Vineyards surrounding Grinzane Covour in the Piedmont region of Italy

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Regional gastronomy can open your eyes to local traditions and recipes, modern innovation and ancient culinary techniques. Food takes us beyond borders to signify how the rich diversity of a culture can weave together greater flavor. Use these sample trips and our Food and Wine Travel Guide to plan your dream vacation to learn how you can experience travel in a way that is simultaneously communal and yet intimate.

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Church of San Biagio in Montepulciano surrounded by Tuscan countryside

Food-Lover's Tour of Tuscany and Umbria

9 Day Custom Tour

From $2,470

Along with the rich culture and abundant historical sites, this 9-day tour of central Italy is designed to showcase the gastronomic greatness of the places you visit. From Umbria to Tuscany, the beating heart of Italian olive oil and wine production will be yours to enjoy along with the many other culinary delights. By the time you depart, you will have a better understanding of Italy's love affair with food.

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Enjoying an evening glass of wine at Château de Gilly near Dijon in the Burgundy region in France.

Ultimate French Wine Tour: Burgundy and Alsace

10 Day Custom Tour

From $5,495

Sample breathtaking wines and indulge in mouthwatering cuisine during this 10-day wine and food tour of France. This tour focuses on the ultimate wine road through the Burgundy and Alsace regions. Picturesque villages, dramatic castles, and inspiring cooking classes will capture your imagination, while wine cellars, half-timbered homes, and Michelin-starred restaurants will enrich your experience. During this tour, you will experience the essence of France.

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Medieval Motovun surrounded by vineyards in Croatia

Exclusive Food & Wine of Croatia for 2022-2023

10 Day Custom Tour

From $5,195

Indulge in authentic flavor and elegant scenery during your luxury 10-day Croatia gastronomy tour. Experience exclusive wines, traditional cuisine, rustic cooking, and decadent ingredients as you wander from verdant countrysides to regal islands. Uncover the character of famous wines, sample the splendor of iconic dishes, and enjoy the welcoming ambiance of Croatian culture as you taste your way from the Istrian Peninsula to Dubrovnik.

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Wheels of parmigiano-reggiano on display in Parma, Italy

Spectacular Luxury Food Tour of Italy

12 Day Custom Tour

From $6,115

The cuisine of the Italian Peninsula is an expression of joy blending on masterful artistry that you can sample, explore, and indulge in during your 11-day gourmet Italy tour. This culinary journey uncovers the ingredients but also the traditional heritage of its people. From truffles to Carbonara, Parmigiano to regional wines, discovering the food scene of Italy is diving into historic techniques and renowned local flavors.

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Vineyards in Langhe region of Piedmont, Italy

Luxury Italy Wine Tour of the Top Regions

9 Day Custom Tour

From $5,395

Embrace the marvels of Italian flavor and the splendor of Italy's scenery during this 9-day luxury Italy wine tour. You will have an immersive experience of the wine culture and Italy's fabulous history of wine consumption, which will reveal sumptuous vines, elegant tastings, and exclusive excursions. From regal estates to stately panoramas, you will wander through antique cellars, stroll through medieval towns, and sample the spirit of Italy through its illustrious wines.

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Wine tasting at Church Road Vineyard in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand.  Photo © Tourism New Zealand / Chris McLennan.

Top Tier Food and Wine Tour of New Zealand

11 Day Custom Tour

From $6,595

New Zealand remains a world apart and presents visitors with an abundance of untouched wilderness and pristine landscapes, all of which will be yours to enjoy on this 11-day luxury tour of Auckland, Rotorua, Napier, and Queenstown. From the North Island to the South, the country's fantastic cuisine, unparalleled natural beauty, and warm hospitality will be highlighted with a delightful balance of leisurely and active explorations of the beautiful country.

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Coastal vineyards in Basque Country, Spain

Essence of Spanish Food, Wine, and Culture Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $3,835

Flavor is the focus during your 8-day food and wine tour of Spain. Historic tastes shape contemporary culture as you search for aromas of peony and green strawberry in Txakoli wine. Indulge in earthy scents of leather and tobacco when sipping La Rioja. Bask in San Sebastian’s traditional pintxos and embrace Madrid’s authentic tapas. From grand urban architecture to charming villages, you will delight in a new flavorful perspective of Spain.

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Sea of olive trees in the Andalusia region of Spain

Unrivaled Culinary Journey through Spain

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,035

Your desire to explore Spain through its world-renowned cuisine will be amply satisfied by this 12-day tour of Madrid, Andalucia, and Catalonia. You can learn about the long history and evolving culture of these diverse regions through food and the valued traditions of art, architecture, and dance. This culinary romp will allow you to sample the best of Spain’s wine and olive oil, which have been practiced and perfected since Roman times.

