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Natural and cultural beauty coalesce poetically in Argentina. From the Tango and the Andes to the famous Asado and delectable Malbec, this wonderful country embraces visitors with open arms. Allow Argentina’s charm to fill your heart as you embark on a vacation perfectly suited for you through a customized tour from Zicasso’s expert trip planners.

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Argentina Tours

How to Book an Argentina Tour

Argentina is a country of diverse landscapes, intense beauty, and unique culture. From the vibrant neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to the glaciers of Patagonia, the thundering cascades of Iguazu to the snow-capped peaks of the Andes, Argentina represents a formidable wonderland of heritage and natural history. Whether you wish to tango or horseback ride through the Pampas, arranging your perfect combination of destinations and activities can be a challenge, but Zicasso is here to assist you.

There are three ways to plan and book a trip:

1. Get a customized tour planned and booked by a travel professional. Travel independently on your own schedule.

2. Book a group tour. Join an escorted group tour with a fixed departure date.

3. Plan and book a trip yourself.

Zicasso offers the best solution for a customized tour by matching you with top travel specialists who plan and book the trip for you. Our travel agency division, Marageti, specializes in helping you book an escorted group tour. There is no extra cost to you for either service.

Custom Tours

A customized tour is one that is planned by a travel specialist according to your specific interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you desire a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, each of the accommodations, activities, and destinations is tailored to your preferences. The knowledge and experience of your travel specialist make a big difference. Zicasso has spent thousands of hours vetting the best travel partners. We act as a referral service, matching you with specialists that best meet your goals and priorities.

Escorted Group Tours

A group tour offers the advantage of convenience at a great value. The schedule is fixed, the itinerary is pre-planned, and a dedicated tour director travels with the group throughout the trip. A group tour can be 30 - 50% less expensive than an equivalent customized tour. Out of the many hundreds of group tours, how do you select the right one for you? Our travel agency division, Marageti, has sales agents who specialize in helping travelers weigh the pros and cons of each group tour. We give you personalized recommendations to find the best tour for you.

Goals and Priorities

What are your goals and priorities for the trip? These should drive your decision for either a customized tour or a fixed departure group tour. We are here to help you make the right decisions to make your dream trip a reality.

Must-See Destinations in Argentina

We have worked with our Argentina travel specialists to design the best itinerary for any length of trip. A custom Zicasso tour organizes your trip around your needs, desires, and goals, but the following recommendations are a guideline for how you can organize your trip.

Most travelers from the United States spend between 7 and 10 days in Argentina. This amount of time will give you enough days to see the highlights and to enjoy the unique culture of Argentina. Based on how your trip is organized, you can explore the tropical north, the ice field of Patagonia, or the wineries of Mendoza.

7 to 9 Day Trips

If you have between seven and nine days in Argentina, we recommend that you visit Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, and Salta or Buenos Aires, Bariloche, and El Calafate. Organizing your days according to your goals will maximize the time you have to explore and discover the essentials of Argentina. If your time is limited, you can divide Argentina into north and south to better experience Argentina’s diversity. Your Zicasso travel specialist will make sure your trip is designed in the best way possible to accommodate all your needs and interests.

7 Days

Northern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-7: Salta

Southern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 3-4: Bariloche

Days 6-7: El Calafate

8 Days

Northern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-8: Salta

Southern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 3-5: Bariloche

Days 7-8: El Calafate

9 Days

Northern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-7: Salta

Days 8-9: Mendoza

Southern Route

Days 1-2: Buenos Aires

Days 3-5: Bariloche

Days 6-8: El Calafate

Days 8-9: El Chalten

If you have more time (10-16 Days), we recommend:

If you have more like two weeks to spend in Argentina, we suggest that you take more time to enjoy the natural beauty of Patagonia or to bask in the culture of Mendoza. If you have approximately 14 days, you can also divide your time between the northern and southern itineraries for a more comprehensive experience of Argentina’s highlights.

All Zicasso tours are customized to your preferences, but below is how we recommend spending your time.

