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Top 8 Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids

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Family at Ho Quoc Pagoda entrance doors, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Ho Quoc Pagoda entrance doors, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

The top eight things to do in Vietnam with kids dazzle and delight families who travel to Southeast Asia.

The country’s diverse landscape teems with endemic flora and fauna, its marvelous waterways dissect mountains and sprawling rainforests, cultural experiences invite travelers of all ages to immerse themselves in the local way of life, and outdoor activities let families with older children embrace the thrill of adventure.

As you and your family explore Vietnam, be sure to experience one or more of the top things you can do with your kids to create everlasting memories of your vacation.

  1. 1. Trek the Marvelous and Diverse Landscape
  2. 2. Embrace the Waterways Across Vietnam
  3. 3. Discover the Marvelous Bays
  4. 4. Delight in the Unforgettable Cultural Experiences
  5. 5. Revel in the Wonders of Breathtaking Caves
  6. 6. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature on a Cycling Excursion
  7. 7. Sample the Splendors of the Cuisine
  8. 8. Indulge in the Fascinating Coastline
  9. Experience the Top Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids

1. Trek the Marvelous and Diverse Landscape

Waterfall and trail in Cao Bang

Cao Bang, Vietnam

Beyond towering cityscapes and bustling neighborhoods, travelers can find Vietnam’s best-kept secrets within the marvelous and diverse landscapes of lesser-visited destinations.

The cascading rice paddies of the looming Sapa mountains backdrop treks through the mountains and waterfalls flow at the end of dusty trails that weave through the dewy rainforest.

Each leisurely stroll or challenging hike through Vietnam’s wilderness will present plenty of opportunities to spot indigenous black-crested gibbon, Siamese crocodile, banded eagle ray, and much more.

Best Trekking Trails: Sapa trails • Cat Tien National Park trails • Cao Bang trails • Ha Giang trails

2. Embrace the Waterways Across Vietnam

Families canoeing through the Tam Coc river

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

Dazzling waterways give life to Vietnam’s flourishing wilderness and the people who use these streams, rivers, and tributaries as transportation routes and commercial zones.

Travelers can acclimate to the country’s cultural lifestyle by gliding across the silver waterways on traditional wooden boats, kayaks, cruise ships, and more.

From the massive flows of the Mekong Delta to the small rivers that are home to floating markets, there is much to explore as you cruise along the sparkling channels to visit fishing villages, cultural centers, spiritual complexes, mangroves, rainforests, and more.

Best Places for a Boating Excursion: Tam Coc River • Mekong River • Perfume River

3. Discover the Marvelous Bays

Junk cruise in Halong Bay

Halong Bay, Vietnam

After exploring the waterways that dissect Vietnam’s illustrious wilderness and vivacious cities, travelers can take to the seas and discover what lies beyond the country’s sun-bathed shores. Most will arrive at the harbor a short distance from Hanoi and climb aboard a lavish yacht to set sail for Ha Long Bay.

The backdrop of imposing forest-covered karst islands, limestone cliffs, and the stretching sapphire sea is breathtaking, while stops on castaway beaches or colorful coral reefs allow you to uncover marine secrets. You can also continue to the quieter emerald waters of Lan Ha Bay to escape for a day or three, or cruise around Hoi An.

Best Places for a Sea Adventure: Ha Long Bay • Lan Ha Bay • Hoi An • Hue

4. Delight in the Unforgettable Cultural Experiences

Family at Ancient town in Hoi An, Vietnam

Ancient town in Hoi An, Vietnam

Cultural experiences dominate the cities, towns, and villages peppering Vietnam, and they invite travelers to explore the local customs and traditions that trace back centuries of history.

Significant experiences include dazzling water-puppet shows that excite families of all ages, lantern-making courses where you can watch your fiery creation drift off into the night sky, and a tour of the Cu Chi Tunnels to unpack the dramatic and fascinating history of the Vietnam War.

Each cultural activity in the country will enrich your vacation and introduce you to the fascinating local way of life.

Best Cultural Experiences: Water-puppet show • Lantern making • Cu Chi Tunnels

5. Revel in the Wonders of Breathtaking Caves

Heavenly Palace cave in Vietnam


Families exploring Vietnam should not miss the opportunity to explore the staggering cave systems that can be found in and around Vietnam’s rural regions and national parks. The biggest cave in the world, Hang Son Doong, invites you to step inside a massive chamber, with waters that flow through the archaic rock formations.

The emerald landscape will reflect off the water’s surface as you continue deeper into the colossal complex, marveling at the magnificent rocks and geological formations. This is the first of many thrilling cave adventures to enjoy during your family adventure in Vietnam.

Best Cave Systems to Explore: Hang Son Doong • Tam Coc Caves • Dau Go Caves • Tu Lan Caves

6. Enjoy the Beauty of Nature on a Cycling Excursion

City hall and sculpture in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Some experiences in nature are more peaceful than others, and cycling excursions let families discover the beautiful wilderness at their own pace.

You can pedal along winding paths that twist and turn through the forests to viewpoints overlooking the cloud-like canopy. If you keep your eyes peeled, you can spot indigenous critters scuttling through the shrubs or spot mighty winged creatures hovering overhead.

Other cycling excursions can take you through bustling cities to food markets, historical landmarks, and gorgeous lakes. Cycling in Vietnam opens up a world of possibilities.

Best Places for Cycling: Sapa • Ho Chi Minh City • Mekong Delta • Hanoi

7. Sample the Splendors of the Cuisine

Cooking class in Vietnam

Hoi An, Vietnam

Families visiting Vietnam can look forward to some sensational and diverse Southeast Asian cuisine.

There are so many ways to experience the flavors of Vietnam, with each day presenting a new culinary adventure to pamper your palate. Cooking classes invite families to learn how to prepare historic regional dishes, night markets let travelers sample the scrumptious local treats, and gourmet restaurants show off award-winning renditions of classic meals.

No matter where you are in Vietnam, you will indulge in local delicacies, including the famous staple broth, pho, satisfying sandwich banh mi, and more.

Best Places for a Cooking Class: Hanoi • Ho Chi Minh City • Hoi An • Hue

8. Indulge in the Fascinating Coastline

Nha Trang coastline and city, Vietnam

Nha Trang coastline and city, Vietnam

Most people visit Vietnam to see the wondrous wilderness, but families know that Vietnam offers so much more to explore. The sparkling Vietnamese coastline conceals dashing resort towns, historic imperial cities, and breathtaking beaches that rival Southeast Asia’s most famous shores.

From glamorous stays in Nha Trang to charming retreats in Mui Ne, all families can find pleasure on the golden sands of Vietnam. You can stroll the secluded beaches, swim in the crystal-clear sea, snorkel around coral reefs, and head for Phu Quoc island to embrace a tropical paradise.

Best Beaches to Visit: Nha Trang • Mui Ne • An Bang • My Khe • Phu Quoc

Experience the Top Things to Do in Vietnam with Kids

Puppets and toys

Hanoi, Vietnam

Families with kids visiting Vietnam will be spoiled for choice with these top eight things to do, along with many more exciting activities. From touring the marvelous Mekong Delta to devouring sensational Vietnamese cuisine, wandering the flourishing rainforests to soaking up the sunshine on the coast, you can enjoy the best of Vietnam with our Vietnam tours and vacations.

Feel free to discover our Vietnam travel guide before reaching out to a travel specialist.

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