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Where Can I Take My Grandkids on Vacation? 16 Best International Destinations

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Grandmother and grandson enjoying the view in Monaco, Spain

Grandmother and grandson enjoying the view of port in Spain

The best trips to take with your grandchildren engage everyone to create lasting memories and unforgettable bonds, and these are the 16 best international destinations that never disappoint.

To experience the world alongside the next generation increases your family bonds and creates countless memories. From adventure to relaxation, food excursions to imaginative scavenger hunts, the following list offers fantastic spots where you can have a dynamic trip together.

With incredible family-friendly activities to anticipate, use this guide to our most popular destinations to make your planning easier.


  1. 1. Italy
  2. 2. Greece
  3. 3. Australia & New Zealand
  4. 4. Japan
  5. 5. Iceland
  6. 6. France
  7. 7. Spain
  8. 8. Costa Rica
  9. 9. Ecuador & The Galapagos
  10. 10. Argentina
  11. 11. Chile
  12. 12. Tanzania
  13. 13. Kenya
  14. 14. South Africa
  15. 15. Egypt
  16. 16. Peru
  17. How to Begin Your Plans

1. Italy

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

Colosseum in Rome, Italy

With stunning scenery, captivating cities, and charming towns, Italy is a fantastic destination for grandparents and grandchildren alike. Ancient ruins can captivate the imaginations of any age and a connection to tradition shines through the delectable food and preserved handcrafts across the country. Italy makes travel easy, history immersible, and art accessible for the perfect introduction to the famous pleasures of life known as la dolce vita.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Venetian Rowing lesson in Venice | Gelato tour with gelato-making class | Cheesemaking course | Visit to an educational farm | Gladiator School | Fresco painting class | Vatican treasure hunt

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2. Greece

Beach on Skiathos Island, Greece

Beach on Skiathos Island, Greece

Sparkling waters, pebbled beaches, mouthwatering cuisine, and millennia of cultural heritage make Greece an unforgettable destination for you and your grandchildren. Familiar delicious flavors make sampling the food a comforting adventure while bringing Greek mythology to life can captivate travelers of any age. From hanging monasteries to witnessing renowned ruins, snorkeling in crystal-clear waters to enjoy a passion for untamed landscapes, your entire family can bask in the essential spirit of Greece.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Endless beach days | Sea kayak and snorkel to unexplored bays | Hands-on excavation activity workshop at archeological sites | Athena Treasure Hunt | Pottery Workshop

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3. Australia & New Zealand

Luge track in Queenstown, New Zealand

Luge track in Queenstown, New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are countries of indescribable natural beauty and unbelievable adventure. From Australia’s Red Desert to New Zealand’s glaciers, meeting kangaroos to searching for kiwis, you can connect to Indigenous stories or exciting excursions into the untamed wilderness. Ancient rainforests, exciting wildlife excursions, unparalleled hiking, and whale watching to the Great Barrier Reef, the options abound to create your own adventure.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Surfing | Kayaking | Luging | Skyline Gondola | Hobbiton | Jetboat safari | Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb | Surfing lesson | Kangaroo Sanctuary | Ride a camel to the Field of Light

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4. Japan

Skyline in Asakusa district in Tokyo with view of Skytree Tower

Asakusa district with Skytree Tower in Tokyo, Japan

The contrast between Japan’s timeless ambiance and the super modern pace feels remarkably natural. There is an endless number of things to experience when you visit with your grandchildren, from learning how to make traditional foods to exploring the exceptional natural landscapes. With thousands of years of history to explore, coupled with the ease of travel, Japan fills your trip with beauty and heritage whether you visit hot springs or learn to make noodles, find fin porcelain or visit a Shinto temple.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Shimanami Kaido Cycling Road | Sea Kayaking | Tokyo Skytree | Kid’s Plaza | Sanrio Puroland

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5. Iceland

Kids viewing Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland

Svartifoss waterfall in Iceland

Iceland is a display of nature’s raw power and its pristine beauty perfect for witnessing with your grandchildren. The symphony of elements emerges from the fire and the ice as you discover glacial tunnels or black basalt beaches. The ease of travel around the island gives you remarkable access to the Midnight Sun in summer and the Northern Lights in winter, which can make any trip a personal experience for your family accentuated by erupting geysers, bubbling hot springs, and picturesque fjords.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Hiking | Whale watching | Seal spotting | River rafting | Farm visit | Lava tunnel visit | Horseback riding

