Stunning Views of El Circuito Chico in Bariloche, Argentina
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Natural and cultural beauty coalesce poetically in Argentina. From the Tango and the Andes to the famous Asado and delectable Malbec, this wonderful country embraces visitors with open arms. Allow Argentina’s charm to fill your heart as you embark on a vacation perfectly suited for you through a customized tour from Zicasso’s expert trip planners.

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Amazing steppe plains of Patagonia with grass in the background of icy Andes, Argentina

12-Day Argentina Tour: Culture, Wine, and the Southern Patagonian Scenery

13 Day Custom Tour

From $3,245

Absorb Argentina’s captivating culture, indulge in the sensational wines of the Mendoza region, and soak up the icy scenery of Southern Patagonia during this 12-day introduction to Buenos Aires, Puerto Iguazú, Mendoza, and El Calafate. Your travels will take you to the snowy southern alps beneath the Andes, the rolling jade vineyards cascading Argentina’s countryside, and the country’s spirited capital city for complete immersion in South America.

View though the trees from the trail at Conguillio National Park, Chile

Patagonia Adventure Tour: Thrilling Activities, Serene Nature, Marvelous Luxuries

12 Day Custom Tour

From $7,639

Composed of verdant forests, crystalline lakes, and soaring mountain peaks, Argentina and Chile’s Patagonian regions are yours to adventure within on this action-packed 12-day tour across the lake district of Patagonia. From the bewitching woodlands of San Martín de Los Andes to the marvelous shorelines of Bariloche, discover what makes South America’s picturesque Patagonian lands one of the most sought-after destinations in the world.

Small town at the foot of the Andes, province of Salta

Argentina Explorer: Capital, Forests, Andes Mountains, and Wine Country

12 Day Custom Tour

From $8,875

Travelers seeking complete cultural immersion and laidback luxury in Argentina will be absorbed by the allure and charms of the country’s capital city, forested UNESCO World Heritage Sites, breathtaking villages in the shadows of the Andes Mountains, and the timeless wines of the Mendoza region on this tailored 12-day ultimate vacation. Let the wonders of the South American landscapes and Argentinian heritage sweep you off your feet.

Atacama Salt Flats, Chile

Cultural Kaleidoscope Road Trip from Salta to the Atacama

12 Day Custom Tour

From $7,795

Argentina and Chile boast picturesque Patagonian forests and remarkable cultural destinations peppering this unspoiled paradise, all of which you may admire on this immersive 12-day road trip sharing the heritage of these South American countries and their people with you. Traveling from the bustling city of Salta to the immense Salt Flats of Atacama Desert, you will explore the kaleidoscopic culture of Patagonia.

Iguazu Forest and Waterfalls

Buenos Aires to Mendoza: 12-Day Culture, Nature and Wine

12 Day Custom Tour

From $8,995

Buenos Aires is a bustling cosmopolitan city blending old architecture with modern design, Puerto Iguazu is an untouched wilderness sanctuary boasting an impressive waterfall, Cafayate is a lush region where culture comes to life, Salta brags iconic scenery beneath the Andes Mountains, and Mendoza produces some of the country’s finest wines. These are the magnificent destinations you may visit on this tailored 12-day Argentinian tour.

Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil

Best of Argentina Tour: Tango, Wine & Iguazu Falls

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,495

From ardent locals dancing the tango in the streets of San Telmo to the spectacular splendor of the cataracts of Iguazu to the sensuous and succulent Malbecs growing in the warmth of a Mendoza sun, Argentina is filled with memories waiting to be made. Argentina isn’t the type of place you visit; it’s the type of place you experience.

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View of Mount Fitz Roy and the river in the National Park of Los Glaciares during sunrise

14-Day Guided Tour of Argentina for Seniors

14 Day Custom Tour

From $3,495

On this 14-Day Argentina tour for seniors, you can revel in true extravagance as you traverse the country at your leisure, pausing to relax and appreciate the finer things in life. Savor an Argentine steak with a glass of Malbec or tap your foot to the rhythm as tango dancers move with precision to the sensual beat. This is Argentina as you always hoped it would be: traditional and exciting.

Vineyards at winery in Mendoza.

Argentina Wine Country Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,495

The rich dark flavors of an Argentine Malbec are at your fingertips on a personalized Argentina wine tour focused on heritage, tradition, and taste. Experience the pure flavors of the pampas and the Andean foothills. Traverse celebrated vineyards spreading across arid landscape outside of Mendoza. Sample elaborate barbecues, empanadas, and mate. Your exclusive exploration immerses you in the passion of Buenos Aires’ tango scene, high-altitude wineries in the Uco Valley, and the blending of French and Argentine influences discovering treasured wines indelible to the culture and emblematic of local spirit. Begin planning your ideal Argentina vacation by visiting the Argentina wine vacation packages page on Zicasso.

