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India is an intricate mosaic of cultures, heritage, and landscapes that form an immediately distinguishable work of art. Come face to face with ancient civilizations and lush jungles, immaculate architecture and resilient spirituality, and destinations that hold astounding enchantments. Allow India’s indulgences to mesmerize you on a custom Zicasso tour.

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India Travel Post Covid-19

We are inspired by Ravi, an India travel specialist for Zicasso, as he is considering how to redefine travel to India in the post-Covid world. India is colorful, lively, and often crowded, so the new path forward will be to engage creatively with the many iconic highlights of the country.  Rather than see the Taj Mahal from the courtyard, travelers might take in her glory from the opposite bank of the river. As travelers look ahead to 2021, the ability to customize your trip to prioritize health and safety will be essential to your enjoyment of India.

If you are ready to start planning, now is a great time to talk with an India travel specialist to determine which regions you would like to visit. Organizing your trip design now will save time later. With so many incredible options for accommodations, exploring the many ways you can experience India is both inspiring and a great way to look ahead to the future. Our local specialists can advise any traveler on what is possible so that your ideal trip itinerary can be realized.

Planning a trip can happen anytime. It costs nothing to fill out a Trip Request with Zicasso and learn more.  Booking your trip can happen when you are comfortable to do so, as our Zicasso team can offer flexibility based on real-time global events. A customized trip with Zicasso has many advantages, and your local specialist is positioned to ensure your health and safety.  At the same time, you enjoy an itinerary designed specifically for you. Local knowledge and connections matter, as does the agility of a travel specialist to shift your plans for any reason.

Zicasso is here to help you.  Please contact us at 1-888-441-2418, and we are ready to connect you to an expert travel specialist today.

How to Book an India Tour

India brings vibrant traditions, flamboyant spirituality, rich architecture, and surreal landscapes. The Taj Mahal acts as the symbol of the greater country, while Jain temples embody millennia of heritage. Color becomes intertwined with culture in Rajasthan, and the sounds of endless ceremonies echo from the ghats of the Ganges River. Snow-capped peaks pierce the skyline of the Himalayas, and canals wind alongside towering palms in Kerala. India defies singularity and brings to light a unique contrast of history and modernity, sacred and delectable, from wildlife sanctuaries to expansive metropolises, secluded beaches to hidden winelands.

There are three ways to plan and book a trip:

1. Get a customized tour planned and booked by a travel professional. Travel independently on your own schedule.

2. Book a group tour. Join an escorted group tour with a fixed departure date.

3. Plan and book a trip yourself.

Zicasso offers the best solution for a customized tour by matching you with top travel specialists who plan and book the trip for you. Our travel agency division, Marageti, specializes in helping you book an escorted group tour. There is no extra cost to you for either service.

Custom Tours

A customized tour is one that is planned by a travel specialist according to your specific interests, preferences, and schedule. Whether you desire a family-friendly adventure or a romantic getaway, each of the accommodations, activities, and destinations is tailored to your preferences. The knowledge and experience of your travel specialist make a big difference. Zicasso has spent thousands of hours vetting the best travel partners. We act as a referral service, matching you with specialists that best meet your goals and priorities.

Escorted Group Tours

A group tour offers the advantage of convenience at a great value. The schedule is fixed, the itinerary is pre-planned, and a dedicated tour director travels with the group throughout the trip. A group tour can be 30 - 50% less expensive than an equivalent customized tour. Out of the many hundreds of group tours, how do you select the right one for you? Our travel agency division, Marageti, has sales agents who specialize in helping travelers weigh the pros and cons of each group tour. We give you personalized recommendations to find the best tour for you.

Goals and Priorities

What are your goals and priorities for the trip? These should drive your decision for either a customized tour or a fixed departure group tour. We are here to help you make the right decisions to make your dream trip a reality.

