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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the History Enthusiast

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Turkish medieval fortress at ancient aptera in Chania, Crete, Greece

Chania, Greece

Our three top historical experiences unearth exceptional perspectives of the past during activities designed around your interests and how you wish to experience the world.

From finding ruins beneath the sea to following in the footsteps of renowned philosophers, a distinctive experience creates memories forever connected to your desired destination.

How you interact with your surroundings during your trip will have an immeasurable impact on your life by uncovering new and exciting ways to explore. Whether with authentic excursions or private showings, our list can guide you to historical splendor through a timeless lens.

  1. 1. Explore Ancient Life in the Mediterranean Sea
  2. 2. Follow in the Footsteps of Western Philosophers
  3. 3. Find Historical Inspiration with Regional Cuisine
  4. Plan Your History Trip of a Lifetime

1. Explore Ancient Life in the Mediterranean Sea

Las Teresitas beach in Tenerife Province in Spain

Tenerife Province, Spain

Spain’s long reach through history spans continents and can be discovered on land and in the sea. The essence of discovery and the allure of the past demonstrate the impact of culture and how civilization can and does change over time.

Few places capture this with more acuity than the underwater Museo Atlántico Lanzarote. Impressive sculptures provide a unique dive site for beginners and advanced divers interested in exploring the artificial reef, artworks, and models that harmoniously connect the past and present movement of communities on the water.

The excursion into the water makes the experience unique, but the addition of impressive sculptures and maritime life turn this into an event few will ever have.

Spain Trip Idea

Exquisite Spanish Honeymoon: Canary Islands Tour combines the elegant beauty of the island and its unique history over a nine-day exploration of whitewashed towns and golden beaches.

Highlights: Discover the true splendor of Tenerife with a private tour • Enjoy sunset and starlight from atop Mount Teide • Explore the otherworldly landscape of Timanfaya National Park • Witness natural wonder in Lanzarote's Valley of 1,000 Palm Trees

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2. Follow in the Footsteps of Western Philosophers

Ancient Agora of Athens in Greece

Ancient Agora of Athens in Greece

The great Greek philosophers established the foundations of Western Civilization that informed the Western world’s approach to thought, analysis, and theses. Spending a day in the spirit of an Athenian philosopher is inspirational, as it allows you to explore the connection between theory and place.

The city becomes an open-air classroom, with the ancient philosophers acting as instructors. Their words become guides through which you discover historic streets, ruins, and life that once thrived during the city-state's Golden Age. While many may travel through Athens, this is how history lovers should experience a city layered with meaning.

Greece Trip Idea

Delight in the philosophy and splendor of renowned Greek islands on the 11-day Athens, Crete, & Santorini Luxury Family Tour, as you balance the marvels of history with the charms of cultural heritage and coastal allure.

Highlights: Stroll the steps of the Athenian Way to reach the Acropolis • Enjoy an Athenian food tour • Amble along cobbled avenues and alleys in the Agora • Meander between charming cafés and around the Aegean Sea in Chania • Ponder the hidden messages and faded frescoes of Knossos • Visit Akrotiri, the city considered to be Atlantis

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3. Find Historical Inspiration with Regional Cuisine

Indulge in a private pasta-making class in Italy

Rome, Italy

Food is inextricably linked to history and culture, especially in the vibrant, layered, and eternal streets of Rome. This is not just a food tour on which you can savor the ingredients of a specific dish; this is an essential part of being Roman.

Exploring the history of a city labeled “Eternal” means finding new, unique, and exciting recipes shaped by time, trade, community engagement, and the changes that came with shifting power dynamics. Roman-specific dishes celebrate the city’s position as a central figure in Western Civilization for over two millennia. This is demonstrated in the historic streets, ancient ruins, and contemporary kitchens, with each neighborhood representing culinary and historic diversity.

From the tradition of la cucina povera to Roman-Jewish cuisine, the neighborhood of Testaccio to the dishes of the historic city center, peel back the complex historical layers of Rome for an experience perfect for a history enthusiast.

Italy Trip Idea

Uncovering the Secrets of Rome Tour celebrates the ancient splendor and medieval grandeur of the Eternal City over nine days by immersing you in the flavors, history, and exceptional ruins that continue to capture the imagination of visitors.

Highlights: Enjoy your VIP status during a spectacular after-hours tour of the Vatican Museum • Discover the often-overlooked Baroque church of Saint Ignazio • Indulge in a private pasta-making class • Witness the ancient streets of Pompeii during a private excursion • Wander beneath the former arena floor of the Colosseum • Take a class in mosaic tile work from a craftsperson

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Plan Your History Trip of a Lifetime

The Roman Colosseum in Italy

Rome, Italy

The dream of the perfect trip is not just about where you visit, but what you enjoy along the way. How you embrace the environment or engage with the past informs the memories you make, the connections you share, and the pleasures of daily life in which you can indulge. Embrace the passions of Socrates or uncover the ages of a city through the layered flavors of its cuisine. Each element will unveil a new perspective that can inspire how you look at the world around you.

Whether interested in reaching the pristine corners of the world or diving into the depths of ancient civilizations, your unique interests can guide your experiences. Find more inspiration for planning your perfect experience with our Trips of a Lifetime travel guide.

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