Plaza Congreso in Buenos Aires

Family Friendly Tour to Buenos Aires & Iguazu Falls

8 Day Custom Tour

From $1,995

You can feel your heart beat with the thrill of venturing into centuries-old tunnels hidden beneath Buenos Aires. Your kids follow every quick and powerful step of the dancers when they perform the tango. The sounds of crashing water emanates from the mist when Iguazu Falls tumbles over the cliff. Your family friendly tour to Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls  introduces the you to the passionate culture, vivacious traditions, and enchanting landscape that has made the country a popular destination for over half a millennium.

Ischigualasto rock formations in Valle de la Luna, Argentina

Scenic Tour of Argentina: Mendoza, Barreal, Salinas Grandes & More

15 Day Custom Tour

From $3,745

Do you dream of big adventure? Do you imagine yourself deep within one of the planet’s great deserts, casting your conquering eye over the swath of wildlife that you just traversed? Do you long for a journey into the heart of life? If you’ve ever wanted to truly see the world, this scenic tour of Argentina will show you the way.

Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

Natural Wonders and Beauty of Argentina Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $2,495

The melodic beat of the tango pulses through Buenos Aires. The turquoise waters of the Valdes Peninsula brush against the shores of secluded beaches inhabited by elephant seals. Penguins burrow and nest on rugged coastlines. Glaciers glow brightly under the direct sunlight. Your natural wonders and beauty of Argentina tour is custom tailored to provide you with the comforts of modern luxury while experiencing the unparalleled splendor of Argentina. The powerful waters of Iguazu Falls create a crystalline mist rising out of the torrents. Embrace the captivating culture and discover the expansive nature stretching from the northern borders to the southern tip of South America.

Horseback riding in Patagonia

Crossing the Andes Mountains in Patagonia by Horseback and Trekking

11 Day Custom Tour

From $8,553

Cross the Andes Mountains in Patagonia from Argentina to Chile on this carefully curated 11-day tour introducing you to the fascinating cultures of South America and treating you to unique experiences relished far from the beaten path. Including a range of accommodations, from delightful lodges to well-equipped campsites, within breathtaking wilderness sanctuaries, you will lose yourself in the beauty of these dazzling destinations.

Argentina Christmas Vacation

10 Day Custom Tour


From the activity of her cities to the allure of her countryside, Argentina demands all five senses to be truly enjoyed. So go ahead: taste her tantalizing food, feel a waterfall’s mist, smell the fruity depth of a Malbec, listen to the thrumming cadence of an Argentina guitar, and experience the best Argentina Christmas.

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Luxury Tour of Argentina’s Wine Country

9 Day Custom Tour


Southern Reaches of the World Tour: Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate & Ushuaia

12 Day Custom Tour


Your custom tour to Buenos Aires, Bariloche, El Calafate and Ushuaia shows you the diversity of Argentina. Pastoral grassland rushes to the foothills of staggering, craggy mountains. Glaciers push to the edge of peninsulas. The sounds of stamping feet from tango dancing echoes blocks of ice chipping away from glacial fields and falling into the water. The beauty of Patagonia is almost mystical, both opulent and rugged, filled with charming villages and untouched landscape.  Pristine lakes reflect the surrounding ethereal landscape. Venture from the big city of Buenos Aires, filled with passionate culture, to the far reaches of Ushuaia, where you will travel to the End of the World.

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Northwest Argentina Tour: Salta, Cachi, Cafayate, Tilcara & Buenos Aires

12 Day Custom Tour


This Northwest Argentina tour offers rugged landscapes and alluring villages, the grand facades of Spanish colonial buildings and the humble lives of the Gauchos. Northwest Argentina offers a glimpse of South America at its best. Come for the food, come for the tradition, come for the nightlife and the scenery and the people: whatever brings you here, you'll never want to leave.

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Family Adventure: Highlights of Argentina

10 Day Custom Tour


From a sensational trail winding through the jungles around Iguazu Falls to the captivating glint of The Perito Moreno Glacier, your customizable 10-day family tour of Argentina will capture the highlights of the landscape and culture, as it embraces the passion for discovery and the spirit of family fun. Unique neighborhoods, vibrant tropical wildlife, mountainous views, and impressive gauchos accentuate each moment capturing the splendor of your family adventure in Argentina.

