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Experiences of a Lifetime: Trip Ideas for the Art Enthusiast

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Ancient tradition of handloom weaving in India

Handloom waving, India

Our four best art experiences demonstrate the delicate balance between tradition and artisanship, when intricate technique and attention to detail establish mastery.

Art is interchangeable, with artisanship demonstrated in the dedication and ardor fanciers give to their respective desires. Traveling to a new or familiar destination can introduce you to the foundations of passion found in a preserved weaving technique or a stone carving.

From the banks of the Ganges River to the edges of a remote island, art speaks to personal tastes, interests, and desires. Our list is a guide to how you can enjoy the endless possibilities of art across the globe.

  1. 1. View the Ancient Tradition of Handloom Weaving
  2. 2. Embrace Cultural Traditions with Beads
  3. 3. Discover the Fascinating Art of Globemaking in London
  4. 4. Experience Jade Carving through Māori Legends
  5. Planning Your Art Experience Trip of a Lifetime

1. View the Ancient Tradition of Handloom Weaving

Bundle of naturally dyed yarn on a wooden loom in India


Varanasi is considered one of the holiest places in India, and the ancient tradition of handloom weaving adds to the mystique of a city that was established five millennia ago. Handloom silk weaving is not just a skill, but an art form that has been passed down through generations for over 500 years.

Technique, perspective, and design have become interwoven into the local identity, with weavers preserving a custom that has provided villagers with a livelihood throughout the ages.

Exploring the craft is an act of discovery as you find sensational fabrics that act as the foundation for saris, stoles, and more. By visiting with the artisans, you gain a sense of understanding, but by stepping up to the loom and practicing the process, you gain a deeper connection to the weaver’s commitment to craft, tradition, and community.

India Trip Idea

Discover how art informs culture and tradition during this Nine-Day Culinary & Cultural Heritage Tour of India that emphasizes the beauty, prestige, and connection between historical vision and contemporary life.

Highlights: Witness significant spiritual traditions along the banks of the Ganges River • Meander the spiritual districts of Varanasi to visit sacred temples and spiritual sites • Wander the rich historic districts of Jaipur to immerse yourself in the city’s architecture • Revel in a legendary tour of Agra’s iconic sites • Set sail across the calm waters of the Ganges River at sunrise

2. Embrace Cultural Traditions with Beads

Beaded jewelry on a woman in Kenya

Beaded jewelry, Kenya

Beads are a colorful and vibrant exploration of art, imbued with meaning and layered with powerful messages. In Nairobi, meeting with artisans demonstrates the dynamic power of art by revealing how local women produce handmade and hand-painted ceramic jewelry.

Culture emerges from the choice of design, color, and project as artists produce a unique range of art that captures a sense of wildlife or tradition deeply connected to life in Kenya.

Visiting with artists in Nairobi and watching their work take shape provides a step-by-step look at what it takes to create art and how each piece speaks to an individual and broader community. This makes this experience much more than just an audience with an artist. Instead, it reveals the importance of heritage and community.

Kenya Trip Idea

Family-Friendly Kenyan Safari: Bush, Beach, & City is a 13-day exploration of the country that demonstrates the vibrant diversity between the wilderness, coastline, and capital cityscape, informed by the nation’s past and present.

Highlights: Have lunch with giraffes and meet your adoptive baby elephant in Nairobi’s key conservation centers • Marvel at the Great Wildebeest Migration on the lush plains of the Maasai Mara • Traverse the secluded Laikipia in privacy as you search for the world’s greatest carnivores • Unwind on the aquamarine shores of the Indian Ocean

3. Discover the Fascinating Art of Globemaking in London

13th century chapter house of Westminster Abbey church in London, England

London, England

What was once a common piece of decor in well-designed and wealthy galleries has become an artistic statement, and London remains a space in which artisans have continued the tradition of creating handcrafted reflections of the Earth.

Much more than a map, the spherical representation of the world shares an undistorted vision of the planet as it informs and inspires perspective that’s further accentuated by the artistic integrity shaped by expert cartographers, woodworkers, metal workers, engravers, illustrators, and color artists.

It is easy to immerse yourself in the ambiance of globemaking and the wonders of the world with this unique experience, one that harnesses tradition dating back to the 15th century. Globemakers let the great world spin with their intricate knowledge of art and science for a unique take on the thrills of preserving culture through beauty.

England Trip Idea

Artistic integrity and intricate custom combine during the Best of Legendary London One-Week Tour that focuses your attention on exploring the timeless city along the banks of the Thames River.

Highlights: Discover London's main sites on a driving tour of the city • Witness the inspired work of master artists in the National Gallery • Wander the centers of learning at Oxford and Cambridge • Enjoy a classy tour aboard a 1920s train • Ponder the vaulted ceilings and arches of London's iconic Westminster Abbey

4. Experience Jade Carving through Māori Legends

Jade carving artist in Rotorua, New Zealand

Rotorua New Zealand

This artistic experience is much more than a visual representation. It is a sensorial experience that shares the far reaches of perception and culture. Artists in Rotorua, New Zealand, demonstrate their heritage by carving jade.

Legend and action converge in the studio as you have a full sensory experience within an active workshop. Each piece can unveil the island myths and cultural legends connected to the stone or shared in the art that decorates the jade on display.

By learning about the history of the techniques and witnessing the custom itself, you can take part in crafting your own jewelry under the guidance of an artisan to create a treasure forever connected to your journey; an image that speaks to a local legend and to your personal story.

New Zealand Trip Idea

Inspiring Self-Drive New Zealand Vacation is a 14-day excursion into the treasures of the North and South Islands at your pace, where you can capture the spirit of the nation in the landscape that inspires local and visiting artists alike.

Highlights: Explore the wild rainforests of the Waitakere Ranges • Soak in the balmy waters of the Coromandel Peninsula’s Hot Water Beach • Immerse yourself in historic and cultural discoveries in Wahi • Retreat to the Mitai Māori Village for an evening with welcoming hosts • Ascend to the summits of Mount Cook to discover the glacial geological highlights

Planning Your Art Experience Trip of a Lifetime

Maasai people in their cultural tribal dresses

Kenya, Africa

The right art piece speaks to a deeper level of understanding, a connection based on creativity and majesty, place and placement, with an individual perspective in mind.

How you enjoy art can be as simple as how you engage with it, whether a famous masterpiece or an artisan craft with techniques passed down for generations. From globes to gemstones, tapestries to beadwork, the intricacies add depth in myriad ways.

Connect with art and artisans according to your preferences, interests, and undiscovered inspirations by finding ideas with our trips of a lifetime travel guide.

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