Royal Flora Park and Temple in Chiang Rai, Thailand.

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Staggering rock formations line crystalline waters while jungles of immense biodiversity depict nature’s finest creations. Thailand offers a unique opportunity to rediscover yourself and enjoy untold adventures, and with custom 1,270 trips serviced so far, Zicasso can provide you the best vacation possible. From its world-renowned cuisine to the hospitable population, explore the sample itineraries below and discover unique inspiration and information on the Thailand Travel Guide.

Sample Itineraries

Get inspired with our sample trips below. You can have any trip tailor made for your private travel. Any number of days.
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Thailand at a Glance

How far in advance should I plan a Thailand vacation?

The success of your trip hinges on getting your plans started. Increased demand from international travelers has impacted accommodations and activities with postponed trips and those eager to visit Thailand after a year of limited travel showing interest. Booking soon will give you the best options for your preferred accommodations and experiences.

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, our advice was to book your Thailand trip between 2-3 months in advance, including for popular island destinations like Phuket. But the conditions of postponed trips and new bookings could increase the demand for limited accommodations in the most popular areas of the country. To ensure you reserve your preferred style of accommodations, tours, and guides, we now recommend booking between 6-8 months in advance.

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How do I plan my trip to Thailand?

Even though Thailand is not currently open to travelers, you can still book your next trip through Zicasso for travel in 2021 or 2022. Visiting a new country can inspire plenty of questions, and the circumstances of traveling after Covid-19 may be different.

“Are ferries on time?” “Are there safety procedures in place at my accommodations?” “Will the beaches be crowded?” “How will I travel between destinations?” “Do I need a negative Covid-19 test before returning home and how can I get one?” Your travel specialist can answer these questions and more. A travel expert can also handle any emergency that may arise during your vacation — everything from a hotel that closes unexpectedly to a change in itinerary.

If you are thinking about traveling to Thailand, you can fill out Zicasso’s Trip Request Form to speak with a Thailand travel specialist.

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Must-See Destinations in Thailand

A personalized Zicasso tour to Thailand allows you to explore, discover, and experience a trip organized to your preferences. Most travelers from the United States spend approximately 10 days in Thailand which is enough to enjoy the natural and cultural diversity between the northern, central, and southern regions. Our recommendations for the best places to explore and things to do in Thailand can help inspire your next trip. our Thailand travel specialists have provided you with recommendations for any trip length.

Bangkok |  Phuket | Chiang Mai | Krabi | Koh Samui | Khao Yai National Park

  • Explore the remarkable complex that encompasses more than 100 buildings showcasing 200 years of royal heritage including the renowned Emerald Buddha
  • Discover the mythology and grandeur surrounding the Golden Buddha that stands over 11 feet tall inside the temple dating back to the early 13th century
  • Explore the stunning 14thcentury sacred monastery and its famous legend reached by a winding serpentine staircase
  • Indulge in the authentic flavors of Chiang Mai and greater Thailand with a traditional cooking course highlighting local and seasonal ingredients
  • Venture to the authentic culture of Rawai Village on the east coast where the Moken retains their semi-nomadic lifestyle among coconut palms and swamp oaks
  • Wander through the unique architecture of Jim Thompson’s House Museum in Bangkok where cultural designs couple with history and the tradition of the silk industry
  • Discover the diversity of culture and history in the Tribal Museum of Chiang Mai where the traditions, artistry, tools, and arts of traditional hill tribes are displayed
  • Khao Yai National Park - Indulge in an exclusive safari experience among evergreen trees and lush grasses when searching for wild elephants during your immersive tour
  • Bask in the natural beauty of coastal Krabi with an exciting and breathtaking kayak excursion in caves, around karsts, or in unseen lagoons.
  • Experience the grandeur of Thailand’s rural beauty as you climb the curated walkways to the top of the narrow granite summit overlooking the surrounding plains.
  • Embrace the hills around Chiang Mai with trails leading through evergreen forest, over rice terraces, and beside Karen hill tribe villages.

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Best Time to Visit Thailand

The best time to visit Thailand is between November to February. November to February provides the best weather opportunities across the majority of Thailand.

The climate may vary across the country making Thailand a wonderful year-round destination. The temperatures and weather patterns in Thailand vary depending on the northern, central, and southern regions.

The Western coast is great from November to April but can have a lot of rain from May to October. The Eastern coast is wonderful from May to October but can be rainy from November to April. March and April begins the harvesting season in Northern Thailand, which can affect travel conditions.

What to Consider When Traveling Through Thailand

Is Thailand Safe for Travel?

Thailand is very safe for travelers. As with many countries around the world, petty theft does occur in larger cities such as Bangkok but is not a considerable issue. Your travel specialist only uses reputable local airlines and never offers services with low-cost or budget companies.

Political unrest is possible in Thailand but not dangerous. While political unrest occurs in central Bangkok locations, these instances do not endanger travelers and often do not come in contact with the travel experience.

Which airports should I be looking at?

For most travelers, the most convenient airport is Bangkok International Airport (BKK) but the busiest international airports in Thailand include:

  • Bangkok (BKK)
  • Phuket (HKT)
  • Chiang Mai (CNX)

Can Zicasso help me with flights?

Zicasso Flights is an international air ticketing service that eliminates the stress of finding and booking the right flights for your upcoming vacation. By employing the same personalized service you can expect from planning a trip with Zicasso, our competitive flight pricing, 24x7 service and support, and complimentary consultation of routing versus pricing with an expert flight specialist make finding the perfect flight for your trip effortless.

Does Zicasso assist with travel insurance?

You’ve booked your dream vacation, now protect it with travel insurance. A wide range of factors can leave your vacation in limbo. Medical emergencies, inclement weather, and unexpected cancellations can cause turmoil for your trip, so in the unlikely event of a disaster, get the travel insurance coverage that provides peace of mind. To get a quote, visit our travel insurance page.

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