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Ratings of Zicasso's Service
Travel agent Alejandro in Argentina

Alejandro's Travel Agency


 Based on 146 reviews

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Verified Review

Kim B.
Submitted on 1.19.2023

Alejandro from our travel company helped us arrange a trip for my 78-year-old father and my 2 sons to Argentina, Antarctica and the Falkland Islands. It perfectly met their desires, calendars and budget. Lots of pre-travel forms and doctors' approvals were needed by the excursion cruise line. Alejandro helped guide us through making the cruise arrangements and getting the paperwork correctly submitted on time. He was extremely responsive to all our needs and did an outstanding job at everything we would expect of a high-quality travel agent.But that was just the beginning. Many great travel agents can help plan a wonderful trip, but the very special ones are able to help when things go wrong or opportunities present themselves, and quickly make adjustments. Things started going wrong after the first leg of the trip. The connection in Dallas was delayed overnight so my Dad and sons were not able to check in with the cruise line’s travel agent in Buenos Aires the day before the cruise ship left from the southern tip of South America. Instead of having a day to tour Buenos Aires and follow the lead of the cruise line's travel agent to get to their charter flight, their flight from Dallas didn't arrive in Buenos Aires until after 1 a.m. the next day; exactly when Argentina’s World Cup Championship team arrived to a million fans swarming the airport and all roads to it.Alejandro anticipated the problem and arranged to have our guide meet our flight to ensure that my family got through airport construction and to the terminal where their charter was to depart from. My family didn’t know which of 2 airlines their charter was with or when it was leaving. Alejandro had tracked down and coordinated with the person in charge of getting cruise passengers from the city and onto the charter flights, so our guide could get my family checked in ahead of the others. The travel agent responsible for the other passengers for the cruise was stuck in traffic with them and was hours late getting to the airport. By the time they arrived, we had been checked in and were ready to go. My father is a very experienced traveler, but readily admitted he could not have found out where they needed to be and gotten there or found the cruise line’s travel agent without the assistance Alejandro arranged.  Alejandro's anticipation of the problem enabled my family to avoid massive stress and possibly to miss the connection to their once in a lifetime expedition.Then, the night before the return flight from Tierra Del Fuego to Buenos Aires, my family found out that their charter flight would leave much earlier than expected. My Dad and sons would have an 8-hour layover at the Buenos Aires Airport. Alejandro was able to arrange for our guide to take them on a tour of the city during their layover and get them back to the airport on time. Thus, through Alejandro’s great effort, my family got to see Buenos Aires which they missed doing earlier in their trip because of their flight delay in Dallas.  The bottom line is that my Dad and sons avoided stressful disasters and had the trip of a lifetime together thanks to Alejandro’s skill and determination to make it happen. 

Travel agent Ivan in Argentina

Ivan's Travel Agency


 Based on 175 reviews

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Verified Review

Scott J.
Submitted on 9.22.2022

Overall, the trip was fantastic. My wife and I were doing this to help celebrate our 10 year anniversary. Our minds were everywhere during the initial stages of selecting countries, let alone experiences, in South America at the beginning - do we do Peru, Chile, Argentina; Patagonia, Machu Picchu, wine country, etc. - so many options, so little time. This travel company did an absolutely amazing job listening to us, reacting to our feedback and being patent with us. Once we identified the 'where', they were also extremely helpful in selecting lodging and activities that fit our lifestyle, needs, and budget.Once on the trip, we enjoyed each of the guides we had in our 3 locations - they were all very knowledgeable, supportive, and entertaining. We felt like we got the most out of them in culture and helping us have the best experience. Additionally, our travel agency really made us feel special with amenities in our hotel rooms wishing us a happy anniversary throughout our journey. A special shout-out to our guide in sacred valley region - we were with him the most (about 6 days) and he was a person that contributed significantly to a positive experience.Even when things got rough, we felt like our travel company was there for us. I was unfortunately the victim of a theft while at lunch in Santiago - a person swiped my bag which included my cameras, sunglasses (fortunately not passport, wallet); our travel team worked hard both with our trip contacts and on-site guide to get us footage of it, helping us work with local authorities, and even helped us out with a massage to destress; it was not the most exciting part of the trip for sure, but the way the company handled it with us could not have been any better - they were empathetic, professional, and supportive.That is probably my last comment about this travel company - supportive. I definitely felt they were there for us the entire time - they always checked in, did their best to make sure it was the best, and when we had pivots or feedback, they worked almost immediately to get it on track and make it right. It really was memorable - thank you, travel team!

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Featured Reviews

Argentina & Uruguay Tour Review: 35-Day Vacation


James P.
Feb 11, 2023
The travel agency was excellent. One driver was 25 minutes late picking us up for a transfer but this is more a poor reflection on the transportation company used than on the travel agency. Most of the transfer agents used did not greet us with cold water. This is a simple low cost way of welcoming people, like us, that have traveled great distances to bring our business to you. 