10 Days

Northern Route

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-7: Salta

Days 8-10: Mendoza

Southern Route

Days 1-2: Buenos Aires

Days 3-5: Bariloche

Days 6-7: El Calafate

Days 7-8: El Chalten

Days 9-10: Ushuaia

12 Days

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-8: Bariloche

Days 9-10: El Calafate

Days 11-12: El Chalten

14 Days

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-7: Mendoza

Days 8-10: Bariloche

Days 11-12: El Calafate

Days 13-14: El Chalten

15 Days

Days 1-3: Buenos Aires

Days 4-5: Puerto Iguazu

Days 6-7: Mendoza

Days 8-9: Bariloche

Days 10-11: El Calafate

Days 12-13: El Chalten

Days 14-15: Ushuaia

16 days

Days 1-2: Buenos Aires

Days 3-4: Puerto Iguazu

Days 5-6: Salta

Days 7-8: Mendoza

Days 9-10: Bariloche

Days 11-12: El Calafate

Days 13-14: El Chalten

Days 15-16: Ushuaia

How many days is enough to see Argentina?

Seven to ten days is a great start for visiting Argentina with a nice amount of time to explore, discover, and experience the essential highlights of the country. Your travel specialist can also find the perfect balance between the north and south for a more comprehensive Argentina trip that can lead you from Puerto Iguazu to Buenos Aires and down to Bariloche and Ushuaia.

Essential Experiences for the Best Argentina Vacation

During your Argentina tour, you can trek the icy surface of a glacier and dance the tango in a milonga. You can also sip wine in view of the Andes Mountains, hike through an evergreen forest, and witness the raw power of Iguazu Falls.

Best Way to Experience Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires defines the glamour of Argentina with a sense of European grandeur and South American spirit. The city streets pulse with a seductive rhythm that originates from the art, music, architecture, lively cafes, and charming neighborhoods. You can enjoy the following essential experiences during your first time in Buenos Aires.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Buenos Aires (2-3 days depending on pace)


  • Experience the history and heritage of Argentina with a private tour of Recoleta Cemetery, which is the resting place of the rich, famous, and influencial, including Eva Peron.
  • Embrace the passionate rhythm and beauty of the tango at a milonga, a tango show, to experience an authentic part of Argentina’s national heritage.

Culinary Heritage

  • Delight in the savory flavors of a traditional parilla and the rustic tastes of an asado, which is the celebrated steakhouse and steak for which Argentina is known.
  • Enjoy the diverse cuisine of Buenos Aires with a cooking class that uncovers the secrets of comforting delicacies, such as savory empanadas and sweet alfajores.
  • Discover the cafe culture of the city that gives each neighborhood a European ambiance.

Shopping Traditions

  • Witness the fascinating shopping culture in the most fashionable city in South America, where leather, jewelry, and handmade goods fill elegant boutiques.

Best Way to Experience Bariloche

Bariloche is a charming city that combines German and Argentinian culture within the captivating beauty of the Patagonian alpine landscape. The water of Lago Nahuel Huapi reflects the surrounding evergreen trees, and the aroma of chocolate often drifts across the cobblestone streets of the city. The following list suggests essential experiences you can have while in Bariloche.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Bariloche (2-3 days depending on pace)

Landscape Gazing

  • Step into the natural beauty of Nahuel Huapi National Park with a kayaking excursion on the glassy water of the eponymous lake.
  • Enjoy the fresh air with views of the surrounding forests and snow-capped mountain peaks when traveling on one of the many hiking routes.

Culture of the Alps

  • Indulge in the rich culture of the Argentine alps by sampling the delicious chocolates that can be found around the Centro Civico.
  • Explore the fascinating blend of Argentine and European alpine culture, which can be seen in the architecture and customs of the city that resembles a Swiss village.

Natural History

  • Learn about the natural history of Patagonia and the development of Bariloche at the Museo de la Patagonia, which displays natural and indigenous artifacts.

Best Way to Experience Salta

Salta combines the relaxing pace of a small town with the luxuries of a large city. The colonial architecture offers a different perspective when compared to other Argentine destinations and features the stunning landscape of the wild northwest. During your Argentina trip, you should have the following essential experiences in Salta.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Salta (2-3 days depending on pace)

Scenic Excursions

  • Witness the fascinating ascent into the clouds on the scenic Tren a las Nubes, which travels to the top of Quebrada del Toro at over 13,845 feet above sea level.
  • Venture to the countryside in Cafayate for a spectacular wine-tasting excursion and visits to vineyards.
  • View the unique salt sea of the Salinas Grandes Salt Flats, which is a former high-altitude lake that now features blinding white plains.

Special Interests & Activities in Argentina

Traveling with Zicasso provides you with exclusive access to many activities, excursions, and tours for a distinctive experience. The following information offers insight into our recommended experiences and can be tailored to focus on your unique interests.

