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3 Best Cities in Which to Explore the Food of Umbria

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Orvieto in Umbria, Italy

Orvieto in Umbria, Italy

The cuisine of Umbria is all about simple yet delicious seasonal ingredients you can find during your Italian food tour.

Olive groves and flocks of sheep overtake the hills of Italy’s only region that does not border the sea or another country. The mountainous heart of Umbria abounds with medieval towns and castles that have been untouched by time and burst with gastronomic traditions. Recipes have been handed down through generations and pay homage to the region’s heritage.

From Perugia to Assisi and Orvieto, here are the best cities in Umbria for an Italian food tour highlighting the region’s signature dishes.

  1. 1. Perugia
  2. 2. Assisi
  3. 3. Orvieto
  4. Explore the Best Cities in Umbria for Food

1. Perugia



Perugia is the capital city of the Umbria region. Its cuisine reflects the famous hill towns, olive groves, fields, forests, and vineyards.

Typical dishes from Perugia reflect the heritage of the surrounding medieval towns and castles, mountains and grasses.

The culinary style dates back to the Etruscan period and the influential cooking techniques of the Roman Empire, resulting in many delicacies perfected along the city’s enticing streets.

Famous dishes of Perugia: Porchetta • Porcini mushrooms • Prosciutto • Truffles • Chocolate

2. Assisi

Tagliatelle with black truffle

Tagliatelle with black truffle

The cuisine of Assisi is almost monastic in its devotion to pure flavors and representative of the broader Umbrian gastronomic tradition of using unique raw ingredients.

Instead of typical dishes, Assisi has mastered the use of ingredients that create remarkable flavors, among them pastas like tagliatelle accompanied with black truffles or a sauce of garlic, oil, and chili pepper.

The simple construct of the dishes celebrates the authentic flavor of each ingredient.

Typical dishes of Assisi: Cold cuts • Tomatoes • Garlic • Black truffles • Olive oil • Tagliatelle

3. Orvieto

Delicatessen in Orvieto

Delicatessen in Orvieto

The cuisine of Orvieto embodies the tradition of enjoying food and wine made with easily accessible ingredients cultivated on small local farms that reflect the city’s more than 2,500 years of existence.

Extra-virgin olive oil, cheeses made from cow and sheep’s milk, as well as egg-based pastas, shape the typical regional cuisine.

The traditions remain prevalent in contemporary cuisine and are enhanced by local wines.

Popular dishes of Orvieto: Umbricelli all’arrabbiata • Sausages • Wild game • Umbricelli al tartufo • Olive oil • Pecorino

Explore the Best Cities in Umbria for Food

Alley with restaurants in Assisi

Alley with restaurants in Assisi

The towns and cities of Umbria unveil charming landscapes and preserved culture. With golden hills, medieval lanes, and quiet plains, Umbria celebrates its heritage on the table, which you can experience during an Italy food tour.

Find more information for your next trip with our Italy food and wine travel guide to discover new ways to experience Italy’s culinary heritage.

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