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Namibia is Nature’s great art gallery, a mystical world of surreal landscapes and transcendent experiences. Panoramas appear as in a dream, fantastical yet spine-tinglingly real. Giant red sand dunes, silvery-white salt pans, flamingo-fringed lagoons – no other country offers such visual euphoria.

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Best of Namibia Safari & Nature Tour

10 Day Custom Tour

From $4,495

Experience the highlights of Namibia’s incredible landscapes, culture and wildlife on this tailor-made journey of exploration and adventure. Seek out lions and elephants and track rhinos on foot in the big game reserves of Ongava and Etosha before heading to Damaraland in search of unique desert-adapted elephant herds. Spend two days exploring the quirky Germanic seaside town of Swakopmund, then head south into the dunes of Sossusvlei, where a desert landscape of stark and utterly beautiful harshness will captivate your soul.

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Namibia Tour: Intimate Tribal and Safari Experiences in Northern Namibia

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,515

A wonderfully eclectic cast of characters call wild Northern Namibia home. Discover them all by combining immersive tribal experiences with intimate big game safari. This unique itinerary goes beyond the clichés and stereotypes, offering genuine interactive experiences with both the Himba and San Bushmen peoples. And the thrill of safari is just as personal and authentic.

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Deadvlei and Sossusvlei in Namibia.

Adventurous Namibia Family Vacation & Safari

14 Day Custom Tour

From $6,295

Namibia offers a boundless playground for active families, framed by surreal landscapes and bursting with unique experiences. Each local resident provides an exciting new perspective, from distinct ancient tribes that open their homes, to Black rhinos and Africa's unforgettable wild game. Carefully crafted for the intrepid family, this itinerary blends together Namibia’s once in a lifetime experiences, serving up a customized feast of enchantment, adventure, and fun.

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Luxurious river safari on the Zambezi Queen

5-Star African Safari with Unique Zambezi Queen River Safari

15 Day Custom Tour

From $16,495

Africa is a land of beauty and unparalleled wonders. Whether you are a romantic, wildlife lover or adventurer she will compel and awe you with her extraordinary charm. This 5-star private tour offers an exceptional opportunity to discover Africa at a 30% discount. Filled with special experiences, including a unique river safari, this journey of a lifetime delivers the best of Southern Africa.

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Namibia Guided Tour and Safari

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,515

Take a privately guided road journey through the vastness of Namibia - a country of epic landscapes and compelling size and grandeur. The journey takes you to the Namib Desert, where the dunes of Sossusvlei are among the highest in the world. Continue to the German colonial town of Swakopmund, where a host of activities await, from pelagic boat trips to skydiving. You then head into Damaraland in search of exotic desert-adapted flora and fauna, before heading to the Etosha region for thrilling big game adventures.

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Luxury Self Drive Namibia Safari for Seniors

15 Day Custom Tour

From $6,895

Namibia’s outstanding tourist infrastructure rewards the adventurous senior traveler, idyllically blending enchantment with unique safari experiences. Luxury lodges, intimate wildlife experiences, spectacular scenic drives; it’s all packaged within a backdrop of tranquility and rustic charm. This unique self-drive itinerary offers an easy one way journey through an array of stunning national parks, culminating in the rugged beauty of Victoria Falls.

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Luxury African Camping Safari in Namibia

9 Day Custom Tour

From $4,045

Namibia’s wilderness is always alive, dancing with wildlife charms and kaleidoscopic landscapes. Merely glimpsing this rugged world is an unforgettable highlight. Camping in the middle of it elevates the experience, serving up a delectable platter of big game drama and unadulterated charm. Handcrafted for the intrepid adventurer, and delivering a stunning level of comfort in the bush, this camping safari showcases why Namibia vacations are so unique.