Must-See Destinations in India

Alongside our India travel specialists, we have developed suggestions for any trip length. A custom Zicasso tour designs your trip around your needs, desires, and goals, but the following recommendations act as foundations for a well-designed trip.

Most travelers from the United States spend an average of 10 days in India. 10 days of traveling gives you more time to explore beyond the famous Golden Triangle to discover more of Rajasthan or the spiritual center of India at Varanasi. The following examples suggest where to go depending on the length of your trip.

7 to 9 Day Trips

If you have between seven to nine days in India, we suggest that you visit Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Ranthambore National Park. How you organize your trip will maximize your ability to travel, explore, and discover the essentials of India. Your Zicasso travel specialist will ensure that your trip is designed in the best way possible according to your travel goals.

7 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Day 3: Agra

Days 4-5: Jaipur

Days 6-7: Varanasi

8 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Days 3-4: Agra

Days 5-6: Ranthambore National Park

Days 7-8: Jaipur

9 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Day 3: Agra

Days 4-5: Ranthambore National Park

Days 6-7: Jaipur

Days 8-9: Varanasi

If you have more time (10-16 Days), we recommend:

If you have approximately two weeks in India, we suggest taking your time to enjoy the culture and natural beauty of India in addition to the original destinations of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Varanasi. There are many different ways to explore India, including dividing the country between north and south.

All Zicasso tours are customized to your preferences, but below is how we recommend spending your time:

10 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Days 3-4: Varanasi

Days 5-6: Agra

Days 7-8: Ranthambore National Park

Days 9-10: Jaipur

Days 11-12: Udaipur

12 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Day 3: Agra

Days 4-5: Varanasi

Days 6-7: Jaipur

Days 8-9: Kochi

Day 10: Alleppey

Days 11-12: Kumarakom

14 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Days 3-4: Varanasi

Day 5: Agra

Day 6: Ranthambore National Park

Days 7-8: Jaipur

Days 9-10: Jaisalmer

Days 11-12: Jodhpur

Days 13-14: Udaipur

15 Days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Days 3-4: Varanasi

Day 5: Agra

Days 6-7: Ranthambore National Park

Days 8-9: Jaipur

Days 10-11: Jaisalmer

Days 12-13: Jodhpur

Days 14-15: Udaipur

16 days

Days 1-2: Delhi

Days 3-4: Jaisalmer

Days 5-6: Jodphur

Days 7-8: Udaipur

Days 9-10: Jaipur

Days 11-12: Agra

Days 13-14: Khajuraho

Days 15-16: Varanasi

How many days is enough to see India?

10 days is a good amount of time to cover one region of India. If you wish to see all the diversity India offers in one trip, you would need three to four months. 10 days will give you plenty of time to experience the popular highlights and several lesser-visited destinations. Whether you visit South India to find beautiful heritage and distinctive culture, architecture, and nature or travel to North India to discover the popular Rajasthan region and Varanasi, 10 days allows you to uncover the unique highlights of India.

Essential Experiences for the Best India Vacation

During your India tour, you can stroll through the decorative gardens of the Taj Mahal or wander beneath the shimmering ceilings in the Amber Fort’s Palace of Mirrors. You can trek trails that wind through the Himalayas or glide through tropical canals in view of Portuguese colonial architecture. India possesses culture, cuisine, beaches, design, history, and heritage.

Best Way to Experience Delhi

Delhi is a majestic city that is steeped in history and brimming with contemporary life. Rhythms and sounds accompany vibrant colors through the copious bazaars of Old Delhi, and the greater national capital embodies eight different cities in one. Ancient monuments, modern citadels, and fabulous feasts only scratch the surface of the essential experiences you can enjoy during your first time in Delhi.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Delhi (2 days depending on pace)

Historical Delhi

  • Experience the depth of history around the Red Ford, where the 17th-century design continues to hum with contemporary life.
  • Discover the treasured ancient ruins around the Qutb Minar complex, which represent the triumph of Muslim rule and the intricacy of artisan craftsmanship.