Best Food & Wine Destinations

The food and wine in Argentina highlight the importance of passion with flavors that evoke a lust for life by making gastronomy an indulgent sensory experience. The wine regions provide enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and novices with bold and surprising flavors. Whether sampling a famed Malbec or pairing fresh empanadas with a Torrentes, Argentina has become a country where vintners and ambitious chefs thrive in its collaborative environment.


Mendoza highlights how Argentina has become an internationally-renowned winegrowing region while also contributing to the rise of vineyards around the nation. The leafy avenues and charming plazas lead to the vines that are spread across the high-altitude plateau at the edge of the Andes. History of winemaking in the region dates back to the mid-16th century and grew with the influx of Spanish and Italian immigrants in the 1800s. It eventually skyrocketed to international fame with vines that produce stunning Malbec, Chardonnay, Syra, and Torrontes wines.


The wilds of Argentina’s northwest provide winegrowers outside of Salta with contrasting microclimates for a unique blend of grapes that shape the high-quality wines. The landscape demonstrates the extremes to which vintners will go for a great wine. Some of the vineyards are situated two miles above sea level. The combination of rugged landscape, Inca-inspired heritage, and sophisticated cuisine pairs perfectly with the region’s celebrated Malbec, Tannat, Tempranillo, and Cabernet Sauvignon wines.

Zicasso’s Exclusive Access to Argentina Best Wine

Zicasso travel specialists can organize your perfect wine and food-focused tour. These can take the form of private excursions that are designed around exclusive visits to remote wineries or dinner reservations under the stars. You can even enjoy private cooking classes that focus on parilla or sample award-winning wines at a high-altitude winery. You can also learn more about Argentina’s historic connection with wine production and particular varietals from a local sommelier.

Art & History

Art takes many forms in Argentina and requires visitors to change their perception of artistic mediums. With a long history of artists who perform sculptures and paintings, Argentina also embodies art with intricate architecture, music, and dancing. The traditions of art across the country also include cinema and literature. Buenos Aires acts as one of the epicenters of the modern art movement. Here, contemporary artists find inspiration in life and history. Mar del Plata possesses the largest number of cultural buildings in the country, and the tango represents the nation’s intangible artistic heritage.

Must-See Art Museums & Attractions:

  • Find the most extensive collection of public art in the galleries of Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, where European and Argentine masters are displayed.
  • Discover the contemporary art scene that has the world talking by visiting a network of galleries and street art that decorate Mar del Plata
  • Experience how to dance as an artform when you participate in the rhythms of tango, which was registered as a part of UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2009


Argentina has a unique culture that stems from a diverse population from native peoples leading to beyond Spanish colonial rule.  The past in Argentina feels like a mixture of preserved colonial charm, ancient natural history, and a more contemporary aesthetic. New World wines contrast with the Old World heritage that was brought by the Spanish in the 16th century and the waves of European immigrants from Italy and Spain in the 19th century.

Neighborhoods in Buenos Aires act like living museums with preserved buildings and intangible culture that represent the development of the country. The natural landscape features the evolution of the Pampas, Andes Mountains, glaciers, salt flats, and Iguazu Falls. On a customized Zicasso trip, we can organize custom tours with specialized guides.  Learn from gauchos who are well-versed in the plains of Patagonia, or paleontologists who know where to find fossils in petrified forests, or history professors with a specialization in tango. We can also organize history-focused small-group tours with a certified guide.

Active Tours

Active tours in Argentina allow you to enjoy the beauty of the landscape while experiencing the country from a unique perspective. An active tour unveils forest charms, rugged mountains, shimmering glaciers, and tremendous vistas. We recommend the following active experiences when visiting Argentina.


  • El Chalten - The small town near the foothills of Mt. Fitz Roy offers a stunning array of hiking trails that lead through Los Glaciares National Park and up to Laguna Torre.

Glacier Walks

  • Perito Moreno Glacier - Trek over the undulating surface of Perito Moreno Glacier with a thrilling glacier walk that highlights the cracks, edges, waters, and crevices of the ice

Horseback Riding

  • Andean Foothills - Embrace vistas that sweep across the snow peaks and patchy grasses of the Andean foothills when horseback riding on the adventurous and grand terrain.

Private Excursions and Special Access

Zicasso’s travel specialist partners have experience in providing insider access during private tours. Each activity is tailored to your interests and goals to create the experience of a lifetime. The following list offers examples of different types of special-access tours but the possibilities are endless.

