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A romantic getaway thrives on seclusion, pleasant surprises, and an unforgettable collection of new experiences. Nothing delivers this more completely than an African safari. Nature’s astonishing theater plays out, placing awe at center stage. Africa’s diversity is on display with a custom tour with the perfect combination of safari, beaches, vineyards, and deserts to explore together. Explore the African Safari Travel Guide and Honeymoon Travel Guide to get a wealth of information and inspiration.

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Elephants gather at a watering hole in Sabi Sands Game Reserve.

Remarkable African Honeymoon Safari and Island Paradise

Remarkable African Honeymoon Safari and Island Paradise...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $8,983

The majesty of African wildlife, coastal splendor, and powerful cascades will enchant you on this 14-day luxury honeymoon of Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Seychelles. Experience the romance of a secluded safari lodge and embrace the powdery white sands of a tropical island. Snorkel in crystal-clear water, sample delicious wines, and discover the romance at Victoria Falls, Sabi Sands Game Reserve, and Mahe island.


Botswana Safari & Beach Island Paradise for Couples

Botswana Safari & Beach Island Paradise for Couples...

14 Day Custom Tour

From $14,695

Float on a blanket of luxuriant escapism with this unique Southern Africa blend of safari and beach. With an uninhabited Indian Ocean island, big game filled journeys through the Kalahari, helicopter rides over the wilderness, secluded camps, and these 14 days overflow with romantic settings and experiences. Yet it's more than just a couple's getaway; it's an adventure through world wonders that oscillate between spine-tingling authenticity and surrealistic tones.


Safari, Wine & Romance Tour of South Africa

Safari, Wine & Romance Tour of South Africa

13 Day Custom Tour

From $10,109

The delights of Big Five safari, the sensual reverie of vineyards, the seductive charms of secluded South Africa; this itinerary is coated in romance and handcrafted for couples seeking to indulge in South Africa's wonders. Think champagne whale-watching safaris, heated pools surrounded by elephants, quaint stone cottages amidst the vines, and helicopter trips above Table Mountain. This romantic African safari tour is teeming with intimacy and explores world wonders at a delightfully unhurried pace.


Luxurious African Safari Honeymoon: Kruger, Zululand & Mozambique

Luxurious African Safari Honeymoon: Kruger, Zululand...

13 Day Custom Tour

From $10,135

Vibrant Zululand provides an evocative adventure for honeymooning couples. Ancient game reserves dance with life, concealed beaches await your footprints, and this corner of Africa revels in its traditions and history. Enter an amphitheater of lifetime memories as this honeymoon imbues effortless displays of originality. Spend six days exploring Zululand before indulging on an Indian Ocean island and completing the journey in renowned Kruger National Park.


Classic Honeymoon Safari Tour: Savuti, Okavango Delta & Victoria Falls

Classic Honeymoon Safari Tour: Savuti, Okavango Delta...

8 Day Custom Tour

From $5,595

The romance of the unique landscape brings you face to face with the power of nature and the wonders of the African wildlife. On this custom tailored tour through Botswana, and its surroundings, you will find the seclusion of luxurious safari lodges set on the remarkable banks of the Okavango Delta and Savuti River. You can hear the lions roar through the trees and elephants traipse along the river of Chobe National Park. Enjoy the romantic senses of the landscape within the majesty of a long awaited Botswana safari trip.


Safari cruise on the river at sunset in Chobe National Park, Botswana

Dream Honeymoon Safari: Botswana, Victoria Falls & Kruger

Dream Honeymoon Safari: Botswana, Victoria Falls &...

12 Day Custom Tour

From $11,395

Dream. Discover. Experience. Exceptionally blending honeymoon luxury with hypnotic wildlife, this unique itinerary turns African safari into a personalized love story. Chobe, Okavango, Victoria Falls, Kruger; each distinctive destination is elevated by fabulous accommodation and feelings of pure escapism. With everything on four legs providing the evocative backdrop, this dream honeymoon is about unique and special moments with your new spouse.


Exclusive South Africa Tour for Romantic Couples

Exclusive South Africa Tour for Romantic Couples

12 Day Custom Tour

From $9,355

Safari, beach, city, wine, history, mountain; discover the exclusivity and diversity of the country with this romantic South Africa tour. Destinations are connected by beautiful rural roads, taking you from iconic Cape Town to the tip of Africa and onwards to your vintage Big Five safari. In just 12 days, this luxury chauffeured tour combines a little of everything that the country is famous for, concluding with the elegant ambiance of the Cape Winelands.


South Africa Vacation Packages: Safari, Winelands & History

South Africa Vacation Packages: Safari, Winelands &...

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,195

Soft waves crash along the shore. Penguins waddle along the sand. The taste of citrus lingers on your palate. And the roar of lions fills the still air. The wonders of South Africa are there for you to explore, from stunning lions to beautiful wine, from nature’s beauty to Cape Town’s history. Don’t let the majesty of South Africa allude you. Come search, explore and experience. The majesty of South Africa wants to be seen and should be found by you.


Botswana Safari Honeymoon

Botswana Safari Honeymoon

9 Day Custom Tour

From $7,645

Elevate a romantic getaway with this idyllic 9-day safari honeymoon. Be alone in Africa’s most beautiful wilderness, indulge in the continent’s finest secluded camps, and only share the experience with the inimitable wildlife. This itinerary offers the privacy and charm demanded by every honeymooning couple, yet it’s wonderfully blended with unforgettable experiences and an unadulterated immersion in the wild.


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