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The Ultimate Namibia Safari Adventure

8 Day Custom Tour

From $3,595

Namibia is a land of the unexpected. Hidden within the rugged wilderness you'll discover the continent's finest five-star accommodation, and lost in the ancient landscapes you'll discover some of Africa's very finest safari experiences. Track rhinos on foot, get intimate with big cats, and indulge in seven days of ultimate safari adventure with this unique itinerary. So elevate your expectations and expect continual surprise on this safari tour of Namibia.

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Elephant in Kruger National Park, South Africa

The Complete Southern Africa Safari for First Timer: Namibia, Botswana & South Africa

12 Day Custom Tour

From $11,395

Torn between safari destinations? Want to discover all Southern Africa's wonders in under two weeks? Combining the continent's premier national parks and its most intimate experiences, this unique itinerary is a bubbling pot of excitement and enchantment. From galloping herds to tracking rhinos on foot, waking to lion roars and canoeing past hippos, this is the evocative and comprehensive safari experience.

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The Ultimate Northern Namibia Self Drive Safari Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,635

Namibia bursts with adventure and is liberally smothered in a blanket of charm. Climb aboard and take a riveting self-drive journey through a nation of surreal landscapes and beguiling wilderness, an eclectic big game cast guiding you through deserts, mountains, and rugged savannah. Part authentic safari and part ethereal wilderness, this ultimate self-drive vacation unveils our planet’s great natural art gallery.

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Surreal Wonders of Southern Namibia Tour

12 Day Custom Tour

From $5,395

Southern Namibia is like a great novel. At first glance it's too big to comprehend, thousands of untamed scenes encased within a colorful cover. But open the book and the details jumps from the page. Moments of beauty entwine with ferocious drama, epic scale is broken down into poignant intimacy, and the world's most surreal wonders come alive before your eyes. This unique 12-day itinerary is all about page turning, about experiencing the rich detail of an ancient world.

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Adventures of Namibia Tour: Bushmen, Safari & Dunes

11 Day Custom Tour

From $4,945

Namibia is a giant outdoor playground, packed with novel experiences and framed against some of the planet's most surreal landscapes. Ever since Bushmen settled here 40,000 years ago, an insatiable appetite for excitement and adventure has been essential to the local psyche. This unique itinerary builds on the local perspective, packing a myriad of inimitable adventure into just 11 days. The experiences you can have here, you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

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Wonders of Caprivi Safari: Eight Game Reserves in Two Weeks

14 Day Custom Tour


Off the beaten track and brimming with highlights, this unique journey takes you across Namibia to the majestic Victoria Falls. Eight unique national parks and game reserves are included, each unveiling the captivating beauty and dramatic wildlife of the country. You won't see other tourists and it's a truly regal experience. Rugged, wild, and bursting with inimitability, this itinerary symbolizes the very best of Southern Africa.

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Highlights of Namibia Safari

12 Day Custom Tour


Journey across Namibia: this adventure takes in the best of the breathtaking and diverse landscapes of this beautiful country, from the urban to the rural, the historical to the anthropological. From the quirky towns of Windhoek and Swakopmund, to the fascinating historical landmarks such as Spreetshoogte Pass, to the natural wonders of the Moon landscape and the marble mountains, prepare for a truly mind-boggling experience. There is wildlife to be searched for on foot, by vehicle and by kayak, many a sunset to be enjoyed with a drink in hand, and many characters to meet along the way. Namibia and its hidden jewels lie in wait, with many a memory to be made.

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Amazing Namibia Discovery Tour

11 Day Custom Tour


This privately guided journey encompasses the highlights of Namibia in a way that will inspire your imagination and capture your soul. From the stark but hauntingly beautiful Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert, you travel to Swakopmund on the edge of the Skeleton Coast before venturing into Damaraland in search of iconic desert-adapted elephants and rhinos. Discovering ancient rock art and the Himba tribe along the way, the journey though this landscape of epic grandeur brings you to the vastness of Etosha, where thrilling big game encounters await you.

