuts across the tapestry of English life. Savor the theater of live matches, including Premier League and Champions League fixtures. Tour the fascinating museums that celebrate football's history, meet some of the game's heroes, And lose your voice as you join the unforgettable atmosphere.

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