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10 Best Places to Visit in Egypt

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Pyramids of Egypt on the Giza Plateau

Pyramids of Egypt on the Giza Plateau

Rich in ancient heritage and contemporary history, the following 10 best places to visit in Egypt immerse travelers in cultural wonders and thrilling adventures.

Whether your focus is on the Pyramids of Giza or traveling between Aswan and Luxor on a Nile cruise, Egypt offers a world of treasures and diverse landscapes.

Visit tombs and temples, scuba dive the Red Sea, or amble through markets and mosques as you discover some of the best places to visit in Egypt.

  1. 1. Cairo
  2. 2. Luxor
  3. 3. Aswan
  4. 4. Abu Simbel
  5. 5. Alexandria
  6. 6. Hurghada
  7. 7. Saqqara
  8. 8. Memphis
  9. 9. Sharm el Sheikh
  10. 10. Marsa Alam
  11. Explore the Best Places to Visit in Egypt

1. Cairo

Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al Rifai in Cairo, Egypt

Mosques of Sultan Hassan and Al Rifai in Old Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the top places to visit in Egypt and captures the essence of a bygone era steeped in tradition and culture, with the famous Pyramids of Giza set just outside the city’s center.

Marketplaces buzz with activity, while mosques command attention. Cafes and a bustling high street bring modernity to Cairo, while museums and monuments honor pharaohs and queens of the past.

Cairo is one of the world’s most fascinating mega-cities. Discover donkey carts and dusty lanes alongside the Nile’s vibrant riverbanks, as well as the connection to the heart of Umm al-Dunya, the Mother of the World, where you can see the seemingly endless achievements that make up Egypt’s vast timeline.

Highlights: Pyramids of Giza • The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities • Old Cairo • Khan el Khalili • The Hanging Church of the Virgin Mary • Al-Azhar Mosque • Souq Quarter

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

2. Luxor

The tomb of Ramesses V and VI at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt

The tomb of Ramesses V and VI at the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, Egypt

Luxor is more than a city; it has become one of the world’s greatest open-air museums, immediately immersing you in the past.

Few places in the world meet the grand scale and glamor of monuments that survive from ancient Thebes, including riches from temples and tombs. Options to view sites from a hot-air balloon give an aerial perspective of this ancient landscape.

Luxor sits on the banks of the Nile River, with boats bringing guests to experience the dramatic sights that make this Egyptian favorite a must-visit on luxury Egypt tours.

Highlights: Valley of the Kings • Karnak Temple • Valley of the Queens  • Luxor Temple •  Temple of Deir El-Bahri • Luxor Museum • Medinet Habu

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

3. Aswan

Temple of Philae in Aswan, Egypt

Temple of Philae in Aswan, Egypt

The relaxed and friendly ambiance of Aswan contrasts the endless bustle of Cairo, revealing remnants that once acted as Egypt’s gateway to greater Africa.

You can experience the contrast of culture and heritage emerging from the relationship between Egyptian heritage and Nubian culture at the southernmost point of Upper Egypt. The Aswan High Dam provides electricity to inhabitants and is a marvel of engineering that’s worth visiting.

Colorful villages and beautiful gardens, accompanied by photogenic sunsets, add to the allure of the ancient temples and monuments.

Highlights: Elephantine Island • Nubain Museum • Temple of Philae • Aswan High Dam • Nubian Village • Monastery of St. Simeon

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

4. Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel Temple Complex in Egypt

Abu Simbel Temple Complex in Egypt

The quiet town of Abu Simbel hides in the shadow of two colossal temples cut deep into the rocks near the shores of Lake Nasser.

The region’s spirit is captured by their grandeur, but also stems from the enduring culture of the Nubian town, with its distinct cultural music.

It’s not hard to miss the magnificence of Ramses II’s monuments, which will immerse you in the pharaoh’s reign through colossal statues and graceful facades in one of the top tourist destinations in Egypt.

Highlights: Abu Simbel Temple Complex • Temple of Wadi El-Sebua • Colossi of Ramses II • Hypostyle Hall • The Sanctuary

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

5. Alexandria

The harbor and skyline in Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, a port city with Greek influences, remains a historic jewel of the Mediterranean, combining the ancient world with modern wonders.

Bygone alleyways lie under the modern city, hiding in the sea or stretching along the grand waterfront, with reminders of the Great Library and mighty lighthouse.

Formerly one of the largest cities in the world, the grandeur of Alexandria can be felt, while its beaches offer a chilled vibe in one of the country’s popular destinations for Egypt family vacations.