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6. France

Tulleries Garden with ferris wheel and the Louvre, Paris, France

Tulleries Garden in Paris, France

France is a land of delicacies and medieval castles, a golden coastline, and fascinating artwork. No matter the age of your grandchildren, France will immerse your family in absolute splendor as you uncover picture-perfect villages and dramatic mountains, the brilliance of Paris or the charms of Provence. Prehistoric artwork, Renaissance grandeur, and spirit of the Belle Epoque add to a sense of grandeur perfect for discovering the heritage and flavor that will captivate your family.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Conquer the Montbazon fortress | Play with Da Vinci’s inventions | Guided hike through an enchanted fairytale forest | Stone Cutting workshop | Louvre Treasure Hunt

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7. Spain

Old town and Alcazar in Toledo, Spain

Old town and Alcazar in Toledo, Spain

Spain is a treasure for grandchildren and grandparents alike. The ease of travel throughout the country makes it a thrilling exploration from the opulent Alhambra in Granada to surreal La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Whether you prefer to spend more time in a coastal city known for paella or a rural town with plenty of hiking, everything is possible. From kayaking to snorkeling, cycling to sailing, Spain makes it fun to discover the Iberian Peninsula with the family.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Prado treasure hunt | Explore medieval Toledo | Moorish Opulence at the Alhambra| Paella cooking workshop | Traditional horseback riding in Andalusia

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8. Costa Rica

Gril zip-lining in Costa Rica

Zip-lining in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is celebrated as a wonderland of activities and experiences that stretch from the Pacific coast to the Atlantic shoreline. With an abundance of ways to discover the treasured wilderness, you can search for quetzals in a cloud forest or the scarlet macaws of the rainforest, sea turtles while snorkeling a secluded beach or howler monkeys while kayaking beneath mangrove trees. From yoga to surfing, volcanic peaks to ziplining, Costa Rica is the ultimate destination for adventure you can all enjoy.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Canopy Ziplining in the Tropical Rain or Cloud Forest | Tropical River Tubing | Surf Lesson Adventure | Coffee, Chocolate and Sugarcane Hands-On Experience | Visit a rural elementary school | Tropical Sea or Mangrove Kayaking

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9. Ecuador & The Galapagos

Sea lion swimming underwater in tidal lagoon, Galapagos islands, Ecuador

Sea lion swimming in the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador

When traveling with your grandchildren, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands will inspire you all to think differently about the surrounding world and the unique symbiosis of nature. From the preserved and colorful traditions of the Andes to the active sounds of the rainforest, the Spanish Colonial architecture of the cities to the untouched ecosystem of the Galapagos, Ecuador is an experience sure to instill in your entire family a sense of awe and inspiration.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Look for sea turtles | snorkel with sharks, sea lions, and penguins | Hike an active volcano | Visit the Equatorial Line | Learn traditional Andeanhandcrafts | Horseback ride across the highlands | Discover the Amazon jungle

Learn more: Ecuador Tours & Vacations | Galapagos Vacations & Tours

10. Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

Los Glaciares National Park, Argentina

The breadth of Argentina creates an inspiring ambiance of wanderlust that can take you from the ends of the earth at Ushuaia to the thundering mists of Iguazu Falls. Buenos Aires instills a sense of urban wonder with tango and soccer, while Perito Moreno Glacier embodies the marvels of the natural world. With mouth-watering chocolates, historic ranches, and fascinating deserts, Argentina has absorbed international influence to create a culture entirely its own perfect for you and your grandchildren.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Hike to in Los Glaciares National Park | View Perito Moreno Glacier | Horseback ride at a traditional Estancia | Look for penguins at the edge of the earth | Learn to tango | Cycle the Lake District

Learn more: Argentina Tours & Vacations | Patagonia Tours

11. Chile

Red stone and salt lake in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Red stone and salt lake in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Traveling in Chile magnifies the grandeur of nature from the northern salt flats to the southern fields of Patagonia. You can immerse yourself and your grandchildren in the intense wonders of the expansive glaciers crowning dramatic mountains or visit the charming ambiance of coastal cities. You can take it slow and cycle the foothills or witness the distant groupings of Andean flamingoes. The scenery accentuates the culture and adventure across Chile, making the excitement palpable and accessible.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Search for marine life on a kayak | Enjoy camping under the stars | Trek to the towers of Torres del Paine | Horseback ride across the plains | Zipline across rain forest | Discover volcanic caves

