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Italy food and wine celebrates culture and heritage through fabulous flavors. By sipping celebrated vines in the north or learning world-renowned recipes in the south, indulging in intricate family favorites found in a small coastal village or basking in bold aromas that rise from vintages produced in medieval hillside towns, you can experience how food and wine in Italy is a transformative experience. Our travel guide gives you better insights into how to customize your trip to uncover ancient dishes or enjoy contemporary wine-productions. When you are ready to book, speak with a local travel specialist who understands how to craft your mouthwatering trip.

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Vineyards in autumn, Langhe, Piedmont
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Coppa di Parma
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Best Sicilian Cheese and Street Food to Try on Vacation

Sicily is a melting pot of gastronomic heritage, found in the best Sicilian cheese and street food that you can sample during your Italy vacation.

The exceptional cuisine of Sicily uses local ingredients to create flavors for a culinary adventure featured in surprising spices or indulgent textures. Whether enjoying authentic Sicilian cheese with wine or sampling street food at stalls in popular marketplaces, the cuisine represents the island’s eclectic heritage.

The following list focuses on the best cheese and street food you will discover as you wander the streets of Sicily to find cannoli, arancini, capers, ricotta cheese, and more.

5 Best Cities in Which to Explore Southern Italian Food

Southern Italian food features the delicious Mediterranean flavors many visitors associate with the country’s traditional cuisine that you can discover in the fives best cities for southern Italian food.

Cooking is a way in which northern, central, and southern Italian regions showcase their diversity. The food of southern Italy is often referred to as Cucina Povera, with frugal cooks relying on the sea’s bounty or the hard-fought harvest from tenacious farmers.

The warm Mediterranean climate supports a history of trade and conquest, revealing distinctive characteristics of unforgettable gastronomy, from Bari to Campobasso.

3 Best Cities in Which to Explore the Food of Campania

The characteristics of Campania’s terrain provide sensational ingredients you can discover in the region’s top three culinary cities during your trip to Italy.

The region’s gastronomic history acts as a crossroads of civilizations along the Mediterranean Sea, its diverse landscape bringing life to vibrant produce found in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. The greater region of Campania has a variety of provinces that enjoy different types of cuisine.

You can celebrate the cucina povera as you uncover how the cuisine provides ultimate flavor with minimal ingredients.

3 Best Cities in Which to Explore the Food of Lazio

The three best culinary cities in Lazio demonstrate distinct elements of the local cuisine, and you can savor the regional flavors on your next trip to Italy.

The diverse landscapes spread from the seaside in the west to the eastern mountains, with the region’s rich culinary history embodied in traditions that were at the heart of Etruscan settlements, the Roman Empire, the cradle of Christianity, and the Baroque movement. The mountain slopes and plains allow farmers to cultivate unique ingredients, bringing culturally significant flavors to life.

Exploring the food of Lazio can be a fantastic lens through which to view Italian culture, whether dining in Rome or enjoying unique delicacies in Frascati.

4 Dishes to Try on Your Trip to Lazio

The four best dishes to try during your trip to Lazio reflect the customs created when Rome acted as the heart of the ancient empire. The conquered landscapes of antiquity stretched over the hills and reached the western seas to create impressive ports from which Rome could reach the hidden corners of the known world, now embodied in the gastronomic traditions that were left behind. The food of Lazio takes the shape of simple dishes with quick and easy cooking techniques based on the ideas of fresh and readily available ingredients.

The regional cuisine of Lazio is characterized by Cucina Povera, the traditions of poor cooking that embody the tastes of farmers over the centuries who used the entirety of ingredients and ingredients that were easily accessed during the changing seasons. The increased standard of living in Lazio has resulted in home and commercial chefs creating flavors with ingredients that were once unheard of outside of regional cooking. You can sample the following dishes during your next trip to Lazio.

3 Best Cities in Which to Explore the Food of Umbria

The cuisine of Umbria is all about simple yet delicious seasonal ingredients you can find during your Italian food tour.

Olive groves and flocks of sheep overtake the hills of Italy’s only region that does not border the sea or another country. The mountainous heart of Umbria abounds with medieval towns and castles that have been untouched by time and burst with gastronomic traditions. Recipes have been handed down through generations and pay homage to the region’s heritage.

From Perugia to Assisi and Orvieto, here are the best cities in Umbria for an Italian food tour highlighting the region’s signature dishes.

4 Best Cities in Which to Explore the Food of Italy's Islands

The best cities in which to explore the food of Italy’s islands reveal the embodiment of cultural and culinary traditions in Sicily and Sardinia.

The traditions of Sicilian and Sardinian kitchens include ingredients from the land and sea, unveiling ancient pastoral customs and the simple appreciation of good food. The islands have absorbed the various customs of the variety of cultures which have settled there over the past two millennia, including Greek, Spanish, French, and Arab influences.

The mixture of Mediterranean heritages on the Italian islands enriches the cuisines with a range of cooking techniques and flavors you can learn about on your tours of Italy’s islands.

3 Best Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Modena

Modena’s unique position in the Po Valley influences the soil amid the rugged foothills of the Apennine Mountains, responsible for the diversity of meats, hams, salumi, pasta, cheeses, and treasured balsamic vinegar that you can taste during your trip to Italy. Seasonal ingredients define the flavors of the Modenese cooking tradition, from growing produce to the presence of game and fish. Many of the traditional recipes popular in the province have emerged from a heritage of the peasant kitchen or small landowners that incorporates the flavor of a wealthier lifestyle that influences contemporary life.

4 Dishes to Try While on Vacation in Parma

The four dishes you can try in Parma on your Italy trip are less about satiation and more about taking pleasure in a meal, an ingredient, and a local delicacy.

Small villages in the Bronze Age gave way to Celtic and Etruscan settlements before the ancient Roman road connected the peninsula. The city became famous throughout medieval Europe as a center for great art, science, and philosophy, resulting in an influx of nobility whose tastes for a good meal refined local palates.

By focusing on regional and seasonal ingredients, home and professional chefs develop bolder, more nuanced flavors, and these are four dishes that highlight those efforts.

5 Best Delicacies from Veneto to Enjoy on an Italy Vacation

You can discover and embrace the five best dishes of Veneto as you explore the culinary landscape that encompasses mountains and lagoons, the customary richness of the Venetian Empire and the open-minded cultural influence of kingdoms from across the Mediterranean.

The region of Veneto thrives with distinguished gastronomy changing from villages in the Dolomites to towns along the coast of Lake Garda, prestigious villas looking over the Brenta Canal to the renowned banquets filling the palaces of Venice.

A wealth of culinary influences and cultural inspiration, from techniques to flavor profiles, have helped develop these 5 transformational delicacies that are unique to Veneto.

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