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Alfresco culinary experience on Santorini, Greece

8-Day Greek Culinary and Local Experiences Tour

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,555

Experience Greece like a local as you tour Athens, the Eastern region of Apokoronas, and the island of Santorini on this 8-day tour. From tucking into authentic Greek cuisine at traditional villages to exploring the spectacular seascapes off the mainland, you will uncover the culinary highlights and capture the breathtaking environments that make Greece such a sought-after destination.

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Tom Yum Goong, Thai hot and spicy soup with shrimp

Taste of Thailand Culinary Tour

11 Day Custom Tour

From $2,415

There are endless unforgettable flavors to discover and enjoy on this custom tailored tour through Thailand and its remarkable culinary traditions. From sensational cooking classes to magnificent local restaurants, opulent temples to immaculate beaches, you will make a culinary journey from spice to decadence and you will relish everything in between. Uncover the secrets of famous restaurants, delight in the cultural traditions of home cooks, and taste the diverse flavors from north to south that bring you into the unique and unparalleled tastes of Thailand.

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Japan Tour - Chopsticks Scooping Noodles from Bowl of Miso Ramen

Ramen Tour of Japan: Celebrating 60 Years of Instant Goodness

11 Day Custom Tour

From $5,979

Your 11-day culinary tour of Japan immerses you in the flavors of ramen and the gastronomic delights of the nation’s four classic broths. Follow the timeline of the cuisine from its origins to its newfound international popularity and delight in the mouthwatering bursts of umami in every bit. As you explore Japan, you will relish in essential regional tastes, the beauty of the scenery, and the majesty of preserved custom.

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Dark chocolate made at a cooking class in Umbria, Italy

Italy for Chocoholics! A Unique Tour of Umbria

8 Day Custom Tour

From $2,395

Reset yourself to a new rhythm: rest, relaxation and indulgence. Allow yourself to be pampered at luxurious accommodations in the beautiful Umbrian countryside. Wake up to the sound of church bells and chirping birds. Wander traffic-free ancient streets and enjoy leisurely gourmet meals. This special Italy for chocoholics vacation includes the highlights of Umbria: charming medieval hilltop villages, magnificent historic cathedrals, authentic Italian cooking classes, even a truffle hunt with sniffer dog! The unique tour of Umbria culminates with the EuroChocolate Festival of Perugia October 19th-28th, where you’ll enjoy two days in chocolate paradise.

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Flavors of Sicily Tour: Wines, Private Cooking Classes & Excursions

8 Day Custom Tour


On the volcanic hills of Mt. Etna grow luscious vines absorbing the varied nutrients of the soil. Orange and olive groves run through the valleys. Farmhouses produce dishes equally as enchanting as award winning restaurants. On your custom tailored Sicily tour, your senses will come alive, enhanced by the gourmet gastronomy and traditional heritage derived from an amalgamation from around the Mediterranean. The wine has succulent notes, the pastries practically melt in your mouth, and the coffee is deeply layered with flavor, every moment bringing another treasure of both cuisine and history for you to savor.

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Adriatic to the Alps: Gourmet Tour of Croatia, Slovenia & Italy

12 Day Custom Tour


Taste the unparalleled flavors from the Adriatic to the Alps on this custom tailored tour that will forever more define “gourmet.” From the spectacular Adriatic Sea to the pearled Julian Alps, stretching between Croatia, Slovenia, and northeastern Italy, you will discover the remarkable landscapes and the unforgettable dishes that can no longer be kept secret. Magnificent caves abound and medieval towns decorate the plush countryside. From fabulous truffle hunting to wine tasting in a grand castle, you will venture from the Adriatic to the Alps and find the flavors that will bring you to the top.

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Buenos Aires to Mendoza: 12-Day Culture, Nature and Wine

12 Day Custom Tour


Buenos Aires is a bustling cosmopolitan city blending old architecture with modern design, Puerto Iguazu is an untouched wilderness sanctuary boasting an impressive waterfall, Cafayate is a lush region where culture comes to life, Salta brags iconic scenery beneath the Andes Mountains, and Mendoza produces some of the country’s finest wines. These are the magnificent destinations you may visit on this tailored 12-day Argentinian tour.