Culinary Delhi

  • Embrace the fascinating aromas and colors of Asia’s largest spice market at Khari Baoli Road, which has operated since the 17th century.

Spiritual Delhi

  • Witness the marvelous architecture and acts of devotion around Delhi’s most prominent religious complexes, from Jama Masjid mosque to the Lotus temple.

Best Way to Experience Agra

Agra is a city of breathtaking landmarks that highlight dense layers of heritage. From the historically significant to the majestic and beautiful, Agra reflects the legacy of the Mughal Empire on the banks of the holy Yamuna River. During your India trip, you can enjoy the following essential experiences for your first time in Agra.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Agra (1-2 days depending on pace)

Architectural Agra

  • Indulge in the sensational design and opulent details of the Taj Mahal, which changes colors during sunrise and sunset.
  • Delight in the beautiful gardens at Mehtab Bagh for stunning views of history and the iconic tomb.

Abandoned Agra

  • Explore the unique architecture of the former Mughal capital city of Fatehpur Sikri to find the glowing red sandstone walls and unique building designs.

Best Way to Experience Jaipur

Jaipur is not just a gateway to the flamboyant heritage of Rajasthan. The city also acts as the embodiment of the region’s vibrant network of historic streets, colorful architecture, and regal beauty. The following essential experiences are great to enjoy during your first time in Jaipur.

What to See & Do

The Main Must-Do Tours in Jaipur (2 days depending on pace)

Regal Jaipur

  • Traverse the marvelous colors, grand apartments, and manicured courtyards of the City Palace in the heart Jaipur.
  • Witness the sea of lattice windows that shape the Hawa Mahal. The impressive landmark has 953 windows.
  • Revel in the lavish design of the Amber Fort, whose multiple palaces are connected by four distinctive courtyards.

Lavish Jaipur

  • Stroll along the aisles of Johari Bazaar to find the market glittering with the jewelry of shops that offer gold, silver, and intricate designs.

Special Interests & Activities in India

Traveling with Zicasso provides you with exclusive access to many activities, excursions, and tours for a distinctive experience. The following information offers insight into our recommended experiences and can be tailored to focus on your unique interests.

Best Food & Wine Destinations

India’s colorful blend of spices, diverse textures, and dynamic flavors make the country a mouthwatering destination for food enthusiasts. India has also been gaining notoriety for its wines. The traditional cuisine is known for its balanced blend of herbs and spices that emphasize its layered tastes. From wheat to rice and from vegetable-based dishes to recipes that focus on meat, Indian cuisine represents regional traditions and the nation’s position at the crossroads between East Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe.


The intriguing blend of antique wooden architecture and temples at the heart of Nashik’s old quarter add to the luster of greenery that spreads across the western region. Nashik represents the epicenter of the modern Indian wine movement. Vineyards surround the city and showcase the healthy soils, fragrant crops, and enticing flavors of the countryside. Typical grapes of the region include Chenin blanc, Zinfandel, Shiraz, Malbec, and Riesling.


The northern region of Punjab is famous for its variety of mouthwatering dishes that range from flavorful vegetarian options to the celebrated tandoori cooking style. Much of the cuisine takes inspiration from northern Indian and Pakistani traditions with a focus on tastes and ingredients that are native to the region. The cuisine accentuates the beauty of typical regional Golden Temple typical dishes like chapati or foods seasoned with herbs like sauteed black cloves, cumin, and tumeric.

Zicasso’s Exclusive Access to India’s Best Food and Wine

Your Zicasso travel specialist can organize private tours and design exclusive visits for food enthusiasts and wine lovers. You can experience private cooking classes or sample award-winning wines while meeting the vineyard’s owner. You can also meet with a sommelier to learn more about India’s history and production of wine as well as special local varietals.

