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Venture to Costa Rica for the intersection of adventure and relaxation, where appreciation and respect for nature allows for an even more thrilling experience. Embark on a Costa Rica eco-tour with Zicasso and witness spectacular environments from cloud forests to secluded beaches while knowing you are contributing to the sustainability of this stunning country.

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Paradise Tropical beach in San Antonio, Costa Rica.
Family-Friendly Costa Rica Eco Tour: Living in the Jungle

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,569

Costa Rica is the ultimate eco-destination for families, and this handcrafted 11-day adventure will lead you from the cloud forest to the coast. Escape to Pacific beaches, zipline through the forest canopy, traverse a volcano, and come face to face with Costa Rica’s incredible wildlife. Your family adventure will help to preserve ancient biodiversity and will provide your entire family with a new perspective of nature. Each tour is completely private, and you can tailor each day to your family’s moods and interests.

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Couple with the Arenal volcano in the background in Costa Rica
Dreamy Costa Rica Eco Tour for Couples

11 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,569

This is an adventurous, 11-day journey that will have you exploring the very best of Costa Rica, including secluded lodges that have received ecological awards and sustainable tourism certifications. Welcome to a country of indulgent vibes and romantic charms that go hand in hand through cloud forests and coffee farms. Complete serenity will dominate most of your time, while exclusive activities showcase near-mythical landscapes. From the forest to the beach, you will escape the world and relax in idyllic locations.

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Caño Island, Costa Rica
Secluded Rainforest Costa Rica Adventure

9 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,218

With seclusion comes adventure during your exciting 9-day Costa Rica off the beaten path tour. Embrace the majesty of the soaring mountains and the exciting intensity of the jungle terrain. Revel in the sunset over the Pacific, listen to the chattering birdlife or wander the forest. Whether searching for exuberant sea life or exciting wildlife hidden in the canopy, you can embrace the variety and adventure of Costa Rica.

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Arenal volcano in central Costa Rica at sunrise

Discover the reasons why vacationing in Costa Rica is so popular on this customizable experience spent exploring the unforgettable scenery. Scour the trees for toucans and scarlet macaws perching in the canopy, and walk with the rare Blue Morpho in a garden dedicated to the preservation of the Costa Rica’s vibrant butterflies. Wander through lava fields and soothe your body in relaxing hot springs, embrace the excitement of finding waterfalls, and find the thrill of flying on a zip line. From organic farms to private reserves, national parks to volcanic peaks, your time spent in Costa Rica will leave you relaxed after your amazing adventures. For further inspiration, consider browsing our other Costa Rica vacations to create your perfect trip itinerary.

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A Keel billed toucan in Costa Rica rainforest
Icons of Costa Rica Eco Tour for Seniors

13 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,037

Mixing eco-activities with beautiful locations and a laid-back pace, this two-week journey through Costa Rica is perfect for senior travelers. Travel from the Caribbean to the Pacific Ocean via the cloud forest, helping to preserve nature and heritage along the way. This tour will help you get closer to birds, monkeys, communities, and biodiverse landscapes. It will also provide you with all the space and time that is necessary to travel at your preferred pace.

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The mesmerizing wilderness of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Eco Tour Vacation: Pacuare, Arenal & Monteverde

7 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,633

The natural springs in Arenal are heated by the volcanic activity. The largest lake in the country reflects the nearby volcano’s conical peak. Glacial blue waters wind around the foothills of the central mountains, coursing over boulders along the way. This 7-day vacation through Costa Rica brings you to the adventure and beauty of the country, wrapped in the rainforest and floating downstream. Whether you are searching for a relaxing getaway or are in need of active exploration, Costa Rica offers the best of both worlds, filled with breathtaking scenery and spellbinding wildlife.

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Irazu Volcano in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Eco Tour: Off the Beaten Track

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,335

This luxurious, 10-day eco-adventure leads you from coffee plantations to an active volcano and immersive rainforest. Venture off the beaten track in Costa Rica, which is the home of eco-adventures and lazy days of exploring the rainforest in a variety of different ways. In addition to experiencing some of the very best natural landscapes, you will be immersed with the monkeys and sea turtles of the Caribbean coastline. Including organic spa treatments, luxurious eco-lodges, and intimate connections with both culture and nature, this will be ten days of active highlights away from the tourist crowds.