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12 Michelin Stars in Seven Days: Journey to Germany’s Unexpected Culinary Center

8 Day Custom Tour


Discard the schnitzel and ditch the bratwurst as Zicasso forges an edible journey to the world’s most exciting culinary center - the Black Forest. With 12 Michelin Star dining blending aromatic opulence and creative finesse, TV-star chefs with meticulous technique, and tantalizing five-course menus, Germany is now positioned on the culinary map. Complemented by five-star luxury accommodations throughout, and three enchanting Christmas destinations to explore, this gastronomic tour beckons to indulge on the most inimitable of experiences Germany has to offer.

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The Sriracha Tour: A Culinary Journey to Thailand & Vietnam

15 Day Custom Tour


Awaken your senses through the flavors of traditional herbs and spices in this exclusive culinary tour of Thailand and Vietnam. As you discover the origins of the Sriracha sauce by learning how to make it at its birthplace in Si Racha, Thailand, your culinary exploration will celebrate the gastronomic roots that are shared across borders revealing the varying degrees of flavors. With many kitchens moving away from their heritage in an attempt to embody sophistication, your journey will hone in on the delicate balance between tradition and elegance. From dining in chic restaurants to discovering popular eateries hidden in alleyways, your personal guides will unveil the true essence of Thailand and Vietnam’s culinary delights as you discover the spirit of Sriracha.

For more culinary trip ideas, visit the Food & Wine tours section on Zicasso.

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Oktoberfest Germany Tour: Munich and Landshut

8 Day Custom Tour


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest and best-known beer festival and with more than 200 years of tradition, you’d better believe it’s worth experiencing. Get your fill of Bavarian history, culture and celebrations on an eight-day tour that’ll include city and castle tours, traditional costume shopping expeditions, Bavarian cooking classes, brewery tours and a visit to the festival itself.

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17-Day Immersion into Australia: Outback to Wine Country

17 Day Custom Tour

You have never seen the land down under quite like the best of Victoria, Southern Australia, New South Wales, and Tasmania on this 17-day tour. From the wine-growing magnificence of the Barossa Valley and Launceston to the raw natural beauty that teems with life on Kangaroo Island, this luxurious getaway provides the perfect balance of adventure and comfort that Australia has to offer.

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11-Day Luxury Wine Tour of Tuscany

11 Day Custom Tour


With layers of wine and preserved tradition to guide you, your 11-day Tuscany luxury tour revels in art from the museums to the kitchens, the piazzas to the markets. Witness architectural grandeur, sample the delicacies of restraint, and embrace the essential tastes of the grapevine. The Uffizi to Montepulciano’s terraced vineyards, the Accademia to San Gimignano’s towers, when discovering Tuscany, even the simple can feel opulent.

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Elegant Italy: Art, History, Food and Wine for 2022-2023

15 Day Custom Tour

The scenery captures the spirit of art and the importance of culinary mastery during your 15-day Italy Trip of a Lifetime. From cities to the countryside, you will immerse yourself into the delectable corners of the peninsula as you discover the grandeur of Venice’s canals to the glamour of Capri’s panoramic views. Indulge in the secrets of creating mouthwatering pizza in Naples and embrace the undeniable style of la dolce vita in Rome. Whether witnessing Renaissance art, enjoying the palatial architecture, or sampling celebrated local wine, you will embrace the luxuries of Italy intertwined with the pleasures of daily life.

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8-Day Introduction to the Sumptuous Flavors of Argentinian Food and Wine

8 Day Custom Tour


Introduce your palate to the sumptuous flavors of traditional food and wine on this extravagant 8-day Argentina culinary. Indulge in dinners with views of the rainforest, sip a selection of South America’s finest wines at exemplary estates in the Wine Country, or savour traditional Asado as tango dancers twirl the night away. No matter your travel preferences, this culinary experience is tailored to your tastes.

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Enticing Food Tour of Germany: Michelin Stars to Local Taverns

10 Day Custom Tour


Meander around Germany on this perfect 10-day food tour, from Rhine Valley and Black Forest flavors to Bavaria and potato dumplings. Handcrafted so that you can explore the full breadth of German flavors, these ten days include Riesling and microbreweries, Michelin dining, tiny local taverns, charming cities, and superb landscapes. This trip offers ten days of gastronomy that is often overlooked when traveling to Germany.

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Tastes of Israel: Wine and Culinary Tour in 10 Days

10 Day Custom Tour


Indulge in renowned culinary delights on this 10-day Israel gastronomy tour, which will give you immersive adventures in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and the Jordan Valley. Fall in love with the remarkable cuisine of each city. Sip luxurious local wines and discover the intricacies of the artisan olive oil presses of Galilee. Trek to the beautiful countryside and enjoy the serenity of the Dead Sea as you uncover Israel’s culinary charms.

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