Art & History

India is a country where culture ascends through the layers of history, representing the diverse heritage of each region. Indian cities celebrate their art in preserved temples, by continuing traditional artistic methods, and by focusing on the beauty of artisanship. Antique crafts, such as ceramics, marble, carpets, jewelry, and paintings, represent a fraction of artisan crafts that are available in the bazaars and galleries across the country. The architecture reflects the important attention to detail of artists throughout the ages, whether building tombs, temples, palaces, or forts. Museums showcase the extent of artwork across the nation with emphases on Mughal artifacts or Hindu statues. Art and history in India intertwine to highlight India’s unique style and its position as a bridge between cultures.

Must-See Art Museums & Attractions:

  • View the intricate embellishments, fabulous skyline, and grand design of the Taj Mahal, the most iconic structure in India.
  • Wander the galleries of Ranakpur Jain Temple to find the more than 1,400 pillars decorated with unique images were carved from marble.
  • Discover the stunning heritage on display in the Folk Culture Museum of Janapadaloka, which preserves and promotes historic artforms in contemporary India.


History in India feels ancient and dramatic, and the country is home to one of the grandest epics in the world. The past is imbued with millennia of great civilizations, invasions, imperial cataclysms, and religious creations. The invisible threads of the past connect the essential progress of the country and ancient history to the reinvention of modern India after Portuguese and British colonialism.

Neighborhoods in Delhi and Mumbai act like living museums with preserved buildings that represent development while also highlighting how contemporary culture utilizes the preserved past. Natural landscapes, such as dense forests, winding canals, and mountain caves, showcase a different perspective of history in India. On a customized Zicasso trip, we can design custom tours with specialized guides, such as archeologists with a PhD, history professors with an emphasis in a specific time period, or community leaders with unique insight into the local legends. We can also organize history-focused small-group tours with a certified guide.

Active Tours

Active tours in India let you experience the scenery from different perspectives by unveiling coastal beauty, snow-capped mountainscapes, and a labyrinths of canals. We recommend the following active experiences when visiting India.


  • Jaipur - You can discover the treasures of Jaipur’s City Palace, Amber Fort, and the winding streets of the historic center on a cycling tour.


  • Kerala - Explore the quiet backwaters and tropical banks of the canals in Kerala for a scenic, serene, and enticing ambiance.

Wildlife Viewing

  • Nagarhole National Park - The popular protected landscape gives visitors one of the best places to view tigers and leopards, and Indian elephants in a single space.
  • Gir National Park - The wildlife sanctuary of Gir National Park offers one of the best places to see Asiatic lions in their natural habitat.
  • Kanha Tiger Reserve - The largest national park in Madhya Pradesh possesses a significant population of Bengal tigers, Indian elephants, and Indian wild dogs.

Private Excursions and Special Access

Zicasso’s travel specialist partners have insider experience and can provide special access for unique tours. Each excursion or activity is customized to your specific interests and goals to ensure that you have the trip of a lifetime. The following list offers some examples but the possibilities are endless.

  • Enjoy an exclusive champagne dinner with the owner of a former fort turned elegant luxury hotel.
  • Delight in the thrill of a camel polo game on the outskirts of Jaipur.
  • Glide down the Ganges River with a musical ensemble for a private cruise experience with dinner and music.

How much is a tour of India?

The starting price of a custom-tailored India trip is approximately $150 per person, per day.

For an escorted group tour, the starting price can be approximately $200 per person, per day. This price includes things like meals, tours, group transfers, and accommodations.

The cost of an India vacation is dependent on several factors, such as the:

  • Length of your trip
  • Season (month) of travel
  • Class of hotel
  • Number of locations/cities you visit
  • Number of guided day tours and activities (e.g., cooking class, wine tasting, etc.)
  • How much you spend on meals, shopping, etc.