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Living rainforests reach the coastline on both sides of Costa Rica
Costa Rica Tour for Nature Lovers & Adventure Seekers

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,335

Costa Rica is known for its rich and colorful natural wonders. The vivacious rainforest reaches the coastline on either side of the country. The capital city encapsulates the vibrant tropical colors of the local fruits. The canopy boasts lively, glowing orchids, and sloths hold tight to trees and disappear in the distance. From careening waterfalls to owl monkeys, luminous birds to smoldering volcanoes, this 10-day adventure will brighten your eyes and stimulate your imagination, reminding you just how beautiful the natural world can be.

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Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica.
Ultimate Costa Rica Eco Tour for the Eco-Friendly

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $1,867

Celebrating Costa Rica’s remarkable ecological diversity, this luxurious, 8-day adventure will immerse you in a land of butterflies, birds, wilderness, and wildlife. In Costa Rica, trails meander through the ancient cloud forest, natural adventures stretch across volcanic slopes, monkeys and sloths peer from trees, and indigenous Indian communities preserve their traditions. Luxuriate in ancient landscapes and discover a natural world that has hardly changed in millions of years.

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Laguna Caliente, an active crater of Poas volcano in Costa Rica
Off the Beaten Path for Families: 8-Day Costa Rica Vacation

8 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,339

Volcanic craters simmer and bubble against the pristine blue sky, fish and manta rays swim around vivacious coral reefs and toucans soar across the rainforest canopy. This 8-day adventure in nature is a custom-tailored Costa Rican vacation that will take you deep into the heart of the jungle and follow trails that edge the coastline. This family-friendly vacation provides time together on a captivating adventure for kids and parents alike.

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Rio Celeste in Alajuela, Costa Rica
Complete Costa Rica Eco Adventure Vacation

10 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $6,235

Handcrafted with some of Costa Rica’s best eco-adventures, this luxurious, 10-day adventure will soothe your soul while providing thrills and spills in unspoiled nature. Costa Rica is a haven for eco-adventure and for a connection with pure life in Central America. Volcanos stand majestic, cloud forests emanate mystique, monkeys holler, and waterfalls hide underground. From rafting to snorkeling and from forests to caves, this exciting tour celebrates why Costa Rica is the world’s ultimate ecotourism destination.

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Dense vegetation in Monte Verde Cloud Forest in Costa Rica

On this 9-day Costa Rica trip, you will find endless luxury wrapped in unparalleled landscapes. Listen to the tranquil sounds of crashing waves in the distance. Explore the landscape where the forest touches the clouds and indulge in natural thermal hot springs. The comforts of Costa Rica can be found in both cosmopolitan cities and the expanse of natural countryside, as you find charm, bliss, and beauty.

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Costa Rica Bird Watching Tour: Quetzals, Motmots and More

12 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $2,803

Travel to where the scenery is as colorful and as diverse as the birdlife on this unparalleled Costa Rica vacation. Toucans call to one another in the Caribbean lowlands, and the iridescent plumage of resplendent quetzals shines against the jade backdrop of the cloud forest. Roseate spoonbills and white ibises forage in the marshy soil of a Pacific mangrove forest, and hummingbirds with lustrous wings and crowns swirl around your secluded lodges. Discover the intricate details of the vibrant avifauna around protected national parks, private reserves, and luxury hotels, each offering unique Costa Rica vacation experiences on this customizable birding adventure.

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Caribbean to Cloud Forest: Two-Week Costa Rica Nature Tour

14 Day Custom Tour

Dynamic pricing from $3,271

This luxurious 2-week Costa Rica tour dazzles from every angle. Iconic volcanos stand guard over cloud forests and ancient wildlife trails, Caribbean beaches provide nesting sites for different sea turtle species, and unique birds fly around as monkeys howl from the trees. Handcrafted to create intimacy with Costa Rica’s nature, this two-week tour will lead you from turquoise waters to mystical forests with adventures that include hiking, biking, wildlife river cruises, and bathing in natural hot springs.

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Costa Rica Travel Guide

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How to Plan a Trip to Costa Rica: Frequently Asked Questions

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7 Best Costa Rica Regions to Visit on Vacation
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7 Best Costa Rica Regions to Visit on Vacation

The best Costa Rica regions to visit each offer unique experiences, and knowing what the country’s cultural and scenic diversity can offer can ensure you find the right places for your trip.

Each distinctive region of the country represents a larger personality and, whether interested in the adventures of the jungle or the rustic charm of the Caribbean, you can embrace the famous pura vida lifestyle on vacation in your region of choice.

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Within eco-friendly foundations, Costa Rica offers you warm culture and rich wildlife in rainforests and on idyllic beaches.

Life is quickly summed up in pura vida, meaning “pure life”, with stunning microclimates that absorb you into everything from wilderness trails and lively animal life to coffee plantations and chocolate tastings.

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