  • Enjoy a private tango class in the home of a history of tango instructor. This will be complete with a delicious meal before dancing in an authentic milonga.
  • Witness the remarkable sight of whales as they pass through the Valdes Peninsula during a whale-watching excursion on a private boat.
  • Venture into the rainforest of Puerto Iguazu with a naturalist guide to discover the sensational diversity of colorful bird species.

How much is a tour of Argentina?

The starting price of a custom-tailored Argentina trip is approximately $250 per person, per day.

For an escorted group tour, the starting price can be approximately $200 per person, per day.

The cost of an Argentina vacation is dependent on several factors, such as the:

  • Length of your trip
  • Season (month) of travel
  • Class of hotel
  • Number of locations/cities you visit
  • Number of guided day tours and activities (e.g., cooking class, wine tasting, etc.)
  • How much you spend on meals, shopping, etc.

A vacation such as this is often the biggest purchase of the year. It will also likely be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. To get the most out of your trip, we highly recommend using an expert Argentina travel specialist to plan a customized Argentina tour that is tailored to your specific interests and budget. You can also join an escorted group tour so that most travel arrangements are pre-planned for you. This way, you can travel hassle-free and relax while a professional tour director and guide takes care of all logistics and any issues that might arise.

The cost of a tailor-made Argentina tour typically starts at $2,000 per person for a 10-day trip, i.e., at $200 per person, per day during the low or shoulder-season.

This includes:

  • 3-star hotels (shared twin room)
  • Some guided day tours and activities
  • Transportation, such as airport transfers and domestic flights

A 5-star, tailor-made Argentina tour, where most services are upgraded and extra unique experiences are included, typically starts at $800 per person, per day for a 10-day trip.

Everyone’s priorities, interests, and preferences are different. Submit a trip request on Zicasso, and we will personally match you with an expert trip planner who will help you customize your dream trip or help you select the right group tour while also taking your budget into consideration.

Best Time to Visit Argentina

The best time to visit Argentina is in March or November. These months lie in the shoulder season in Argentina and offer the best weather to experience the highlights across the country.

The summer months of December, January and February are also great for visiting destinations in Patagonia, such as Bariloche, El Calafate, and Ushuaia. The weather is fantastic and offers great summer activities, such as hiking, cycling, and kayaking. In July, Bariloche becomes a winter wonderland that is great for skiing or snowboarding.

The months from March to November bring summer and the edges of spring and fall. These months are great for visiting destinations in the central or northern regions of Argentina, such as Puerto Iguazu or Mendoza. The cooler weather makes the climate more pleasant, and this time also accounts for less rain, especially in the tropical climate of Puerto Iguazu.

The climate in Argentina is very diverse. Argentina is a long country with tropical rainforest in the north, high altitude plains to the west, and subpolar forests in the south. The country’s great diversity makes it challenging to ensure that your trip can encompass the entire country if traveling outside of the shoulder season. Traveling in Patagonia during both May and September can be difficult due to the unpredictable weather often present as the seasons shift. A trip can be derailed with unforeseen flight cancelations, high winds, storms, or other variables that affect Patagonia as the weather changes dramatically.  Your Zicasso travel specialist can ensure that you schedule your itinerary wisely.

How far in advance should I plan a trip to Argentina?

When planning your Argentina trip, you should book your tour up to 12 months in advance if you are considering popular destinations, such as El Calafate, El Chalten, Bariloche, and Ushuaia. Booking and traveling around Argentina tends to be flexible, but to ensure that you have your choice of accommodations in destinations with limited options, especially in destinations like Patagonia, you should book at least three to six month in advance.

Modes of Transportation in Argentina

The best way to see Argentina in 10 days is by flying. Argentina is a large country with 2,295 miles between the northern border and southern tip. Flying offers the quickest way to reach distant cities. A private car is a great option for reaching local sites during tours or day trips, but flights provide the most efficient way to travel between cities, such as Buenos Aires and Bariloche or Buenos Aires and Puerto Iguazu. Domestic flights are reliable and fast but they often stop in Buenos Aires if flying from south to north or north to south.

Your Zicasso travel partner ensures that your vacation goes as smoothly as possible by including private airport transfers and domestic flights between destinations to create a stress-free Argentina tour.

What to Consider When Traveling Through Argentina

When traveling on an Argentina tour, you want to consider logistics such as travel, accessibility, and safety. The following information covers important travel considerations you should make for a stress-free travel experience.

Is Argentina Safe for Travel?