A vacation such as this is often the biggest purchase of the year. It will also likely be one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime. To get the most out of your trip, we highly recommend using an expert India travel specialist to plan a customized India tour that is tailored to your specific interests and budget. You can also join an escorted group tour so that most travel arrangements are pre-planned for you. This way, you can travel hassle-free and relax while a professional tour director and guide takes care of all logistics and any issues that might arise.

This includes:

  • 3-star hotels (shared twin room)
  • Some guided day tours and activities
  • Transportation within India such as airport transfers and domestic flights

A 5-star, tailor-made India tour, where most services are upgraded and extra unique experiences are included, typically starts at $9,000 per person for a 10-day trip (or $900 per person, per day).

Everyone’s priorities, interests, and preferences are different. Submit a trip request on Zicasso, and we will personally match you with an expert trip planner who will help you customize your dream trip or help you select the right group tour while also taking your budget into consideration.

Best Time to Visit India

The best time to visit India is October to mid-December and again from mid-January to March. Not only do these months represent the best weather around the majority of the country but they also host large religious and secular festivals.

India is a large country with distinctive temperate zones that vary from north to south. July and August represent peak monsoon season. October and November are great for travelers from around the world, but these months are also when Indians travel, which may require you to book in advance for transportation and accommodations.

Christmas and New Years are also popular times of year to travel in India, which requires forethought if you prefer to celebrate these holidays around popular destinations, such as the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Jaipur, and Agra or in the famous city of Mumbai.

The climate will vary as you travel around India. The most noticeable difference takes place between North and South India. The climate in North India is subtropical and shaped by the Himalayas to the northeast and the Thar Desert to the west. The winter is often not busy when traveling to the Himalayas, and June to September are quieter times to visit Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi due to the light rain.

How far in advance should I plan a trip to India?

If you plan on visiting India during peak travel times, such as in October and November, around Christmas and New Years, or again during February’s peak wedding season, you should book your trip between four to five months in advance. By booking your trip up to five months in advance, you will have your first choice in accommodations, which book quickly during popular travel times. The Holi Festival in March is also a fun and popular time to travel in India, which typically requires that you book your trip at least four months in advance.

Modes of Transportation in India

The best way to see India in 10 days is with a private driver. Trains are available in India but are best experienced on short journeys or on famous Heritage Toy Trains, such as the Darjeeling, Shimla, or Ooty, which are all UNESCO Heritage activities. Typical trains in India are usually overcrowded and unreliable. They also do not service all corners of the country. A private driver gives you access to every corner of India while allowing you to travel at your pace. Your driver will also know the cities, towns, and cultural insights of each region, including specialized shops, great restaurants, and local stories.

Domestic Flights

Flights do exist between cities in India, but this depends on the cities to which you are traveling. Domestic flights can make traveling long distances easier if you have limited time or are dividing your trip between North and South India. Many domestic flights will land at Delhi or Mumbai airport before continuing to their final destinations. The majority of domestic airlines have a baggage allowance of 15 KG per person for economy class flights.

Your Zicasso travel partner ensures that your logistics are as smooth as possible by providing you with a private driver, private airport transfers, and domestic flights when necessary to create a stress-free India tour.

What to Consider When Traveling Through India

When on an India tour, you should consider certain aspects of travel, such as logistics, accessibility, and safety. The following information covers important aspects of traveling when in India so that you can enjoy a stress-free experience.

Is India Safe for Travel?

India is very safe for travelers. Issues like pickpocketing in crowded areas rarely occur and your overall safety is never questioned. The northern region of Kashmir can feel less safe due to the tension between India and Pakistan, but your safety is never jeopardized. While vendors and buskers may seem bold, it often boils down to a cultural difference that can be overcome with persistent reluctance. This cultural difference seems more noticeable in North India versus South India, which has a more relaxed atmosphere.

When traveling around India, considerations such as vaccines and water safety are also concerns. You do not need malaria medication when traveling in India, unless you are traveling to jungle destinations or during monsoon season. Even then, the medication is recommended and not required. By keeping to bottled drinks and refraining from drinks with ice, you can avoid any possible ailments from drinking the water.