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Self Drive Namibia Wildlife and Culture Safari

13 Day Custom Tour


On this journey, take a self-driving adventure through the heartland of northern Namibia, where awe-inspiring landscapes, thrilling encounters with desert-adapted elephants and rhinos, ancient rock art sites and the incredible big game and wildlife of Etosha and Ongava await you. Finally, you spend two nights deep in the Kalahari wilderness with a remote community of San Bushmen, where you gain a remarkable insight into an ancient hunter-gatherer lifestyle that has remained unchanged in millennia.

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Namibia & Zambia Tour from Windhoek to Victoria Falls

15 Day Custom Tour


This is a journey that will grab you from the moment you land in Windhoek, and will continue to surprise and delight you each day. From the charming hustle and bustle of the Namibian towns of Windhoek and Swakopmund, to the elegant beauty of the Namib Desert and the excitement of the bush in Etosha National Park, there are true gems to discover on this adventure. The people and history to encounter along the way are not to be overlooked: from the Himba community to the basket-weavers in Bwabwata National Park, there are many characters that will be hard to forget. Finish in the glorious and regal Victoria Falls, whose ethereal beauty will provide an appropriately dramatic end to an unforgettable adventure across Namibia.

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Cape, Dunes & Safaris: Vacation in Namibia & South Africa

13 Day Custom Tour


This journey through South Africa and Namibia takes you to some of the continent’s most dramatic, wild, raw and captivating landscapes. The sparkle and glamour of Cape Town is starkly contrasted as you stand beside the country’s largest river, and the continent’s largest canyon. Towering ancient pink and orange sand dunes challenge your understanding of the capabilities of nature, while game drives through Etosha National Park will overwhelm you with the power and vibrancy of the animal kingdom. With countless opportunities to hike, wander and explore, this tour will give each guest the freedom to immerse themselves in the majesty and wonder of southwestern Africa.

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Namibia Walking Safari: Desert Rhino & Elephants

8 Day Custom Tour


This journey is a unique adventure that has, at its heart, a focus on the truly remote and the pristine. It also offers an opportunity to accompany a group of conservationists on a remarkable effort to raise awareness for, and protect, some of the world’s greatest creatures. The Save the Rhino Team will take you on an unforgettable foray into the Namibian wilderness, teaching you invaluable tracking and bush skills and demonstrating the precarious nature of the existing populations of rhinos and elephants in this area. In addition to this experience, you will explore areas of Namibia that are inaccessible by vehicle and thus reserved for the privileged few to witness on foot while supported by a camel train. This trip is about the wildlife and people of Namibia, and the unbreakable bonds that you will undoubtedly forge with both.

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Self-Drive 16-Day Adventure: Botswana and Namibia

16 Day Custom Tour


From sweeping canary-colored savannas to flourishing teal wetlands to rolling jade-hued grasslands, Botswana’s safari getaways share the country’s exquisitely diverse environments, and this tailored tour is designed to spotlight the remarkable wilderness inhabiting these untouched sanctuaries. Whether fishing in the great wetlands of the Okavango Delta, enjoying boating safaris across the Zambezi River, or sightseeing at the world-famous Victoria Falls, discover Botswana’s breathtaking trail.

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Wilderness & Wonder: Best of South Africa and Namibia

12 Day Custom Tour


Celebrating some of the planet’s ultimate travel highlights, your 12-day South Africa and Namibia safari offers four superlative destinations. Start in Cape Town, a city of color, charm, and home to Table Mountain. Explore the intimacy of the Sabi Sands, where the Big Five is just the beginning. Escape to the desert and nature’s gallery at Sossusvlei. Then, experience safari drama in Etosha to find rhinos and elephants.

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Highlights of Namibia Luxury Fly-In Safari

10 Day Custom Tour


Dunes shimmer scarlet in the sunset light, elephants make dusty footprints in the desert, and a cheetah may watch you from the grass on your 10-day Namibia safari. Your wilderness escape will connect have you fly between Sossusvlei, Damaraland, and Etosha, mixing rugged adventure and serenity. From sunsets on the sand to walking with rhinos, this is a vacation from another world.

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