Argentina is very safe for tourists. Smaller cities on the Pampas, in Patagonia, and along the foothills of the Andes are welcoming and offer visitors unique perspectives on the culture, history, and heritage of the nation. Buenose Aires acts as a microcosm of the country and offers a safe and vibrant ambiance for locals and visitors alike. As in any capital city, there are neighborhoods in Buenos Aires that can seem uncertain. On a trip with Zicasso, a traveler will never visit districts where incidents have occured. As with many large cities, petty theft or questionable cab drivers can be an issue. By keeping your possessions close and making sure you use government taxis or booked car services, your safety is in hand.

Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

For Families

Argentina is a great place to travel as a family. The distinctive culture, diverse landscapes, and great activities offer fantastic options for families that are traveling with children of any age. There are plenty of activities to enjoy when traveling with children such as experiencing a Boca Juniors soccer game in Buenos Aires or cycling the nature trails around Bariloche. However, the most efficient way to travel between destinations is by flying, which has its challenges when traveling with young children. Your Zicasso travel specialist will ensure that all your travel and transfer logistics are booked in advance to make your travel in Argentina as stress-free as possible.

For Seniors

Seniors can have a great time actively exploring Argentina at their preferred pace. An expert Zicasso specialist can plan your perfect trip based on your capabilities and goals. Seniors who are traveling in Argentina have crossed the Andes on horseback and spent time sipping coffee in the cafes of Buenos Aires. Your fitness level will shape how you explore the country, but your travel specialist will ensure that your tours are as active and thrilling as you want them to be.

For Couples

A travel specialist understands the best destinations and experiences in Argentina for couples who wish to combine romance with unique activities. Secluded properties offer romantic ambiance, thrilling outdoor activities lead you to stunning vistas, and exclusive experiences bring intimate memories for the perfect Argentina trip.

For Travelers with Disabilities

Your Argentina travel specialist can help any guest with mobility challenges. With their focus on your specific needs, alternative arrangements can be made to ensure accessible hotels or careful transfers in distant corners of the country. Our experts’ knowledge and attention to important details will ensure that you can enjoy Argentina’s highlights with ease.

Best Airports to Fly In & Out of Argentina

The best airport to fly in and out of when visiting Argentina is Buenos Aires’s Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE). The majority of flights from North America will stop in Buenos Aires, but a growing number of flights from South America can fly directly to Cordoba’s Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport (COR).

For most travelers, the most convenient airport is Ministro Pistarini International Airport Buenos Aires(EZE). The second-most convenient airport is Jorge Newbery Buenos Aires (AEP). The busiest airports in Argentina are:

  • Buenos Aires (EZE)
  • Cordoba (COR)
  • Bariloche (BRC)

Find the Best Flight

When flying in and out of Argentina, the best options for flights will most often have you arrive and depart from Buenos Aires. While some flights may fly into Cordoba or Bariloche, the majority of flights in Argentina will arrive and depart from Buenos Aires (EZE), making it the most convenient point from which to book your flights.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights throughout Argentina are the best method for traveling across the nation. Day trips from big cities are best done by private transfer, but domestic flights are the fastest and most cost effective way to travel. Long-distance busses can take up to 14 hours between Buenos Aires and Mendoza, 23 hours to Bariloche, and 17 hours to Puerto Iguazu. Flights to and from these destinations cut down travel time considerably. However, the majority of flights that cross Argentina stop in Buenos Aires before continuing to their destination.

Flights Via Zicasso

Zicasso Air Desk is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation by employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso. Our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 Service & Support, and Complimentary Consultation of Routing vs. Pricing with an Expert Flight Specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Recommendations for the Return Traveler

When returning for another Argentina tour, you can travel into the depths of the cities and countryside beyond the essential destinations of Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazu, Bariloche, and El Calafate. The following list offers our suggestions for where you should visit during your return Argentina trip.

Vales Peninsula

The beauty of the Valdes Peninsula stems from the untouched wildlife and wilderness that spans the nearly 1,390 square miles of protected sanctuary. Southern right whales glide through the water between June and December, and sheep estancias provide an authentic view of life on the secluded landscape near South America’s lowest point at 137 feet below sea level.

Ibera Wetlands

The wetland reserve covers nearly 44,479 acres and protects an array of unspoiled bird and animal life. You will be surrounded by pristine nature that remains home to snapping caiman, regal marsh deer, approximately 350 bird species, troops of howler monkeys, and grazing capybara. You can also be rewarded with sightings of highly-endangered wildlife, such as green-tailed macaw, giant river otters, and jaguars.

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