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12. Tanzania

Lion pride in Eastern Serengeti, Tanzania

Lion pride in Eastern Serengeti, Tanzania

From the Serengeti to Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania brims with some of East Africa’s most famous attractions. With wildlife safaris, wilderness adventures, and pristine beaches, Tanzania is the ultimate destination for you and your grandchildren. Trek for chimpanzees, scour the savanna in search of hidden lions and listen for troupes of elephants. Meet with Masai warriors or lounge on the white sands of Zanzibar, as Tanzania is an idyllic exploration of captivating heritage.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Walking with camels in the bush | Track animals | Throw spears | Learn to use bows and arrows with the Masai or Samburu | Rock climbing | Sleep under the stars

Learn more: Tanzania Safaris & Vacations | Tanzania Family Safaris | Safari Guide

13. Kenya

Female white rhino and calf in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Rhinos in Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Kenya is soulful and colorful. With inspiring landscapes, proud culture, abundant wildlife, and a concentration on conservation, you can capture the essential spirit with your grandchildren as you discover the surprising and quintessential. With pearlescent beaches touching coral reefs and ancient dwellings connected to antique fortresses, whether looking for rhinos or watching the Great Migration, you can find a broad diversity showcasing the essential heritage across the country.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Track animals | Throw spears | Learn to use bows and arrows with the Masai or Samburu | Enjoy a hot air balloon ride | Sleep under the stars

Learn more: Kenya Safaris & Tours | Kenya Family Safaris | Safari Guide

14. South Africa

Penguins at Boulders Beach in South Africa

Penguins at Boulders Beach in South Africa

South Africa is a classic wilderness safari but also breaks away from the wonders of the wildlife with gaping gorges, stunning coastline, expansive vineyards, and captivating cities. As a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, you can find the perfect immersive experience from Cape Town to Kruger as you uncover the outdoor adventure and exceptional history, dramatic landscapes, and the renowned African Big Five.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Game drive | track animals | Climb Table Mountain | Look for penguins | Take a surf lesson | Visit a working a farm | Explore ancient caves | Ride horseback in search of wildlife

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15. Egypt

Camel ride at the Pyramids in Egypt

Camel ride at the Pyramids in Egypt

Egypt is mighty and ancient with the spirit of the past informing the exciting ambiance of the present. You and your grandchildren will become immersed in the stories, legends, and histories that can take you from the pyramids and down the Nile River. With gentle oases, iconic monuments, and the powerful allure of Cairo’s Grand Bazaar, you can step into the grandeur of ancient history or uncover a new perspective of gorgeous beaches along the Red Sea to find an exciting activity for everyone.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Camel ride to the Pyramids | Visit Pharaohs’ burial chambers | Search for mummies and ancient treasures in the Egyptian Museum | Sail the Nile on a traditional felucca

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16. Peru

Llama at Machu Pichu, Peru

Llama at Machu Pichu, Peru

Peru is a playground for families of all ages with exciting discoveries and locals who welcome visitors from around the world. You can cruise the Amazon River searching for piranha, visit a local market singing with vibrant colors, or visit with llamas high in the Andes. Whether looking to trek the Inca trail or witness the Nazca lines, learn to surf or sample traditional ceviche, Perou is a fantastic destination to get children of all ages involved with their surroundings.

Kid-Friendly Things to Do: Trek the Inca Trail | Visit Inca ruins in the Sacred Valley | Explore the biodiversity of the Ballestas Islands | Sail Lake Titicaca to visit floating islands

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How to Begin Your Plans

Kangaroos standing at Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia

Kangaroos at Cape Le Grand National Park, Australia

Traveling with your grandchildren is an exciting way to bring the family together, whether traveling on an exotic adventure or exploring family heritage. Explore our Family Travel Guide, Senior Travel Guide and Zicasso Blog for inspiration and information. Are you planning a trip? You can speak with a travel specialist by filling out a Trip Request or by calling 1-888-265-9707.

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