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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the City Enthusiast

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Tourist with view of Bog Ben tower in London, England

London, England

Our three best city experiences reflect the diversity and dynamics of urban life as we uncover the captivating atmospheres exuded by streets, architectural styles, and local cultures.

Traveling in a city allows you to engage with new and exciting opportunities as you explore ancient design that has informed tradition. Grand structures or quiet corners add to your experience.

From the magic of water puppets to the intimate knowledge of local taxi drivers who understand the uniqueness of each city block, our list can guide you to unforgettable joys that connect with your desires and goals.

  1. 1. Discover City Life in a Traditional Black Taxi
  2. 2. Sample Parisian History, Elegance, and Culture with Chocolate
  3. 3. Explore the World of Underwater Puppetry
  4. Plan Your City Trip of a Lifetime

1. Discover City Life in a Traditional Black Taxi

Black taxi on London street, England

London, England

A black taxi tour of London combines the iconic image of the city’s private cabs with the unparalleled knowledge of the drivers and the incredible stories they share. The elements that make a city include architecture, culture, and people, and the cab drivers are a fundamental part of London’s atmosphere, their knowledge competing with and even surpassing the most well-seasoned tour guide.

London is a monument to history and success, imperial grandeur and contemporary ambiance, making it one of the most visited cities in the world. But it is not the city itself that will introduce you to the millennia layered among the cobblestone streets. Instead, it’s how you engage with the city that matters.

The exam to become a cabby is considered one of the most difficult in the world and demands years of rigorous study to memorize the city’s 25,000 labyrinthine streets, numerous businesses, and coveted landmarks. A tour in a memorable black cab gives you a perspective of London unlike any other, while opening your eyes to the importance of a unique tradition.

London Trip Idea

London and Countryside of England Tour is the perfect introduction to England’s history, quintessential countryside charisma, and lavish urban ambiance, an eight-day exploration of historical romances, mystical landscapes, palaces, and traditions.

Highlights: Tour the historic center of London with a local guide • Indulge in a fabulous evening cruise along the River Thames • Visit the enchanting Shakespearean town of Stratford-upon-Avon • Experience the unadulterated charm of Cotswold villages • Find the ethereal atmosphere of Stonehenge

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2. Sample Parisian History, Elegance, and Culture with Chocolate

Gourmet patisserie in Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is a city of magic and charm, elegance and flavor, with a culinary scene that attracts travelers from around the world. Beyond the famous restaurants and celebrity chefs, the art of making chocolate captures the spirit of the city through traditional tastes, experimental designs, and remarkable displays.

A chocolate-tasting tour and workshop in Paris turns a dream of culinary mastery into a reality as the entire culture around creating, crafting, and showcasing chocolate is revealed.

The experience keeps on giving as you practice the art of chocolate creation and learn how to make chocolates at home, an experience that will remind you of Paris every time you find an aromatic hint of truffles or chocolate-covered caramel.

France Trip Idea

Secrets of French Gourmet Tour: A Treasured Culinary Journey is a great way to build memories and bonds as a family as you share food, culture, and new experiences on an 11-day tour.

Highlights: Delight in a decadent chocolate experience during a tasting tour of the historic and award-winning chocolateries • Revel in the flavors of traditional French cuisine at a Michelin-starred restaurant in Lyon • Savor the recipes and flavors of Paris during a private pastry lesson • Delight in private market tours

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3. Explore the World of Underwater Puppetry

Water puppet theatre show in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

A water-puppet show in Hanoi offers insight into Vietnam's history and culture. With tales of mythology and traditional music, the elegant ballet comes together with a mixture of poles and mechanics added to the movement of the trained puppeteers.

The performance moves beyond expectation to create a sense of cultural enchantment that helps inform and inspire the audience in a unique and exciting way. Going behind the scenes of the show unveils the spirit of Hanoi by blending the importance of tradition with the fast-paced city.

By exploring the distinctive neighborhoods with insight into how the puppets are made and operated, as well as each character’s stories, you create an everlasting memory of Hanoi.

Hanoi Trip Idea

Uncover authentic beauty and allure on this eight-day Amazing Vietnam Vacation: Karst Islands to Imperial Citadels to experience treasured waterways, ancient traditions, and imperial grandeur that has informed contemporary city design.

Highlights: Watch a traditional water-puppet performance • Visit the remnants of the Nguyen Dynasty’s Dai Noi Citadel • Glide across the emerald water of Hạ Long Bay •  Travel by traditional wooden boat to visit points of cultural significance across the Mekong Delta • Bask in the atmosphere of Hanoi’s Hoàn Kiếm Lake

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Plan Your City Trip of a Lifetime

Ngoc-Son-Temple bridge in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam

The splendor of your perfect trip will immerse you in joy, from thrilling environments to the architectural mystique that creates a distinctive urban ambiance. Step behind the scenes of a cultural masterpiece that has spanned centuries, explore the essential treasures of chocolate in Paris, or bask in the colors of the shifting tropical landscape as you search for tigers.

Whether eager to witness the world’s cafés or interested in exploring the unique design of an ancient city, every idea can help guide your experience. Find more inspiration for how to enjoy travel with our Trips of a Lifetime travel guide.

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