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How to See the World with Ease: 3 Tips for Travelers with Limited Mobility

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Scenic Moselle river cruise in Germany

Scenic Moselle river cruise in Germany

Key to the success of any trip is the elimination of obstacles, and these three tips will help you see the world with ease.

Customizing your trip itinerary to plan well for any mobility concerns or accessibility challenges is vital, and your travel specialist can answer any and every question to design logistics that will work for you.

Make your dream trip possible by accounting for every logistical detail, and these tips will get you started.

  1. Be Upfront with Your Wants and Your Capability
  2. Ask for Guidance to Get the Trip You Want
  3. Work with a Local Travel Expert
  4. Start Planning Your Trip

Be Upfront with Your Wants and Your Capability

Elephant ride to Amber Fort in Jaipur, India

Amber Fort in Jaipur, India

Travel can open your eyes to the delights of the world, whether by witnessing ancient history, basking in a unique landscape at sunset, or searching for the wonders of the wilderness. The world has become more accessible with travel specialists who can take into account the specific needs or supports of their clients for any destination. Whether visiting India’s Golden Triangle, Tanzania’s Serengeti, or Venice’s canals, the right travel specialist can adapt your travel plans to make any possible trip a reality.

“The best travel companies can make the impossible possible,” says Jason, a travel specialist for South America. “We take each client as an individual, and that means that ninety percent of destinations are made accessible to people of lesser mobility. It is never a case of yes and no with mobility but exploring with the client their capability and then adapting to maximize the client immersion and enjoyment.”

Your itinerary can make a difference in how you travel and see a specific destination. Every travel expert has practical experience in their particular region that gives them the best insights and information on how to bring your travel plans to life. No matter your preferences and goals, the right travel specialist will translate your wish list into a feasible, practical, and possible trip based on the ideas you have shared.

“In the past, we have added extra guides to cruise boats for people of limited mobility, or perhaps a personal helper,” Jason says. “[Things] are done at your pace with no pressure to keep up with the group. We had a client that suffered from a degenerative muscle disease, so we checked that all routings had paved roads throughout their trip, even the last mile to the hotels in the countryside. That is the level of attention and care we work to. Don't underestimate your capability. Place trust in the hands of your expert advisor. You will be pleasantly surprised by what is possible.”

Ask for Guidance to Get the Trip You Want

Group of senior travelers being chauffeured while on vacation

The right guidance during your trip can come from the advice of your travel specialist before you arrive, a private tour guide, or a driver who can make traveling between destinations or accommodations much easier. Not only does a private driver understand the local rules of the road and driving culture, but they can also act as an advocate for the ease of transferring from one hotel to the next, traveling from the airport to your accommodations, or transitioning from your accommodation to your tour.

“We always use private drivers for our senior travelers,” says Croatia travel expert Andrea. “Our drivers make sure to take our clients from one hotel door to the next hotel door. Our guides pay special attention to older people and make sure to stroll easily, take a break where people can sit down and have a drink and walk our clients back to their hotel. Also, we always advise our clients which places are senior traveler friendly.”

Understanding the type of trip you want can also make a big difference in the kind of trip you plan. A travel specialist understands the local capabilities and can act as an advisor for crafting the right journey for you.

“During the trip itself, it is very important to me that I receive my travelers so that I can get to know them and put them at ease. I can answer any questions and doubts they may have. I also provide my mobile number so that we are in communication throughout the trip. Finally, when the trip ends, to meet them personally to obtain feedback on the trip,” says Kieran, an Argentina travel specialist.

Work with a Local Travel Expert

Guided Mokoro safari in Botswana

Guided Mokoro safari in Botswana

Without a travel specialist, you may not know the possibilities of your trip and the experiences you could actually have. It is about breaking through the perceptions of barriers when it comes to travel to understand that any experience is possible, especially when working with the regional knowledge and resources of a local travel expert.

“We always help them to design an itinerary according to their physical situation,” Says Samuel, a Spain travel specialist. “If they have mobility issues we adapt the services, guided tours, and suggest the perfect itinerary for them so they can enjoy. And this applies to all kinds of limitations. For example, food allergies, restrictions, mobility issues. We are always able to adapt the itinerary to our traveler.”

The local knowledge, resources, and tools travel experts have can turn any probability into a possibility while also making it as convenient as possible for you. Whether through developed relationships with local guides or a better understanding of a specific accommodation, as well as navigating perceived challenges to a specific type of tour. “In Uganda, we arranged a stretcher seat for a traveler that had trouble walking. Seventeen porters carried her for an hour to view the gorillas,” says Neil, a safari specialist.

Traveling is about the value of your experience. By using their expertise and knowledge to overcome perceived restrictions, a travel specialist helps you create, craft, and enjoy your priceless trip as an advisor and guide. Whether looking for restaurant reservations or tickets to a specific museum, “I make my traveler’s lives easier,” says Luis, a Spain travel specialist. “I get in charge of everything so they just have to come and relax. I arrange accommodation, transportation that better suits them, tours and so on.”

Start Planning Your Trip

Senior couple at Machu Picchu in Peru

Senior couple at Machu Picchu in Peru

From searching for elephants in South Africa to visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, witnessing Machu Picchu in Peru to wandering the halls of Edinburgh Castle “Anything is possible!” says Australia travel expert, Dick. “Don't be scared to ask your travel agent who can customize the experience to fit all levels of medical or mobility conditions.” You can find inspiration and information Zicasso’s Senior Travel Guide with any trip customizable to your needs.

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