Highlights: Bibliotheca Alexandrina • Pharos of Alexandria • Alexandria National Museum • Fort Qaitbey • Corniche • Kom El-Dikka • Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa

Recommended length of stay: 2-3 days

6. Hurghada

Beach resort in Hurghada, Egypt

Beach resort in Hurghada, Egypt

Hurghada, once a traditional village, now a contemporary powerhouse, represents the beauty of the Red Sea and the grandeur of modern luxuries as one of Egypt’s most popular coastal resorts.

An inescapable sheen spreads over the water and across the marina, giving way to some of the most impressive coral and marine life.

White-sand beaches, endless blue skies, and a connection to adventures on land and sea make Hurghada a delightful surprise that gives you a different perspective of Egypt’s beauty.

Highlights: Giftun Islands • Straits of Gubal • Hurghada Marina • Mosque El Mina Masjid •  Bedion Communities • Beaches

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

7. Saqqara

Step Pyramid of Djoserin Saqqara, Egypt

Step Pyramid of Djoserin Saqqara, Egypt

Saqqara is in Lower Egypt, near the entrance to the Nile Delta, and was nominated as a World Heritage Site in 1979.

Steeped in history, one of its key features is the Djoser, or Step Pyramid, one of the country’s earliest. Tombs unveil images of old kingdoms and burial sites hold a multitude of secrets from a bygone era.

Discover the stories behind this vast necropolis that served the former capital of Egypt as it stands in stillness in the sacred space.

Highlights: Djoser’s Step Pyramid • Abwa el-Qotat sit • Old Kingdom Tombs • Mastaba el-Fara’un

Recommended length of stay: 1 day

8. Memphis

Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Egypt

Statue of Ramses II in Memphis, Egypt

Less than an hour’s drive from the capital city of Cairo lies Memphis, the former capital of Egypt. It is located at the entrance of the Nile River Valley near the Giza plateau.

This former key religious site was also a hub for trade and a popular excavation area, with discoveries such as an alabaster sphinx, the pylon of Ramses II, and the great temple of Ptah.

Marvel at the sheer magnitude of Ramses II in the indoor museum and take your time as you walk around admiring masterpieces in the popular outdoor museum on Egypt tours for seniors.

Highlights: Statue of Ramses II • Great Temple of Ptah • Temple of Hathor • Temple of Ptah and Sekhmet

Recommended length of stay: 1 day

9. Sharm el Sheikh

Farsha Beach in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Farsha Beach in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

A coastal gem on the Sinai peninsula, Sharm el Sheikh is a popular seaside destination for visitors looking to relax or dive, exploring nearby coral reefs.

Chic hotels invite visitors to enjoy views from rooftops or to dine in one of the many beachside cafes, while absorbing the marvelous weather and relaxed ambiance in one of Egypt’s famous Red Sea resort towns.

Diverse marine life and long, sunny days make Sharm a popular tourist destination. Enjoy a stroll through the old town and visit St Catherine’s Monastery, while getting lost among the lights in this vibrant getaway.

Highlights: White Knight Dive Site • St Catherine’s Monastery • Ras Mohammed Peninsula • Farsha Beach • Windsurf at Nabq Bay

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

10. Marsa Alam

Woman snorkeling with sea turtle in the Red Sea in Marsa Alam

Snorkeling in Marsa Alam, Egypt

Between the desert and the Red Sea, Marsa Alam is one of Egypt’s south-eastern gems. It boasts healthy marine life and breathtaking reefs, popular with divers and snorkelers.

The town lies close to national parks and mountains, and serves as a wellness destination, offering a picturesque setting and tranquil vibe, its golden beaches providing the perfect playground for sunseekers.

From nearby mines to local fishing spots, Marsa Alam is a great addition to any Egypt itinerary.

Highlights: Abu Dabab Beach • National Park of Gebel Elba • Wadi al Gimal • Emerald Mountains

Recommended length of stay: 3-4 days

Explore the Best Places to Visit in Egypt

Early morning at Mount Sinai in Egypt

Mount Sinai in Egypt

Egypt represents the depth and allure of Mediterranean culture, with must-see destinations committed to embracing its history. The country is an unforgettable adventure to ancient pyramids, once-hidden tombs, and vintage cruises down the Nile River.

You can visit our Egypt travel guide for more tips and helpful hints on how to create your perfect trip, and answers to many frequently asked questions can be found here. When you are ready to start planning Egypt tours and vacations, you can speak with an Egypt travel specialist.

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