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Italy food and wine celebrates culture and heritage through fabulous flavors. By sipping celebrated vines in the north or learning world-renowned recipes in the south, indulging in intricate family favorites found in a small coastal village or basking in bold aromas that rise from vintages produced in medieval hillside towns, you can experience how food and wine in Italy is a transformative experience. Our travel guide gives you better insights into how to customize your trip to uncover ancient dishes or enjoy contemporary wine-productions. When you are ready to book, speak with a local travel specialist who understands how to craft your mouthwatering trip.

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Vineyards in autumn, Langhe, Piedmont
Best Time to Visit Italy for a Wine Tour
Italy’s wines can be enjoyed at any time of year, but if you wish to immerse yourself in a wine-focused tour, the best time to visit is in January and February, after the harvest. Uncover the beauty...
A couple is tasting young wine at one of the wineries in Italy, Umbria region
Top 4 Wine-Tasting Experiences in Italy
From wine tasting in Chianti towns to exploring Sicilian cellars or pairing wines with Venetian delicacies, you can enjoy the top four wine-tasting experiences in Italy as you travel from one region to...
Types of Italian pasta
10 Popular Types of Pasta to Try in Italy on Vacation
Italy is home to thousands of different pastas to try during your personalized trip, each with its own distinct shapes and flavors that stem from the unique regions found across the peninsula. Italian...
Vineyards around Panzano in Tuscany, Italy
4 Best Wine Regions of Italy
Wine in Italy is a culture all its own and the top wine-tasting regions provide the perfect introduction to the preserved traditions and evolving techniques you can discover, sample, and enjoy when on...
Three dishes of various Italian foods
Types of Italian Food by Region
The regional foods of Italy have their own distinct ingredients, flavors, and cooking techniques, with each specific destination demonstrating its heritage, and it’s here that you can discover, taste,...
Bari, Italy
5 Best Cities to Explore Southern Italian Food
Southern Italian food features the delicious Mediterranean flavors many visitors associate with the country’s traditional cuisine that you can discover in the fives best cities for southern Italian food....
Woman holding wine glass showing the legs
Top Tips for Wine-Tasting in Italy
The order in which you taste wine can have a profound impact on the aromas and flavors you find in each glass, proving the first important tip for any wine-tasting experience during your Italy trip....
Coppa di Parma
14 Best Italian Cured Meats to Try on Vacation
Cured meats are a culinary staple across the Italian peninsula and you can enjoy 14 of the best during your travels in Italy. The Italian term for cured meats is salumi and is differentiated from French...
Large selection of cheeses in Italian market
12 Best Italian Cheeses to Try on Vacation
This list of 12 of the best cheeses to try in Italy unveils their diversity, providing an explanation of their particular attributes, from flavor to texture, aroma to common food pairings. The countless...
6 Truffle Festivals to Visit in Italy on Vacation

The Italian truffle season takes place every fall, a brilliant time to visit the country if you wish to take in the array of dazzling truffle festivals that pop up across the Italian peninsula between October and November.

Celebrating the robust flavors of distinctive truffle varieties, in addition to the culinary heritage of Piedmont, Molise, Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna, and Le Marche, these truffle festivals offer a uniquely Italian experience in which to immerse yourself during your vacation.

The following list shares the top truffle festivals in Italy by region to help you plan the route of your truffle tour.

Best Sicilian Cheese and Street Food to Try on Vacation

Sicily is a melting pot of gastronomic heritage, found in the best Sicilian cheese and street food that you can sample during your Italy vacation.

The exceptional cuisine of Sicily uses local ingredients to create flavors for a culinary adventure featured in surprising spices or indulgent textures. Whether enjoying authentic Sicilian cheese with wine or sampling street food at stalls in popular marketplaces, the cuisine represents the island’s eclectic heritage.

The following list focuses on the best cheese and street food you will discover as you wander the streets of Sicily to find cannoli, arancini, capers, ricotta cheese, and more.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip in 4 Easy Steps

Explore the world with Zicasso and work with a top travel specialist to bring your dream vacation to life. The world overflows with wonders to explore and the sheer number of choices is exciting.

Our primary goal is to make the planning, booking, and traveling process easy and enjoyable as you create the vacation experience you want most. No matter where you go and what you do, Zicasso can help you experience the best of travel without the stress.

Working with our destination experts you can plan a trip to anywhere in the world and suit your travel style. Using insider knowledge of your chosen destination, itinerary ideas, and planning strategies, your chosen  Zicasso travel specialist can guide you through the following three steps.

How to Plan Your Zicasso Trip Budget in 3 Easy Steps

Knowing your budget is an essential component of any trip planning process. Whether the sky's the limit or you have specific parameters, Zicasso is here to help you set your priorities in planning to maximize your investment.

Your interests and preferences on a couples trip will differ from a family-friendly vacation, while a highlights tour will result in wildly different experiences than one designed to take you off the beaten path.

There are three steps in considering the costs of your trip, as a customized vacation that has been designed for you allows maximum flexibility with your spending.


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