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Named in honor of the Masai people, who have inhabited these lands for millennia, Masai Mara is Kenya’s flagship conservation area. Home to one of nature’s most breathtaking spectacles, the Great Migration, there is no shortage of unique wildlife and immersive experiences. Consider learning the ancient customs and traditions of the Masai people with an authentic Masai guide, who passionately tells you the timeless stories of his tribe.

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Giraffes in Ol Pejeta Conservancy Kenya

Kenya Favorites: 9-Day Safari in Amboseli, Ol Pejeta and Masai Mara

9 Day Custom Tour

From $4,045

Experience the best that Kenya has to offer on this accessible and customizable 9-day tour from Selenkay Conservancy to Olare Motorogi Conservancy. With a strong focus on the Masai Mara region’s conservation efforts, this safari expedition will be an enriching exploration of the thriving environments and abundance of wildlife inhabiting Kenya’s preserved plains and unspoiled savannas. Make magnificent memories and return from your adventure with exceptional wildlife photography.

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Beach lounge at the beach

Heavenly Escape: Masai Mara Safari & Pemba Island Getaway

14 Day Custom Tour

From $6,855

Escape into the wild with wildebeest as your only neighbors while the exotic Indian Ocean waters lap gently. Intimate camps overlook the plains, and the exclusivity is absolute in the midst of the African landscape. With only handpicked the most escapist of East African destinations, this two-week getaway will take you on a surreal Masai Mara safari and then leave you with the luxury of Pemba Island. Serenity reigns as nature’s spell holds you captive as the dreamy wildlife of the Mara rolls past the opulent tents.

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Best of Masai Mara Safari: Hot Air Balloon Ride, Game Drives, Walking & Horseback Safaris

8 Day Custom Tour

From $4,795

As wildebeest rampage over crocodile-infested rivers, lion pride chases huge zebra herds, and tens of thousands of animals fill a single glance, there is no place like the Masai Mara. Your week-long safari will feature the ultimate Mara highlights as you explore a variety of landscapes and encounter nearly every famous safari scenes. Look forward to a champagne hot air balloon ride, a walking safari with Masai warriors, a horseback ride alongside zebra, private concessions, exceptional camps, and much more.

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Pair of elephants in the African savanna

Romantic Masai Mara Safari for Couples: Intimacy in Exclusive Camps

10 Day Custom Tour

From $9,495

Disappear into the Masai Mara wilderness on a guided safari just for two. Walk hand in hand amongst the zebra, fall asleep to nature’s lullaby, and soar above the plains with champagne in hand. By visiting three enchanting and exclusive camps, this 10-day Kenya safari will offer you a private piece of the Mara and bring insatiable safari experiences yet ensure that romance always takes center stage. On this escape for two, you enjoy all the Mara highlights without any of the crowd and enjoy both adventure and relaxation.

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Hot air ballon over Masai Mara National Park

Untouched Maasai Land: Safari of Ancient Cultures & Thrilling Wildlife

8 Day Custom Tour

From $6,475

Immerse yourself in the authentic and unchanged culture of the Masai and enjoy a safari that mixes wildlife wonders with intimate traditions. Masai warriors lead you across the plains to reveal the resplendent mammals of the Mara and the intricacies of animal tracking. Then they invite you into their customs with a visit to local villages, and the chance to watch their iconic dances and ceremonies. Split across the Masai Mara and Chyulu Hills, this 8-day safari will combine rich culture with pristine nature.

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Hot air balloons drifting over the Masai Mara Savannah at dawn

Best of Kenya Safari for 2022-2023

12 Day Custom Tour

From $8,995

Kenya is an epic wilderness destination waiting to be discovered during this breathtaking 12-day tour of the country’s coveted wildlife reserves. Between Nairobi and the rolling plains of Masai Mara, a golden-green expanse of flourishing environments is set to share the game viewing spoils and spectacular scenery for which Kenya is famous. Come visit the viridian sanctuaries and explore the untouched ecosystems of Amboseli National Park, Laikipia, and Masai Mara.

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Two cheetahs in Masai Mara National Park, Kenya

Intimate Cheetah Safari: Lewa & Masai Mara

9 Day Custom Tour

From $8,005

Cheetahs prowl Kenyan plains and will provide the focal point of this full week’s safari. Divided across Lewa and the Masai Mara, this safari will take you off the trails in search of legendary animals and rare cheetah behaviors. Expert guides lead your way, and exclusive activities will lead you closer to the animals, especially at private conservancies. While cheetahs provide your primary focus, seven full days on safari will present much of the very best of Kenya’s wildlife, including the endangered and endemic species.

