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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Adventurous Traveler

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Hiker stopping to admire Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia

Mout Fitz Roy in Patagonia

Our three adventure trips of a lifetime focus on how you wish to travel rather than where, and are designed with the adventurous traveler in mind.

Travel allows you to give yourself over to opportunity, the known and unknown, as you indulge your preferences and find an alternate life from the one you live at home. Whether finding a new way to discover culture or enjoying an alternative view on how a landscape can define a community, each new experience gives meaning to how you wish to travel.

Our guide to the three best adventure experiences celebrates the connections and memories we make when we step away from our routine. Travel is captivating and inspirational, and you can find what motivates your custom adventure trip.

  1. 1. Explore Ice Caves and Magma Chambers in Iceland
  2. 2. Discover Heli-Skiing in New Zealand
  3. 3. Sip Whiskey with Ice Chipped from a Glacier in Patagonia
  4. Plan Your Adventurous Trip of a Lifetime

1. Explore Ice Caves and Magma Chambers in Iceland

Tourists and guides inside the colorful caldera of Thrihnukagigur volcano

Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

The world is full of natural wonders, but Iceland displays the magic of nature with ice caves and magma chambers. It is the only place on Earth where you can wander through tunnels where molten lava rested before oozing through the caldera. A walk in a magma chamber makes you feel as though you are on a journey to the center of the Earth, surrounded by intricate lava rock and seclusion.

Coupled with the distinct blue glow of light piercing the glacial river, you can find one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in the world during an unparalleled experience that highlights the Earth’s natural splendor. Glassy and crystalline ice with a deep-blue tone captures the essence of adventure and demonstrates the brilliant connection between fire and ice in Iceland.

Iceland Trip Idea

Adventurer's Tour of Iceland's Volcanic and Glacial Landscape celebrates the natural beauty of the island with immersive experiences and active adventures during an eight-day custom trip.

Highlights: Descend the floor of the Thrihnukagigur Volcano’s magma chamber • Hike to a summit overlooking Geldingadalir Valley • Snorkel the waters of the Silfra Rift • Meander across Svínafellsjökull Glacier and into colossal glacial caverns

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2. Discover Heli-Skiing in New Zealand

Heli-skiing the Remarkables. Photo courtesy of Destination Queenstown

The Remarkables, New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Destination Queenstown

The thrill of heli-skiing is an all-encompassing experience that features panoramic views, remote peaks, secluded slopes, and an unforgettable rush. Bask in the pristine beauty at the heart of the southern alps, where powder blankets steep mountaintops.

With the highest number of helicopters in the world per capita, a heli-ski adventure becomes more accessible in New Zealand, while still remaining a unique, timeless, and unforgettable experience. With a local guide and professional pilot, you can find a stable slope with untouched powder high above the freezing line. Safety comes first and the adventure quickly follows as you enjoy the unforgettable feats people can go to to explore the tops and ends of Earth.

New Zealand Trip Idea

Enjoy the excitement for which New Zealand is known as you indulge in the Two-Week Private Outdoor New Zealand Excursion Tour that combines the thrills and wonder of nature and adventure.

Highlights: Go heli-skiing in New Zealand’s remote southwest • Transfer with ease between destinations on scenic helicopter flights • Canyon and white-water rafting in an ancient rainforest in Taupo • Indulge in a two-day cruise through the Hauraki Gulf on a private yacht charter • Delight in a picnic in the remote Kahurangi Ranges

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3. Sip Whiskey with Ice Chipped from a Glacier in Patagonia

Whiskey toast at the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina

Patagonia is all about the experience and Argentina accentuates natural adventures by adding unique local flavors. The exceptional experience of sampling chocolate and whiskey on ice immerses you in the lavish and icy terrain of the Perito Moreno Glacier as you trek across the undulating surface. Guided by an expert local, the walk along the ice is a unique experience for an adventurous traveler.

As you stand surrounded by the Patagonian ice field, you can sip a glass of whiskey cooled by ice chipped from one of the few glaciers in the world that is growing. Crisp, clear, clean, and with the added aroma of a smokey beverage, this sensory experience will connect you to the surroundings. Accompanied by a touch of Patagonian chocolate, you will sample the flair and flavors for which the region is renowned.

Patagonia Trip Idea

Patagonia Hiking Adventure with Glacier Ice-Walk Tour is as much a culinary adventure as it is a collection of active excursions into the wonders of the untamed wilderness.

Highlights: Trek along the incredible surface of Grey Glacier • Visit the fascinating Magellanic penguin colony on Magdalena Island • Traverse the stunning and challenging pathways across the “W” trek • Kayak around blue icebergs on Grey Lake

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Plan Your Adventurous Trip of a Lifetime

Kayaking Hauraki Gulf in New Zealand

Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. Photo courtesy of Miles Holden / Destination New Zealand

Traveling adventures are about the destination and also highlight the excitement you can have during your journey when you open up to new possibilities. From trekking over glaciers to finding thrilling landscapes in complete seclusion, how and where you travel on adventure trips captures the essence of the experiences you desire and prefer as an adventurous traveler.

Engage with your surroundings according to your preferences as you bask in the splendor of adventure or leap from a helicopter onto a powdery slope on our active adventure vacations and tours. Find out more about how you can plan your custom trip with inspiration from our Trips of a Lifetime travel guide.

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