Travel Insurance

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

For Families

India is a very family-friendly destination with locals who are excited to see children from other countries with whom they can share their heritage. Your guides will always focus on family-friendly activities and ways to share information for all age groups in an engaging way. Activities you can enjoy with your family in India include the following:

  • Cooking class with a local family
  • Hiking
  • Folklore shows

For Seniors

Seniors must be aware that heat and humidity can play a factor during your India trip. An expert Zicasso specialist will minimize any mobility challenges or stamina concerns by ensuring that your guides organize your tours accordingly with appropriate rest periods or finding indoor excursions during heavy rain. A private driver will help with your bags and travel between hotels, cities, and airports. You specialist will also book luxury accommodations that have appropriate accessibility. Traveling in small groups through Marageti will also hit the highlights and take care of all travel logistics.

For Couples

A travel specialist has the experience to guide you to the best destinations and activities for couples in India who wish to balance tours and romance. Delightfully opulent properties, exciting outdoor excursions, and private dinners create intimate memories for the perfect India vacation. Exclusive tours can also shape your unforgettable experience, such as a romantic hot air balloon ride over Jaipur or a luxury tent stay inside a national park.

For Travelers with Disabilities

Your India travel specialist will help any guest with mobility challenges or concerns by focusing on necessary arrangements, such as an antique palatial hotel or narrow streets in an old fortress. Our experts’ attention to important details will ensure that you can enjoy India’s brilliant highlights, scenic beauty, and regal accommodations with ease.

Best Airports to Fly In & Out of India

The best airport to fly in and out of when visiting India is Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL). The second-most common airport to fly in and out of when traveling to India is Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM).

For most travelers, the most convenient airport is Delhi International Airport (DEL) followed by Mumbai’s International Airport (BOM). These two airports not only act as international hubs from which the majority of flights arrive or depart, but they also act as regional hubs through which the majority of regional flights will layover before continuing to their final destinations. The busiest airports in India are:

  1. Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)
  2. Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (BOM)
  3. Kempegowda International Airport (BLR)

Find the Best Flight

When flying into India, your best options depend on your goals for your trip. Your best options for flights are Delhi (DEL) and Mumbai (BOM) before continuing to smaller airports across the country. These airports can include Jaipur, Udaipur, Kochi, and Goa. As of early 2020, flights from Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and Washington fly directly to Delhi, and flights from Newark fly non-stop to Mumbai.

Domestic Flights

Domestic flights depend on both your departure and arrival destinations. Not all municipalities have airports, which would require that you fly to one airport before driving to reach your final destination. After considering the logistics of flying, such as traffic, arriving at the airport a certain number of hours before departure, and layovers in Mumbai or Delhi, it will take approximately the same amount of time to drive between cities rather than to fly. Often, a drive is far faster, and far more enjoyable.

Flights Via Zicasso

Zicasso Air Desk is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation by employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso. Our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 Service & Support, and Complimentary Consultation of Routing vs. Pricing with an Expert Flight Specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Recommendations for the Return Traveler

When returning for another India tour, you can travel into the depths of the cities and countryside beyond the essential destinations of Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Varanasi.


The overlooked region of Gujarat does not have the tourism infrastructure of other destinations but remains a wonderful place for adventure seekers and those who are looking for off-the-beaten-path experiences.  From artisan villages to remarkable textiles, Sacred Jain pilgrimage sites to Portuguese island enclaves, sidestepping away from the main trail in India reveals ample rewards, including bird watching, rafting, and searching for Asiatic lions.


The former separate kingdom of Hyderabad remains rich in havelis and palaces that now host government offices. The old city evokes ancient life in wide lanes and aromatic chai shops. Colorful spice stalls and architecture embody an impressive regal state and contrast with the high-tech contemporary district west of center, which is referred to as Cyberabad.

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