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Undeterred zebras graze on the territory of the Masai Mara reserve

Masai Mara & Untouched Southern Kenya Safari: Ol Kinyei, Amboseli, Tsavo East

14 Day Custom Tour

From $6,505

Southern Kenya is home to many of Africa's most evocative natural landscapes. Wildebeest-covered Masai Mara grasslands blur into Mount Kilimanjaro's slopes and then into Tsavo's evocative savanna, which then rolls towards white sandy beaches. A safari across the south connects the mystique of them all as you unravel East Africa's famous, yet untouched, destinations. Each stop brings a fresh safari experience as the different panoramas are a home for multifarious wildlife and all the charms of the wild.

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Horseback ride at Iewa wildlife conservancy, Kenya

Luxury Horseback Safari Adventure Across the Masai Mara

9 Day Custom Tour

From $10,075

Enjoy your own migration with a 9-day expedition across the plains of the Masai Mara riding alongside the vast herds and seeing the famous grasslands from your vantage point on horseback. Traveling across three private conservancies, this is an exclusive journey amongst big-game landscapes, one that celebrates the wild authenticity of the Mara and gets you up-close with a complete cast of wildlife. Enchanting and evocative, horseback is a unique way to experience the scale and detail of the Masai Mara.

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Woman hiking Mount Kenya

Icons of Kenya: Masai Mara & Mount Kenya Walking Safari

11 Day Custom Tour

From $5,055

From the plains of the Mara to the snow-touched summit of Africa's second highest mountain, Kenya is a destination of epic panoramas and exquisite details. By exploring on foot, your vantage point will ensure that you appreciate the exquisite beauty of the landscape. From the roaming herds to the lunar escarpments, the big cats to the monkey-filled slopes, this 11-day safari will offer an exclusive opportunity to see it all along with a four-day summit of Mount Kenya followed by a four-day Mara safari with Masai warrior guides.

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Aerial view of Victoria Falls

Two African Fables: Masai Mara & Victoria Falls Itinerary

14 Day Custom Tour

From $12,595

Africa's wild theater plays on eclectic stages. In Eastern Africa, the Masai Mara plains provide a drama of predator and prey, with big cats inspecting the millions of wildebeest and zebra. In Southern Africa, the sublime Zambezi River rumbles over the precipice to create the smoke that thunders with the glorious Victoria Falls. A new flight route makes it easy to combine these two vastly different expressions of raw Africa on this two-week safari that includes both regions along with pure wildlife luxury in Chyulu Hills.

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Great Wildebeest Migration, Masai Mara, Kenya

Signature Masai Mara & Serengeti Great Migration Safari

9 Day Custom Tour

From $4,045

The iconic Mara River divides the grasslands to separate the Masai Mara from the Serengeti. From June to October, both sides of the river teem with wildlife as the resident mammals are joined by the marauding millions of the great wildebeest migration. Such abundance creates Africa's greatest wildlife spectacle and the signature cycle of predator and prey. Much like the ungulates, this 9-day safari intimately explores both sides of the Mara and East Africa's flagship experience.

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Kenya Family Safari in Three Remarkable Wildernesses

10 Day Custom Tour


Authentic encounters fill every moment in wild Africa; Samburu warrior guides reveal ancient wisdom, open grasslands teem with wildlife, and unique activities excite all ages. By visiting three distinctive private conservancies, this 10-day family safari is an adventure into the untouched charm and wilderness of Kenya, culminating on the thrilling grasslands of the Masai Mara. Accommodation is in luxurious villas and special activities entertain the children throughout.

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Ultimate Kenya Fly-In Safari Including Maasai Mara

13 Day Custom Tour


From the Mara's lion-filled plains to the rhinos of Ol Pejeta, the Maasai-led walking safari to Samburu warriors, this fly-in 13-day safari unravels the beautiful diversity of Kenya. Explore four distinctive safari destinations with a mix of national reserves and private conservancies that culminate with the epic Maasai Mara plains. To follow your incredible experience in the bush, you will then fly to the South Coast for three days of white beaches and glittering ocean. Travel done via light aircraft minimizes travel time and maximizes the allure of the landscape.

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Private Safari for Photographers: Great Wildebeest Migration & Masai Mara

10 Day Custom Tour


As the great wildebeest migration reaches the Masai Mara, you will hardly know where to focus your lens. From one angle, you will watch crocodiles snap at wildebeest that charge across the Mara River. From another, you will see lion cubs feasting on a zebra carcass. Turn around to see a leopard jumping onto the back of a gazelle as hyena looks on as the herds of wildebeest move evocatively across the plains. Guided by a celebrated wildlife photographer, this specialized safari for photographers will unravel the drama and complexity of one of nature's greatest phenomenon.

