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Top 8 Things to Do in Argentina

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Stream and autumn colors in El Chalten with Fitz Roy mountain in Argentina

El Chalten with Fitz Roy mountain in Argentina

Surprisingly expansive and captivatingly diverse, these eight essential experiences represent the top things to do during your adventure in Argentina.

The landscape has shaped the culture, and the stunning scenery sweeps from plains to rugged mountains, glinting glaciers to thundering waterfalls enticing cities to quiet towns. Whether looking for delectable wines and mouthwatering food or a trek to reach an isolated view of a hanging glacier.

Enjoy classic cuisine, immerse yourself in the spirit of dance, and view the magnificent landscapes that compose the country when you experience the essential things to do in Argentina.

1. Discover the Spectacle of Nature

Perito Moreno Glacier at sunrise in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier in Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Argentina is the perfect escape for nature lovers as the scenery consists of a dynamic wonderland. While Buenos Aires may stand at the forefront of what people expect, you can get a better understanding of the true spirit of Argentina when you see the lush pine forests, glassy waters, crystalline glaciers, deserts stuffed with cactus, and the powerful curtain of streaming waterfalls. With so much geological diversity, you can easily become immersed in Argentina’s natural world.

Best Places to Visit for Hiking: El Chalten | Bariloche | Pampa Linda | Glaciers National Park | El Bolsón

2. Indulge in Mouthwatering Food and Wine

Argentinan asado

Argentinan asado

The cuisine of Argentina will cause your mouth to endlessly water. With a focus on local and seasonal ingredients, recipes change dramatically by region and bring hints of the traditional cultures with whom the dishes connect, such as Spanish settlers to Austrian expats. With the landscape shifting remarkably between Patagonia to the Andes, the central plains to the subtropical north, you will not only find treasured diversity in the cuisine but better understand a sense of Argentine history and heritage through the flavors you discover.

Best Places to Visit for Food: Buenos Aires | Mendoza | Bariloche | Ushuaia | Tilcara

3. Uncover Argentina’s Diverse Culture

Couple performing tango in the La Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tango in La Boca, Buenos Aires

Argentina is an enticing blend of cultures that brings together European traditions and Latin American customs. The passion and spirit of Argentina are undeniable, with locals proud of their heritage from art to literature, architecture to soccer. Museum galleries display the country’s natural history to the indigenous discoveries uncovered at Llullaillaco Volcano. You can savor the culture of the cuisine or experience the suave elegance of tango, taking you from the distinctive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires to the alpine avenues of Bariloche, further endowing Argentina with layers of the past celebrated by the present.

Best Places to Visit for Cultural Heritage: Buenos Aires | Bariloche | Salta | Ushuaia | Maipu

4. Explore the Landscape on Horseback

Horseback riding along river in Argentinian Patagonia

Horseback riding in Patagonia, Argentina

Horseback riding is an essential part of Argentina’s culture and history, dating back to the days of Spanish colonization. The horse is as emblematic of Argentine tradition as asado or tango giving way to the customary estancia and legendary gaucho. Horseback riding in Argentina does not just put you on a ranch and instead puts you in touch with the essence of the country as you discover the splendor of the plains or the desert, the rocky Andean slopes, or lush vineyards draping over a secluded valley.

Best Places to Visit for Horseback Riding: Cordoba | Patagonia | Esquina | Mendoza | San Antonio de Areco | Buenos Aires

5. Embrace the Diverse Flavors of Wines

Outdoor seating at vineyard in Mendoza, Argentina with mountains in the background

Vineyards in Mendoza, Argentina

The wines of Argentina share the best qualities of European vines and the unique personality of South America for a soulful conversation between land, climate, and culture. The stunning micro-climates across the country and pristine landscapes have given the grapes distinctive properties that instill the wine with quality, taste, and texture. When you enjoy wine tasting in Argentina, you sample national and regional heritage, making an endless connection to the bold, the bountiful, and the beautiful.

Best Places to Visit for Wine: Salta | Mendoza | Catamarca | Cordoba | Rio Negro

6. Ski the Slopes

Skier at Cerro Catedral Ski Resort, Bariloche, Argentina, with lake and mountain views

Cerro Catedral Ski Resort, Bariloche, Argentina

Beyond the famous vines and passionate steps, Argentina is a fantastic ski destination with few countries on earth matching the extensive terrain. Whether in Patagonia or along the cutting Andean foothills, finding a luxurious resort among volcanic peaks or witnessing the world’s most-southerly ski slopes, the influence of European emigres is palpable around the mountainous scenery. Patagonia can feel like a snowy haven and the Andes represent blissful snow-packed wilderness for a different perspective of active Argentina.

Best Places to Visit for Skiing: Bariloche | San Martin de los Andes | Malargue | Esquel

7. Explore the National Parks

Iguazu waterfalls and viewing platform in Argentina

Waterfalls in Iguazu National Park, Argentina

Argentina is a dreamland of national parks with 33 protected designated lands. Argentina hosts epic scenery ranging from lowland marshes to soaring Patagonian mountains. The landscape speaks widely to the culture and the way history has shaped the country as you can easily find a wealth of preserved forest and expanding glacier to observe. Nature is itself the spectacle as it surrounds you with the unique, the intense, and unforgettable.

Best Places to Visit for National Parks: Iguazu | Tierra del Fuego | Los Glaciares | Nahuel Huapi | Lanin | Talampaya

8. Enjoy the Artisan and Cultural Styles

Outdoor market with textiles in Argentina

Andean market in Argentina

Shopping in Argentina is a must and brings you face to face with priceless treasures connected to local, regional, and national culture. Boutiques, souvenir shops, and hidden antiques add dimensions to the glamour of the cities or the rustic charms of different towns as the window displays swell with touches of chocolate decadence or customary leather goods. Art, design, music, and literature capture the spirit of artisans, whether in vintage furniture or the essential mate gourd, an enticing aljfajor or traditional gaucho knife.

Best Places to Visit for Shopping: Buenos Aires | Bariloche | Mendoza | Cordoba | Ushuaia

More Travel Information & Tips

Sunset at Nahuel Huapi Lake, surrounded by mountains in Patagonia, Argentina

Nahuel Huapi Lake in Patagonia, Argentina

Argentina is a rarity by possessing so many fascinating things to do representing nature and culture. Whether you want a seductive couple’s getaway with a tango lesson or a family-friendly horseback excursion in the plains, Argentina feels timeless and classic. Our Argentina Travel Guide can give you more helpful tips and information for your perfect trip. If you are thinking of planning a trip, you can speak to an Argentina travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling our team at 1-888-265-9707.

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