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Learning to Tango in Buenos Aires Tour

8 Day Custom Tour


The air is sharp and crisp, and somewhere deep within you something stirs. The music starts with characteristic flair and the dancers file onto the floor. The scene is set, the players in position, the hours of practice flowing to your brain as you grab your partner and set off on an adventure of rhythm and movement. This learning to tango in Buenos Aires tour is beyond anything you’ve ever imagined.

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Mesmerizing Patagonia and Antarctica Trip of a Lifetime

27 Day Custom Tour

Unyielding adventure and passionate spirit await during your 26-day luxury tour of Patagonia and Antarctica revealing the essence of the untamed wilderness. You will discover the culture of Chile and Argentina on an inspiring adventure beneath snowcapped peaks and across expansive pampas. Sip wine at vineyards in the Casablanca Valley. Experience the tango halls of Buenos Aires. Gentoo penguins and sea lions will become part of the scenery as you leave footprints in blanketing snow. From hiking trails to zodiac boats, you will create endless memories during your trip of a lifetime in Patagonia and Antarctica.

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Adventure in Argentina: Off the Beaten Path Itinerary

10 Day Custom Tour


Imagine yourself standing in the Argentine countryside with the mouthwatering aroma of asado, which is a traditional Argentine barbeque, as it drifts through the air. Picture the rugged, Northern mountains of Salta as they reflect different hues of red, orange, purple, and green against a blue and cloudless sky. From the natural beauty of Purmamarca’s colorful mountains in the north to the charming town of in the south, Argentina is full of treasures from top to bottom. On this luxurious, 10-day tour, you will explore this country off-the-beaten-path and discover its many secrets that are waiting to be uncovered.

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Heart of Patagonia: Two-Week Tour of Chile and Argentina

14 Day Custom Tour


The grandeur of nature, the thrill of exploration, and the serene beauty of the wilderness will immerse you in endless wonder during your 14-day Chile and Patagonia tour. From penguin colonies to hanging glaciers, calving icebergs to towering ice walls, the promises of Patagonia create an exciting allure and unforgettable collection of memories. Trek the trails, indulge in the culture, and embrace the endless spectacle of the Patagonian landscape.

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Kid-Friendly Argentina Vacation: Waterfalls & City Lights

7 Day Custom Tour


During this luxurious 7-day excursion through Argentina, traverse this unique country as a family and be exposed to much of the best that this incredible country has to offer. From the pristine glacial waters of Bariloche’s Lake District to the charming streets of Palermo in Buenos Aires, Argentina fosters the perfect atmosphere for a family getaway. Glide through the sky above the illustrious Iguazu Falls in a private helicopter, listen to the rushing water of waterfalls, indulge in a traditional chocolate-making class in Bariloche, and attend a authentic tango show in Buenos Aires.

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Best of Argentina in Seven Days

7 Day Custom Tour


Throughout this luxurious 7-day adventure, you will be charmed by the glorious expanse of Buenos Aires’ Bosques de Palermo in addition to delighting in the city’s oasis. From the vibrant culture of Buenos Aires’ La Boca neighborhood to the magnificent power of the Iguazu Falls, Argentina is a country that is rich with unique experiences. Raise a glass of Malbec wine to your lips, gaze over the twisting vineyards of Mendoza, and be amazed by the grandeur of La Garganta del Diablo in Iguazu.

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Argentina Travel Guide

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Argentina is majestic in its diversity, with a subtropical north and subantarctic south, high-altitude plains and subpolar forests making the best time to visit between April to June or October to December.

The country feels familiar and unpredictable, which only adds to its alluring drama, which is fed by the legendary tango, mouthwatering cuisine, dynamic wines, and myths of the gaucho.

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Open now to American travelers, and currently the ideal season to visit, it is a fantastic time for a last-minute trip.

Like a tapestry of past and present, Europe and South America, these are the most frequently asked questions from travelers considering a visit to Argentina and all the information you need to plan the perfect vacation.

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Surprisingly expansive and captivatingly diverse, these eight essential experiences represent the top things to do during your adventure in Argentina.

The landscape has shaped the culture, and the stunning scenery sweeps from plains to rugged mountains, glinting glaciers to thundering waterfalls enticing cities to quiet towns. Whether looking for delectable wines and mouthwatering food or a trek to reach an isolated view of a hanging glacier.

Enjoy classic cuisine, immerse yourself in the spirit of dance, and view the magnificent landscapes that compose the country when you experience the essential things to do in Argentina.

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The true beauty of Argentina is the combination of natural wonders and cultural integrity from Iguazu in the north to Ushuaia in the south.

The nation embodies a piece of Old-World Europe and New-World spirit for an unparalleled adventure filled with lively authenticity drawing upon elements of nature and heritage, culture, and cuisine.

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