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Bountiful Masai Mara Safari from November to June

10 Day Custom Tour


From July to October, the great wildebeest migration fills the Masai Mara, as do the bulk of the Mara's annual travelers. But from November to June, the Masai Mara continues to brim over with an astonishing abundance of wildlife, along with fantastic opportunities for private walking safari, horseback safari, luxury mobile camping, and thrilling nighttime drives. On a 10-day safari outside of the migration months, the Masai Mara is as authentic and surreal as ever.

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Luxury Masai Mara & Samburu Safari in a Week

8 Day Custom Tour


Celebrate the best of an African safari on an express week in Kenya, staying at exclusive conservancies in the Masai Mara and Samburu. Game drives, walking safaris, hot air balloon rides and bush dinner beneath the stars are all yours for the taking. These incredible destinations offer varied activities and an exhilarating abundance of wildlife. You are not just here to see the Big Five; rather you are here to lose yourself in the Kenyan wilderness while relaxing at some of Africa's most distinctive accommodations.

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Exclusive Safari in Masai Mara’s Private Conservancies

10 Day Custom Tour


The Masai Mara cascades through Kenya as a vast savannah that provides one of Africa's finest safari experiences. The landscape is divided into the Masai Mara Reserve and private Masai Mara conservancies, all unfenced lands with overwhelming wildlife abundance and an incredible intimacy. Safari here is exclusive and then enhanced further by the unique activities on offer. This 10-day safari will take you to four Mara conservancies, and provide luxurious accommodation and private game viewing.

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Masai Mara Great Migration Safari: July to October

11 Day Custom Tour


From July to October, the great wildebeest migration is in the Masai Mara as the rumbling herds dramatically crossing the Mara River to feast on the fresh grasslands. Over a million mammals arrive, and this safari provides the best seats in the theater. Stay at three exceptional camps and spend eight days on big game safari to surround yourself with all the charms of nature's greatest show. Exhilarating and enchanting, this is one of Africa's ultimate experiences.

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Eclectic Northern Kenya and Masai Mara Safari

13 Day Custom Tour


The Masai Mara and Northern Kenya provide an eclectic safari experience, packed with thrills, charms and spectacular big game alongside diverse safari experiences. This 13-day safari unravels the wild as you visit five different safari destinations. Start with intimate Big Five encounters in the private Solio Reserve, explore the vast and untouched Samburu and then walk and mobile camp in the enchanting Aberdare forests as you lose yourself in the Masai Mara.  You will finish well with a safari at an exclusive Mara Conservancy.

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Iconic Amboseli and Masai Mara Safari

9 Day Custom Tour


Elephants roam beneath Mount Kilimanjaro, lions chase zebra across the grasslands, and vast wildebeest herds are on the move as Amboseli and the Masai Mara are home to some of Africa's most iconic safari images. These fabled destinations offer an excellent first-time African safari to combine exceptional game viewing with the raw wonders of the landscape. This 9-day safari reveals it all and culminates in a private conservancy that enhances the exclusivity of the Masai Mara.

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Best of Bush Safari & Beach Getaway: Masai Mara, Mombasa, Malindi

14 Day Custom Tour


Kenya's landscapes seem to continually redefine boundaries of vibrancy and exclusivity. White sand stretches without footprints, huge grasslands filled with big cats and wildebeest herds, miles of wilderness with rarely another tourist in sight. This 2-week itinerary combines six days of exclusive Masai Mara safari with six days on the exotic Kenyan coast at Mombassa and Malindi. Explore the bush and the beach, where it feels like you have it all to yourself.

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Masai Mara Safari for Senior Travelers: Luxury Lodges & Boutique Experiences

10 Day Custom Tour


The Masai Mara is a place of pure drama as lions chase zebra herds and wildebeest meet leopards at the river. The Masai is also a destination of surreal serenity where it is easy to drift off to the sound elephant hoots in the distance or watch wildlife from decks of your the swimming pool. Taking advantage of three of Africa’s finest lodges and camps, this very relaxed 10-day safari to the Masai Mara and beyond is handcrafted for senior travelers. You will discover the great wonders of the plains along with the undiscovered gems of a private conservancy safari.

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Legends of East Africa: A Gorilla Trekking and Masai Mara Safari

12 Day Custom Tour


Uganda and Kenya are home to some of East Africa’s legendary safari encounters. Wild mountain gorillas can be discovered in a forest engulfed by mist, and endless herds of zebra and wildebeest will cross the Masai Mara as you do the same. Lions can be seen on the prowl and climbing trees as hippos, giraffe and elephants pass through your lodge accommodation. This 12-day East Africa itinerary will celebrate the icons and bring intimate safari experiences on the Ugandan savannah, through the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, and on a private Masai Mara conservancy.

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