Argentina & Uruguay Travel Review: 12-Day Vacation


Ekaterina P.
Jan 11, 2023
Excellent organization, perfect selection of the hotels, restaurants, etc. Everything in time. I am very happy and would recommend this travel company to my friends and colleagues.

Vacation Review: Uruguay & Argentina, Penguin Island in Usuaia, Los Glaciares National Park, Cooking Class at Chef's Home


Sally S.
Feb 20, 2020
The travel designer planned a terrific, far-ranging trip. The logistics of moving us through six different cities was so complicated. Everything worked as planned, with one minor blip caused by a local provider and remedied on the spot. Our travel designer was checking in with us all along. When we wanted to change some aspects of our trip while we were traveling, he restructured as we went. He was always kind and courteous. We would certainly go back to him for more travel in Argentina and Uruguay.

Argentina, Chile, & Uruguay Vacation Review: Colonia del Sacramento, Watching Calving in Los Glaciares National Park, Luxury Tour


Julie J.
Mar 18, 2020
The travel planners were great to work with. They made this a totally stress-free vacation. We were picked up at every airport and taken to our hotel. We were picked up for every tour and deposited back at our hotel afterwards. The tours were of high quality and the guides were fantastic! We were provided with all tickets needed for our airline flights, bus rides, and boat rides. We received itineraries at each city we visited. When one of our companions became ill during the trip, the company helped her find a medical facility to go to that was of high quality and near our hotel. They called to check on how she was doing. When we all had to change our airline tickets when Colombia denied access to foreign tourists, the company quickly and graciously changed our itineraries and pick up times from the hotel to the airport.This travel company helped us plan our itinerary and were with us from start to finish. I have traveled to over 45 countries and I can verify that this is a first-rate company. 

Travel Agent Review: Uruguay & Argentina 13-Day Vacation, Activities & Memories


Steven C.
Mar 17, 2020
The trip was very well arranged and every phase went exactly as planned. Communication with us by the company was excellent. Boarding passes arrived the day before each trip and all relevant information was conveyed promptly and completely. We were very pleased with the company. 

South America Travel Review: Luxury Trip to Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Uruguay


Douglas B.
Feb 03, 2020
Excellent service by the travel designer at this tour company.  The trips and tours were also excellent.

Luxury Trip to Uruguay, Argentina & Brazil Review: El Chalten Trek, Private Cooking Class, Colonia, Aconcagua Peak, Iguazu Falls


Mark S.
Feb 15, 2020

We had a great trip in a beautiful country.  From the glaciers of southern Patagonia to the jungles of Iguazu Falls, the excursions were excellent, without exception.  From the beginning, our travel designer had a good sense of what we would like and matched us with the right activities.  The hotels were all excellent and provided wonderful service and great views.  I would recommend this tour company without reservation.  The travel designer prepared an excellent itinerary, was responsive to our suggestions, and it was implemented flawlessly.  

He met us at both the beginning and end of our trips, and periodically checked on us to be sure all was going well.  He was very responsive when we encountered issues or had questions.  When we spoke with others touring the country, it was clear that our arrangements were in many ways superior...smaller groups, better coordinated, and better facilities and activities.

Chile, Argentina, & Uruguay Honeymoon Trip Review, Kayaking in Mendoza, Buenos Aires Asado Experience, Wine Tours, Glacier Hike


Brenna K.
Jan 20, 2020
The travel planner was a wonderful hostess, and the trip was amazing. Easily accessible and communicative whenever we had questions during the trip, as well as before while we were planning our honeymoon. There were numerous experiences that we most likely would not have had the pleasure of having if it weren't for the travel company and planner, including the fabulous Asado Experience, Aguas Arriba Lodge in Patagonia, Kayaking in Bariloche, personal wine tastings in Chile, a cultural experience with local north-east of Mendoza, and so many more. Highly recommend the trip for anyone, as well as the planner to anyone!

Luxury Solo Vacation Review, Uruguay, Argentina, Chile & Brazil , Fine Dining, Wine Tasting


Curtis W.
Dec 20, 2019
I had a great time visiting South America earlier this month. My travel planner (owner) did an excellent job providing me with a complete itinerary to start the trip and remaining available via text throughout my two weeks. There were a few things that could have been taken care of differently. I had to pay for my bags on flights included in the itinerary. I wish this detail had been discussed so that I did not have this unexpected cost. Some of the tours did not match what had been described/requested. I preferred small group English speaking tours and instead had some medium/large group tours. These are minor details in the grand scheme of things but hopefully helpful feedback. I would recommend using this tour company in the future. The planner was a pleasure to work with. Overall, a great trip that will not be forgotten.

Argentina, Chile & Uruguay Trip Review: Horseback Riding, Vineyards, Culture & Sites, 2-Week Vacation


Anne H.
Apr 23, 2019

Amazing experience from start to finish. Our trip planner and his team were top notch travel professionals and helped us feel comfortable and anxiety-free during our visits to Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. We have already recommended this travel team to many of our friends because of the company's superior customer service, attention to detail and selection of the most incredible lodging accommodations, local guides and so much more. Bravo, travel team!

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